BTFTLIAW – Chapter 656

Chapter 656 – Anger!

After Zhao Hai had sat down, he immediately felt countless amounts of gazes targeted towards him. Some of these gazes even held great hostility, while some were loathing.

Zhao Hai was very clear about why he was receiving such gazes, it was either because he was Human or he was a Dark Mage. Both conditions were enough to make Elves look at him in a negative way.

It was needless to say that the Elves might even hate Humans much more than the Divine Race. After all, the hatred between the Elves and the Divine Realm happened too long ago. Even if the lifespans of the Elves were more than the Humans, not even them can live for longer than 10 thousand years. Moreover, it was also impossible to remember matters of tens of thousands of years ago.

On the other hand, their hatred for the Humans was quite recent. Although it had happened in about less than a thousand years ago, there were Elves who were still alive from back then. Therefore, the Elves still held a huge grudge against the Human Race.

Additionally, Zhao Hai was a Dark Mage. Dark Mages were the deemed by the Elves to be the most repugnant profession there is. The Elves respected life and loved peace. Although they were were quite fastidious about art, they were even more fastidious when it comes to peace and preservation of life, it was to the point of extreme obsession.

Because of this, the summoning magics of the Dark Mages were seen to be the biggest disrespect to the Elven beliefs. Reanimating a person who was already dead was an insult to life. Therefore, Zhao Hai was not confused about the gazes that were thrown his way.

After they had sat down, the Queen looked at Billy and Zhao Hai, “Patriarch Billy, Patriarch Zhao Hai, I want to know, is Patriarch Billy really telling the truth? Patriarch Zhao Hai, do you have any proof to back your claims?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Queen in annoyance. He didn’t think that the Elves would still be doubtful this far into their contact. However, he still took out the beast skin scroll that was signed by the Dwarves, the Beastmen and the Fishmen. Then he stood up and said, to the Queen, “Read this and you will know.”

The Elf Queen nodded, then she beckoned her hand as an Elf received Zhao Hai’s beast skin scroll and handed it over to the Queen.

The Queen opened the scroll and carefully read the contents inside. She noticed Billy’s and the others’ mark, her face couldn’t help but show surprise.

The Dwarves, the Beastmen, and the Fishmen were huge groups of the Continent. In the past, the Elves also had contact with these races. Only when the Radiant Church instigated the Humans to break the relationships with these races did the Elves come in contact with the others races fewer and fewer times.Only when the Dwarves had dug their tunnel did the Elves have in contact with them.

Although it had been a long time since contact has been made, the Queen can still recognize the unique marks of the other races. These marks were simply unable to be forged. Additionally, Billy was sitting right there, which proves that these marks were indeed real.

After looking at the scroll, the Queen handed it over to the Great Elder before turning her head to Zhao Hai and said, “It seems like Mister is telling the truth. Also, did the Radiant Church and the Dragon Race really occupy the Ocean Waves Dynasty as well as the Lyon Empire?”

Zhao Hai just nodded since there was no need for useless words. He really couldn’t understand why the Queen refused to believe in him. He and Billy had time and time again displayed their sincerity. But after all this time, the Queen was still doubtful, this annoyed Zhao Hai very much.

The Great Elder also looked at the scroll before she handed it over to the Prince. At this time the Queen asked, “And does mister have any plans?”

Zhao Hai nodded and then said, “I do. I don’t think that the Dragons’ action this time was due to pure coincidence. It was possible that they had received a message from the Divine Realm. Therefore, as soon as I leave the forest, I shall go and deal with the Dragons. Their race needs to be eliminated from the continent. Otherwise, we would be placed in grave danger once the Divine Race arrives.”

The Elf Queen looked at Zhao Hai, her eyes shone with interest, making her more attractive than before. The Queen expressed her noble aura as she asked with a serious tone, “Is mister confident in dealing with the Dragon Race?”

Seeing the look on the Queen’s face, Zhao Hai knew that she was thinking about how invincible the Dragons were. It was no wonder that the Queen had her current expression when she heard that Zhao Hai was going to eliminate the Dragons.

Zhao Hai didn’t become polite, he just nodded and said, “I do. I have no choice, after all, the Dragons had controlled the Lyon Empire, essentially halving the entire continent. If we don’t deal with the Dragons, then when the Divine Race comes, they would be able to establish a base in Lyon Empire. Then, along with the Ocean Waves Dynasty, the two of them would quickly take care of the Buddha Empire. After that, they can then focus on attacking the Rosen Empire and the Aksu Empire. And most importantly, the Lyon Empire separates the Dwarves and the Elves. The elimination of the Dragons is required for the future cooperation between the Dwarves and the Elves in dealing with the Divine Race.”

The Elf Queen nodded. At this time, the Prince had also read the beast skin scroll, he curled it and then passed it over to an Elf and had it returned to Zhao Hai.

The Prince looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Then what does Mister require of our Elf Race?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and replied, “You don’t have to do anything. I just want the Elves to know this so that when the Divine Race comes, we could stand side by side in resisting and fighting back.”

But then the Great Elder suddenly said, “And how can you assure our safety? How can we feel relieved when fighting together with you? How can we make sure that you’re not doing this just to enslave us?”

Zhao Hai had already thought about this issue, so with a serious tone he answered, “As long as the Elves is our ally, I, Zhao Hai, shall assure your race’s absolute security. I have the strength to back this up.”

The Great Elder coldly snorted and said, “Do you really believe that the Elven Race would ally with you with just those few words? Aren’t you being too naive?”

At this point, Zhao Hai had gotten angry. Every since him and Billy started their contact with the Elves, the latter had always been dragging its feet. And now, he had come with sincere intent, but the other party was still being like this, not trusting him. This made Zhao Hai fume with anger. He looked at the Queen, the Prince, and then the Great Elder before he said with a cold voice, “I came here in the hopes of forming an alliance with the Elf Race. I was hoping that you would know that your race wouldn’t be excluded from being targets when the Divine Race comes. I’m only here to propose an alliance and not to beg for help. If you ally with us, then only good things would happen to the Elves. When the Divine Race arrives, you would have allies to share the burden of battle with. Moreover, if the Divine Race comes, do you really think that we would be in the mood to enslave the Elven Race?”

Billy was similarly incensed. The Elves might be clueless, but Billy was aware of what Zhao Hai had done in the past few days. He had kept going back and forth to different races just to unite them all. His effort alone was already worthy of respect. The Elves’ completely distrustful attitude truly lit the fuse of this Dwarf Patriarch.

Billy stood up and the looked angrily at the Elf Queen as well as the others, “What do you mean? You still don’t trust Zhao Hai? I had already told you before, besides being a Human, he had become a Foreign Elder to the Dwarves. At the same time, he is also a Foreign Prince of the Beastmen. Moreover, he is also in extremely good graces with the Fishman. Is this status still not enough for the Elves? Are you looking down on us?”

Dwarves have their own temper, and it was not easy for them to hold back for a long time. Zhao Hai has been regarded well by Billy. In this case, how could Billy tolerate the Elves’ distrust of Zhao Hai? This was akin to the Elves being distrustful to the Dwarves.

The Elf Queen frowned, she also thought that the Great Elder’s words were somewhat improper. In fact, the Elves had already investigated the words coming from the Dwarves and the Queen was already willing to form an alliance with Zhao Hai. however, she didn’t had the means to make a decision because the Great Elder has been opposing to it all this time. This was the reason why this matter has been dragged on for so long.

The Queen understood why Zhao Hai and Billy would get angry at the Great Elder’s words. She already trusted Zhao Hai and Billy. Even if she had doubts about the Human, her suspicion didn’t extend to the Dwarf. The Elves had been in contact with the Dwarves for a long time, so the Queen was aware about their temperament. The Queen can affirm that the Dwarves wouldn’t just help the Humans to deal with an enemy if the reason was not fully investigated through.

But at this time, the Great Elder once again coldly snorted and said, “And why would I trust a human? Even if he is the Foreign Elder of the Dwarves as well as a Foreign Prince of the Beastmen, he is still a Human. Also, the Dwarves have been living easy because of the Elves. And you count yourself as our equal? Completely laughable!”

When he heard the Great Elder’s words, Billy’s face expression turned completely dark. “So it turns out that the Elves are the saviour of the Dwarves? Hahaha. This is the most ridiculous joke that I had ever heard. We have it easy? Just from those artworks that you make? Our Dwarven ironwares are famous all over the continent. At the same time, we Dwarves also have no problems when it came to food and clothing. On the other hand, you Elves have been using your products in order to trade for supplies from my Dwarf Race. Now, I must ask the Great Elder, what days did the Elven Race have before we came in contact with you? Now, after we Dwarves came, how much did your quality of life improve?”


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