BTFTLIAW – Chapter 658

Chapter 658 – Rebels

The Great Elder couldn’t help but stare when she heard Zhao Hai. Although they have their own records, the Elves’ history only recorded how the Humans have suppressed them, it didn’t record the reason why. Because of this, the Elves had always blamed their suppression and enslavement to the greed of Humans. Now that Zhao Hai expressed this matter, things suddenly seemed to be not so simple.

The Great Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “And do you know who did it?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, I do. The Humans aren’t like the Elves or the Dwarves who always had peace with each other. Due to the ambitions of the Humans, they weren’t able to unite internally and even had multiple cases of war. This made it hard to preserve Human history and extremely easy for someone to slip in some revisions. And there is an organization that can easily do it in the past, and it was the Radiant Church.”

It was not only the Elves who were startled with Zhao Hai’s words, Billy was the same. All of them stared at Zhao Hai, waiting for him to back his own words.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “The Radiant Church had existed way before all of us thought. They were just being extremely low-key, only becoming slowly formidable in the recent several hundred years. Before the church officially rose, they were sending their priests to various battlefields in the continent and offering help to injured soldiers as well as affected commoners. This allowed the Radiant Church to accumulate universal praise from everyone. Some time after that, the nations in the continent started to trust the church with the responsibility of being in charge of the Human records. It was at that point that the Church started to revise the history books of the Human Race. Humans suppressing the various races was caused by this revisions by the church. In their edition of Human history, the other races of the continent were lesser beings, they made Humans feel disgust in interacting with these lesser races.”

Everyone stared at Zhao Hai, they have not heard about this before.

Then Zhao Hai continued, “In the Radiant Church’s revision, the Dwarves, Beastmen, and Fishmen were lesser beings that were diseased and should not be mingled with. It was said that anybody that came in contact with these races for too long would turn into the same lesser being. This made the Humans stray away from the other races. However, the Radiant Church came into a problem when it came to the Elves. The Elves were perfect in Human standards, there were no negative things to pin on them. Therefore, the Radiant Church wrote that the Elves were historically high-quality slaves. In this way, the Humans would enslave the Elves, which in turn, made the Elves loathe the humans. And now, Great Elder, you actually believed such words from that organization. Hahahaha. This should be the funniest joke that I have ever heard.”

When she heard Zhao Hai, the Great Elder’s expression suddenly changed. With a paled face, the Great Elder retorted, “This is only based on your own words, who knows if they are true or not.”

Zhao Hai gave the Great Elder a cold look before saying, “The Great Elder still doesn’t believe me? Right, I forgot to ask, I believe Patriarch Billy had included the matter where I repaired their Divine Artifact in the letter that he sent. I can repair your Divine Artifact as well. The Artifact Spirit of the Dwarves already told us the reason why they fought with the Divine Race, this was not only because they want to enslave you, but it was also because the God that you worshipped is in opposition to the God that the Church idolized. For the Church to rule this continent, the God that needed to be worshipped should only be the Radiant God, not the individual Gods of the races. Once everyone believed in the Radiant God, the other Gods would lose spiritual support, which would allow the God of the Radiant Church to eliminate them. Oh Great Elder, trusting the Radiant Church is akin to trusting the Radiant god, this also meant that you are betraying your God of Life. I don’t know if the Great Elder is aware of this.”

The Great Elder’s face turned dark when she heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t bear sitting still as she stood up and glared at Zhao Hai, “Nonsense! Complete nonsense! Do you really think that we’ll believe you just because you told us that you can fix our Divine Artifact? You’re completely talking nonsense!”

Zhao Hai looked at the Great Elder and coldly snorted, “I can fix your Divine Artifact. There’s no need to deceive you with this, just hand me your Divine Artifact and you’ll know then whether I can fix it or not.”

With a berating tone, the Great Elder shouted, “And why would be hand our Divine Artifact over to you? Who knows, maybe you’ll steal our Divine Artifact away.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Great Elder’s reaction and became sure that the Great Elder was a chess piece that the Radiant Church had sent inside the Elven Race. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have these responses. He had always spoken with sincerity. If one weren’t a person of the Radiant Church, then they wouldn’t have reacted like this.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sneer at the Great Elder’s claims, “Great Elder, your accusations are not very pleasant to hear. Moreover, if I really intended to steal your Divine Artifact, then there’s no way for you to stop me. And there would be no need for me to do about it in a roundabout manner.”

At this moment, the Prince who hadn’t spoke for quite some time, loudly said, “Complete nonsense! And for daring to snatch my Elven Race’s Divine Artifact, you deserve to die!” Then he stabbed his sword towards Zhao Hai.

Nobody thought that Gaye would act like this. After seeing Gaye’s action, the Queen immediately shouted, “Gaye, stop!” However, it was already too late, Gaye’s thorn sword was already close to reaching Zhao Hai.

One must know that Gaye was an Elven Great Warrior who was outstanding in both the harp and the sword. There was no need to mention about his strength, Gaye was a talented Elf, being peak 8th rank strength despite being relatively young. In addition to the emphasis of speed in Elven sword techniques, Gaye’s attack was no less than a sneak attack. Gaye wasn’t far from Zhao Hai, so a short time after his words just fell, his sword was already at Zhao Hai’s throat.

Billy’s face changed completely, although he was near Zhao Hai, he still couldn’t block Gaye because of his lack of weapon. But even so, Billy still roared as he aimed his fist towards Gaye’s head. He wanted Gaye to abandon his sword strike in order to dodge the punch. [1]

However, it seems like Billy had underestimated Gaye’s strength. Gaye’s sword was extremely quick, so he didn’t care about Billy’s punch since he knew that he could still dodge the punch right after he killed Zhao Hai.

But at the same time, Gaye also had underestimated Zhao Hai’s strength. While the sword was heading towards his throat, Zhao Hai didn’t even move an inch. Instead, he looked at Gaye with a contemptuous gaze. Gaye felt that something was wrong when he saw this gaze, but it was already too late to retract his attack. Gaye hardened his resolve as he accelerated his stab towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t make a move as Gaye’s sword reached his sword. Upon seeing that the sword was about to puncture through the other party’s throat, Gaye revealed an elated expression. He thought that Zhao Hai was dead. But it didn’t take a long time before Gaye noticed that there was no stabbing feeling on his sword. Instead, he heard a ‘ding’ sound before his sword stopped moving further.

Gaye stared, then he saw that Zhao Hai’s throat had turned into a crystal. While Gaye was in a daze, Zhao Hai had grasped his sword, which turned it into a crystal as well. Then when the sword crystallized, Zhao Hai made a small twist, shattering the blade into pieces.

Gaye was startled, he immediately loosened his grip on the sword as he used his toes to propel him backwards, dodging Billy’s punch as well. Then he returned to his chair as he grasped hold of his harp.

But at this moment, Zhao Hai made a move. He appeared in front of Gaye and grasped his neck. He raised Gaye with only one arm as he coldly looked at him and said, “You want to kill me? Is it because I have spoken the truth?”

Gaye’s throat was seized by Zhao Hai, making it hard for him to breath as his face turned red. He looked frightened at Zhao Hai. He didn’t think that Zhao Hai would be this strong. Moreover, he had expected that Zhao Hai was a Mage, he didn’t imagine that Zhao Hai was also a very formidable Warrior.

At this time, the Great Elder and the Queen responded. The Great Elder angrily shouted as she wielded her Magic staff and began casting a spell at Zhao Hai. Then Zhao Hai coldly snorted as an incredible pressure began to burst out from his body. Although Zhao Hai cannot use his God-rank strength, his 9th rank power was still something that the Great Elder couldn’t endure. This was when the Great Elder discovered that Zhao Hai was actually a 9th rank expert.

Zhao Hai looked at the Great Elder with a cold gaze, “Great Elder, I’m afraid that the situation isn’t as simple as you being approached by the Radiant Church. I think you are a person of the Radiant Church itself.”

The Great Elder’s face was struggling right now, it seems like she was holding on with all she had, “You talk nonsense. Don’t think that since you are a 9th rank expert, you can tell anything you want. Don’t think that my Elven Race doesn’t have a 9th rank expert as well.”

Zhao Hai actually smiled faintly and said, “Elf friend, you had been observing for quite some time. Why don’t you come out and see me.”

Then just as Zhao Hai’s voice fell, an old sigh was heard, “My Elven race has truly been unfortunate, we’ve made a joke out of ourselves in front of Mister. I’ll be honest to Mister, I had also just recently discovered that she is actually a person from the Radiant Church. Mister, rest assured, I already snatched her letter for the Radiant Church. I just wanted to see what moves they’ll do next. I just didn’t think that she would betray her own race. Sigh, this is really a huge misfortune to my Elf Race.”

Along with this sound, an old Elf walked into the hall. After this Elf appeared, every single Elf in the room stood up and bowed to the Old Elf, “We have seen the Supreme Elder.” [2]

The Old Elf nodded and the turned to Zhao Hai, “Mister, I ask you to please put him down. We will surely provide you with a satisfactory response.”

Zhao Hai loosened his grip on Gaye, then he turned to the Old Elf and bowed, “The Supreme Elder is too polite. This is an internal matter of the Elves, and since I’m a Human, then I will surely hand this matter over to you. I just came here to offer an alliance. How about we resume this matter tomorrow?”

The Old Elf returned the bow and said, “We apologize to Mister. Then, Mister, please.” Zhao Hai and Billy gave a salute to the Old Elf before they both left the hall.

  1. And since Billy is a Dwarf, it could be described as an uppercut. xD
  2. Like any other elder, but her/his robe just had the Supreme logo in it xD


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