BTFTLIAW – Chapter 653

Chapter 653 – Visiting the Elves

The next day, Zhao Hai said his farewell to the Mermaid Queen before he got onboard the Haven. Zhao Hai planned to ride his ship towards the continent, this was also to give the Elves more time to send their response. After all, there wasn’t anything significant that he had to do at this time.

Once word arrives from the Elves, then Zhao Hai would begin with his action. He didn’t plan to tell the Rosen Emperor about any of these. Even if the Rosen Emperor was Zhao Hai’s father in-law, he was still an Emperor of a nation, making it difficult for him to keep secrets to himself. Who knows if the Radiant Church had set up some shadows in the Imperial Palace. If Zhao Hai reveals his plans to the Rosen Emperor, then he might risk having it known to the Radiant Church. When that time arrives, all of Zhao Hai’s plans would be placed into trouble.

Although Zhao Hai was not anxious and was just slowly sailing towards the continent, he was still paying close attention to the developments in the continent. Through the Space, he was looking at the Calci Family while also listening for information from the Crook Family. This made Zhao Hai updated with regards to the matters of the Continent.

Rosen Empire’s response was also in line with what Zhao Hai expected. Although the Rosen Empire recognized the existence of the Saint Dragon Empire, it also entered a state of war preparation. They were preparing to go against the Dragons.

On the other hand, the Aksu Empire’s response was far from what Zhao Hai thought. Although they were implicated in the conflict between the Radiant Church and the Beastmen, Zhao Hai still thought that the Aksu Empire would reignite their relationship with the Church after hearing the news. But instead, they actually formed an alliance with the Rosen Empire.

This was way out of Zhao Hai’s expectations to the point that he doubted them. But after observing the Aksu Empire for a few days, Zhao Hai found out that he was wrong. This time, the Aksu Empire did want to deal with the Radiant Church.

The way the Radiant Church handled the past matter caused the Aksu Empire to dislike the organization. Even if the Radiant Church conquered the four other nations, the Aksu Empire would still resist them. This wasn’t only due to the current ruler, Boris, this sentiment was shared by all the Nobles of the Empire as well, not to mention the commoners.

This response from the Aksu Empire made Zhao Hai glad. For Zhao Hai, this was the best outcome that could happen. An enemy of an enemy is a friend, so even if they had a past matter, Zhao Hai would still consider them as friends as long as they plan to deal with the Radiant Church and the Dragon Race.

Two days after Zhao Hai left Mermaid Island, Billy had finally brought some news. It was said that the Elven Queen wanted to meet with Zhao Hai.

To be honest, Zhao Hai wasn’t satisfied with this answer. The Elf Queen only wanted to see him and didn’t express their intention to form an alliance. However, Zhao Hai would still want to see the Elf Queen. After all, this was also an opportunity to win the Elves over to his side.

Zhao Hai appeared inside the Dwarf Mountain through the Space. At this point, the Dwarves aren’t startled by his sudden appearances anymore. When they saw Zhao Hai, they immediately sent people to inform Billy.

Billy also knew that Zhao Hai was coming. Therefore, he was already waiting for him. When they had sat down, Billy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I told the Elves about the Radiant Church, this prompted them to send an answer. You should go and see the Elf Queen, it seems like they are quite hesitant.”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “I don’t understand why they would hesitate now that the Divine Race are almost at the tip of our noses. I’m actually surprised. How can this race survive to the present?”

Billy can understand Zhao Hai’s complaints. To be honest, he also couldn’t understand the response from the Elves. But Billy didn’t complain, instead, he urged Zhao Hai, “Just don’t mind it. The Elves just haven’t had a conflict for many years. Moreover, their archery and swordsmanship are very well suited for the jungle. Almost nobody can defeat the Elves in forest combat.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he didn’t doubt this point. If the Elves didn’t have any special means, then they would’ve already become slaves a long time ago. One must know that Elves were the most valuable slaves for the Humans. However, there weren’t any Elven slaves that had been caught in the long time.

Billy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Maybe the reason why the Elves aren’t willing to see you is because you are a Dark Mage. Elves hate Dark Mages. And since you are the most famous Dark Mage in the continent, it would be understandable if they don’t want to see you.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smiled bitterly. The Elves were advocates of nature and respected life. And for the Elves, the act of resurrecting the dead that Dark Mages do was the most blasphemous act towards their belief. It would be strange if they were to immediately like Zhao Hai.

Moreover, the Elves were also quite famous for having more tenacity than the Dwarves. Although the Dwarves can be tenacious sometimes, they can still be accomodating. Otherwise, the Dwarves wouldn’t have done business with the Humans, and Billy wouldn’t have been Juno’s good friend.

The Elves were completely solid to their beliefs. They were people who completely disliked failure and were more strict to themselves than to others. This was the reason why all of the things that the Elves produced were all works of art. They destroy everything that they deem embarrass them.

It was because of this that Zhao Hai couldn’t help but bitterly smile. He didn’t know what to say upon meeting such a race. These people seemed to be paranoid and weren’t some people that would accept an outsider’s words.

Billy looked at Zhao Hai and sighed, “No matter what, you still need to see the Elves, there’s no other way. Take a rest here first, then I shall accompany you to the Elves first thing tomorrow. Although they dislike Dark Mages, I don’t think they would go far this time.”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “If they don’t agree to be allies with us, then I won’t care about them anymore. If the Divine Race decides to eliminated them, then I won’t be lending them a hand. As long as they don’t cooperate with the Radiant Church, then I will leave them be.”

Billy knew that Zhao Hai was quite angry. To be honest, Billy was somewhat annoyed as well. The Radiant Church and the Dragon Race were still holding back since they were waiting for word from the Divine Race. Time was quite precious, but the Elves were actually wasting it. Zhao Hai waiting for their response was already giving them face.

Billy didn’t say anything more as he arranged a room for Zhao Hai, making him rest well. When Zhao Hai got settled in their room, they immediately went to the Space and sat inside the living room.

Laura and the others looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and knew that he was quite unhappy. To be honest, they were in a foul mood as well. Laura boiled a cup of tea and then placed in in front of Zhao Hai. Then with a soft voice she said, “Brother Hai, you shouldn’t get angry. After all, we’ll be hearing the Elves’ side tomorrow.”

Zhao Hai slowly opened his eyes, then he sighed and said, “I really want to know what is inside these Elf leaders’ heads. They had dragged such a simple thing for too long. If not for the Radiant Church and the Dragon Race making their move, i reckon that they would have dragged this matter for a longer time. What were they thinking?”

Laura forced a smile and then said, “The Elves are more closed off compared to the Beastmen and the Dwarves. Even the Fishmen had their own merchant union in order to listen to the situation of the continent. The Elves essentially had no contact with the outside world. They might come in contact with the Dwarves sometimes, but that’s it. This is the only race that had done it in the entire continent.”

Lizzy sighed, “There’s nothing strange as to why the Elves are like this. They are different from the Mermaid Race, who can just change their appearance to that of a Human, allowing them the chance to trade with the continent. The Elves simply aren’t able to do this. And whenever an Elf was spotted, people would then make them their slaves. It isn’t strange that the Elves chose to refrain from having contact with the Humans.”

Zhao Hai also sighed with a heavy heart, he was also aware of this matter. Any race would do the same if they were subjected to the same fate as the Elves.

After resting inside the Space, Billy went to look for Zhao Hai to have a meal. Zhao Hai has been very tired in the past few days. It wasn’t fatigue of the body, but it was a fatigue of the heart.

Zhao Hai’s rest in the Dwarf Mountain that night was very good. The next morning, Billy led Zhao Hai to the Elven Forest along with ten other Dwarf warriors.

The distance between the Dwarves and the Elves wasn’t short. Moreover, there was also the Accra Mountain in the middle. However, the Dwarves have developed their own methods. After countless years of effort, they had finally made a system of underground rivers to get through Accra Mountains. This gave them the capability to pass through the mountain and come out to an area close to the Elven Forest.

This was a very large project. Although they used the underground rivers, it wasn’t something that can solve everything. It was impossible for the river to deliver the Dwarves directly to the Elves. So after about 200 years of development, the Dwarves had finally made a passage that would take them quite closer to the Elves.

In order to make it more convenient to come in contact with the Elves, this route was composed of different underground rivers, allowing them to travel by boat. But even if one were to go fast, they would still need about five days before they arrive at the forest.

However, in order for the travel to become more comfortable, the Dwarves had set up some resting points all along the route. These resting points had supply of liquor and grain. All of these just to establish a good relationship with the Elven Race.


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