BTFTLIAW – Chapter 659

Chapter 659 – Supreme Elder

After seeing that Billy and Zhao Hai had left the hall, the Old Elf then turned to the Great Elder and Gaye before he lightly sighed and said, “Ever since we received Patriarch Billy’s first letter, I had always been paying attention to the entire Tree of Life. Since I don’t want things to be known to the Radiant Church and don’t want to hinder our chances in dealing with the Divine Race, I have intercepted every letter that came out.”

The Great Elder’s face couldn’t help but get pale when she heard the Supreme Elder. Gaye’s face was quite ugly as well, this was because they had indeed been sending letters to the Radiant Church all this time.

The Supreme Elder looked at the Great Elder and Gaye, “Although I always thought that doing this was nonsense, our records pertaining to the Divine Race was indeed too terrible, so I still made an effort. However, I just didn’t expect to find those letters addressed to the Radiant Church. And even if they were encrypted, I can still make sense of some of those words. I didn’t think that there would be traitors in my own race.”

Then the Supreme Elder stared coldly at the Great Elder, “So what made you betray your own race, your own beliefs? Tell me.”

The Great Elder looked at the Supreme Elder, her eyes flashed with fear. However, this fear was immediately replaced by fanaticism, she loudly declared, “The God’s will is everywhere, and you all should surrender to the Radiant God. It is your privilege to serve under him. God is omnipotent, God is all powerful. God will lead us to the shining light!”

The Supreme Elder looked at the Great Elder’s expression and his face sank. Then a ray of light came out of the hands of the Supreme Elder and entered the Great Elder’s body. The Great Elder pitifully groaned out before her body collapsed on the floor.

Then the Supreme Elder turned his head to Gaye and did the same thing, Gaye cried out before collapsing. Then the Supreme Elder turned his head to the Queen and said, “I have crippled their cultivation, take them away.” The Queen nodded, then she immediately had people drag the bodies of the Great Elder and Gaye away.

At this time, everyone in the hall was paying attention to the Supreme Elder. Similarly, the Supreme Elder scanned the hall and then said, “Our race’s history is divided into two parts; one part is accessible to everyone while the other can only be read by our race’s 9th rank experts. In the records, the Ark Continent had been subjected into a war against the Divine Race. Our Elven race is a main force during that war, the Dwarves and the Beastmen were main components as well. There was also the Mermaid Clan and some Human 9th ranks that joined. However, a lot of the Human 9th ranks were also on the side of the Divine Race along with the Dragon Race. The war was incredibly fierce, and in the end, the Elves, Dwarves, and Beastman’s Divine Artifacts managed to wound the God-ranked expert, driving him back to the Divine Realm. In that fight the Divine Artifacts of the three races were seriously damaged. The Beastman Race’s Beast God Spear was heavily injured, the Dwarven Race’s Iron Hammer was similarly wounded, only our Elven Race’s Bow sustained light injuries. At one time, the Elven Bow’s Artifact Spirit managed to materialize for a short time, informing our ancestors about the war with the Divine Race. After that, the Artifact Spirit fell into a deep slumber.”

The Elves in the hall were very silent as they listened to the Supreme Elder. They were completely unaware that there was another part in their race’s history.

The Supreme Elder looked at the people present and said, “Just like what Mister Zhao Hai said, the Radiant Church’s God in the Divine Realm is in a hostile relationship with our own God. This made them send people to deal with us, and wanting to control the entire Ark Continent, enslaving all of the races in the process. They will treat us as livestock, and when our strengths reached a sufficient level, they would send us to the Divine Realm and join their army. Basically, the Divine Race wanted to turn the Ark Continent into a soldier producing factory. Because of this, the major races in the continent decided to resist the Divine Race. Mister Zhao Hai did nothing wrong. And we will establish an alliance with him to deal with the incoming Divine Race.”

No Elf in the hall dared to oppose, all of them simultaneously nodded. The Supreme Elder nodded and the turned his head to the Queen and said, “You have done well all these years. You shall go form an alliance with Mister Zhao Hai tomorrow. Mister Zhao Hai came here in person despite being a 9th rank expert himself, this is already giving us a huge face. Discuss this matter with him yourself. At the same time, deliver the Elven Bow to Mister Zhao Hai and ask him to help us fix it. If Mister can fix our Divine Artifact, then it would be good for our race. I suspect that there are more traitors within our race. When the Divine Artifact gets fixed,  finding those rebels would be easy.” Then the Supreme Elder scanned the hall as if looking for the traitors present.

The Elves in the hall felt their backs to be coldly sweating. Even if they haven’t betrayed their race, the Supreme Elder’s gaze alone made them feel guilty.

The Queen immediately nodded in reply. The Supreme Elder also gave her a nod before turning around to leave. After the Supreme Elder left, the Queen looked at the other Elves and said, “Alright, everyone can go back. Make sure to manage your subordinates well. This is a special period in our race. While the Divine Artifact is being fixed, nobody is allowed to leave the Tree of Life.” The Elves nodded before they stood up and left the hall.

After the group left, the Queen found herself weak as she sat on her chair. She didn’t feel great at all. Of the two who were captured, one of them was her husband while the other was her mother-in-law.

At this time, Gellar walked in and went towards the Queen, “Mother, what just happened? Why were Nana and Father dragged away?”

The Queen looked at her and sighed. Then she told Gellar about everything that just happened. Gellar looked at the Queen, her expression as though she couldn’t believe it, “Mother, are you telling the truth? How could that be possible? Why would father betray our own race? Why would Nana side with the Radiant Church?”

The Queen shook her head and said, “I also don’t know. I have lived for many years with your father, but I still didn’t notice that he is a person of the Radiant Church. At the same time, your Nana has lived here for her entire lifetime yet nobody noticed that she was a traitor. If mister Zhao Hai didn’t come here, then we wouldn’t have known about it for a long time.”

Gellar looked bewildered at the Queen, she didn’t know what to say. There was really no way to explain this matter. The Great Elder had lived with the Elves for her whole life, even to the point of being the Great Elder. She did her best for the betterment of the race and also hated the Humans to the bone. It was because of her qualities that she managed to attain her current position. But who would’ve thought that she would actually be a person of the Radiant Church.

The Queen looked at Gellar and sighed. It wasn’t only Gellar, the Queen couldn’t accept what happened as well. But since there were still matters that needed to be process, the Queen looked at Gellar and said, “Gellar, make sure to take care of Mister Zhao Hai’s group as much as possible. There shouldn’t be any mistakes. I shall deliver the Bow to Mister Zhao Hai tonight. At the same time, I shall also ask him why the Great Elder and Gaye would betray us. I think he knows the reason why.”

When she heard the Queen’s instructions, Gellar immediately nodded, then she turned around to leave. In the Elven Race, the children were always more closer to their mothers. This was because the Elves were a matriarchal race. The key positions of the government were mostly handled by women. Because of this, Gellar didn’t have much of a connection to Gaye. But no matter what, Gaye was still Gellar’s father. This matter made Gellar sad, she didn’t understand why her father would do such a thing.

When Zhao Hai and Billy returned to the room that was arranged for them, Billy immediately looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, were the Great Elder and Gaye really sent by the Radiant Church?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The Great Elder is for certain, however, Gaye might not be. Gaye is the Great Elder’s child, so it was possible that it was the Great Elder who educated him about this since childhood. Therefore, making Gaye exhibit such actions. The Great Elder was brainwashed by the Church while Gaye was brainwashed by the Great Elder.”

Billy knit his brows and said, “Maniac, she’s really a maniac for doing this to her own child.”

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “This is in line with the Church’s philosophy. These people were avid devotees of the Church. For the Church, they would give up everything they have.”

Billy frowned, “That 9th rank elder clearly saw Gaye attack you. So why didn’t he stop it? What happens if you weren’t a 9th rank expert?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I don’t exhibit my 9th rank aura, so that’s why you can’t notice it. However, other 9th ranks would surely be able to feel it, so he just let it be. I just didn’t expect the Supreme Elder to be so thorough. It was great that he had confiscated the Great Elder’s letter when he found out. Otherwise, our plans would’ve been in trouble.”

Billy frowned and said, “Right, we were too careless this time. Fortunately, they did things very carefully. It would be terrible if our plans were to be known to the Radiant Church.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he sighed and said, “I thought that since the Elves have isolated themselves from the world, then the Radiant Church would not have the opportunity to get to them. We weren’t careful enough and underestimated the Church. The Radiant Church has been preparing their plans for countless years, their moves might always be out of our expectations.”

Billy nodded, then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, is the story about the Church changing history true? Is that the reason why the Humans started to suppress the other races?”


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