BTFTLIAW – Chapter 666a

Chapter 666 – Officially Declaring War

Ritchie was a Lyon Empire Merchant and was a marine trader. His business was quite well known in the Lyon Empire.

However, in the recent days, Ritchie had come to find that the changes in the Lyon Empire was beyond his understanding. First, there were the Dragons, who, with the cooperation of the Nobles, suddenly broke through the Empire and slaughtered the Lyon Imperial Family. Then the Dragons titled themselves to the the Royal Family of the Lyon Empire, renaming the Empire to Saint Dragon Empire.

Ritchie thought that the matter can only continue on like this. Everyone knew what the Dragons were. Moreover, the Buddha Empire, Rosen Empire, Aksu Empire, as well as the recently changed Radiant Empire, approved of the Dragon’s rule of the Lyon Empire. In this case, the Lyon Empire would have to be ruled by the Dragons from here on out.

In Richie’s mind, there was nothing wrong about this. Everyone knew how powerful the Dragons were, and at the same time, the had also allied themselves with the Radiant Church. Although Ritchie didn’t agree to this alliance, he was just a Merchant, he didn’t have any power to speak at all. And even if he did have the ability to voice his thoughts, he still wouldn’t do it if he wanted to live under the rule of the Dragons.

In the beginning, he didn’t find anything wrong. However, it didn’t take a long time before Ritchie knew that being ruled by the Dragons was not a good idea. The Dragons think of themselves too highly and looked down on all the Humans. In the eyes of the Dragons, Humans were just like ants. Even the lesser dragons held the same mindset. In the recent days, the Empire had already lost thousands of innocent civilians. These civilians didn’t do anything wrong, they just forgot to salute to the lesser dragons or even worse, killed just for fun.

Such overbearing attitude makes it impossible for the Dragons to gain popular sentiment. Ritchie had noticed that there were fewer and fewer people who did business in the capital. Even small Nobles didn’t dare to go out of their houses. Feasts and ballrooms disappeared, nobody was in the mood of merrymaking.

The ones who gained the most with this situation were the Great Nobles. Although the Dragons ruled the Lyon Empire, they were still foreigners and were unfamiliar with how the Empire runs. Therefore, everything was handed over to the Great Nobles, giving them power that they had never experienced before.

This also made Ritchie scorn these Great Nobles. To be honest, Ritchie didn’t like the rule of the Dragons. They were too tyrannical, and in addition to being foreign, they also treat everyone as their slaves. In order to gain more benefits, these Great Nobles prostrate themselves in front of the Dragons. This really made Ritchie feel shame in their behaviours.

But he was just a Merchant, famous and rich yet powerless. In fact, Ritchie was afraid that the Great Nobles would do something to him. But fortunately, Ritchie had friends among these Great Nobles, so he still managed to avoid their gaze.

This day, Ritchie was prepared to go on board his ship and go out of the capital. This was because he needed to take a trip at sea, heading towards Golden Island. He was a marine trader, and which marine trader would not head to Golden Island to do business? However, just as he was about to go out, something occurred.

Ritchie’s courage wasn’t small, he had been in the sea for many years. He has seen magic beasts, pirates, and people who died on the water. Naturally, he wasn’t as afraid as the other people. This allowed him to look at all that happened with his two eyes.

It took some time after the battle until Ritchie had recovered his senses. He didn’t think that the invincible Dragons would get taken down one by one. Moreover, they were also turned into Bone Dragons after they fell.

Ritchie was standing inside the attic of his own residence as he looked out a small window and into the cube formation outside. His heart was beating loudly, he was so afraid. One must know that there were only very few individuals who were unafraid of the undead, especially powerful undead like these ones.

At this time, the undead formation suddenly moved as a Bone Dragon with a red mansion appeared in the sky. This mansion was completely red and seemed to be made out of a special crystal. Then a person walked out of the mansion. This person looks quite young and had a very average appearance. However, this person made Ritchie quite shocked, he knew who this person was!

This was the Lord of Golden Island, the Buda Clan’s Patriarch, called to be the Continent’s most powerful Dark Mage, the most romantically fortunate man, the richest Merchant, strongest Patriarch, and more strings of titles. This was Zhao Hai Buda!

Since he had been doing business in Golden Island, Ritchie was also given the opportunity to attend Zhao Hai’s wedding. With his own two eyes, he had seen Zhao Hai get married to his wives. Ritchie was also quite awed by Zhao Hai’s liquor. Therefore, how could he forget Zhao Hai’s face.

Seeing Zhao Hai appear stunned Ritchie. He never thought that this powerful undead army was actually commanded by Zhao Hai.

Then Zhao Hai’s mansion suddenly turned into his Staff as he walked out. He stood on the Bone Dragon’s head as he looked calmly at the Lyon Empire’s capital before he said, “Friends from the Lyon Empire, hello. I am Zhao Hai Buda, Buda Clan’s Patriarch. The reason why I came with force this time is to deal with the Dragons. The Dragons are quite shameless to usurp a Human Empire and enslave the Human Race. For me, this act is simply unforgivable. Today, I, Zhao Hai Buda, in behalf of my Buda Clan, officially declare war against the entire Dragon Race. Today, I have eliminated all the Dragons, lesser dragons, and Human traitors in the Lyon Empire’s capital. Yesterday, I also eradicated the Dragon Race’s forces on the border fortresses. And tomorrow, I shall charge towards Accra Mountains. Friends of the Lyon Empire, don’t worry, I will not violate your safety. Do not be afraid!”

With the help of magic, Zhao Hai voice had reached every corner of the capital. Every citizen inside the city were listening to Zhao Hai’s words. Many commoners opened their windows and looked up into the skies to see Zhao Hai.

Before long, people started to walk out of their houses, slowly increasing as they filled the streets. Zhao Hai calmly looked at the people and said, “I ask everyone to rest assured, I have no intention of encroaching into your Empire. I only came here to specially deal with the Dragon Race. I hope that the garrison troops will help me in keeping the capital’s peace intact. I don’t want any chaos to unfold. After that I shall open the capital’s protective formation and see the Noble army outside. As for the Noble armies, I hope that you don’t do any unnecessary movements unless you want to get hurt.”

After that, Zhao Hai commanded his undead and slowly went towards the north gate. He also deactivated the formation as the yellow hemisphere began to disappear.

Then Zhao Hai appeared in front of the capital’s northern gate. The Noble armies outside the city were actually trembling. Although the protective formation has been removed, they still didn’t have the means to enter the city. Additionally, even if the walls had obstructed their vision, the protective shield couldn’t block sounds. This allowed them to hear Zhao Hai’s words very clearly. They also heard the noises inside and could vaguely guess what just happened.

After hearing that the Dragons and the lesser dragons were eliminated, the Great Nobles started to be afraid. The reason for the Lyon Empire’s fall had a direct relationship with them. If they haven’t sided with the Dragons, then the Empire wouldn’t have fallen to its current situation.

Zhao Hai bringing his undead and killing the Dragons meant that the Great Nobles had lost their backer. They were now waiting for Zhao Hai’s judgement.

When they noticed Zhao Hai and his sky blotting undead army, the Great Nobles wanted to run away. Upon seeing the Bone Dragon beneath Zhao Hai feet, these Great Nobles knew that the capital’s Dragons had already perished.

They understood why Zhao Hai was able to kill the Dragons in such a short time, it was because of those flying undead. However, what were those flying undead? Are they 9th ranks? Are there 9th rank undead? But even if they had their doubts, these Great Nobles still couldn’t help but believe that these undead were 9th rank. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have eliminated the Dragons in this short timeframe.

The Great Nobles found their own legs to be shivering, all of them were thinking, cr*p!

Zhao Hai stood on the head of his Bone Dragon and coldly looked at the Great Nobles. He couldn’t help but snorted coldly and said, “You are traitors to Humanity for siding with the Dragons and helping them suppress our own race. I thought of executing all of you but I don’t want to do it right now. I shall head to Accra Mountain tomorrow to have a decisive battle against the Dragons. At that time, I won’t be here to manage things. Therefore, I hope that you can manage the Lyon Empire very well. Make sure to do things properly, otherwise, when I come back, I shall kill all of you!”

These Great Nobles didn’t dare to say anything right now. They knew that if they resisted for even a small bit, then they would get killed immediately.

They knew what their values were in the eyes of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was not short of money, he was the most famous Merchant in the continent. Moreover, he was is control of Golden Island. If he was short on money, then the Continent would have been extremely dirt poor.

At the same time, he does not lack people who would fight for him. He already had several hundred thousand undead behind him right now. And all of these undead were flying on the sky, there were 40 Bone Dragons as well as a lot of magic beasts and lesser dragons. By Zhao Hai’s present strength, he can destroy any nation with ease.

However, Zhao Hai was short in people who could manage. Now that Zhao Hai had eliminated the Dragons in the Lyon Empire, he was left with nobody to manage the Empire. If that happens, then the nation would fall into confusion, and Zhao Hai didn’t want to see this. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to keep the lives of these Great Nobles and have them manage the Empire. This was their final value in Zhao Hai’s eyes. Nobody dared to resist, all of them nodded in compliance. There were even some Nobles who bowed to Zhao Hai and swore fealty to him.


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