BTFTLIAW – Chapter 663

Chapter 663 – Taking Two Cities at Night

Aya was a lesser dragon. He is a descendant between a Dragon and an 8th rank shadow leopard. He can also assume the form of a Human, but his strength was in his shadow leopard form.

Shadow leopards were the best assassins of the jungle. There was hardly anyone who can discover them when stealthed. Even Dragons admired their might.

When Aya is in his shadow leopard form, then his fighting strength would be on par with genuine shadow leopard, maybe even more. This was because he wasn’t only carrying the genes of a shadow leopard, he had the genes of a Dragon as well.

However, Aya’s status wasn’t very high among the other lesser dragons, he was only a Junior Captain. At this moment he was guarding the Lyon Empire against the Buddha Empire’s army.

Aya’s cavalry unit was stationed in the Lyon Empire’s most important fortress that faced the Buddha Empire. The Buddha Empire had stationed 50 thousand people here while the Lyon Empire used to station their 50 thousand magic cavalry unit as well.

Now, it was Aya who was assigned to this post. But he wasn’t here mainly to defend against the Buddha Empire’s attack. Aya believes that the Buddha Empire wouldn’t dare to attack them. Aya was stationed here mainly to defend against the original army of the Lyon Empire as well as those civilians that wanted to escape towards the Buddha Empire.

Aya’s recent days have been good. Although the original cavalry of the Lyon Empire was very strong, their magic beast mounts were all acquired in Accra Mountain. And since these magic beasts were under the rule of the Dragons, the Lyon Empire’s mounts would naturally listen to the Dragons’ words. Because of this, the Lyon Empire’s army had found themselves to be cavalries without mounts.

In addition to the Dragons stationed here, Aya and the others were descendants of Dragons as well. So their status was much higher than those magic beast mounts. When those magic beast mounts saw them, they immediately wore smiles on their faces, turning extremely polite. It can be said the Aya’s life here was very much the same back in Accra Mountain.

Tonight, it was Aya’s turn to become the night watch. But Aya thought that this was unnecessary, there simply was no need to do this. Aya didn’t believe that the Buddha Empire would actually dare to attack them. He also didn’t think that there would be any Lyon Empire rebellion. But since this was an order from the higher ups, he didn’t have any other choice but to listen.

Besides his first night, Aya always had a pot of liquor with him in his succeeding night shifts. There were side dishes present as well, so he was living quite an easy life.

Aya was very happy with his current situation. The Dragon Race had endured living in Accra Mountain for all these years. And this time, they had finally took control of a Human nation. Now, people were serving them every day. It was comfortable, nothing can compare to this bliss.

In Aya’s mind, the Dragons should have already come out of the mountain and took control of the continent a long time ago. There was no need for them to endure in the mountain for many years.

Just after taking a sip of his liquor, Aya suddenly stopped. He raised his own ear, it seems like he had heard something. One must know that a shadow leopard’s hearing was very strong. And since Aya had the genes of a shadow leopard, his hearing would naturally be strong as well.

Aya placed his wine glass down and quietly listened. He was right, there were very strange sounds. This sound wasn’t the whistling of the wind, nor was it the rustling of leaves, it was a sound that was made by people hurrying along.

Aya stared for a moment before he slowly stood up and looked towards the city, this was because the source of the sound was inside the walls. There was a night curfew, and every person that was caught would be executed for the crime of conspiracy.

Because of this, Aya felt strange, who would dare run in the middle of the night? He didn’t think that it would be the Lyon Empire cavalry, they wouldn’t dare since they knew that there was a Dragon in this city. This was equivalent to having 9th rank experts, so how could they rebel?

If it weren’t the garrison, then was it commoners? Even them wouldn’t dare. There was a restriction placed on the city, disallowing civilians to hold weapons. Even the act of hiding one would merit execution. These civilians were weaponless, so they wouldn’t dare to rebel. So to which people do these footsteps belong to?

Aya decided to look at the direction of the sound. In addition to their superior hearing, shadow leopards were also gifted with the ability to see in the dark. Aya was sure that he could spot who it was.

Before long, shadows appeared on the streets of the city, and there were a lot of them. Aya’s calm face immediately changed because these people were holding weapons in their hands. Aya knew that these people were enemies. Just as he was about fire an alarm, Aya suddenly felt a pain in his throat. Aya looked down and saw that a dagger had stabbed him on the neck. Before he blacked out, Aya can see blood spurting out of his neck. It was then that he knew that he was already dead. From start to finish, Aya wasn’t able to see what the enemy looked like.

An undead assassin appeared behind Aya and supported his body. After placing Aya back on his chair, the undead immediately turned to look at another person.

Just as the undead assassin turned around, Aya, who was about to fall of of his chair, disappeared. Then he appeared once again. Aya moved his hands and feet to pick up his own swords before going back to his position on the wall. By now, Aya had become expressionless, his eyes stared straight and he wasn’t breathing. Naturally, he had been turned into undead.

Zhao Hai’s main goal was to deal with the Dragons, therefore, he didn’t want to touch the original Lyon Empire cavalry. However, those lesser dragon cavalry weren’t spared. All of the lesser dragons, magic beasts, as well as Dragons had become undead!

With the 9th rank strength of his undead, the sneak attack was completed without a fuss. If one were to ask the Lyon Empire garrison, then they would just tell you that the night went strangely smooth. Even the Dragons weren’t able to respond before dying. Everything was silent, the magic beasts, lesser dragons, and Dragons had all disappeared.

The same situation happened on the border between the Lyon Empire and the Rosen Empire. The Dragons didn’t place too much defenders on these two cities. Zhao Hai only sent 200 thousand undead to kill the defenders in silence. Zhao Hai’s undead didn’t even need to make any significant effort in order to succeed.

The night passed by with no issues. The next morning, the civilians and the garrison had found out that all magic beasts, lesser dragons, and Dragons had disappeared. Only blood can be spotted on the ground, the bodies were nowhere to be seen.

The garrison on these two cities were terrified. The blood on the floor were clearly from the magic beasts and lesser dragons. Even in the place where the Dragons rested, blood can be seen. However, there were no bodies anywhere, this made them very confused.

Among the garrison and the civilians were veterans in battle. From this scene, they can infer that there must have been a huge army attack last night, targeting these magic beasts, lesser dragons, as well as the Dragons. From what they can see, it seems like the enemies were quite ruthless.

The garrison troops immediately got anxious, no matter which party did it, the garrison still wouldn’t be able to escape taking the responsibility. They weren’t in the Lyon Empire anymore, they were in Saint Dragon Empire. It was a nation that was ruled by Dragons, beings who didn’t tolerate shortcomings and were very ruthless. Once they came to know that their subordinates had vanished, how could they be merciful to the garrison troops that survived?

The garrison had experienced first hand how cruel these lesser dragons and Dragons can be. Both the lesser dragons and Dragons simply don’t see them as people. A lot of them had already died because of the indiscriminate slaughter that the Dragons had done. It would be strange if the garrison were to remain alive after all of this blows off.

The garrison was left not knowing what to do, some of the small soldiers had already sneaked away. On the other hand, the officers had no choice but to stay. They had their complete information in the capital. From their hometown to the names of their families were known. It was impossible for them to escape.

Of course, not all officers chose to stay. There were some who already had left their family behind to die. After all, they wouldn’t be returning to Lyon Empire, they planned to live a whole new life in the Buddha Empire or the Rosen Empire.

Because of this, there were nobody in those two cities that reported what happened to the Dragons back at the capital. While they refrained from sending word, they were also buying Zhao Hai some time.

Zhao Hai had already sent word to the Fishmen the moment he attacked. While the Saint Dragon Empire’s army asked for reinforcements from the Radiant Empire, they would be delayed to the point where by the time they come back, the Dragons would have already been extinguished.

Zhao Hai, who had already cleaned two cities, didn’t celebrate. This result was within his expectations. On the other hand, it would be impossible to do the same thing to the Lyon Empire’s capital. There were just too many experts within the capital, and the Dragons haven’t been able to control it for a long time, so everyone in the capital was on high alert. Faced with careful Dragons, the method of sneak attack was just impossible. Therefore, there was only one way to attack the capital, it was by storming it with an army!

But attacking the Lyon Empire’s capital was not that easy. The Lyon Empire’s capital was similar to the Rosen Empire’s capital. On the outskirts of the city, noble castles had been erected. Gathering all of the soldiers here would amount to no less than 200 thousand people. At the same time, the capital’s garrison would number to be 500 thousand. Among those 500 thousand were 200 thousand elite troops as well as 300 thousand heavy armor infantry. Additionally, there were also 5000 lesser dragons as well as 40 Dragons.

If this was just the case, then Zhao Hai can be assured that he would be able to take the capital in a short period of time. However, there were two bumps that Zhao Hai can see. First was the huge magical formation that protects the Lyon Empire. This formation had been in the capital for hundreds of years. If the Dragons didn’t have people from the inside, then they wouldn’t have been able to take the capital in such a short period of time.


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