BTFTLIAW – Chapter 661

Chapter 661 – The Radiant Church’s Backup

When Zhao Hai heard this prompt, he couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t think that the Elven Bow would actually give him some advantages.

However, the surprise didn’t end there. At this moment, another prompt was heard. “Thread made out of special material has been detected. The silk thread was made out of variant spider silk. It is very tough. Extracting the silk’s properties. Enhancing the Host’s combat suit. Cuffs has been added to the suit, these cuffs can spew out web in order to tangle the enemy.”

Zhao Hai was shocked this time, wasn’t this function too familiar? Wasn’t this Spiderman’s ability?

Zhao Hai shook his head and didn’t think about it anymore. In any case, the Space was already quite bizarre, so it would not be surprising for these things to happen. The Space itself has Spiderman’s suit, so it wasn’t strange that its function was added to Zhao Hai’s own suit.

Zhao Hai lowered his head and looked at the Elven Bow. He wanted to see what its Artifact Spirit looked like. At this time, a green light suddenly flashed from the bow as a person slowly floated out of it.This figure was very different from Iron Hammer and Bloody War. The figure was actually lying down, when her appearance completely materialized, she yawned and then slowly sat up, just like how an ordinary person would act after being woken up from sleep.

Zhao Hai was curiously looking at this Artifact Spirit. She wasn’t wearing the traditional Elven Robes, but was wearing a tight fitting suit instead. This gave her a martial aura. At this moment, the Artifact Spirit was also looking at Zhao Hai.

The Artifact Spirit sized Zhao Hai up before she bowed and said, “Green Vine has seen Master Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai was sizing her up as well, “You’re called Green Vine?”

The Artifact Spirit nodded,” Yes Master, I was named Green Vine.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Just call me Young Master. What are you made of? Why do you seem to be different from Iron Hammer and Bloody War?”

The Artifact Spirit smiled faintly and said, “Answering the Young Master’s question. Bloody War and Iron Hammer are made in Ark Continent. When their masters became God-rank, they were then brought to the Divine Realm, only then did they become Divine Artifacts. On the other hand, I was made in the Divine Realm, so I was made using the materials there. This made me different from Bloody War and Iron Hammer.”

Zhao Hai nodded, no wonder he didn’t get any benefits when fixing Iron Hammer and Bloody War. So Green Vine was actually made in the Divine Realm.

After this thought passed through his mind, Zhao Hai’s heart was suddenly moved. If Green Vine being made in the Divine Realm gave Zhao Hai benefits, then does it mean that there were materials in the Divine Realm that can’t be found in the Ark Continent? If that was really the case, then it would be great to visit the Divine Realm to take a look.

Levelling the Space in the Ark Continent had become very difficult. The most recent boost of level that it had received was from the lotus, but that thing has some sort of a relationship with the Demon Realm. It seem like if Zhao Hai wanted to upgrade his Space, then he would need to visit either the Demon Realm or the Divine Realm.

Zhao Hai looked at Green Vine and said, “Green Vine, are Divine Artifacts divided into levels?”

Green Vine nodded and said, “We are indeed graded. Iron Hammer and Bloody Ware are low-level artifacts. I am classified as an intermediate-level artifact. There are also high-level artifacts. High-level artifacts are very formidable, but they were also difficult make. Because of that, there were very few high-level artifacts in the Divine Realm.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he asked Green Vine about the previous war against the Divine Race. What Green Vine said was the same as Iron Hammer and Bloody War’s testimonies, so there was no need to ask for more details. After that, Zhao Hai instructed Green Vine to protect the Elf Race and also to refrain from calling him Young Master when they leave the Space.

Since Green Vine had surrendered to the Space, then she would naturally follow Zhao Hai’s orders. Then Zhao Hai sat inside the living room and opened the monitor. He wanted to see the current developments in the Elven Race.

After having rested inside the Space, Zhao Hai returned to his room in the morning. After opening the door, Zhao Hai noticed that there were people outside. Zhao Hai wasn’t surprised about this since this was just the Queen’s procedure. She was afraid that people would come and disturb Zhao Hai.

At first, Zhao Hai thought that this method was unnecessary. However, when he thought about the situation yesterday, he thought otherwise. There were still some traitors among the Elves. If it weren’t for the Queen ordering martial law, then they would’ve already approached Zhao Hai’s room.

At this point, Zhao Hai was no longer worried about the rebels. Now that he had fixed the Elven Bow, everything would be taken care of.

Divine Artifacts were truly mysterious enough that they can detect traitors among their race. This was something that wasn’t unique to Green Vine. Bloody War and Iron Hammer were capable of doing this as well.

After seeing Zhao Hai open the door, the people outside immediately loosened their expression. Gellar, who was the leader this time, walked forward and gave ZHao Hai a bow, “Mister, you’re out. Was Mister successful?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then handed the Elven bow over to Gellar and said, “I’ve succeeded, please take it back to Her Majesty.”

Gellar stared at the bow as it was transferred to her own hands. Then she looked at ZHao Hai and said, “In behalf of the Elves, I express our gratitude. Mister must be tired, please have a good rest. I shall have someone prepare you a meal. When Mister wants to eat, just send words and they will serve it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Thank you, Miss Gellar. Then I shall be taking my rest.” He gave Gellar a salute before he returned to his room and closed the door.

Actually, Zhao Hai had already rested yesterday, so he didn’t need any more rest. He just wanted to show that fixing the bow took a lot of effort, so he pretended to be tired and returned to his room. After that he entered the Space and opened the monitor to see how the Elves react to the fixed Elven Bow.

Gellar took the Elven Bow to the hall where the Queen was waiting for news. The Queen went sleepless throughout the night as well. At this moment, Gellar came in, holding the Elven Bow on her hands. The Queen couldn’t help but stand up and looked at Gellar. Gellar immediately gave her report, “Mother, he succeeded. Mister Zhao Hai succeeded!”

The Queen looked at the Elven Bow and then let out a long breath. At the same time, her two eyes shined as she quickly arrived in front of Gellar and respectfully received the Elven Bow. Then she turned around to leave the hall, she needed to see the Supreme Elder.

In the Elven Race, the Supreme Elder wasn’t the only 9th rank expert. There were other 9th rank elders as well, there were more than 20 of them.

Today, all of these 9th rank elders convened. They attached great importance to the news of whether the Elven Bow has been fixed or not.

The Queen took the bow to the cavern where the Supreme Elder and the others were. This tree cavern was very big, but there were no decorations inside, only a large empty space. Inside the cavern were several straw mats where the various 9th rank elders were sat down.

The Queen stopped before these 9th ranks and then respectfully bowed and said, “Reporting to the Supreme Elder, Mister Zhao Hai had fixed the Divine Artifact.”

Then the Supreme Elder’s voice was heard, “Your Majesty, please come forward.” The Queen complied, and the took the Elven Bow forward.

There was a bow frame in the middle of this huge cavern and the Supreme Elder was standing right next to it. After the Queen arrived by the Supreme Elder, she immediately placed the Elven Bow on the frame before she respectfully drew back to the sides.

Among these 9th rank elders, the oldest one of them went forward. She was also wearing the same green robe while she had a magic staff on her hand. She bowed towards the Elven Bow and said, “We request Sir Artifact Spirit to come out!”

Then Green Vine slowly came out of the bow. She looked at the Elves and nodded, “Good, I have slept for many years, it’s good to see that the strength of the Elves has recovered. Mister Zhao Hai already told me of what’s happening outside. It seems like the Divine Race is planning to attack once again. I also told Mister Zhao Hai that we would be making an alliance with them to jointly deal with this enemy. Does anyone have any other opinions?”

The Elves present doesn’t dare to oppose, all of them simultaneously said, “We don’t dare, we follow what the Divine Artifact decided.”

Green Vine nodded, then she knit her brows and said, “Why do I feel the aura of the enemy in the bodies of our clansmen? What is this all about?”

When she heard Green Vine, the oldest Supreme Elder replied, “Your Grace, this is the Radiant Church’s conspiracy. They have brainwashed some Elven children and sent them to infiltrate the Elven Race. We had already caught two spies yesterday. However, we weren’t able to find the others. We ask Sir Artifact Spirit to help us in weeding them out.”

Green Vine nodded, then she looked at the Supreme Elder and said, “This isn’t a problem. But after discovering them, what did you do?”

Then the Supreme Elder hesitated for a moment before replying, “Your Grace, we waster their cultivation. What is Your Grace’ opinion on this?”

Green Vine actually snorted and said, “Stupid! These people cannot remain alive. I can feel the aura of the Divine Realm on their bodies. It seems like they weren’t just simple spies sent by the Radiant Church. Their bodies have been altered using a special method, sealing God-realm energy within them, something that all of you cannot detect. As long as a Divine Race expert arrives, they can just activate that seal and release the energy inside. That explosion would have the same power as a 9th rank expert. So how could you just leave them be? If the Divine Race came and released that energy, then what would you do? Have you thought about this?”

Green Vine’s words made the expressions of these Supreme Elders change. The didn’t think that the Radiant Church would have this kind of backup plan. Even if the rebels’ cultivation were wasted, they can still explode, at that point, the Elves would be doomed.

The Supreme Elders were sweating at the thought of this. The oldest Supreme Elder immediately bowed to Green Vine and said, “Sir Artifact Spirit, we know what we should do! ”


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