BTFTLIAW – Chapter 662

Chapter 662 – Preparation Begins

Zhao Hai was currently sitting on a boat while looking at the beast skin scroll on his hand. In fact there was nothing special about the scroll. The only change in it was the Elven Race’s mark.

The Elven Race had proceeded with their operation, weeding out more than 100 spies. This made the Elf Queen furious. She didn’t’ think that there would be this much rebels inside her kingdom. The Queen was terrified of the thought of these people exploding with the might of 9th rank experts.

At this point, Zhao Hai had acquired a new status, the Elven Race’s Foreign Elder. But Zhao Hai didn’t care much about it. Now that the alliance with the Elves have been dealt with, then the next plan can start. It was time to take care of the Dragon Race!

Billy was right by Zhao Hai’s side when he read the scroll. Billy couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Now you’ve become a Foreign Elder of the Elves. I believe that you have the most unique status in the whole history of the Ark Continent.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “All of it was due to the current situation. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to gain these many titles. I can say that things have gone smoothly this time. Not only were we able to help the Elves fix their artifact, we also helped them weed out their traitors. Now we can proceed to the next step.”

Billy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “The Dragon Race?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right, the Dragons, they need to be eliminated. Their current position is very significant to the state of the Continent. We can’t wait for too long, they need to be gone. I have this feeling of dread, it’s as if something is about to happen in the continent. You must be careful.”

Billy nodded and said, “Be relieved, we will be extremely careful. The same applies to you as well, be sure to take care of yourselves. After all, you’re facing against the Dragon Race.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m going to be fine. I can assure you of this.” Billy was also quite aware of Zhao Hai’s methods, so he was not that worried about his security.

Five days later, they had finally arrived back at Dwarf Mountain. After resting with the Dwarves for a day, Zhao Hai left. He was ready to deal with the Dragons.

Although Zhao Hai had been with the Elves and Dwarves in the past few days, he was not being idle. He had Cai’er control the Blood Ghost Staff to monitor the Dragons inside Lyon Empire.

Aside from Lyon Empire, Zhao Hai also had the staff fly towards Accra Mountain to see the situation there.

Dragons were claimed to be invincible by the Continent, so Zhao Hai didn’t want to just go in without ample preparations. Fortunately, as long as the map has been collected to the Space, then the Space can monitor the Lyon Empire and the Accra Mountain at any time.

For many years, there were hardly any Dragon sightings in the continent. All this time, the Dragons have stayed inside Accra Mountain, treating it like their own kingdom. They also had a lot of magic beast and lesser dragon subordinates. Dealing with them would be as hard as attacking any other Empire.

Zhao Hai’s plan was to first head to the Lyon Empire and deal with the Dragons that were stationed there. After that, then he’ll go on an attack Accra Mountain.

Zhao Hai didn’t inform the other nations about his plans and only revealing it to the Dwarves, Fishmen, Elves, and the Beastmen.

Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of any leaks pertaining to these races, this was because the numbers of the traitors in them were very few. Moreover, some of them also have their Divine Artifacts that can detect any rebels among their race. At the same time, it would be impossible for the Radiant Church to infiltrate the Fishman Race. This was because their situation was very special. Even if 9th ranks were to go there, then people would immediately spot them. It was impossible for any Radiant Church spy to evade the eyes of the Mermaid Clan.

When Zhao Hai left the Dwarf mountain, he immediately went to the Space. In the past few days, Laura and the others had been paying attention to the movement of the Dragons. Although the Dragons had controlled the entire Lyon Empire, they still needed to get the recognition of its citizens. Although Humans were easily tempted to go against the Lyon Imperial Clan, it was still quite difficult for them to accept the Dragons as their rulers.

The Dragons were truly formidable, but one shouldn’t forget that in Human eyes, they were still magic beasts. It was impossible for Humans to accept a magic beast to be their rulers.

But it was clear that the Dragons were prepared for this. They already controlled a lot of Noble clans, and with the help of these clans, even if the people weren’t comfortable in being ruled by Dragons, they still weren’t able to make a fuss.

There were 40 Dragons in the Lyon Empire’s capital. Ten of these 40 Dragons were 9th ranks while the other 30 were just a tad bit below. But even if these 30 weren’t 9th ranks, they can still fly, so their threat was no less than the 9th ranks’.

Beside these 40 Dragons, the Lyon Empire’s capital also had about 5 thousand lesser dragons guarding it. These lesser dragons also had their own magic beast mounts. The fighting power of the lesser dragons were around 6th or 7th rank while their magic beasts were 6th ranks. This force was also something that one shouldn’t take lightly.

In order to ensure his success, Zhao Hai spent some time in the Space to fully map the territory of the Lyon Empire. He wanted to see if there were other Dragons in other parts of the Empire.

Sure enough, in the Lyon Empire’s border with the Rosen Empire and Buddha Empire, Dragons were present inside the towns as well. They might now be numerous, but their lesser dragon army were still able to drive away the attacks of the Rosen and Buddha Empire.[1]

After Zhao Hai returned to the Space, he immediately called Kun and Green over to the Space. Then together they discussed how to deal with the Dragon Race.

Zhao Hai showed the full map of the Lyon Empire, then he turned to Green and Kun, “Grandpa Green, Grandpa Kun, the Dragons have garrisons on these places. Which of them should we attack first?”

Zhao Hai had referred to four spots, these four spots were indicated by green dots on the monitor. They were the Lyon Empire’s garrison, the Rosen Empire’s border, the Buddha Empire’s border, and the surroundings of Accra Mountain where a lesser dragon army of 2000 was also situated in.

Green looked at the map and thought for a moment before saying, “With the number of troops in our hand, I think it wouldn’t be hard to attack multiple of them at the same time. I think we should separate our troops and attack the borders of the Rosen and Buddha Empires first. Eliminating those two armies would only take about one evening. Moreover, we need to make sure that those Dragons don’t escape. After that, we’ll wipe out the Dragons in the Lyon Empire’s capital. Lastly we’ll have our army charge towards Accra Mountain.”

Kun nodded and said, “I agree to Green’s plan. Our undead troops are in high enough number that even the Fishmen wouldn’t be able to make a move. So it should be fine if we split them up. Moreover, we have the advantage of being able to increase our numbers the more we fight. The only thing we need to do now is to inform the Fishman and have them destroy the Radiant Church’s navy so that they wouldn’t be able to send any help towards the Dragons. I’m not too worried about the Dragons in the capital, after all, we have the capability to completely clean them up. At the same time, those loyal to the Lyon Empire has already been eliminated when the Dragons took control. Therefore, those who were left behind were those Nobles that sided with the Dragons.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It’s time to resolve the problem in Lyon Empire. Then it is decided, tomorrow we will act.”

Kun nodded. After the Space has been upgraded, it was now possible to place an army anywhere on the map. This made their tactics much more flexible. However, Zhao Hai still wanted to make a quick move. It was necessary to remove the Dragons before the Nobles were able to act. It would be better if they didn’t get into a fight with the army of the Nobles.

In all honesty, Zhao Hai really didn’t want to fight those Noble armies. In any case, they were still Humans. Later on, when the war happens, they may even be another force that can resist the Divine Race.

After completing the plan, Zhao Hai rested well. However, Green and the others were still staring at the screen. They wanted to see what the Rosen and the Buddha Empires were doing.

SInce they weren’t aware of Zhao Hai’s plans, the Rosen and Buddha Empire didn’t have any movements. They were still fully alert against the Dragons. They wouldn’t dare take the Dragons too lightly.

The day passed quickly while the people in the continent continued to live their peaceful lives. The army of the Dragons were also stationed in their camp. They weren’t afraid of the Rosen and Buddha Empire. In their minds, as soon as their identities as Dragons were revealed, no one in the continent would dare to attack them.

The Dragons had always been aloof while in Accra Mountain. Even the lesser dragons had found themselves being able to move sideways in the mountain.[2]

Due to being subjected to this environment, the lesser dragons had become quite arrogant. Although their current population wasn’t a lot, their status in the Lyon Empire was actually very high. Even ordinary lesser dragons would dare to be disrespectful towards the Nobles of the Empire, they wouldn’t even take the effort to give a salute. There was needless to say when they meet a commoner. In the eyes of these lesser dragons, these commoners shouldn’t even be considered people. In the few days that they had been in charge of Lyon Empire, there were already several thousand people who were killed for no reason. It was basically a massacre.

  1. I think the arrangement is like this: Northern Icefield ->  Prairie -> Aksu-> Rosen-> Buddha-> Ocean Waves
  2. ‘Walk sideways’ means they can do whatever they want


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