BTFTLIAW – Chapter 667

Chapter 667 – Waiting for a Day

In the minds of these nobles, Zhao Hai’s promise to not encroach upon the Lyon Empire was simply impossible. How can a powerful person have no ambitions when placed in front a  ruler-less empire?

For these nobles, Zhao Hai was actually a scorpion that wanted an archway. Therefore, the Nobles expressed their loyalty to him. Zhao Hai looked at these Nobles with no expression and said, “Remember my words, don’t play any tricks. Don’t think that the Dragons would save you. Do you think that the Dragons can deal with my hundred thousand 9th rank undead? You better behave yourselves, don’t annoy me. Any plots and schemes that you all are used to doing are all useless in front of absolute strength. If I hear any whispers of rebellion, then your Clans would need to be prepared. Remember my words!” Then with an intention, Zhao Hai vanished along with his undead army.

Zhao Hai didn’t plan to stay in Lyon Empire for too long. He wanted to prepare for his attack on Accra Mountain tomorrow. At the same time, he also wants to see the reactions of these Nobles. He knew that it would only take a short time before news of what happened reaches the ears of every Empire in the continent.

The reason why Zhao Hai showed his strength was so that he could prepare for later on. After eliminating the Dragons, Zhao Hai would then approach the Human Emperors and tell them about the Divine Race. If his strength was insufficient at that time, then those people might not believe him. Therefore, Zhao Hai showed his strength, making those people understand that he wasn’t joking.

After eliminating the Dragons, Zhao Hai’s next target would be the Radiant Church. Once Zhao Hai eliminates the Dragons, the Radiant Church would surely be aware that their plans had been exposed. When that time comes, it may be possible that they would start their operation immediately. Therefore, Zhao Hai plans to deal with the Dragons quickly before paying a visit to the Human Emperors and explain why he needed to deal with the Radiant Church. If he didn’t do this procedure, then the Human Emperors would become a headache.

The Human Emperors wanted to see Zhao Hai deal with the Dragons, this was because the Dragons were too strong, and were going to be a threat to the Emperors’ rule. However, the same sentiment would happen to Zhao Hai. Since Zhao Hai had eliminated the Dragons, the rulers would shift their attention to him, dreading his strength in the process. If Zhao Hai deals with the Radiant Church without any explanation, then the Emperors would think that he was trying to conquer the entire continent. When that time comes, they may even think of uniting against Zhao Hai, even the Rosen Emperor would participate. This was because for any Emperor, a threat to their throne needed to be dealt with, it didn’t matter if this person was his son or his son-in-law, everything is the same.

Therefore, before dealing with the Radiant Church, Zhao Hai must establish a relationship with the rulers of the nations. He didn’t want to have the entire Human Race as his enemy.

Zhao Hai returned to the Space, but then he saw that the expressions that Laura and the others were giving to him had become different. This made Zhao Hai stare, he looked at the women and said, “What happened? Why are you looking at me strangely?”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and chuckled, “Brother Hai, I didn’t expect you having an overbearing attitude. Unexpectedly, an overbearing Zhao Hai is actually really handsome!” Megan and the others nodded, before they all laughed.

Zhao Hai couldn’t bear to roll his eyes, then he turned to Green and Kun, “Grandpa Green, Grandpa Kun, have you given the letter to father-in-law?”

The father-in-law that Zhao Hai meant was the Rosen Emperor. Zhao Hai knew that this matter would spread soon, so he had to give the Rosen Emperor prior word. Although he can’t explain everything, after dealing with the Dragons, he would give the Emperor a personal visit.

The reason why Zhao Hai did this was due to Lizzy. Lizzy was the Emperor’s daughter, and Zhao Hai didn’t want her to feel awkward in the future. Therefore, Zhao Hai decided to send a letter to the King in order to calm his mood.

Green nodded and said, “Young Master, rest assured, it has been sent out. On the other hand, the Young Master did a very good job. After you left, not only did those Nobles behave themselves, they also eliminated any thoughts of resistance in their minds.”

Kun smiled as well, “That’s right. Little Hai, your exit essentially told them that you are someone with a Space Divergent Ability. This gave them confidence in your strength. One must know that Space Divergent Mages aren’t only strong in attack, their most powerful weapon is their ability to escape, it was impossible for people to catch them. Therefore, they believed that even if you can’t defeat the Dragons, you can still keep yourself quite safe.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t think of that. Right, no matter what, we still need talk about how to deal with the Dragons. I think the Dragons would be aware of my declaration of war soon. We need to sweep away their troops on the foot of the mountain before we scale it to the top.”

Green nodded and said, “I think that the Dragons wouldn’t come even if they know what happened here. Their population isn’t a lot, and they just lost 40 of their kind in the capital. It would be impossible for them to retaliate. Moreover, even if they do want to take revenge, they wouldn’t have the time to do so. Before they leave the mountain, we would have already scaled it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Right, also, it would be better for us to fight the Dragons right inside Accra Mountain. That way, we wouldn’t have to worry about innocent people being killed or injured.”

At this time, Kun sighed and said, “I’m afraid the Radiant Church will have to respond when we eliminate the Dragon Race. It is possible that the Divine Race would come ahead of schedule. We still haven’t made proper preparations yet, we don’t have enough time.”

Zhao Hai sighed as well, “We have no choice, if we don’t make our move, then the Dragons would surely get complete hold of the Lyon Empire. That would be more troublesome for us when the Divine Race comes. At that time, it would be hard to reclaim the Lyon Empire.”

Kun nodded, then they adjusted the monitor to show Accra Mountain. The mountain was very calm, the Dragons simply didn’t expect that someone would actually move against them. In their view, they were invincible existences in the continent and that nobody would dare to provoke them.

It wasn’t only the Humans who were affected negatively by this title of invincibility, the Dragons had been dulled by this title as well. The Dragons had become complacent and was convinced that there were no people who would fight them. And that those warriors who dared face the Dragons were just in heroic novels and poems.

Zhao Hai carefully inspected the military barracks on the foot of Accra Mountain. This camp wasn’t very big since it mostly housed lesser dragons and magic beasts. However, Zhao Hai thinks that dealing with this military camp would be more difficult than attacking the capital of the Lyon Empire. It’s difficult because the camp was backed by the entire Accra Mountain. Although there was still some distance before the home of the Dragons, the magic beasts in the mountain would still reinforce the camp. If one were to ask about the number of magic beasts in Accra Mountain, then nobody would be able to give a confident answer. One must know that nobody has ever scaled the entire mountain before, all of them either died or retreated.

The magic beasts of Accra Mountain were under the control of the Dragon Race. As for those low-ranked beasts, even if they didn’t have any wisdom, they still had the basic animal instinct to obey the command of those more powerful than them. And in the end, the line of command would still fall into the hands of the Dragon Race.

For Zhao Hai, this was very troublesome. But Zhao Hai was not worried, the level of his undead was very high, and it was also impossible for these magic beasts to drown out his undead army. At the same time, as the fight gets longer and longer, the undead’s numbers would only get higher and higher.

The Radiant Church would have to do either two things upon receiving news, they can support the Dragons or they can directly call the Divine Race to come down. If they helped the Dragons, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t need to be afraid. However, if they were to call the Divine Race, then that would be quite the headache.

Attacking Accra Mountain was different from attacking the capital. When he attacked the capital, he was able to use the might of his undead to scare the minds of the garrison troops, terrifying them so much that they weren’t able to move.

On the other hand, the creatures inside Accra Mountain were magic beasts. Although the magic beasts were able to be terrified, they were still magic beasts in the end. Moreover, with their large numbers as well as the command of the Dragons, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to terrify them into submission. At this rate, it would take a few days before Zhao Hai can scale the mountain, and this was already an optimistic estimate. And in those few days, the Radiant Church would have already made their move.

Zhao Hai was frowning as he looked at the map. He was thinking about the consequences of this war and how it would affect the entire continent. Green looked at Zhao Hai and knew what he was thinking, so Green smiled faintly and said, “Young Master, there’s no need to be worried. Look, when we attack the Dragons, the people of the continent would certainly not meddle. And if the Radiant Church can really ask the Divine Race to come down immediately, then they wouldn’t have waited until now. As long as we eliminate the Dragons and unite the other four Empires, then even if the Divine Race comes, we would not be caught off-guard.”

Zhao Hai nodded and sighed, “Let’s just hope that the Divine Race would give us some time, allowing us to eradicate the Dragons. Right, Grandpa Green, is there word from the Fishmen?” Green shook his head and said, “There’s nothing. I reckon that the Radiant Church was still unaware of what happened in the Lyon Empire’s capital, so they still weren’t able to react. However, the Young Master shouldn’t worry. The Fishmen are the real hegemons of the sea. Even if the Radiant Church is powerful, they still couldn’t contend with the Fishmen when it came to naval battles. There will be no problem.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at the map on the screen and muttered, “Dragon Race, the day of your extinction has come!”


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