BTFTLIAW – Chapter 641

Chapter 641 – Turning Misfortune into a Blessing

Alex looked at Zhao Hai and said, “So we’re in a completely independent space, and this space belongs to Mister?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at Alex and said, “Right, this independent Space is mine. I shall bestow this place’s ocean to your Sea Dragon Race. This ocean would be your domain, you can kill the beasts that live here save for a few that I personally raise.”

Alex turned his head towards the Space’s endless sea. He turned to Zhao Hai and then suddenly knely on one knee, “Alex has met the Master!”

Alex understood that this Space was a place where the Sea Dragons wouldn’t be able to blow any winds. However, why do they need to gain control here, is there a better place in the world? The whole ocean was theirs, nothing greater can satisfy them. So Alex called Zhao Hai ‘Master’. This was akin to making Zhao Hai the king of their Clan. In the past, Alex had always called Zhao Hai ‘Mister.”

Zhao Hai looked at Alex and said, “Get up, then next time, I would prefer being called Young Master. Since your Sea Dragon Clan decided to side with me, then you’ll have to prepare yourselves to battle the Divine Race as well as the two chess pieces that they have, the Radiant Church as well as the Dragons. These people are on my kill list. Your Clan used to be in this list too, but since you’ve become my followers, you’ve been saved. If I ever need your assistance in the future, you must now decline. Understand?”

Alex replied, “I understand, Young Master.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he summoned Cai’er and said, “This is Cai’er, the Space’s manager that I had appointed. Normally, I won’t be able to be inside the Space all the time. If you need anything, just look for her. If I have something for you to do, then Cai’er will be the one looking for you. However, I won’t be needing you for the majority of the time. You can just live your lives here as you see fit.”

Alex nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master. Actually, the Dragon Palace is already enough for us to live in.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Then that’s good. You settle yourselves in while I go and see Luo Ying. The situation of the seas needs to be stabilized. Its fortunate that you’ve failed, otherwise the Divine Race would gain the continent’s endless sea as their backing, allowing them to attack and retreat without any consequences. Right, Alex, did you know about any matters of the Divine Race? Do you know when they’ll attack?”

Alex shook his head and said, “I’ll be unfair to the Young Master, I really have no information regarding this. Although we are in a cooperation with the Radiant Church and the Dragon Clan, we have only been in contact for a short amount of time. For this reason, I was still able to hire oneself to the Young Master.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Forget it, you go and settle your people down. Cai’er will tell you which magic beasts you aren’t allowed to touch. The others, you can hunt and kill. Alright, then I’ll be taking my leave.” Then Alex bowed to Zhao Hai before Zhao Hai’s figure vanished.

At this time, Cai’er looked at Alex and said, “Were you the one that submitted to the Young Master?”

Alex looked at Cai’er. To be honest, Alex really couldn’t identify what race Cai’er belonged in. If Alex considers people with the same size as Cai’er, then he would be able to name a few Fishman Tribes. However, it was evident that Cai’er wasn’t a Beastman. He had never heard of a race that looks like Cai’er.

However, Alex still nodded and said, “It’s me.”

Cai’er coldly snorted as a pressure erupted from her body. Alex was stunned where he stood as he looked surprised at Cai’er. Alex didn’t expect that Cai’er would have the ability to freeze a 9th rank expert. Also, Alex knew that it didn’t matter if he goes to his Armored Form or True Form, he would still be suppressed just like this, it was too scary.

Cai’er looked at Alex and said, “I don’t care about what the Young Master promised you. But if you dare disrespect the Young Master, then I will make sure that you will be the one to suffer first. The Young Master is a good person, and is someone that is easily approachable. But if you dare to be betray him, I will eliminate your Sea Dragon Race. Take this, it’s the list of all the magic beasts that you’re not allowed to touch, it’s a small list. You can do what you want with the other beasts. Talk to me if you need anything.” Then her figure vanished.

When Cai’er left, Alex finally relaxed. He felt like a baby facing a 9th rank expert under Cai’er’s pressure. He was simply not on her level. Alex completely believed Cai’er, if Cai’er did want to extinguish him, then she could do so at any time. And if she were to destroy the Sea Dragon Race, then she wouldn’t take too long to do  it. Alex couldn’t help but wipe a cold sweat while thinking about these.

Alex finally understood that when Zhao Hai was fighting with others, he wasn’t using his full strength. If he did use all of his strength, then him enemies wouldn’t have survived for long and played around with Zhao Hai. Alex knew that Zhao Hai did this in order to deal with the Divine Race. And from listening to Zhao Hai, Alex understood that Zhao Hai might have been even more informed regarding the Divine Race than him. This made Alex feel glad that he had surrendered to Zhao Hai. Otherwise, Zhao Hai would surely have destroyed all of them.

Alex now had a change of heart regarding Zhao Hai, he immediately changed his mood as he returned to his own people. At the same time, he also told his people about what he had found out about Zhao Hai, which made the little dissatisfaction in the clansmen’s hearts completely disappear.

This time, they had really turned a misfortune into a blessing. The didn’t even need to be the kings of the sea, they don’t need to snatch anything they need, the whole sea was theirs. Aside from those that Zhao Hai prohibited, everything else was free game. The materials here can also be used at will, which was definitely a great news for them.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about these, although the Space has raised a lot of marine beasts, it was actually still quite short in life. It was good that the Sea Dragons are present, making the Space’s sea much more livelier.

When he teleported the Sea Dragons, he also made the effort in absorbing the surrounding seawater and obtaining a lot of tiny marine lifeforms. These things managed to balance the sea’s food chain. One could say that the Space’s sea has become complete.

The reason why the Space couldn’t subdue the Sea Dragons was perhaps because it was the first time that the Space had absorbed creatures like them.

The Sea Dragons had entered the Space in their Human Form, therefore, the Space had no method of subduing them. But if they were to turn into their Dragon form inside, things might become different. Zhao Hai was curious about this and wanted to look for an opportunity to find out.

But for the Lesser Dragons, the Space was naturally impolite. The moment they entered the Space, they were immediately subdued. The Sea Dragons didn’t know about this.

Zhao Hai came out of the Space and immediately went to Luo Ying’s Azure Dragon Snail. Luo Ying was currently waiting for Zhao Hai, she was paying attention to Zhao Hai’s interaction with the Sea Dragons. If the Sea Dragons dared to attack Zhao Hai, then she would immediately send an army to destroy them.

But what happened next made Luo Ying surprised, Zhao Hai and the Sea Dragons suddenly vanished right in front of her. Disappearing without a trace, nothing was left behind, this made Luo Ying startled.

However, Luo Ying believed that this was Zhao Hai’s doing, it was impossible for the Sea Dragons to have the capability to perform such a feat. If the Sea Dragons really did have something like this, then they should’ve already used it to deal with Zhao Hai, they shouldn’t have waited to use it until now. Only Zhao Hai can cause such a huge group to disappear in front of her.

Therefore, Luo Ying wasn’t very worried as she sat still inside the Azure Dragon Snail, waiting for Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai arrived, Luo Ying immediately asked him to sit down and said, “Did Mister deal with the Sea Dragon Clan?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “No, I just sent them to another place. Saving them from being shunned in the sea. The General can rest assured.”

Luo Ying nodded, and didn’t ask about this anymore. Then she looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, I just received word from Her Majesty. The Dragon Clan and the Radiant Church had sent 9th rank experts to attack Mermaid Island. However, they had been repelled by Her Majesty. The enemies lost some of their experts as well. We believe that they won’t dare to do such a thing again. The Fishman Race has been saved.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Good, good. Then General should go and appease the Fishman tribes. I can’t help you with these matters. I’ll stay in the sea for some time and collect some marine magic beasts as well as some unique plants before going back to the continent.”

Luo Ying quickly said, “Mister shouldn’t be quick to leave. Her Majesty had sent word that since Mister has helped us greatly, she wanted to invite you over to Mermaid Island. I ask Mister to consider giving us face.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, then before I return to the Continent I’ll stop by and visit Mermaid Island.”

Then Luo Ying smiled and said, “What magic beasts does Mister want? Our Fishman Race might be able to help Mister with this. We have been living underwater for generations, there aren’t a lot of things in the sea that we cannot find. If Mister can tell us, then we shall certainly do our best to acquire it.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I appreciate the General’s words. However, my target is the Devil Octopus. I’ll get a couple of them before I head back. I can handle it myself.”

When Luo Ying heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but stare. Then her face changed as she said, “Does Mister really want to get those Octopus? That’s too dangerous. Those magic beasts are living in an extremely cold environment. People who go there are instantly frozen to death. It wouldn’t be a good idea if Mister were to go there.”


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