BTFTLIAW – Chapter 654

Chapter 654 – Voiceless Soundbird

The Dwarf Race’s boat wasn’t big, so Zhao Hai always found himself sitting together with Billy. Naturally, he had no chance to return to the Space, therefore, he can just stay in the ship and chat with Billy.

To be honest, he was quite bored these past five days. However, even if the boat was small, there was still space for him to lie down, so Zhao Hai was able to fully rest in these five days.

Five days came by quite fast, the boat was now stopped at a pier. Billy led Zhao Hai down to the pier and walked out from the big mountain. When Zhao Hai and the others came out of the mountain, they had discovered that they were already in the forest.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but marvel at the scenery outside the mountain. The scene in front of him was just so beautiful.

The thing in front of him was a rainforest, one with lush trees everywhere. There were shrubs under the trees as well as some plants that Zhao Hai was unable to recognize. Most importantly, the place was so primitive, he can’t find a single artificial intervention here. It seems like it was a kingdom for plants, it was very attractive.

At this time, a sound suddenly came from the forest. Zhao Hai stopped, then he turned his head only to find a small magic beast. This small beast looked like a small monkey, but it was really small. It looked very cute, it had fluffy fur, two round ears, bright eyes and a look that would seem like it was just a toy,

This small monkey was also curiously looking at Zhao Hai and the others. There was no fear that was found in its face. Zhao Hai came to like this creature more and more as time passed by. He turned his hand and took out an apple before throwing it to the direction of the small monkey.

The beast was startled, it immediately whizzed towards the opposite tree. It lashed its tongue and showed its teeth towards Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai didn’t move, he only looked at the small monkey and laughed. This left the monkey with a confused expression. Then when it found the red apple on the ground, he immediately disregarded Zhao Hai and the others as it slowly jumped down from the tree. It ran towards the apple and smelled it. It expressed excitement on its face before taking a nib out of the apple, and before long the whole fruit went into its belly.

Then the small monkey turned its head to Zhao Hai, zhi zhi, it sounded, it seems like it wanted more. Zhao Hai smiled faintly before throwing another apple towards the monkey. After eating a few more apples, the small monkey made a face towards Zhao Hai before it went up the tree and squatted on a large branch, then it just slept there.

Upon seeing the small monkey’s action, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. This little thing was too lovable. Billy and the others who were right by his side were also smiling. They saw how the monkey gave Zhao Hai a grin before going to the tree and then went to sleep, not caring about Zhao Hai anymore. This made everyone laugh.

At this time, a shadow suddenly flashed from the forest. Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he became alert. Then a green figure appeared in front of them.

Zhao Hai stared, but he didn’t make any moves. He noticed that the green figure in front of him was a person, a blonde man wearing a green robe.

This person was very handsome, he had a face that would make even women jealous. He had golden blonde hair that was draped freely behind him, tied by a grass rope. In his hand was a harp, and most importantly, Zhao Hai noticed that the person’s ears were longer than that of the humans. It looks quite sharp, but it didn’t hinder the man’s beauty.

On the other hand, this effeminate man looked at Zhao Hai’s group with a stern expression. Zhao Hai knew that this person was an Elf. But he didn’t speak, he knew that the first contact was Billy’s task.

Billy knew about this, therefore he immediately took a step forward and the bowed to the Elf, “Elf friend, hello. I am the Dwarf Race’s Patriarch Billy, we came here to visit the Elf Queen.”

The Elf returned the bow, and then looked at Billy and said, “I have seen Patriarch Billy, come with me, the Queen is already waiting for you.” After that, he turned his head to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t delay, he also bowed to the Elf and said, “Hello, friend. I am the Buda Clan’s Patriarch, Zhao Hai. I came here to pay a visit to the Elf Queen.”

Zhao Hai was aware that this harp bearing man had a unique occupation. The harp in the Elf’s hand wasn’t only for decoration. The strings of this harp were made of special Elven material. This not only allowed the harp to play beautiful music, it also made it possible for the user to make magical arrows from it.

Most importantly, the Elves can cast a specific magic that can give additional reinforcement to their arrows, increasing their lethality. This was something that made Elves famous in the continent.

However, not all Elves can have a harp as a weapon. Those who do were their most formidable warriors.

In addition to music and arrows, the harp also had another function, and that was to produce a barrage of agic beads.

This barrage of beads was a special attack of the Elves. It wasn’t like the arrow that contains penetrative force, the beads were things that can store up magic and exhibit various effects like explosion or other magics.

Using this function was very unusual. The elves would place their harps to the ground, and then the fingers on their both hands would alternate in stroking the instrument. With each string that was plucked, a raindrop sized bead would eject from the harp that would cause a lethal blow towards the enemy.

When the Elves waged war with the Humans, these magic beads had become a nightmare to the Human army. Ten harp-bearers working together could decimate a thousand man army almost instantaneously.

But when Zhao Hai heard this, the only thing he could think about was a machine gun, a machine gun that had explosive ammunition.

The harp-bearing Elf returned Zhao Hai’s bow and said, “We welcome the arrival of Patriarch Zhao Hai. Her Majesty is already waiting for all of you. Please come with me.” Then he turned around and led Zhao Hai’s group through the forest.

During the journey, Zhao Hai was fully convinced that the Elves were invincible in this forest, they were indeed formidable. Animals in the forest, even the most efficient predators, would still produce a sound every time they make a move. On the other hand, the Elves were completely silent. It seems like they had melded themselves to the forest, it was very astonishing.

The group ran along with the Elf as they progressed through the forest. Then all of a sudden, the Elf stopped, he played a gentle note on his harp which transformed into an beautiful melody. Then the group suddenly heard a cheerful cry from atop the tree. While Zhao Hai was still in a daze, several shadows suddenly fell down in front of them.

Zhao Hai and the others fixed their vision towards the shadows and what they saw were a group of big birds. These birds looked like cranes, but their claws were something that should belong to a hawk. Zhao Hai hadn’t seen a magic beast like this before. Moreover, these birds also have big builds, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to have a person sitting in their back.

After playing his harp, the Elf turned to Zhao Hai and the others and said, “Patriarch Billy, Patriarch Zhao Hai, please ride these Voiceless Soundbirds. Our Tree of Life is quite far from here.”

Then the Elf rode on the back of a Voiceless Soundbird. After seeing the Elf, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t delay and also rode on the backs of the other birds. Then the harp-bearer played another tune before the birds whipped their wings and flew off into the sky.

Zhao Hai already has experience with flying due to his Blood Hawk, so he didn’t feel anything in this ride. On the other hand, Billy and the others were still inexperienced in air travel. This made each and every one of their faces quite pale.

While the Elf lead the group of Voiceless Soundbirds across the forest, Zhao Hai examined the birds as he sat on the back of one of them. These birds had a mouth that was longer than the average bird’s, but not longer than a crane. Their claws were similar to those of the hawks. The Birds were two meters high and they had wings of five meters each. Moreover, even if they were carrying a person on their backs, their flight was still quite smooth, it was clear that these birds were also quite strong.

Most importantly, the cries of these birds were very clear, it was very serene and was like a melody in itself, very interesting to listen to. It might be possible that the name of Voiceless Songbird came from this.

But what made Zhao Hai feel strange was the fact that he hasn’t heard of a Voiceless Songbird in the continent before .Why was this?

One must say that the Elves had waged multiple wars with the Humans. If these birds were used by the Elves at those times, then they should’ve already been written in Human records. And even if the Radiant Church had modified the history, they wouldn’t have an incentive to eliminate the mention of these birds. Were these birds a recently tamed beast by the Elves?

In truth, Zhao Hai had guessed right. These Voiceless Soundbirds were indeed recent additions to the Elven Race. These Voiceless Soundbirds were extremely rare in the past, and they were also quite vigilant. Only Elves with affinity to these birds were able to tame them, otherwise they wouldn’t come in contact with an Elf. Also, the Voiceless Songbirds weren’t as big as they were now.

However, just more than 300 years ago, a nest of Voiceless Soundbirds suddenly fell down from the Tree of Life. This nest of eggs soon hatched and bore large Voiceless Soundbirds, two meters in height. Most importantly, these Voiceless Soundbirds weren’t vigilant towards the Elves and were even the ones to go and come in contact with them. And slowly, as time went by, these Voiceless Soundbirds had become the mounts of the Elves.  


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