BTFTLIAW – Chapter 652

Chapter 652 – Buddha Empire

The Queen looked at Zhao Hai, she was very clear about what this change in the Messenger Fish represented. It was not just a mutation, this was an entire evolution of the Messenger Fish, making it more advanced and giving it much better function.

The Messenger Fish was a small and common marine beast. However, this small magic beast has a unique ability. The difficulty of making such a beast evolve  several times more than evolving any common magic beast.

To put it bluntly, even if the Fishmen were people, their differences compared to the marine beasts weren’t that huge. The reason why the Mermaid Clan was researching marine magic beasts was for them to be able to develop a method to make the Mermaids or the other Fishmen more perfect people.

This might sound simple, but once one does this for quite some time, they will discover how difficult it actually was. Each type of magic beasts might have their own unique characteristics, but the Fishmen also had their own unique properties. Gathering these strong points and matching them was easier said than done.

It wasn’t only the task of gathering strong points that was difficult. Even improving magic beasts was a difficult matter all on its own. One might see something great in a magic beast, however, improving them might result in a futile effort. Even if it succeeds, there are still more issues along the road, it was still far from being called successful.

The Mermaids were aware of these difficulties since it takes into account genetics as well as other advanced matters. However, it was impossible for them to use these matters in order to evolve magic beasts.

One the other hand, the Space can digitize beings, making it very easy for it to upgrade these beings. It was just like when one plays a game and finds a skill book that they can learn in a matter of minutes. However, reality was just too far away from this.

The Queen wasn’t aware of the existence of the Space, so when she saw Zhao Hai’s Messenger Fish, she couldn’t help but express her shock.

Billy and the Beast King didn’t understand the Fishmen and the significance of the Messenger Fish. Therefore, even if they felt strange, they weren’t startled like the Mermaid Queen.

The thought of the Messenger Fishes caused the Mermaid Queen to think about Zhao Hai’s unusual undead creatures. Although Zhao Hai had reduced their strength, they were still quite extraordinary in the eyes of the Queen. Large-scale summoning as well as impressive fighting prowess, all of these made the Queen extremely curious towards Zhao Hai.

The Queen knew that Zhao Hai had a lot of good things based on what she had heard from the Continent. It seems like Zhao Hai’s unique things aren’t only limited to the Messenger Fishes. This made the Queen think that Zhao Hai might have discovered a way to improve a being’s biology.

Zhao Hai was confused at the Queen’s surprised expression. Was it because of the Messenger Fish? Aren’t there a lot of variant beasts in this world? So why was she especially surprised this time?’

Zhao Hai looked at the Queen and asked, “Your Majesty, is there something wrong?”

The Queen looked deeply into Zhao Hai without saying anything. Then she handed the Messenger Fish over to Lola before turning her head back to Zhao Hai and said, “There’s no problem. Once Mister decides to act, don’t hesitate to let us know.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Then I shall thank Your Majesty in advance. I shall say my farewells first, I’ll be leaving for the continent tomorrow to continue with my plans.”

The Queen nodded, “Alright. Mister can rest assured, this is an important matter to every race. So my Fishman Race would surely give you our full cooperation.”

Then Zhao Hai stood up and gave the Queen a salute before turning around to leave. Once Zhao Hai was out of sight, Lola immediately turned to the Queen and said, “Your Majesty, haven’t we been looking for a way to make the Mermaid Clan stronger? If Mister Zhao Hai can improve the Messenger Fish, then he surely has the means to help us. Why didn’t you tell him about this matter earlier?”

The Queen sighed and then said, “Now is not the time to say it. Mister Zhao Hai has been busy with dealing with our own matters, but we still haven’t contributed to Mister Zhao Hai’s cause even if we are allies in dealing with the Divine Race. But I’m sure that this method is Mister Zhao Hai’s biggest secret. If we want to get this method at his time, the only thing we could do would be to threaten Mister. However, we naturally can’t do it. So this matter can only be postponed to the future.”

Lola nodded, then the Queen sighed once again before she said, “Our Mermaid Race can be seen to as quite a perfect race in the continent. We can survive in the sea as well as on land, as long as there is a body of water nearby. We also have good control over water as well as being able to use various water element magic. At the same time, our combat capabilities are also quite formidable, not very different compared to any ordinary warrior. Our only downside compared to the other races is the fact that we Mermaids have the least members in the Divine Realm. Perhaps this is the drawback for our Mermaid Race.”

Lola sighed as well, she didn’t know what to say. The Mermaids were indeed unique, they had long lives, great strength, good population, and were generally 9th ranks at maturity. However, it was close to impossible for them to become God-ranked experts. All previous Mermaid Queens were aware of this point and worried about it for a long time. They sought for a solution all this time but was unable to actually succeed.

But seeing Zhao Hai’s messenger fish made the current Queen see hope. However, just like what the Queen said, they hadn’t done much for Zhao Hai yet. If they were to open this matter up to Zhao Hai, then he might develop some misunderstandings. And misunderstandings were something that they didn’t need at this moment in time.

Zhao Hai was currently listening to Lola and the Queen’s conversation while inside the Space. He didn’t think that his messenger fish would evoke this reaction from both the Queen and Lola. No wonder the Queen had a strange expression earlier.

However, it would not be difficult for Zhao Hai to make the Mermaids God-ranked experts. Now that the the Space had reached level 65, plants that would allow the creation of God-rank potions can now be planted in the farm. As soon as the plants become ready, then Zhao Hao would surely take some potions out. After all, their enemy this time was the Divine Race who had a lot of God-ranked experts in their fold. Only then can the Ark Continent truly resist the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai took a deep breath, then he changed the monitor towards the Buddha Empire’s Royal Palace. He wanted to see the response from the Buddha Empire’s side.

The Buddha Emperor surely wasn’t a fool. He knew the implications of the Radiant Church and the Dragons being in control of the Ocean Waves Dynasty and the Lyon Empire, respectively. He knew what they would be facing, and he was currently looking for the key to resisting both the Radiant Church and the Dragon Race.

Zhao Hai carefully looked at the Buddha Empire’s situation for a few days. The Buddha Emperor was certainly not a fool, his response was exactly what Zhao Hai expected. The Empire had sent some envoys towards the Rosen Empire, in hopes of establishing an alliance against the Saint Dragon Empire.

The Buddha Empire’s worries were completely justified. In the past, the Buddha Empire held a stronger army compared to the Ocean Waves Dynasty, but they were still lacking when it came to naval power. On the other hand, the Lyon and Buddha Empire was separated by the Accra Mountain, making the Lyon Empire unable to send troops towards the Buddha Empire. Also making the Empire completely safe against the attacks from the Lyon Empire army.

However, the current situation changed everything. The Dragons have gotten control of the Lyon Empire, establishing the Saint Dragon Empire. And since the magic beasts in the Accra Mountain were subordinates of the Dragons, an avenue to attack the Buddha Empire had appeared. If they were to send a force towards the Buddha Empire, then the Saint Dragon Empire can now use the Accra Mountain as a path. When that time comes, the Buddha Empire would then be placed on its back foot.

Since they knew about this, the Buddha Empire immediately sent envoys to the Rosen Empire in order to form an alliance. The Rosen Empire was the continent’s most powerful nation, so they should have no fear towards the Dragons. Being an ally to the Rosen Empire would surely make the Dragons think twice about their further actions.

While the envoys were on the way, the Buddha Empire had also entered a state of preparation. Zhao Hai’s constant supply of magic beasts also gave the Buddha Empire some courage to hold on.

However, courage and confidence were two different matters. The Dragons’ reputation of invincibility had placed a huge pressure on the Buddha Empire. The Emperor as well as the Great Nobles were constantly on talks as to how to deal with this matter. However, after hours and days of discussion, they still haven’t reached a good enough resolution.

Naturally, the Hurricane Family was aware of this matter as well. And since Juno had a close relationship with Billy, he also wanted to know how Zhao Hai plans to deal with this matter. Zhao Hai had not hidden the truth from him, he told the Hurricane Patriarch about his plan to completely eradicate the Dragons. At the same time, he also gave Juno a messenger fish.

It can be said that the thing that Zhao Hai was waiting for was the response from the Elves. Whether the Elves were willing to cooperate or not, Zhao Hai still needed their response in order to plan for his further actions. If the Elves agree to ally with him, then he would immediately head to the Elven Forest to repair their Divine Artifact while also discussing their matter of alliance along with having them sign his beast skin scroll.

If the Elves don’t agree to dealing with the Divine Race, then Zhao Hai would not care about their word any more. He would then go and deal with the Dragons. And if the Elves were to side with the Divine Race, then Zhao Hai would have no choice but to be impolite.

Zhao Hai continued to look at the situation of the Buddha Empire. However, there wasn’t any special change in the Empire. Like the previous days, they were still trying to figure out ways in order to deal with their current situation.

At this point, it was impossible for the Buddha Empire to side with the Radiant Church. They saw what just happened to the Ocean Waves Dynasty as well as the Lyon Empire, so how could they side with them? The Radiant Church was like a beast that eats people along with their bones. Sooner or later, the Buddha Empire would get swallowed up. So the Buddha Empire can only hold on for as long as they can. They couldn’t make any agreements between the Dragons and the Radiant Church.


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