BTFTLIAW – Chapter 669

Chapter 669 – Rout!

When the Dragon saw the Bones Dragons, his eyes couldn’t help but shrink before his expression turned into anger. He knew that these Bone Dragons were his clansmen. They were killed and then turned into these undead creatures. For a majestic Dragon to become like this and were used to deal with their own Race, the arrogant Golden Dragon naturally wouldn’t be able to tolerate it.

When Zhao Hai saw the Dragon’s expression, he couldn’t help but laugh and said, “You can’t accept your people being turned to these Bone Dragons? Alright, I’ll change their appearances. I think you will like it.” Then he waved his hand as a black gas slowly engulfed the Bone Dragons. When the gas dissipated, the Bones Dragons looked totally different.

This time, the Dragon’s eyes shrunk again, and his anger flared up once more. This was because the Bone Dragons had become real Dragons. One couldn’t see any wounds in their bodies, their scales were also shining. They also had bodies that exuded pure strength. The Dragon knew that his people had become zombies, they still had their original bodily functions, but they were still undead.

This was also the reason why the Dragon’s anger had flared up. The mighty Dragons had been turned into toys by a Human, this was completely unforgivable!

The Dragon faced the sky and roared out loud before he said, “This is unforgivable! How dare you treat the Dragons like this! Face your death!” Then he flapped both of his winds and charged. The other Dragons behind him roared as well before following the Golden Dragon’s lead.

Zhao Hai actually laughed when he saw this and said, “You Dragons had always bathed on your unwarranted reputation. Get ready to become reduced to a mere mention in history!” The he waved his hand as 40 Zombie Dragons charged, clashing with the ten Dragons from earlier.

The 40 colossal Dragons that were fighting in the skies attracted the attention of all the lesser Dragons. They didn’t think that they would face someone that dared to challenge the formidable Dragons. In the entire Accra Mountain, there wasn’t anybody that would face a Dragon. In the continent, there wasn’t anyone who would dare claim that the status of the Dragons was fake. The lesser dragons had always thought that the Dragons were unparalleled beneath the Heavens. When the Dragons begin to act, there would be no on who would be able to stop them. And yet, there was this lunatic, a lunatic that actually managed to slaughter Dragons!

There was nothing wrong with this description, in the eyes of the lesser dragons, Zhao Hai was truly a lunatic that wanted to kill the Dragons. But the strength this madman had startled the lesser dragons, the Dragons themselves were quite shocked as well.

How much power can these Zombie Dragons really dish out? How can they be on par with real Dragons? However, when they clashed, the living Dragons had discovered that these Zombie Dragons weren’t weaker than them, they were stronger!

What was the feeling of being besieged by forty people that were stronger then themselves? At this moment, the living Dragons knew that the only thing they could do was to defend against the assault of the Forty Zombie Dragons. They were zero chances for them to counter-attack.

Zhao Hai didn’t idle, he looked down at the lesser dragons and coldly said, “You don’t need to just stand there, you join my undead army!” Then he gave a signal as Megan and Lizzy commanded the undead army to send divisions to assault the lesser dragon army.

The lesser dragons went into a commotion. They were afraid and had felt pressure when the undead came. But since they still had the Dragons on their backs to assume command, they believed that they can resist any attackers. This was the impression that the Dragons had given them after all these years. In their opinion, Dragons were invincible!

But from what they saw, the ten Dragons had no way to retaliate against the forty assaulting Dragons. It was only a matter of time before they lost their lives. So at this time, the pressure that Zhao Hai’s army brought to them have been amplified. They even had a faint sense of panic starting to well up from inside of them.

If this was in the past few days, the Dragons would’ve come and slapped the enemy two times, and stabilize the army. Unfortunately, those Dragons were being mauled by zombies right now, they weren’t in the capacity to calm the lesser Dragons.

Zhao Hai also made arrangements on this matter. In total, Zhao Hai had collected 42 Dragons between the battle in the capital as well as in the attack against the two border fortresses. At this point, 40 of those Dragons were fighting then ten Dragons of the other side. One of the Dragons was carrying his mansion, leaving him with one that was free to use. Zhao Hai sent that remaining Dragon to attack the lesser dragon army!

One has to recognize how ruthless Zhao Hai’s move was. These lesser dragons were completely afraid of the Dragons, seeing this one Dragon heading their way didn’t help their panic!

When the Dragon charged towards them, many lesser dragons began to scream, threw their weapons away and then turned around towards the mountain. They had completely lost the will and courage to fight.

Zhao Hai who currently sat on his house on the back of the Dragon, actually smiled. His high-profile manner earlier was a preparation for this. He wanted to make the enemy think that he was a madman. Even if one had the resilience of bamboo, they would still be terrified of a lunatic. This was because lunatics were completely unreasonable.

Slaughter was not something that Zhao Hai loved, he just wanted to achieve his own goals. And sometimes, in order to achieve these goals, slaughter was an unavoidable method. However, there were also moments where slaughter was not necessary.

When an army is afraid of an enemy, deserters would eventually crop up. And when a deserter comes out, more deserters would follow suit. These deserters would form a chain reaction and would finally end in the defeat of the entire army. This was the case for the lesser dragon army right now.

Their sole mental pillar were the Dragons, who gave them the courage to face against any enemy. However, if these Dragons were to disappear, then their mental strength would sharply drop.

The rout of the lesser dragons also affected the Dragons. This was a mental matter, it had nothing to do with strength. These Dragons also wanted to escape, but this kind of mentality further plunges them to the jaws of defeat!

A Dragon was killed, then turned into a Zombie Dragon, who charged towards its own ally. Then another Dragon was killed, which also joined the Zombie Dragons. This cycle continued until the courage of the remaining Dragons reached rock bottom. They had completely lost hope in living.

However, weren’t really left with no choice of retaliation. They still have their secret technique. This technique was called Heavenly Tempest. This was a type of sacrificial technique. The Dragons can use their flesh and blood as fuel, along with their souls in order to create a huge explosion. The might of this explosion was extremely strong, when a Dragon decided to self-destruct, it was possible for it to kill ten other Dragons. This technique was passed over to them by the Divine Race.

The remaining Dragons were now inclined to use this technique, but unfortunately for them, they were against Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was a very practical person, he didn’t like to waste time. If he was against an enemy, he would kill them in one stroke, if there was no need to use tricks. What was the need to play cat and mouse? This game might look like one was playing around with a defeated enemy. But for Zhao Hai, this was just akin to teaching the mouse to the point where the cat doesn’t pose a threat anymore.

When one goes against the enemy with the mindset of playing with them, then it was possible that the one who would die was you. An act of desperation wasn’t a joke. A cornered rabbit can still bite you. As long as a bamboo was not killed, it can still pose threat to you, not to mention an enemy like the Dragon Race.

After the inferior dragons retreated, Zhao Hai didn’t pursue them but instead directed his whole undead army to clean the remaining Dragons. Just as the Dragons were prepared to take their own lives, they were suddenly drowned out by an army of undead before they themselves joined this army.

Zhao Hai and the others had conquered the camp on the foot of Accra Mountain quite easily. The next thing that they needed to do was to head up the mountain and attack the Dragon’s den, Dragon Peak!

The main reason why Zhao Hai and the others planned to have all of the lesser dragons rout was because there was a nearby Human settlement. The Accra Mountain was a haven for adventurers. Every single day, an innumerable amount adventurers went here in order to seek fortune. Their main purpose was to hunt and kill magic beasts, at the same time, they were also hoping to come across a dead adventurer’s belongings.

An adventurer was high-risk profession, especially for those that were in Accra Mountain. Although they were only on the outskirts of the mountain, there was still a possibility of meeting a high-level magic beast and get killed. Because of their life always being in a precarious state, these adventurers always brought their properties with them. And with the high rate of fatality in the mountain, there were tales of lucky adventurers coming across the properties of a dead person and becoming rich overnight. Although this situation was rare, it still managed to shake the adventurers of the continent. All of them started in participating in this scavenger hunt.

It was like lottery, everyone thinks that they were the lucky ones when the buy it, but the real prize can only be obtained by very few.

Because of the amount of adventurers going to Accra Mountain, they managed to build a huge community for them in a corner of the mountain.

This town was the closest supply point in Accra Mountain. There were a lot of people who came here every year to try their luck, making the town very prosperous.

However, the adventurers didn’t have a great time in the recent days. The Dragons controlled the Lyon Empire in a quick manner and had built a military camp at the foot of the mountain. The camp was not too far from the town, and most importantly, the lesser dragons had prohibited them from hunting magic beasts in the mountain. The adventurers in the town had no choice but to eat their reserve rations every day. At the same time, they were also hoping that the Dragons would revoke this order.

This was because the people that were in the town weren’t only those who were seeking wealth, there were also some criminals among them. This was due to the town being close to Accra Mountain, not even the Lyon Empire’s army dared to come here. Therefore, this place was also a haven for wanted people wherein they can enjoy their freedom. And even if the army came, they can just run towards the mountain and wait it out. They didn’t dare to leave the town and go to another lest they risk themselves being arrested.


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