BTFTLIAW – Chapter 670

Chapter 670 – Being Ruthless

It is for this reason that there were a lot of people in this town. All of these people had seen a true Dragon get slaughtered, this was where the true legend began.

The reason why Zhao Hai intimidated the lesser dragons intro retreating was exactly this small town.

No matter who lived in this town, Zhao Hai didn’t intend to have innocents die in his war. Therefore, he used methods to collapse the minds of the lesser dragons so that they wouldn’t fight and cause a ruckus at the foot of the mountain. After all, a lot of Humans could get caught in the chaos.

Because the small town was quite near the lesser dragon camp, all of the adventurers were fortunate enough to witness Zhao Hai’s war against the Dragon race.

To be honest, this cannot be called a war, it was more inclined to be a one-sided slaughter. However, this slaughter was something that made the eyes of the adventurers light up. One must know that what Zhao Hai just killed were Dragons. These were beings that were deemed to be invincible by the continent. On this day, a Human actually managed to eliminate these invincible beings. Along with their bright eyes, their hearts were burning as well.

After Zhao Hai eliminated the ten Dragons, he didn’t stay, instead, he commanded his undead army and dashed through Accra Mountain. His cube formation didn’t change, the same cube was now climbing up accra mountain.

Upon seeing this, the adventurers in the town started to get daring. When Zhao Hai led his undead army to chase the lesser dragons, these adventurers also went out of the town and followed behind the undead army as they climbed up Accra Mountain.

They didn’t have the thought of picking up some cheap things. In their minds, if they weren’t able to see such a magnificent scene, then it would be quite a shame. As long as they can witness what happened in the mountain, then they can brag about it in the capital. And bragging was the most favorite activity of these adventurers.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about these adventurers, although he had discovered that they had followed behind him, he didn’t have the time to take care of them. If these guys wanted to follow, then they can do what they want. If these guys wanted to die, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t stop them.

At this time, Zhao Hai didn’t want to divert his attention. What he faces against were the Dragons. He might have been able to defeat a lot of them in the previous battles, but the Dragons were still existences that survived for tens of thousands of years. And they had nested in Accra Mountain in the same amount of time. Zhao Hai had no idea about their full strength. This was the reason why Zhao Hai didn’t become complacent when faced with these Dragons, it was not yet time to celebrate.

When Zhao Hai’s undead army entered the Accra Mountain, he can immediately feel the difference between here and the camp at the bottom of the mountain. Back in the military camp, there were only lesser dragons and not so much magic beasts. But when they were routed to Accra Mountain, there were magic beasts everywhere. Now, these magic beasts had become frantic, it didn’t matter which rank they were, all of them were throwing themselves towards Zhao Hai’s direction. In this case, Zhao Hai reckoned that the cube formation was not quite suitable in scaling the mountain. Therefore, Zhao Hai gave a command, collapsing the cube formation and turned it into fine sand as it poured over the mountain.

The crazy battle started, Zhao Hai has also come down from the back of the Bone Dragon and entered into Alien. The Bone Dragons were still flying in the sky since there were also flying beasts that needed to be taken care of. Those flying magic beasts weren’t weak, so Zhao Hai just let the Bone Dragons attract their attention while the main army were dealing with the beasts on the ground.

This was simply a screen killing. In the outskirts of Accra Mountain, there were no high-level beasts. Zhao Hai didn’t know what methods the lesser dragons used, but they had made all of the magic beasts in the mountain crazily attack Zhao Hai’s army. This made Zhao Hai’s movement difficult, very difficult.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t turn those low-level magic beasts into undead. It was because there was no need to do so, their levels were just too low and their bodies were too small. Although the magic beasts, blue eyed rabbits, long tailed chickens and the like, were frantically attacking the undead, how could they deal damage with their small strength. Even if the undead just stood there, these beasts wouldn’t be able to move them.

These beasts were just too small, and even if Zhao Hai were to make them into undead, they wouldn’t be very useful. At the same time, Zhao Hai also left those beasts for the adventurers who were trailing him. He hoped that these adventurers would take those magic beasts and leave Accra Mountain. In this way, the unnecessary casualties would be a little smaller.

Zhao Hai had disassembled the entire cube formation, but this didn’t mean that each undead was alone. They were still divided into squads of 500 people, coordinating with each other as they advanced.

Accra Mountain was just too big, and it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to let all of his undead go alone. If they were along and were to suffer multiple attacks by the Dragons, then Zhao Hai’s losses wouldn’t be very small. Therefore, Zhao Hai had them group into units of 500 each in order to deal with this problem. They would have enough power to block the Dragons then, after all, they were still 9th ranks and the Space’s undead were still able to think for themselves and know how to face the enemy.

However, this arrangement slowed their advance. After all, the amount of crazy magic beasts were colossal. Nobody knew how many magic beasts there were inside Accra Mountain, and all of those magic beasts were now crazily charging towards Zhao Hai. It was quite a scary sight, if the opponent wasn’t Zhao Hai, then they would’ve been unable to attack.

Zhao Hai and his army advanced step by step before the corpses of these magic beasts. Whether it be those who were flying, walking, or even digging holes, every single beast was going after the invading army. Zhao Hai had no other choice but to kill them in order to progress. Every patch of ground that Zhao Hai and his army walked on were completely painted with blood.

The adventurers who followed behind Zhao Hai were shocked at the number of magic beasts corpses that they had come across. Although these were common magic beasts of the continent and were things that might not even deserve killing, the sheer numbers present at this time truly made these adventurers startled.

However, these adventurers didn’t have any Space Equipments to keep the corpses. And the most important thing in their minds right now was to witness the battle and not to collect beast corpses. Therefore, most of them ignored the corpses and continued to scale the mountain, following Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the mood to pay attention to these adventurers. At this moment, Cai’er suddenly thought of something as she approached Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, since these adventurers don’t want the corpses, how about we store them instead? No matter what, they are still meat. We cannot have only grain in the later war, otherwise, the soldiers would be malnourished.”

When Zhao Hai heard Cai’er, he turned his head towards the adventurers and discovered that the corpses were left in the ground. Some of them who came across higher levelled magic beasts only took their magic crystal before continuing forward.

After he saw this situation, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh and said, “Alright, go send those corpses to the Space where they won’t rot. When we run out of meat later, then we’ll eat those.”

Green laughed and said, “We really don’t lack meat, but we might as well get more. What I’m afraid of was the Accra Mountain losing all of its magic beasts and become a dead mountain.”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “These magic beasts are under the control of the Dragons. If they weren’t killed right now, then the Dragons can command them to attack the Humans later on. That is the terrifying thing. Just think, blue eyed rabbits and long-tailed chickens blotting out the skies as they charge towards a Human army. That would be very dangerous, so why don’t we just use them as food?”[1]

Green and the others nodded, they knew that Zhao Hai was right in saying so. These magic beasts might look harmless but if they were to crazily attack the Humans one day, then they would become terrifying. Just thinking about a rabid rabbit charging towards you and then tearing away your flesh, that thought alone would make people shake.

Instead of waiting for that time, then Zhao Hai might as well deal with those magic beasts ahead of time. After all, they can also gain military rations along the way.

The reason why Green and the others were assured that the magic beasts would be killed was the fact the army that they commanded weren’t composed of people, they were all undead. And have you heard of a terrified undead? No. The undead had no emotions, even if they were faced with these numbers of magic beasts, even if they were to rush in front of a Dragon, all they would do was hold on to their weapons properly and then immediately attack, it was that simple.

The undead were undead, even if they were capable of thinking, they will never disobey their master. Zhao Hai’s command was to kill all of the enemies. Whether they be magic beasts or dragons, they will do it. Even if they were intelligent and were capable of rational thought, they still wouldn’t interrupt Zhao Hai’s order.

A group of people with no fear was terrifying. It was because of this that Green and the others were confident that these undeads could eliminate every beast that came to attack them. If this was a Human army, then it would be an impossible feat. In the face of overwhelming beast frenzy, they will be too scared to use all of their strength. In the end, they would only be drowned by the enemy.

Zhao Hai and the others didn’t fly directly towards Dragon’s peak but just pushed forward step by step. This was not because Zhao Hai was bloodthirsty and wanted to kill the magic beasts of the mountain ,instead, he was worried.

Zhao Hai had complete confidence in dealing with the Dragons. However, he couldn’t say the same if the Dragons were to escape. If Dragons were to escape, then they can just return to Accra Mountain and establish their magic beast army once more. When that time comes, Zhao Hai would have another headache to deal with.

  1. I could recall the rat apocalypse in Coiling Dragon haha


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  1. His army of undead can fly. Why walk up the mountain? If he’s worried about escape then it’s critical that he fly his army up the mountain so they can’t run. The author is making silly excuses to kill magical beasts.

    1. In the first place, his goal is extinction of the dragon race…so why the hell would he be worried that they may come back and command the beasts to harass humans?! And why is he worried that they may escape if he can have the space take note of each and every single one of them, teleporting whatever he wants right next to them at any single time (which he should really just do to instantly kill every single dragon and radiant church member at once…but meh…)?!

      This author is a horrible story writer with a good idea. Unfortunately, he also has zero intention to get better, which can be seen from his writing getting only worse. Where is that fly swatter which by now should have 100% kill rate outside space? Where’s that bug net (or whatever net) that should have 100% capture rate?! They were used once against Buffy, when they had still only 10% chance…then forgotten. He keeps clamoring about wanting to collect plants and animals, then he just slaughters them by the hundredths thousandths (in the two most varied ecosystems, sea and those mountains, to boot!). It’s really a shame that the exact same problems keep being repeated by the author freaking 670 chapters into the story, when the general idea behind it is entertaining…

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