BTFTLIAW – Chapter 646

Chapter 646 – Tai Ji Eight Trigrams Chart?

After crossing through nine traps, the whale had finally maintained its straight direction without going in circles once more. However, Zhao Hai can actually feel anxiety. He felt that the thing that he was looking for was already quite near.

Laura and the others were anxiously staring at the monitor as well. The screen was now bigger than it was back in the trench. Back there, the monitor can only look at about 100 meters away, it seems like its ability was suppressed by the God-ranked core.

The situation at this time was very different, but it wasn’t anything better. It can still only display about 200 meters in front.

However, this also managed to make Zhao Hai happy. After all, when the monitor was suppressed, they had managed to acquire a God-ranked core, making the Space level up in the process. Although the suppression was weaker, only about 200 meters, the thing inside should still managed to nudge the amount required by the Space to level up.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also become careful. They hadn’t met an attack the last time because of Cai’er’s presence. However, the situation this time is completely opposite. The place where they are now suppresses the Demon Realm aura. If they were to meet an attack, then it was possible for it to be quite dangerous. Therefore, Zhao Hai had Laura and the others enter the Space while he stayed inside the whale, urging it to go forward.

After going forward for several minutes, Zhao Hai suddenly felt a very formidable aura wash over him. He immediately made the blade scale whale stop and had some undead fishes to take a look. Nobody from the outside can see the undead, so they can exhibit all of their abilities here.

At this time, a long figure arrived. Zhao Hai looked at this figure and knew that it was a 9th rank magic beast. When that long figure saw Zhao Hai, its tail immediately flashed as a blue light travelled towards the Blade Scale Whale.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the opportunity to dodge, the blue light came too fast. When he saw the light, it had already hit the blade scale whale. The whale felt the shock, but there was no further damage.

Zhao Hai identified the long figure as a 9th rank electric eel. It discharged a very powerful shock. However, electric attacks were completely ineffective against the undead.

The electric eel’s electricity might be a problem for other magic beasts, but the undead were different. The undead couldn’t be paralyzed, making the electric eel’s abilities virtually useless.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as his undead threw themselves towards the electric eel. The eel didn’t expect that his attack would be useless. One must know that the intellect of 9th rank beasts were no different than normal humans. So when it saw the undead, it immediately dodged as it discharged even more attacks, but to zero effect.

Zhao Hai calmly looked at his undead, he knew that the electric eel’s attacks wouldn’t work. It might be strong against beasts, but for the undead, it doesn’t really affect them.

Sure enough, the electric eel found itself at a dilemma. When he stopped attacking, it was already too late, he was now surrounded by the undead. Naturally, the undead weren’t polite, one of the swordfish undead attacked the eel to death.

Zhao Hai then released a black gas that enveloped the electric eel. When the gas vanished, the eel turned into an undead creature.

9th rank beasts can speak, so Zhao Hai called it over and asked, “What is ahead of here?”

Since the electric eel can answer, it immediately said, “Young Master, up ahead is a strange flower. Since I was little, I always found that flower to be comfortable, so I stayed by its side all the time.”

Zhao Hai looked at the eel and asked, “Flower?”

The electric eel nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master, it’s a very big flower, moreover, it is also very attractive!”

Zhao Hai immediately responded, “Let’s go, let me see it.” Then the eel complied as it lead Zhao Hai towards the same flower that it described.

Upon seeing the flower, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get shocked. This wasn’t a flower that he had seen in the sea. This was a lotus flower!

The lotus was very big, its blue petals were arranged in nine layers. It was very beautiful. Most importantly, the middle of the lotus wasn’t actually a seed base. There was another lotus flower inside, it seemed to be like 9th rank lotus bud.

Zhao Hai stared at this flower, he didn’t expect this thing to appear at this place. Lotuses weren’t usually found at the sea. For this one to be here was extremely strange.

However, Zhao Hai immediately became happy, this was the first time that he had come across a lotus in this world. He had seen other similar Earth plants on the continent, however, all of them were variations from what Zhao Hai imagined. This lotus was the first one that Zhao Hai can really describe as a genuine lotus.

Then Zhao Hai turned to the electric eel and said, “Are there any other flowers such as this?”

The eel answered, “There nothing else, Young Master, only this one.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he immediately went to the lotus and had the monitor examine it. He wanted to see the underside of the lotus.

Sure enough, Zhao Hai can see the lotus root under the flower. Although the root only had a thickness of an arm, it was as transparent as a crystal, it looked very tender as well.

Zhao Hai didn’t take the lotus immediately, he still wanted to see how long the roots were. Therefore, he continued to follow the root until he can see its end.

Zhao Hai looked for a long time but still cannot find the end of the lotus’ root. It seemed like the root has no end, it was very long. Zhao Hai frowned but he still didn’t stop. He felt that this lotus was becoming more and more extraordinary. If other other lotuses had such long roots, it might have already grown new buds, but this lotus only had one.

After thinking about it, Zhao Hai placed his anxiety away. Then he continued to find the tip of the lotus’ root.

Zhao Hai found a problem after searching for a long time. The lotus root started to extend, and it seems like it ran underneath the entire Soul Sucking Reef.

This finding made Zhao Hai excited, if its really like what he thought, then the magic formation of the Soul Sucking Reef might have been caused by the lotus root. If that is really the case, then he might have found another treasure.

A day had passed by but Zhao Hai still wasn’t able to find the tip of the lotus root. However, he didn’t give up, he took a rest and had Cai’er replace him. At this point, he can confirm that this lotus root does indeed cover the entirety of the Soul Sucking Reef.

The next day, Zhao Hai finally found the tip of the root. When he found the end, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be stunned. The ends of the root turned out to be circular. Then there was a curved dividing line in the middle of the circle. Then with the circumference of the root, it had actually turned into a Taiji Yin-Yang circle.

And when he traced the image of the roots and zoomed out, Zhao Hai can see that the reef, and the lotus root actually formed a natural Tai Ji Eight Trigrams Chart, with the lotus flower placed in the middle of it.

Zhao Hao stared at the diagram on the screen while being startled deep inside. He didn’t think that he would encounter this diagram in this world. This image was too familiar, it was a unique design in Chinese culture.

He couldn’t help but gawk at the mystery of creation and its ability to form a diagram like this naturally. No wonder the Demon Realm’s aura got suppressed. The Tai Ji Eight Trigrams Chart was a Daoist diagram that could restrain various Demonic creatures. For this big diagram to be placed right beside the trench meant that the Devil Trench has been suppressed all this time.

Zhao Hai knew what this chart was, however, it was different for Laura and the others. Laura and the others curiously looked at the monitor and asked, “Brother Hai, what did you find?”

Zhao Hai recovered, then he laughed out loudly and said, “We had found something good. In fact, we had found a treasure!! Fantastic, this is really fantastic. Hahaha”

Laura and the others stared at Zhao Hai, they couldn’t understand what made Zhao Hai this happy. After some time, Zhao Hai recovered, he didn’t explain the chart to Laura and the others since it was quite complicated. At the same time, Zhao Hai can only understand about half of it, so he really doesn’t have the qualifications to explain.

Zhao Hai looked at the others and then smiled faintly, “Just know that we gained something good. I can’t tell it to you right now. In any case, we must absorb the entire Soul Sucking Reef into the Space.”

Laura and the others stared blankly, then they shifted their gazes towards the reef. The Soul Sucking Reed is very huge. They even needed two days to travel through it. Can they really absorb the entire thing into the Space?

Zhao Hai also knew about this issue, so he couldn’t help but knit his brows. Then he turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, can we absorb the entire reef into the Space?”

Cai’er looked at the reef and nodded, “I can, however, this area might have something special going on. So I need the help of Bubbles in order to accomplish it.”


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