BTFTLIAW – Chapter 665

Chapter 665 – Easily Accomplished

Although he had never heard of flying undead before, this didn’t hinder his judgement. He was sure that the strengths of these undead were surely extraordinary. Because of this, he decided to fight, the other party already stated that he was here in order to deal with the Dragons and the Radiant Church. It was for certain that Light Mages like him weren’t going to be let off.

When he thought of this, the Light Mage immediately commanded loudly, “Don’t be afraid of them. Their display is no more than deception. There is no way that they are 9th rank undead. Everyone, attack!”

But just as he shouted, he suddenly felt a pain in his chest. He lowered his head to look only to see the tip of a sword that was slowly being pulled back. With great difficulty, he turned his head and saw a black-clothed undead. As the undead slowly withdrew its rapier, the Light Mage can swear that the undead was grinning at him.

Bang! A noise suddenly sounded at the side of the Light Mage. He took effort in turning his head and found out that all of the Light Mages on the wall had an undead right behind them, and that those Light Mages were killed as well.

“We’re finished!” This was the Light Mage’s last thought.

The defenders on the wall were all startled when they saw these undead that just suddenly appeared. They wanted to attack but found themselves shaking. Even their weapons seemed to be shaking, not wanting to make an attack.

These undead assassins turned to look at the soldiers, then with a flash, their bodies floated in the air where they drifted towards something. Before long, more and more undead floated up from the walls before forming a cube, then it turned around and flew towards the city.

The soldiers on the walls were relieved. At this moment, the previous voice sounded once again, “I’m saying this again. We only came to deal with the Dragons and the Radiant Church. For the others, as long as you don’t make a move, then we won’t hurt you. If you resist, then we will execute you immediately.”

The soldiers looked at one another and didn’t make a move. To be honest, these soldiers didn’t have a strong sense of belonging to the Dragons. They still take themselves as people of the Lyon Empire. After all, the Lyon Imperial Family had been ruling the empire for more than a thousand years.

Since nobody took the lead, nobody made a move. Even the officers didn’t dare to make a move, they don’t want to suddenly get stabbed by a rapier. So they decided to behave themselves.

At this moment, a roar was suddenly head inside the city. Along with this initial roar, more Dragon roars can be heard from other parts of the city. The garrison troops knew that this was the sign that the Dragons have awoken. Their faces couldn’t help but pale, they didn’t know what to do. The Dragons were extremely formidable in their eyes, but the strength of these undead were terrifying as well. They didn’t know which side to pick.

With the roar of the Dragons, all of them immediately took to the skies, covering the skies of the capital with their hulking figures. Those who were timid couldn’t help but kneel on the ground, shaking.

But the garrison soon discovered that although the Dragons have appeared, they were immediately met with an attack from the flying undead. Although the group of undead formed a cube, they were still smaller than the Dragons. But at the same time, the cube of undead was more flexible than the Dragons, so when the Dragons appeared, all of them immediately went to clash with flying beasts.

In their process of flight, the formation immediately changed. Every cube formation transformed into a giant scorpion as it clashed with the Dragons.

The Dragons were also keen to meet the enemies. In the eyes of these Dragons, the undead were just like ants. They were thinking that the undead would just need to be slapped a few times before they were taken care of.

However, the moment they exchanged blows, the Dragons immediately found their mistake. They thought that the Undead were just flying because of a special spell by their Dark Mage, it was impossible for these undead to have 9th rank strength. This was because a 9th rank Undead hasn’t been spotted in the continent before.

But in this exchange, the Dragons discovered that the undead weren’t pretending, they really had 9th rank strength, they were 9th ranks!! This startled the Dragons.

The bodies of the Dragons were tough, an 8th rank Dragon can be compared to a Human 9th rank. At the same time, 9th rank Dragons had bodies that were extremely close to being invincible. This was exactly why the Dragons were known to be invincible.

However, even Dragons would find it impossible to withstand the attacks of several hundred 9th ranks. 9th rank Dragons might be able to withstand it, but those 8th ranks certainly couldn’t. Just as those 8th ranks clashed with the undead, they began to fall one by one.

The first dragon to fall cried out pitifully before it was knocked down by the undead. Then a clump of dark mist wrapped the Dragon before it turned into a Bone Dragon. After that, the Bone Dragon rose to the sky and joined the fight to slaughter the remaining Dragons.

The garrison troops that were on the wall saw everything that happened. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The almighty Dragons were actually taken down and even turned into undead. This development was completely out of their imagination. The weapons of some of them had unconsciously fallen to the ground, however, none of them were able to notice it at all.

Forty Dragons, ten of them fell first and became Bone Dragons who joined the slaughter. Before long, the 40 Dragons had been reduced to 10. These ten Dragons were the strong 9th ranks. However, their situation had turned dangerous. With the addition of the Bone Dragons, the defenses of these 9th rank Dragons began to crack.

The suddenly, among the ten 9th rank Dragons, one of them screamed and fell from the sky. This scream smashed through the hearts of the garrison like a huge hammer. At this point, any rebellious thought that they had were completely erased. Those who still had weapons on their hands immediately threw them away as though they were venomous snakes. All of them were staring at the skies with a pale complexion.

But these garrison troops were completely unaware that in the city’s lesser dragon compound, a massacre was happening. All of the lesser dragons and magic beasts were eradicated. At the same time, Undead were also blocking the exits of the army barracks, killing all those who wanted to resist. Additionally, when these soldiers saw that the Dragons had started to fall, their thoughts of resisting were gone. Unexpectedly, the capital had calmed down after only a short time. On the other hand, an army had formed outside the capital. There were Nobles who wanted to enter the capital in order to help. However, all of them were blocked by the city’s protective formation. The Nobles even shouted to the garrison, ordering them to deactivate the formation. But at this time, there was no garrison soldier that would dare to make a move. They just witnessed the Dragons being slaughtered as though they were chickens. If these people needlessly moved, then they would be like cockroaches that would be stepped on.

Zhao Hai calmly witnessed the battle outside. Laura and the others were sitting right beside Zhao Hai. This time, the battle plan was left to Lizzy, Megan, Green, and Kun. They had found out that the strength of the undead would be expressed to it full potential when it was in the Fishman’s cube formation. They planned to deal with the Dragons and the lesser dragons at the fastest speed. Once the Dragons fell, the other people in the Lyon Empire would naturally stop their actions.

This time, if they wanted to kill the Dragons, then they needed to do it in front of the soldiers. Only in this way can they stand up and go against the Nobles of the Lyon Empire. At the same time, it was also to inform the Nobles that the Dragons weren’t the invincible beings that the legends had stated.

From the time where the black clouds appeared up until the end of the battle, no more than three hours has passed. Forty Dragons, 5 thousand lesser dragons, nearly 100 thousand magic beasts, nearly 1 thousand people from the Radiant Church had fallen. Additionally, there were also 10 thousand defenders, 30 nobles, and 20 generals who participated in resisting. All of them were promptly killed by Zhao Hai and turned into undead. Although they were turned into the undead, their blood still flowed in the streets, painting it blood red. Especially the blood of the Dragons, there were whole residences that were turned red just by being splashed by draconic blood. The residents didn’t dare to come out of their house or even take a single step out of their door.

The fight also ruined about 200 private residences. It killed about 87 civilians while injuring 302. But these ruined residences were immediately fixed by the undead. The injured civilians were also healed by some undead Light Mages. The undead also visited the houses of those who were affected and gave each of them a bag of coins containing no less than 1000 pieces of gold inside.

After three hours, the entire Lyon Empire’s capital had turned calm. There were no fights that happened nor was there any other disturbance. The garrison stayed in their own barracks, nobody dared to take action.

At this time, the undead that just slaughtered the dragons were forming a huge cube in the air. The Dragons, lesser dragons, and the others that were killed had also become a part of this formation. Some courageous citizens opened their windows and looked at the huge formation in the air. They were waiting for their unknown fate.

Then suddenly, the formation suddenly gave way to a red mansion. This red mansion was shackled to a Dragon as it slowly appeared in front of the formation. Then the mansion’s door opened as a man came out of it.

This person was very young and wore a Dark Mage’s robe. He looked extremely ordinary along with his average looking face. However, nobody dared to underestimate this young man. Everyone knew that this person was the one who controlled the undead!


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