BTFTLIAW – Chapter 671

Chapter 671 – Transformation?

This kind of worry was not without reason. The Dragons had been in Accra Mountain for so many years. It can be said that the entire mountain had become their root. They didn’t care if people come and attacked the magic beasts, this was because the adventurers can only kill those inferior magic beasts, so it wouldn’t really affect their core strength. Moreover, if these adventurers were to come here to hunt and kill magic beasts, then the Empires of the continent wouldn’t place their attention to the mountain.

If the Dragons really turn the Accra Mountain into their exclusive place, then the Empires of the continent will definitely pay attention to it. This was because the geographical position of Accra Mountain was too important. The mountain was part of the Lyon Empire, a small region of it was part of the Buddha Empire, it was also bordered with the Dwarves and the Elves. In this case, if the Accra Mountains become a completely different kingdom, then these forces would definitely not agree to it.

Therefore, the Dragons allowed the Humans to enter and kill magic beasts in the mountain. Not only could it not affect their strength, they can also use this opportunity to observe and get information out of them. And they did this very successfully.

In the past, Zhao Hai didn’t want to be ruthless towards the magic beasts. But ever since he discovered that even the powerless blue eyed rabbits and long tailed chicken were frantically attacking him, Zhao Hai decided to remove them from the mountain. At the very least, they wouldn’t be a threat in the future.

The Dragon race’s control over the Accra Mountain was incomparably strong, one can prove this point just by seeing the blue eyed rabbits and the long tailed chickens. This can also be proven when one looks back in time to the point where the Dragons dealt with the Lyon Empire. The Lyon Empire’s main force was their cavalry, and their mounts were all taken from Accra Mountain. When the Dragons made their move against the Lyon Empire, these magic beast mounts rebelled.

However, the Dragons were unable to command the magic beasts of other people, or a magic beasts’ beast subordinates. They couldn’t just terrify those magic beasts, and even if they were terrified, they still wouldn’t frantically attack the Humans. This was also the reason why Zhao Hai didn’t fly directly towards Dragon’s Peak and just advanced slowly on the ground, attacking each and every magic beast that they had come across.

One the other hand, the adventurers that were following Zhao Hai felt that they were going crazy. Every inch of Accra Mountain was completely red, the blood of the magic beasts already gave the mountain a scarlet color.

Zhao Hai looked at everything with a calm expression. He wasn’t killing people this time, so he didn’t have much of a burden on his conscience. He felt the same as when a person slaughters a pig. Except for some special people, there weren’t a lot of people who would sympathize with the pigs. Most people would just think about how delicious the pork would be.

Although the magic beast attacks were very fierce, they didn’t have even a point of coordination. All of them were just rushing over to Zhao Hai. The arrival of these magic beasts only gave Zhao Hai’s side more food for the future.

Green looked at the frantic beasts and sighed, “It seems like our decision to deal with the Dragons is correct. If the Divine Race came and the dragons controlled these magic beasts, then the Human armies would certainly suffer huge consequences.”

While speaking about it, Green’s face couldn’t help but turn ugly. He was imagining how that scenario would turn out to be.

Kun sighed and said, “Right, the two seeds that the Divine Race had left behind were indeed terrifying. One was the Radiant Church, who used religion to control the population. And then there was the Dragon Race, who used their status to control an innumerable amount of magic beasts. If these magic beasts were like the magic beasts in other places, then they surely won’t obey the Dragons. But since the Dragons had lived in Accra mountain for too long, they were now regarded by the beasts as gods, even those who had no wisdom had sided themselves to the Dragons. If the Divine Race did come, then they would have an army that wasn’t afraid of death. With the strength of the Dragons as well as the logistical might of the Radiant Church, as well as the God-rank expert’s leadership, what kind of situation would we be facing?”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “Even if we didn’t come and deal with the Dragons, we can still take care of them in the future, albeit being more costly in our part. But since we will eliminate them right now, this will only hasten the Radiant Church’s action, there wouldn’t be any major changes in our situation.”

Green and Kun both sighed, even if they defeat the Radiant Church and the Dragon Race, they would still suffer some disadvantages in facing the Divine Race. After all, those two forces were seeds that the Divine Race planted in the continent. Their influence and impact had already been felt and applied to the continent from their many years of operation.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai has the Space, which provided him with effective weapons in the form of the undead. Otherwise, whether it be the Radiant Church or the Dragons, they would be able to drown out Zhao Hai’s forces.

The speed that Zhao Hai advanced wasn’t fast, the magic beasts were just too crazy. It was possible that this flood of beasts wouldn’t stop. It was great that the undead didn’t get tired and weren’t lenient in killing the magic beasts. The cold slaughter was still going on.

While the slaughter was continuing, Zhao Hai and the others were now coming across higher level magic beasts. Compared to before, when they were mostly getting 1st-ranks, they were now getting 2nd and 3rd rank magic beasts.

While Zhao Hai and the others were paying attention to the magic beasts, they weren’t truly focused on the fight. Instead, they were discussing on possible methods that the Dragons would attack them later on.

Zhao Hai was quite worried about the attack of the Dragon Race. After all, this was Accra Mountain, the domain of the Dragons. Even with something like the Space’s monitor, Zhao Hai would still need to be careful.

At this time, Zhao Hai felt that the skies outside had slowly become dark. Zhao Hai stared, then was stunned when he figured it out. The skied had turned dark, it meant that a day has passed!

Upon seeing that the magic beast attack was still going on, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but breath in a cold air as he said, “We had been fighting for a day? These magic beasts are crazy. Did the Dragons drug them? Cai’er, what kind of drug is in these magic beasts?!”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “There’s no drug, Young Master. These magic beasts didn’t ingest anything. I already scanned the corpses that we had acquired before, they were all clean.”

Zhao Hai was stunned, he looked at Green and said, “This is too crazy. Can Dragons really control the beasts to this degree? I have to ask what is going on.” Then Zhao Hai called a Dragon over and said, “Can you go back to your Human form?”

The Dragon nodded, then his appearance changed and slowly turned into a person. This Dragon was the same as the previous ones that he had seen before. He was also wearing a robe that was made out of their own scales.

At this time, a prompt was then heard from the Space, “Transformation ability discovered in Cyborg beings. Extracting ability. Applying ability to all Cyborg-type beings. Application is complete.”

Zhao Hai gawked, he didn’t think that the Space could actually withdraw the Dragon’s ability to transform. At the same time, it also applied it to all the undead. Does this mean that the undead now have a Human form?

After thinking about it, Zhao Hai lost his drive to ask the Dragon about the state of the magic beasts. He took the Dragon and Alien to the Space. Then he came out of the Space and looked at Alien, “Alien, can you change into your human form?”

Alien’s human-like eyes looked at Zhao Ha,. then he shook his head. It seems like it didn’t know how to do it. So Zhao Hai turned to the Dragon and said, “What do you do when you want to go to your human form?”

The Dragon answered immediately, “Young Master, there’s no special method. As long as you think that you want to be in your human form, then that would be enough.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Alien and said, “Alien, just think that you want to be human. Understood?” Alien nodded, it seems like it understood Zhao Hai.

Then Zhao Hai saw that Alien’s figure started to shake, and then it shrank. The bones on Alien’s body shrunk as well. In the end, Zhao Hai can see a person with full body armor in front of him. The man was two meters in height, his armor was red and had spikes on them. One can understand at one glance that this person was strong. However, this person didn’t wear his headpiece, revealing his skeleton face.

Zhao Hai took a few laps to examine this man in front of him. He had discovered that Alien had turned into a real Human with a human structure. He didn’t have any tail or extra appendages. This made Zhao Hai feel quite happy.

However, when he saw Alien’s face, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alien, turn into a human, not a skeleton. Do it, quick, I want to see how you look.”

Alien nodded, then a white light flashed. After the light retreated, Zhao Hai saw a warrior wearing red clothes. This guy was very tall and looked quite strong. He had an ugly and terrifying face, he was also bad, he didn’t look like good person at all.

Zhao Hai looked at the new and odd Alien and said, “Alien, where’s your body armor? You can’t wear it in this form?”

Alien looked perplexed as he shook his head, then using spiritual communication, he sent, “I don’t know, Young Master. Isn’t it fine this way?”

Zhao Hai knit his brows, he was quite confused. At this time, the Dragon opened its mouth and said, “Young Master, it seems like Alien’s previous form was just like the Dragon Race’s battle form. Maybe this was the reason.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he clapped his hand and said, “So its like that. It seems like the undead can also get into three forms. This is good.”


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