BTFTLIAW – Chapter 668

Chapter 668 – Removed from the Continent!

And just as Zhao Hai thought, the news of his attack on the Lyon Empire’s capital had swept through the entire continent, shocking everyone who heard of it!

From ancient times to the present, Dragons were synonymous with invincibility. There might be no need to say it, but what are Dragons? They were the most fearful existence in the continent. Some commoners even think of them as gods. And stories of people slaying Dragons only came up in stories and songs. However, in the history of the continent, there were actually instances where the Dragons were slaughtered.

Of course, among these Dragons slayers were Humans. But this fact had been erased in the Human records by the Radiant Church. This was to ensure that the Humans would forever fear the invincible Dragons. This would made them hesitate to fight these beasts of the sky.

It was like two warriors of the same strength preparing for a duel, one warrior had a normal status while the other was renowned throughout the land. In this case, the first warrior would find it hard to face his opponent. Some might prevail due to their courage, but not everyone had a strong heart and mind.

When the Empires of the continent heard this news, their first reaction was disbelief. This news must be fake, how could someone kill a Dragon, moreover, forty of them? This was completely unbelievable.

But when confirmation came, the Empires had a mixed reaction. The Radiant Empire had become chaotic, they couldn’t describe what they were feeling. The Dragons were their ally, but now, their ally had been attacked. This made them stare blankly for a moment.

The first reaction of the Buddha Empire was shock, and after that was silence. They didn’t know how to react to this news.

The Lyon Empire has been destroyed by the Dragons, who then established the Saint Dragon Empire, which itself caught them by surprise. However, because of the Dragons’ reputation, they had to recognize their sovereignty to the Empire. But now that Zhao Hai fought the Dragons, and even openly declared war against them, the Buddha Empire caught themselves unaware of what to do. They didn’t know whether they would help Zhao Hai and deal with the Dragons, or help the Dragons and deal with Zhao Hai.

The Buddha Empire didn’t have the courage to fight the Dragons. But on the other hand, they cannot justify making war with Zhao Hai. After all, Zhao Hai was fighting the Dragons, and they cannot help another race deal with a Human. The Buddha Empire was confused!

And at this moment, there were two things that was on the table of the Rosen Emperor. One was the information about Zhao Hai and the Dragons, and the other was Zhao Hai’s letter to him.

The Emperor was just sitting there, reading the report and the switching to Zhao Hai’s letter. After some time, he still didn’t know what to say or what to do.

The Rosen Emperor had a feeling of loss when it comes to this son-in-law of his. Zhao Hai seemed to be someone with zero ambition. He continued to stay on his own Island and just did business. Even though his relations to the various races in the continent was good, he still didn’t express any great thoughts. This made the Emperor quite satisfied with Zhao Hai.

But just when the Emperor thought that Zhao Hai really didn’t want to do anything grand, this piece of report came. Zhao Hai had waged war with the Dragons and already slaughtered 40 of them. This made the Rosen Emperor utterly speechless.

And at this time, the Rosen Emperor received Zhao Hai’s letter. In this letter, Zhao Hai said that his current action was not to usurp the Lyon Empire’s Domain. And that he has something that he was unable to say right now. Zhao Hai stated that he would pay the Rosen Emperor a personal visit after he had dealt with the Dragon Race.

This letter didn’t just contained Zhao Hai’s words, Lizzy gave her thoughts as well. The Emperor knew this since he could recognize Lizzy’s handwriting.

When the Emperor looked at the letter, he couldn’t help but sigh, then with a low voice he said, “What do you think I should do?”

Then a voice was heard that said, “You wait!’

The Emperor sighed and said, “Alright, then we’ll wait. It seems like that is the only thing we could do.” Naturally, the person that he had spoken to was his Dead Adviser. This was a person that never showed himself and just kept hiding in the shadows.

Under the anticipation of the continent, the day passed by. Everyone was paying attention to Accra Mountain. All of them wanted to know if Zhao Hai would really go to war with the Dragons.

On the other hand, the lesser dragon camp at the foot of the mountain was completely unaware about all of this. All of the influences in the continent had their own means of acquiring information, and this didn’t exempt the Dragons. Moreover, the Radiant Church were their allies, so even if the Dragons weren’t able to send their scouts, the Radiant Church would surely send word. However, nothing came that night, everything seems to be very normal. The mountain spent their night just like they had in the nights before.

Yesterday, although Zhao Hai was resting in the Space, he actually didn’t idle himself. Surrounding the lesser dragon camp was a large net. This net wasn’t to monitor the lesser dragons, but this was to intercept any news and information that was heading towards the lesser dragon camp.

Zhao Hai must make sure that the Dragons were unable to get any news. At the same time, Zhao Hai wanted to see which people were sending word back to Accra Mountain.

Zhao Hai’s efforts weren’t wasted, he had captured 15 people who wanted to report the news to the Dragons. Only five of them were from the Radiant Church. As for the other 10, they were sent by the Great Nobles of the Lyon Empire. It seems like the Nobles were gambling. They submitted to Zhao Hai, causing no trouble back in the capital, but also handing information over to the Dragons so that the Dragons wouldn’t be offended. So later on, whether which side wins, they can still find a way to save themselves. But unfortunately for them, their lives were already forfeit, Zhao Hai would never let them off.

After resting for a day, Zhao Hai’s mind and body had recovered to peak condition, he felt like he can deal with anything at this time. After having breakfast inside the Space, Zhao Hai and the others went out of the Space and stood on the back of a Bone Dragon. Then Zhao Hai turned his Staff into a mansion before having the undead form a cube formation. Then the massive army started to head towards the lesser dragon camp.

This time, Zhao Hai was not planning on hiding themselves. They exhibited their full might as they slowly pressed forward. And in a war, this display was even more frightening. The pressure that one would feel would be no less than a mountain’s pressure.

Currently, there were millions of undead creatures in Zhao Hai’s arsenal. Many of them were from the sea, but after becoming undead, all of these marine undead can now fight on land, without even affecting their strength. Zhao Hai released all of them, millions of 9th rank undead started to appear and form a very large cube formation which slowly approached the lesser dragon camp.

The lesser dragons also noticed the millions of undead that was heading towards them. These undead were in a strange formation that they had not seen before, this really surprised the lesser dragons.

The lesser dragon army was horrified as it stared at the approaching army. Seeing these flying undead in the skies made their whole bodies tremble.

The lesser dragons quickly sent a letter to the Dragons, asking for immediate reinforcements. Then the lesser dragon army started to form a defensive formation. At this point, they had zero confidence in attacking. After seeing this army composed of millions of undead, only stupid oneswould have the courage to attack.

Zhao Hai’s speed was not fast, they took their time in approaching the enemy camp. Zhao Hai thought that if they were to give pressure to the lesser dragons, then they must make sure to affect them in the worst possible way.

At this time,  a loud Dragon’s roar was heard from inside the lesser dragon camp. Then ten Dragons appeared as they couldn’t bear it anymore and turned into their true Dragon form before flying to the sky. They stopped at the camp’s sky as they looked at the undead that were slowly closing in.

And then, a golden Dragon with two long knife-like curved horns opened its mouth and said in a thunderous voice, “What are you doing here, friend? Are you aware that this is the Dragon Race’s territory?”

When the Dragon finished talking, the huge cube formation slowly fluctuated. Then a Bone Dragon with a red mansion on its back slowly surfaced. The the Bone Dragon stopped about 100 meters away before a young man came out of the mansion. Naturally, this man was Zhao Hai, he looked at the Golden Dragon and sneered, “Of course I know that this is the Dragon Race’s domain. If this wasn’t the Dragon’s domain, then why would I even come. What’s wrong, you can’t recognize me?”

When the Dragon saw Zhao Hai, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink as he said, “Zhao Hai, you are Zhao Hai? You should be dead at sea. Did you kill the people that we sent to the Sea Dragons?”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “You Dragons are surely arrogant. Do you think that nobody would be able to kill you? Hahaha, too funny! Not only did I eliminate your people back in the sea, I also eliminated every one of your clansmen in the Lyon Empire’s capital. From this day forward, the Dragons would be removed from the Continent!”

A huge roar suddenly came out of the Dragon’s mouth. He looked at Zhao Hai with red eyes and yelled, “You arrogant ant! You think you are strong just because you killed some Dragons? I want to see how you plan to deal with us!”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “No need to keep talking, dog of the Divine Race. I am more than qualified to claim my superiority. Come see my recent collection.” Then more than forty Dragons flew out of the cube formation. These Bone Dragons had been lined up by Zhao Hai. All of them had fiery eyes that coldly stared at the still living Dragons.


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    1. Sea dragons already did right? Well, since they are intelligent races, they can’t be tame per se. But the space can technically soften their attitude and increase their loyalty .That’s what the novel said.

      1. Yeah but its over time and i guess he doesnt want enemys in his emergencybunker(space) so killing them is easyer (And the space upgrades the undead waaaay more than living beings) ..

  1. He should at least have captured the magical beasts… it’d be useful without him having to kill them… plus he’d gain exp…

  2. Really big flaw here. Why can’t he just teleport almost 2 millions 9-rankers right into the dragon camp?. He did that with pirates! He’s virtually Invincible with that amount of 9 rankers! What’s the deal with this useless ‘cube formation’ nonsense.

    1. U cant fill many chapters with “since he had enought 9ranks ,he surounded every dragon on the continent with 10000 and killed them instantly ” ^^ … its also very logical he wanted the elves as allys because it would be easyer with them … i mean yeah … those few 10s of 9ranks will help him out a lot im sure … or the 1 god of the elves will make a big diffrence in fihting with the godrealm later .. but hey its fantasy 🙂 and the story must go on 😀

  3. Do you guys think he will take a bride among the other races ? I mean he always says since he is from a diffrent world he doesnt see himselfe as human of the continent etcetc … thats why he doesnt have prejudgement against the races … so i dont see any reason not to get at least an elf as wife … maybe a mermaid aswelll .. i mean evven dragons/seadragons can take a full human form so marrying wouldnt feel that weird i think …(And there are fetishes about all the weird races aswell but thats .. like could live with some furry or a fish since it isnt the mainpart anyway but i personally am fine without it)

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