BTFTLIAW – Chapter 649

Chapter 649 – The Dragons Must Be Eliminated

Zhao Hai stared blankly at Kun. Due to the shock, his mind has been unable to process the information for a short time. Zhao Hai felt that something just exploded inside his head, obliterating every thought that he had at the moment.

The news was just too sudden. After dealing with the matters of the Fishman Race, Zhao Hai was planning to wipe out the Dragons, eliminating one of the hands of the Divine Race. After that, he would slowly start to move against the Radiant Church.

However, he didn’t expect that the Radiant Church and the Dragon Race would make this sudden move. Moreover, they had taken two empires simultaneously. Although the Ocean Waves Dynasty was the fifth largest Empire and was quite small, it was known that their navy was quite invincible. Their strong navy was due to their lands being surrounded by the sea from three sides, which also made their naval transport very good.

At this point, Zhao Hai didn’t care much about sea warfare. He has the Fishman Race as allies. Even if the Ocean Wave Dynasty’s navy was know to be invincible, it was only in comparison to other Human powers. The Dynasty’s navy would have no chance in facing the Fishman Race at sea.

On the other hand, the Lyon Empire was a whole different story. The Lyon Empire was known as the second most powerful nation in the Continent. Their strength was formidable and because they were close to the Accra Mountains, they can gather wild beasts en mass then have those beasts become mounts to their Magic beast Cavalry.

A Cavalry that was made up of wild magic beasts was always more formidable than one with magic beasts that were bred. Therefore, the Lyon Empire’s Magic Beast Cavalry was well renowned in the entire continent for its strength. In fact, this mighty nation was brought to its knees by their own Magic Beast Cavalry.

Zhao Hai slowly calmed himself down as he pondered on the consequences that were brought up by this development. He planned to eliminate the Dragons because they were legends that lived in the Accra Mountain. If Zhao Hai were to kill them, then nobody would make a fuss.

But this time, the Dragons had actually taken control of Lyon Empire. This meant that if Zhao Hai were to deal with the Dragons, he would have to deal with the Lyon Empire first.

Zhao Hai didn’t believe that the Lyon Empire fell because of the Magic Beast Cavalry rebellion and the attack of the Dragons. Capturing an Empire wasn’t that easy.

The smooth takeover of the Dragons was surely aided by the nobles of the Lyon Empire. In other words, the Dragons and the Radiant Church were already controlling the Empire long time ago, they just decided to reveal it at this time.

This was troublesome. If Zhao Hai wanted to deal with the Dragons, then he would have to wage war against the Lyon Empire. More importantly, Zhao Hai had thought about the reason why the Radiant Church and the Dragons decided to make this move. What did this mean? It might be because the Divine Race was close to attacking, therefore, the Radiant Church and the Dragon Clan controlled those two empires, allowing the Divine Race to have an initial footing in the continent.

Seeing that Zhao Hai hasn’t spoken for quite some time, Kun looked at him and said, “At this moment, the Ocean Waves Dynasty and the Lyon Empire are gone. Meanwhile, the Buddha Empire was in the midst of an attack from those two new empires. Now that the Dragons have shown themselves, the other Empires in the continent have become flustered. This was due to the title of invincibility that the Dragons have held all this time. This development caused huge waves in the other Empires. At the same time, their alliance with the Radiant Church boosted the church’s influence by a huge margin.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Kun and said, “What is the Rosen Empire’s response? How are they prepared to deal with this matter?”

Kun forced a smile and said, “What else can they do? Even if they don’t want to recognize the Dragon Race’s sovereignty to the Lyon Empire, they also don’t want to offend the Dragons. After all, the Dragons have great reputation. Also, whether they are young or fully grown, all Dragons are capable of flight. In this case, the Rosen Empire had no choice but to recognize the existence of the Saint Dragon Empire and the Radiant Empire.”

Zhao Hai slammed his hand on the table, smashing it in the process. Then he talked through clenched teeth, “Radiant Church, Dragon Clan, I will not let you off easily.”

Kun gave out a sigh and said, “What do we do? I suspect that this is the prelude to the Divine Race’s invasion. If this is the case, then great troubles have come our way.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I have the same suspicion as well. The main thing we have to do is to destroy the Dragons first before the Divine Race arrive. Otherwise, the Dragons will provide the Divine Race with stable footing with their existing reputation. Moreover, the joint attack on the Buddha Empire is also very dangerous.”

Kun nodded, “It seems like the Divine Race will attack at any time. While they still haven’t come, we need to destroy the Dragons. Then we will deal with the Radiant Church later on.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “But it’s not time to act yet, wait for more news while I go and ask the Mermaid Queen for help in dealing with the Ocean Wave Dynasty’s navy. We need to stop them from supporting the Lyon Empire. After that, we’ll deal with the Dragons.”

Kun nodded, then Zhao Hai turned his hand and withdrew a bottle. The bottle held the Messenger Fish. Zhao Hai handed the bottle over to Kun and taught him how to use it. Then he produced two more bottles and gave it to Kun, having him hand it over to Blockhead and Rockhead later.

Kun was surprised when he saw the three Messenger Fishes. He didn’t think that this world would have such a thing, but he was still very happy. With these things, communication wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Kun and the others already have their own Space Bags, so Zhao Hai didn’t hand them more and just told Kun that the bottles can be placed inside the bags. For this reason, Zhao Hai had made Bubble pay attention. If someone sends a message while the Messenger Fish was in his bag, then Bubble would go and inform Zhao Hai through the Space. Unless it was an important matter, Zhao Hai would keep his Messenger Fish inside his Space Bag.

After handing the fishes over to Kun, Zhao Hai immediately went to Iron Mountain Fort. Not only did he give a Messenger Fish to Green, he also distributed some Messenger Fishes to the stewards of every village as well as to some people with status in the Black Wasteland. The reason why Zhao Hai decided to send the fishes right now was because their numbers had already reached a high enough number.

The Messenger Fishes weren’t very large. This was because Zhao Hai wanted them to be more convenient to use outside, so he had Cai’er further reduce their size. At this point, the Messenger Fishes were about two pinky joints big.

Moreover, after the level ups of the Space, the Messenger Fishes can now survive in any type of water and were very efficient in digesting food.

After dealing with the matters in Iron Mountain Fort, Zhao Hai then went to the Dwarves. He wanted to give Billy some Messenger fishes before telling him about the Dragon Race and the Radiant Church’s movement.

Zhao Hai didn’t care so much this time as he appeared directly inside his warehouse in Dwarf Mountain. When he came cout, the Dwarves outside the warehouse were very shocked, but it quickly turn to joy as they sent word to Billy. Zhao Hai didn’t dally and directly headed towards Billy’s office.

Billy was currently worried about the Dragons as well as the Radiant Church. The sudden move of the two surely gave them a huge blow, completely derailing the plans that they had thought up before. They were planning to slowly build their strength up until the fight with the Divine Race came. But now, it seems like it would be impossible due to the recent move of the Radiant Church and the Dragon Race.

The Radiant Church had some relations with the Divine Realm, and it was certain that they also knew about the Dwarves’ participation in the last Great War. Therefore, it was impossible for the Radiant Church to just let the Dwarves off this time. It was for certain that the Dwarves would get affected with the recent development.

While he was ruminating on his thoughts, word suddenly came, informing him of Zhao Hai’s arrival. This made Billy glad, he needed Zhao Hai to talk about this matter. And Zhao Hai’s arrival was too timely.

Just as Billy was about to meet Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai had come inside Billy’s office. Seeing his visitor, Billy couldn’t help but smile and said, “Little Hai, good, you came. Come, sit down.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and the sat opposite Billy before he said, “Patriarch, you should’ve known about the recent move of the Dragon Clan and the Radiant Church. How is everything going? Did the Dragons come in contact with you?”

Billy shook his head and said, “Not yet. Their move was very sudden this time, so they might not have the time to deal with us. How about you, what do you think we should do now?”

Zhao Hai nodded and then said, “You don’t have to worry too much, just do what you’ve been doing. However, you should be alert and be ready to fight. I think that the Radiant Church and the Dragon Clan not going after you meant that they had some other matters to attend to. However, you should still be careful.”

Billy nodded then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “What about the Dragon Race and the Radiant Church, will you just be watching from the sidelines?”

Zhao Hai sneered, “They think that they had everything. It seems like I need to use my real strength. I must destroy the entire Dragon Race, after all, keeping them for long will just lead to more disaster!”

Billy couldn’t help but stare upon hearing Zhao Hai, then with great enthusiasm, he said, “Do you really want to eliminate the Dragons? Then count us in, we Dwarves are never afraid to fight.”

Zhao Hai looked at Billy and the smiled faintly “You don’t need to participate at this time. However, I do have something that needs your help. Sign this thing, having the mark of the Dwarf Race would suffice.” Then Zhao Hai got a beast skin scroll and handed it over to Billy.

Billy looked at the scroll and then read the contents. He couldn’t help but stare at it for quite some time before he nodded and said, “Alright, then I shall give our mark. I think it would be better to take this out a few days after the Dragon Race’s matter. At the same time, I shall also send word to the Elves. I believe they just won’t stay quiet this time. I just can’t understand why it would take them so long to respond.”


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