BTFTLIAW – Chapter 657

Chapter 657 – A Suspicious Great Elder

Billy wasn’t incorrect, the reason why the Dwarves were living well even until now was their ironware. And with how the Buddha Empire exhibited their prowess, Dwarven ironware has been known to be the best all around.

On the other hand, even if Elven wares were expensive, their rate of production was just pitifully low. If it weren’t for the Dwarves, the Elves wouldn’t have ample living materials. After all, there was no way to get in contact with the Elves, nor was it easy to interact with them. Among the races in the continent, it was the Elves that were the hardest to approach.

When the Great Elder heard Billy, he didn’t know what to say, but this also made her angry. The Elder had always thought that the Elves were the most noble race in the continent. This was because the Elves were the most beautiful, had the longest lifespan, and were able to make the best artworks. This fact made the Elves very proud, to the point that they looked down on the other races. In fact, the Dwarves were too crude in their eyes. If they didn’t need to trade for living necessities, then they wouldn’t have come in contact with the Dwarves.

The main reason of this thinking was the fact that they were not in contact with other races. They had always thought that they were the most noble while always staying inside their kingdom. They were like frogs inside a well, thinking that the sky was the only one that existed.

At the current time, there were still a lot of Elves who had this mentality. After all, they hadn’t come in contact with the outside world. This cause them to gradually have this attitude of self-importance.

The Queen was aware of this quality, but she didn’t have the means to change it. This was because the Elves cannot come in contact with the Humans. At the same time, they also see the Beastmen to be quite dangerous. In all honesty, the Queen was feeling quite helpless with regards to this matter.

One shouldn’t see the Queen as the one who managed the entire Elven Kingdom. With both the Prince and the Great Elder to decide matters with, the Queen felt powerless. It was just unfortunate that the Elves always had this type of governance.

Normally, the Queen and the Prince should have a more intimate interaction with each other, after all, the Prince was the Queen’s husband. However,  the Queen’s current situation was a bit special. Although they were husband and wife, the Prince was actually the son of the Great Elder. That is to say, the Queen was actually the daughter-in-law of the Great Elder. Since the Prince grew up in the care of the Great Elder, everything was done in accordance to the Great Elder’s decision. Therefore, when a matter arrives, it was always the Great Elder and the Prince who would come into a unanimous decision. If it weren’t for the Great Elder, the Queen wouldn’t have allowed Zhao Hai’s matters to reach this point.

When the nearby Prince saw that Billy was berating the Great Elder, he immediately became angry, he stood up and pointed to Billy and said, “Rude! How dare you disrespect the Great Elder! Apologize immediately.”

Billy turned his head to the Prince, he coldly snorted and said, “Me, being rude? Isn’t that something that I should say to you? Don’t forget, I am the Patriarch of the Dwarven Race, a position that is equal to your Queen. Meanwhile, you’re just a Prince, what gave you the authority to scold me? Who do you think you are?”

The explosive temper of the Dwarves was quite famous in the continent. At this point, Billy couldn’t stomach the Elves’ attitude of always having their noses turned to the skies. Billy’s politeness had already run out.

Zhao Hai looked at the Great Elder and the Prince, he couldn’t understand how the matter reached this point. Why were the Great Elder and the Prince having these reactions?

They came to the Elves this time to offer an Alliance, not to ask for anything. Moreover, it was an alliance to fight shoulder to shoulder when the Divine Race came. In this case, why was the Great Elder in opposition to this? What exactly was he thinking?

Zhao Hai was frowning while looking at both the Great Elder and the Prince. It might be an illusion, but Zhao Hai saw that when Billy and the Prince quarrelled, the Great Elder had a flash of happiness in her eyes.

An alarm suddenly sounded inside Zhao Hai’s heart. He can remember the time when the Beastmen were being brainwashed by the Radiant Church. Was it possible for the Church to brainwash an Elf? Was the Great Elder brainwashed by the Radiant Church?

But Zhao Hai changed his mind. If this was really the case, that the Great Elder was a person of the Radiant Church, then she would’ve already told the Church about their plans. But from the response of the Church, it seems like they still weren’t aware of his plan. This made Zhao Hai doubt his initial suspicion.

When the Prince heard Billy, his handsome face turned red. He unsheathed the sword on his waist and pointed it towards Billy, “Apologize, otherwise, face death!”

Billy looked at the Prince coldly and said, “Letting me apologize? Keep dreaming. If you want to fight me, then bring it on! Let’s see who survives to the very end.”

Since he came to see the Queen, Billy didn’t bring any weapons. However, Dwarves were never afraid of a fight. Even if they were killed, they wouldn’t just go down that easily.

The Queen frowned and said, “Gaye, that’s enough. Don’t forget, Patriarch Billy came were politely. Don’t be disrespectful.”

Just as the Queen finished talking, the Great Elder suddenly said, “How could it be disrespectful? We still haven’t formed an alliance with them. They just want us to be in an alliance with them so that when they can slowly enslave our race once again.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Great Elder, he was still quite suspicious towards her, but he didn’t express it. He just turned to the Great Elder and said, “I’ll have to disagree with that, Great Elder. After all, your combat prowess won’t reduce when you become our allies. At that point, how could we possibly enslave you? Moreover, are you confident in resisting the attack of the Divine Race? Will you be safe by yourselves?”

The Great Elder coldly snorted and said, “Even if we surrender to the Divine Race, at least we won’t be treated as slaves.”

When Zhao Hai heard the Great Elder, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink. His eyes flashed a cold light and said, “How can the Great Elder be sure that the Divine Race wouldn’t enslave you? If the Divine Race was not planning to enslave you, then why did the Elves joined the war against them a long time ago? How can the Great Elder make her current judgement? Has the Great Elder been in contact with the Radiant Church?”

After hearing Zhao Hai speak, the entire hall suddenly turned quiet. All the Elves present were looking at the Great Elder.

The Elves weren’t stupid, in fact, they were more intelligent than the Dwarves or the Beastmen. It was only because of their beauty as well as the plot of the Radiant Church that they were unable to come in contact with the Humans. One must know that in the past, during the time where the Elves were still in contact with the continent, there were a lot of big Merchants who were Elves. At the same time, there were even some Elves who held high-ranking position in the various nations. This was ample evidence for the Elven intellect.

Zhao Hai’s question immediately made the Elves inside the hall find something wrong. Zhao Hai’s trip was done in pure sincerity, he didn’t even make the Elves leave their forest. He also didn’t say that the Elves would have to listen to his command. He only came to propose the alliance to the Elf Queen, and to express his idea of fighting together against the Divine Race. In this case, the Great Elder’s reaction was truly overboard. Especially when she said that they would just surrender to the Divine Race, this made the Elves doubt her words.

The Great Elder also discovered that her mouth had slipped, but she didn’t surrender and steeled her resolve, “Correct, a person from the Radiant Church came. They were very sincere in their visit and told me that as long as the Elves help the Divine Race control the continent, then they would guarantee the safety of our race. They also assured me that the Elves would continue living inside the Elven Forest.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Great Elder and said, “How come the Great Elder believed their promise while doubting mine? I am a Foreign Elder of the Dwarves as well as a Foreign Prince of the Beastmen, my status should be a match for the Radiant Church. May I know then why?”

The Great Elder looked at Zhao Hai and then sneered, “That’s an easy question, did you realize who you are Zhao Hai? You’re a Dark Mage. How could you be credible when you don’t even respect the dead? I would never believe you. I might as well believe a Light Mage than a Dark Mage.”

When the other Elves heard the Great Elder, humming discussion was suddenly heard inside the hall. It was clear that they approved of the Great Elder’s view.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but couldn’t smile and said, “Being respectful to people? Great Elder, can you really be this naive? Do you know the reason why the races became like this? Do you know why the Elves were turned into slaves by the Humans? Do you know why the Humans suddenly loathed the other races when they were initially peaceful with them? May I know whether the Great Elder had thought of these questions?”

The Great Elder coldly snorted and said, “It is because of how greedy the Humans can be. Therefore, they suppressed the different races of the continent. What further thinking does this need?”

Zhao Hai sneered, “The reason why I claimed that the Great Elder is being naive was because the Great Elder seemed to not have recognized the core of the matter. The reason of the current situation was due to the fact that the Human records have been changed. In the past, history books of the Humans depicted the Dwarves and the Beastmen with a positive light. Although the Beastmen loved to fight while the Dwarves had shallow temper, they were still written to be good people. On the other hand, the Elves were also regarded quite well. Nor only are Elves seen as gentle, they were written to be intelligent as well as people who loved art. All these descriptions were worthy for the readers to respect the races.

The Elves in the hall couldn’t help but nod, even the Great Elder nodded. Then Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “But later on, some people revised the contents of the Human books. In this revision, the Beastmen turned from being brave to being ruthless barbarians. The Dwarves had turned into being with unreasonable temper. But since the Elves had zero negatives to their attitude, they were written to be races who had nothing else but beauty. The Humans were slowly influenced by these books and suddenly changed their attitude towards the other races, and before long, they were suppressing them. Does the Great Elder know who revised the records?”


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