BTFTLIAW – Chapter 643

Chapter 643 – Core and Level Up

Zhao Hai and the others stared at this strange fish. This fish actually uses this method to hunt, it‘s quite strange.

Zhao Hai and the others curiously looked at the fish as it drew near to them. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get careful, he wanted to see what this fish intends to do, does it want to attack them?

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried much about it. Although this fish had uncommon strength, one shouldn’t forget that the Blade Scale Whale was a 9th rank undead beast. This strange fish would be unable to place a dent on the whale’s body.

It didn’t take long before the strange fish arrived by Zhao Hai’s side. But what made Zhao Hai surprised was the fact that the fish didn’t attack the whale. Instead, it just stayed by its side, looking like it was acting as an escort for Zhao Hai and the others.

Zhao Hai was confused at what the fish just did, “What’s going on? Did this guy suddenly become docile? But that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, these fishes shouldn’t be considered to be marine beasts at this point, they were now more like beasts from the Demon Realm. And as long as they have a bit of the Demon Realm within them, they won’t be attacking us. This is because my aura can provide these beasts with survival. Therefore, they should be very respectful towards me.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t think that it would be like this, “Really? I didn’t think Cai’er would be this formidable. This is fantastic.”

Cai’er proudly smiled and said, “Young Master can rest assured, as long as we are in a place with Demon Realm Aura and I’m by your side, nobody would dare attack our group.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Good, good, then I’ll be relying on your cover. Let’s go and see what’s going on here.” Then he directed the Blade Scale Whale to dive deeper into the trench.

However, Zhao Hai still took the time to get a few fishes as he can. After all, these were creatures that weren’t seen before, there was no loss in acquiring a few more of them.

When Zhao Hai and the others reached about 2 kilometers deep, the strange fishes left while another batch of fishes came over. These fishes looked more fierce and seemed to be much stronger than the ones before. They had the forms of a fish version of an alligator. But they didn’t attack the Blade Scale Whale, instead, they escorted them one kilometer down before another batch came and escorted them for another kilometer.

Zhao Hai now knew about how Cai’er was seen by these beasts. She seems to have a status that was much better than any Human Emperor. As soon as these beasts feel her aura, they would immediately come and escort her, perhaps due to their innate instinct.

Zhao Hai and the others have now dove about ten thousand meters deep, however, they still weren’t able to see a Devil Octopus. Zhao Hai had looked around and cannot see these octopus, and at the same time, they were already 10 thousand meters under the sea yet the bottom of the trench was still out of sight. How deep was this trench? Zhao Hai was completely unsure.

But Zhao Hai didn’t worry about it as they continued diving downward. The magic beasts that they met were getting bigger and bigger while they looked more and more ugly. Most importantly, it seems like their strengths were increasing as well. The magic beasts at this level were already comprised mostly of 8th ranks. And they were quite numerous as well, if these beasts were to head to the sea, the Fishman Race wouldn’t be very peaceful.

This also aroused Zhao Hai’s anticipation. At this point, he was extremely curious about how deep this trench was. Zhao Hai had commanded the Blade Scale Whale to head straight down to the point where it was almost heading vertically downward.

They have dived for another five kilometers when a giant octopus suddenly appeared in Zhao Hai’s monitor. The octopus was swimming sluggishly. It looks just like any octopus, however, it was very big. If one includes its tentacles, this octopus would be 100 meters long.

What surprised Zhao Hai was its appearance. The entire head of this octopus was black, but behind its body was a white image of a devil. It was a large image, almost fully occupying the back of the octopus’ head. Its tentacles were white as well, looking like a Devil’s beard if one were to look at it.

All of this added up made the octopus look very scary. Although it didn’t have any spikes like the other fishes, it still instilled fear on those who looked at it.

However, Zhao Hai’s eyes shone when he saw this beasts. It was because this was the beast that he was looking for, the magic beast Devil Octopus.

Without waiting for Zhao Hai to make a move, the Devil Octopus started to swim towards them. Then it arrived at the Blade Scale Whales side and acted as an escort just like the other magic beasts. This made Zhao Hai stare, but he relaxed soon after. The Demon Realm aura this deep into the trench had gotten very strong, so naturally this octopus should’ve also been demonized.

But Zhao Hai didn’t stop, in addition to finding this beast, he also wanted to see the cause of the Demon Realm Aura in this trench.

After going down for another 1 kilometer, the Devil Octopus that followed Zhao Hai had now numbered to about 100. What made Zhao Hai startled was the fact that all of these 100 Devil Octopus were 9th ranks. This number of experts would cause a commotion if revealed to the continent. Except for Zhao Hai, nobody would be able to match this number of experts.

Zhao Hai’s face couldn’t help but turn ugly. If these octopus were to escape the trench while taking the mutant beasts along with them, then the endless sea would be placed into turmoil.

At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly noticed a group of black gas in the distance. Zhao Hai gawked at this black clump. It wasn’t very big, only about 100 meters wide. However, Zhao Hai actually can’t see through this gas.

Zhao Hai immediately had the Blade Scale Whale swim towards the black gas. At the same time, he turned his head to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, what do you think this thing is? Why do I feel that its the source of the Demon Realm aura?”

Cai’er nodded and said, “Young Master, it is indeed the source of the Demon Realm Aura. This should be a type of High Level Demon Core.”

Zhao Hai asked, “Core? What is that?’

Cai’er answered, “Demon Realm beasts have cores, it is the source of power for all the residence of the Demon Realm. The cores of High level beasts are extremely formidable. From what I can see, this should be a core of a God-ranked magic beast. Even in the Demon Realm, this thing is a treasure. These God-ranked beasts aren’t any weaker than God-ranked experts, they may even be stronger, at the same time, they also have much longer lives than God-ranked experts. And when they die, these beasts would look for a place where nobody would be able to find them, making it extremely hard to find their cores. This God-ranked core is extremely useful to God-ranked experts. They can use this core in order to manufacture weapons and also absorb it and make its power their own. Although some energy would be lost in the process of absorption, it was still a huge help for the God-ranked experts. After all, increasing one’s strength upon reaching God-rank is very difficult.”

Zhao Hai nodded, but he still couldn’t help but feel startled. He didn’t think that a Demon Realm’s God-rank beast’s core would arrive at this place. At the same time, this core actually managed to change an entire landscape on its own, creating these formidable 9th rank Devil Octopus.

The Blade Scale Whale had already penetrated through the clump of black mist. Then Zhao Hai saw a fist-sized black bead. This bead was peacefully floaiting there, about a meter above the bottom of the trench.

Zhao Hai made the whale go right by the bead as he carefully examined the bead. However, besides being black, there wasn’t any other aspect to be seen.

Cai’er then said, “Young Master, absorb this thing into the Space. I think it would be extremely useful in upgrading it.”

Zhao Hai stared, then nodded as he absorbed the bead into the Space. And just as the bead entered, a prompt was heard, “Extremely strong energy has entered the Space. Absorbing energy. Upgrading the Space’s environment. Incorporating upgrades to the Host’s Body. Improving lifeforms inside the Space, lifeforms has been strengthened. Robotic objects in the Space has been upgraded. Spatial Water and Spatial Soil has been upgraded. Space’s toxin has been improved as well. Space upgraded to level 60. Hoping for the Host’s continual effort.”

Zhao Hai was wild with joy, he didn’t expect the bead to upgrade the Space. This is a very fantastic outcome. Moreover, Zhao Hai had felt that his body has been strengthened after the level up. Zhao Hai immediately turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, how do you describe my present strength?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, your current strength is the same as that of a God-ranked expert. You can now claim to be God-rank. This is really good, I can feel that my strength has been improved as well. Young Master, you can now buy 10 more backgrounds. However, they can only be ordinary backgrounds.”

Zhao Hai was ecstatic, “Good! Fantastic! Ordinary background is till good. Go buy a sea-based background for me. Then place those mutant beasts on that. I want a background that would specialize in breeding these creatures.”

Cai’er noddded as she immediately took action. Then Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and the others, “This is great. Now that the Space has levelled up, I can now plant more powerful plants so that you can upgrade your strengths. Even if we can’t turn you into God-ranked experts, you would still be able to tower above normal 9th rank experts.”


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