BTFTLIAW – Chapter 644

Chapter 644 – Water Refining Technique

Laura smiled and said, “That’s great! Now we don’t have to go to the Elven Forest in order to level up. Brother Hai, you should get those plants sorted out, have Grandpa Green and the others level up.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he absorbed the Devil Octopus before heading back to the surface. As long as he sees a Devil Octopus, Zhao Hai would immediately absorb it to the Space. As a result, Zhao Hai had accumulated about 300 Devil Octopus. This turned the Octopus’ population in the trench into zero.

Zhao Hai felt that this was good. After all, if these octopus were to stay here, they would be a continual threat to the Fishman Race. But Zhao Hai still had some worries. Although the trench had a very strong Demonic presence due to the core, it still hadn’t spread outside the trench. At the same time, the inhabitants of the trench were all  spotted outside. Why was this possible?

Zhao Hai was thinking about these while the Blade Scale Whale continued to go upward. Every magic beast that they had come across were all grabbed by Zhao Hai.

The whale slowly went up the trench before they had finally reached the exit. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but give out a long breath. Although they got huge harvests in the trench, Zhao Hai and the others still felt down while inside there due to the lack of light. It was good that they were now approaching the brighter parts of the sea.

At this time, a pressure suddenly dawned on them. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get stunned, he didn’t know what was going on. Where did this pressure come from?

Zhao Hai immediately turned on the monitor to see what was happening. At this time, the Soul Sucking Reef suddenly emitted a black energy that formed into a magic formation. This formation pressured the trench making Zhao Hai and the others feel as if a mountain was pressing down on them. No matter how hard the Blade Scale Whale swam, it was still unable to progress further.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be surprised upon seeing this. One must know that when the Space levelled up, the undead got an upgrade as well. Compared to average 9th rank experts, these undead were a notch better. And because of the Demon Aura, they all became much stronger. But after all of these, the whale was still being suppressed by a formation. This magic formation wasn’t simple.

Zhao Hai didn’t worry about it, he had the whale dive back down as the pressure vanished along with the magic formation.

Zhao Hai was stunned as he turned to Laura and the others, “What’s going on? Why does the formation appear when we go up and vanish when we go back down?”

Laura and the others were clueless about this as well, however, Meg suddenly said, “Young Master, when we got down, we weren’t stopped. Only when we came up were we blocked from exiting. I think it’s because we had been tainted with a bit of the Demon Realm’s aura. Maybe this formation’s purpose was to block those Demonized creatures.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he thought carefully about it. It seems like this was the case. They weren’t able to hear about this from the Fishmen, but judging by the fact that no mutant beasts were able to get out of the trench meant that this formation had the function to block them from exiting. It might be just like Meg said, the formation was something that was sensitive to Demonic aura. When they got close to the exit, the formation had detected some of the aura that had stuck to them and thus promptly blocking them from leaving the trench.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but look at Meg in surprise. When Meg was with everyone, she would basically stay quiet and didn’t express her opinions too much. Therefore, one would see that it was Zhao Hai and the others that were doing well. All Meg was doing was taking care of Zhao Hai and the others.

But Zhao Hai wasn’t expecting Meg to talk at this time. It’s not that she wasn’t smart, Meg just doesn’t want to fight for attention. Usually, Zhao Hai and the others would have taken care of everything before needing her help, so she just kept a low profile. Seeing her express herself, Zhao Hai felt a little bit happy.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh and said, “I think you’re right, Meg. Hahaha. Don’t be reserved too much in the future. If you have anything to say, just say it. Alright?”

Meg nodded, which made Zhao Hai smile. Then he waved his hand as light magic and water magic cleansed their bodies. Then he commanded the Blade Scale Whale to head upwards. This time, nothing stopped their progression. The whale swam continuously before passing through the mouth of the trench and going back to the battlefield.

When they came out, Zhao Hai became surprised, this was because the Mermaid Clan’s Azure Dragon Snail was still there. They had been inside the trench for about four days. The trench wasn’t shallow, and after heading down, they still went out of their way to collect magic beasts, making the time they spent inside quite long. Zhao Hai and the others were 9th rank experts, so it wasn’t an issue for them to go sleepless for a few days. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t expecting the Mermaids to be still here. Why would they stay?

At this time, Zhao Hai saw some black spots coming out of the Snail and was swimming towards him. Zhao Hai looked at the monitor and identified the other party as Dashan. When they arrived by the Blade Scale Whale, Zhao Hai immediately went to the whale’s mouth and greeted, “Captain Dashan, why are you still here? Weren’t you going to deal with the other Fishmen tribes?”

Dashan gave Zhao Hai a bow and said, “The General was worried for mister, so she had me wait here for your arrival. However, the General also had sent some parties on order to deal with the important matters, so everything is going according to plan. The General had left word that if you come out, she wanted you to see her.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, I also wanted to apologize to the General for making her worry.” Then he had the Blade Scale Whale swim towards the Azure Dragon Snail.

Before long, Zhao Hai and the others had arrived inside the Azure Dragon Snail’s main hall. Luo Ying was already waiting inside along with Luo Luo. Other than the two of them, nobody else was present inside.

Seeing that Zhao Hai had arrived, the two immediately stood up. Then Luo Ying said, “Mister, please sit down. How was the trip? Did everything go well?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Very well. I can tell the General that the Devil Trench wouldn’t be dangerous anymore. You might even go there and settle. However, I suggest you don’t do that. It is extremely pitch black inside.”

What Zhao Hai said was reasonable, although the seabed was also dark, there were still some luminescent shellfish and plants to illuminate it. However, the trench had no light at all, it was filled with depressing black color all around it.

Luo Ying smiled and said, “Then I’ll have to thank mister. But I’m afraid that nobody would want to settle there either. The endless sea is too big, so there are still places that are much better than the trench. Right, what is mister going to do now? Will you be returning to the Continent?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he shook his head and said, “I wont, I also want to see what the Soul Sucking Reef is all about.”

Luo Ying wrinkled her brow upon hearing Zhao Hai. She doesn’t understand, Zhao Hai was obviously a Great Noble of the continent, he should have a lot of matters to be taking care of. So why must he risk his life in all of these locations? Casually going to dangerous places was too unreasonable.

After thinking about it, Luo Ying couldn’t help but get the courage to ask Zhao Hai, “What does mister want to see in Soul Sucking Reef? You should know that our Fishman Race has always been investigating the place. However, we still weren’t able to find anything despite doing it for generations. At this point, we won’t dare going there anymore.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod and said, “I know about this. But it’s possible that I may get something that is very important to me. So I want to go there and search for it. After that, I’ll return to the continent.”

Zhao Hai wasn’t lying, he really wanted to see how the reef’s magic formation could get that strong. It can actually pressure the mutant magic beasts for many years. This made Zhao Hai very curious about it.

If there was really such a formation, then Zhao Hai would naturally want to take a look at it. If he studies this formation, then it would be similar to gaining a weapon to battle the Demon Realm in the future. .

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Luo Ying knew that she couldn’t persuade him, so she just said, “Then I’ll be waiting for mister’s return. If mister encounters any danger, don’t hesitate to retreat.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, General can feel relieved. Right, I have a matter to ask Her Majesty and I might need the General’s help.”

Luo Ying stared, she was curious about what Zhao Hai wanted help with, “What does mister need? I shall immediately send word to Her Majesty.”

Zhao Hao nodded and said, “I want to ask Her Majesty if it was possible for me to learn your Mermaid Clan’s Water Refining Technique. Rest assured, I certainly won’t spread it to other people.”

Luo Ying stared when she heard Zhao Hai, then she forced a smile and said, “Mister, I think you are misunderstanding something. My Mermaid Clan’s Water Refining Technique is not a secret. The reason why this technique is only used by a few was because its requirements are very high. In addition to having the person be gifted in controlling water, the water used for the technique needed to be special as well. The technique would need high quality water in order for it to succeed. Our Mermaid Clan has our own innate technique that can purify water, making sure that the water is as high quality as possible. Because of this, only our race was able to use this Water Refining Technique. If other people don’t have the means to purify water, then it would be impossible for them to use this technique.”


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