BTFTLIAW – Chapter 636

Chapter 636 – Fierce Struggle

‘Corrosive Mist’ was one of the most commonly used Dark Mage spell. This magic can be both weak and strong. This spell was mainly dependent on the Dark Mage and on what type of poison he decided to use.

Corrosion magic was like this because it was a kind of growing magic. Magic is divided into low-level, high-level, and forbidden-level magic. And aside from these three classifications, there is also growing magic.

Growing magic is a magic that can be slowly upgraded. Take corrosion for example, when practicing this magic, a Dark Mage would find a certain toxin and then slowly refine it with magic. After that, whenever a Dark Mage uses corrosions magic, it would then have the properties of that toxin.

When a Dark Mage gets into a higher level, he can refine a stronger toxin, making the strength of his corrosion much stronger. The more formidable one’s toxin was, the more powerful the spell would be.

Zhao Hai’s corrosion spell was not simple, the toxin that he used was the one that the Space had. It was strong to the point that it can affect 9th rank experts. Most importantly, it can also become a water element technique. Although it still needed the dark mist, which was a gas, the poison can still diffuse into the water.

When the Sea Dragons entered this mist, their breathing suddenly became difficult, their minds turning dizzy. This startled those who were attacking Zhao Hai. Blue light came out of their bodies as they formed a protective layer around it. However, these experts didn’t expect that Zhao Hai’s spell would also corrode their protective layer. This shook the Sea Dragons, they immediately retreated soon after.

One must know that even ordinary barriers can still remain untouched by 8th ranks as long as it was a 9th rank that used it. But Zhao Hai’s corrosion can actually melt the protection of these 9th ranks. The Sea Dragons couldn’t help but stare at the strength of Zhao Hai’s ‘Corrosive Mist’.

The Sea Dragons might have retreated, but one of them actually stayed. He saw how formidable Zhao Hai’s corrosion was, but he still didn’t go back. Instead, his eyes flashed as blue light reinforced his body before he rushed straight into the mist.

However, when he broke through the mist, he didn’t see Zhao Hai in front of him. The person stared, before suddenly feeling alarms going off inside his head. He had a slight delay but was still able to promptly react as he blocked the attack from above using his trident.

Bang! A resounding sound was heard as the armor on the Sea Dragon’s arm was broken by Zhao Hai’s staff. The Sea Dragon let out a painful roar before he withdrew from the mist.

The scale armor of the Sea Dragons were derived from their own scales. The toughness of Dragon scales was famed throughout the continent. Nobody expected Zhao Hai to be able to crush it.

Dragon armor had many advantages, one of them was the fact that they were harder than most materials, making their defenses very good. However, their flaw was the fact that the scales were part of a Dragon’s own body. So after being crushed, the pain that was brought to them would be much stronger compared to when one’s full body armor gets crushed. Therefore, it wasn’t a mystery as to why the Sea Dragon gave out a cry of pain.

The Sea Dragon was just repelled not killed. And after Zhao Hai hit the arm of the Sea Dragon, another on appeared on top of his has he went to grab the back of Zhao Hai’s head. However, Zhao Hai’s managed to quickly turn his body and blocked the other party’s attack with his fist.

The Sea Dragon got excited, bodies of Dragons were always better compared to Humans. Even if they are both 9th ranks, bodies of Dragons still came on top. For Zhao Hai to use his fist to meet his attack, the Sea Dragon thought that Zhao Hai was just courting death.

Although the strength that Zhao Hai showed was quite formidable and revealed that he wasn’t just a Mage, but also a very strong warrior. Still, the Sea Dragon believed that Zhao Hai’s body wasn’t so strong that he can manage to survive this encounter.

However, the Sea Dragon failed to notice that Zhao Hai’s hand had already crystallized. Boom! When claw and fist met, the Sea Dragon cried in pain as he retreated immediately. Moreover, one could see that the Sea Dragon’s fist was oozing out blood. If Dragons didn’t have great bodies, his hand might have already been erased.

After repelling yet another person, Zhao Hai’s figure rushed back into the fight. He flew towards to the recently injured Sea Dragon while also waving his staff, causing a few ice spears to appear and attack the other Sea Dragons.

The Sea Dragon who just retreated didn’t think that Zhao Hai would attack. But since he was a 9th rank expert, his reaction also came quick. He didn’t retreat but instead charged to meet Zhao Hai. His eyes were blazing as he stared at the Human. His two fingers extended as an ice weapon appeared and attacked Zhao Hai. The Sea Dragons had started to use magic in order to deal with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai saw the Sea Dragons’ movement, however, he didn’t stop his charge and just sidestepped the attack. The Sea Dragon didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would dodge like this. But he still followed up with a horizontal attack towards Zhao Hai’s chest.

However, this Sea Dragon had forgotten about Zhao Hai’s staff. Although the Blood Ghost Staff wasn’t lengthened, it still came up longer in addition to the length of Zhao Hai’s arm. Because of this, Zhao Hai’s attack had come in contact with the Sea Dragon much sooner, Bam! The scale of the Sea Dragon broke as the Sea Dragon felt extreme chest pain. The Sea Dragon preserved his breath, otherwise he might have already fainted.

But since his defense was still strong, he managed to survive Zhao Hai’s attack. His body was repelled back which also took him out of Zhao Hai’s attacking range.

Zhao Hai stood in place, and just as he was about to chase, a Dragon suddenly appeared. This person was different from the Sea Dragons, his body was covered golden armor, a style the same as the Sea Dragon but was thicker. Moreover, in addition to his sharp claws, this Dragon also had sharp protrusions on his two elbows. This made his elbows a good weapon for attack.

The Dragon used his elbow to attack Zhao Hai. The reason this Dragon stopped attacking the undead was because Zhao Hai was about to leave the magic formation. It was imperative to their plan that Zhao Hai stayed inside.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about this, so he was concentrating on meeting the enemy attack. Zhao Hai saw that the enemy attack was quite strong, so he retreated and slammed into a Sea Dragon that was close who, at this time, was on his way to grabbing Zhao Hai’s arm.

Seeing this situation, Zhao Hai waved his staff vertically, hitting the Sea Dragon upwards, blocking the Dragon attack. If the Dragon continued his attack, he would then be hitting the Sea Dragon, which was his ally.

As soon as Zhao Hai stopped, he felt a strong wave of pressure on his head. And behind him, another attack from the Sea Dragons arrived.

Zhao Hai flew down, then the staff on his hand suddenly lit up. One must know that it was very dark at the bottom of the sea, therefore the Sea Dragons had already adapted to the darkness. When Zhao Hai lit the area up, this caused to surrounding Sea Dragons to be blinded, feeling like their eyes were on fire. They gave a grunt as they stopped their attack and then turned back.

Ninth rank experts all have their Divine Sense, making them aware of their surroundings without even needing to see. However, if one was used to seeing and then were suddenly blinded, one would still have the instinct to retreat. The Sea Dragons were experiencing the exact same thing.

At this moment, another wave of light appeared, but this time, it didn’t come from Zhao Hai, but from the Mages of the Radiant Church instead. The Mages were using light magic in order to attack Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted, then waved his staff as a Dark Mist appeared and surrounded him. The Dark Mist also began to spread, beginning to swallow the surrounding Sea Dragons.

The light magic of the Radiant Church’s mages disappeared into the mist. People said that light magic was the bane of dark magic, but this statement felt useless to Zhao Hai. Instead, he had just used dark magic in order to fight light magic.

Inside the mist, Zhao Hai fought with the swallowed up Sea Dragons. And due to the corrosive property of the mist, the Sea Dragons were simply unable to fight in their full strength.

However, although the Dark Mist can block sight, it cannot do the same thing to a 9th rank’s Divine Sense. Zhao Hai’s attackers were all 9th ranks, they didn’t need their eyes to know Zhao Hai’s location. So after going through the undead, the 9th ranks immediately bombarded Zhao Hai with both magic and battle qi attacks. They didn’t allow Zhao Hai to continue fighting with the Sea Dragon experts.

At this time, Luo Ying and the others were present, witnessing all that happened. When Luo Ying saw Zhao Hai’s predicament on the water curtain, her face immediately changed. But just as she was about to send help, several people suddenly appeared inside the hall.

Luo Ying stared before seeing that it was Laura’s group. Laura smiled faintly and said, “General, you don’t need to worry about Brother Hai. You can just stay here and watch. Those who are fighting him are all 9th ranks. If you send people over, they will just die. Just let Brother Hai handle the enemy.”


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