BTFTLIAW – Chapter 635

Chapter 635 – Besieged

ZHao Hai knew that informing others about this was impossible. Although these people were 9th rank experts, they were currently inside a shell, with their aura’s completely hidden. Moreover, these shells were also buried under the seabed. If Zhao Hai didn’t have the monitor, then it would be impossible for him to spot these people.

However, Zhao Hai also didn’t understand what this magic formation would do. So to be safe, he had Laura and the others return to the Space. In any case, nothing will happen to him, he can crystallize, making people unable to do damage to him. Moreover, he also has so many undead. Although they have 5th or 6th rank strength right now, all of them can instantly return to being 9th ranks. With these many 9th rank creatures, the enemy’s 9th ranks would be useless.

But Zhao Hai didn’t want to show his cards so easily. He still wanted to see what the other party wanted to do and what effects this magic formation had.

Laura and the others didn’t object to Zhao Hai’s idea to deliver them to the Space. Although they were also 9th rank experts, their experience in battle was very low. At the same time, they also didn’t have Zhao Hai’s crystallization ability. They would only burden Zhao Hai if they chose to remain here.

Zhao Hai commanded his army to move forward as though he didn’t notice the ambush at all. He believed that as soon as he enters the magic formation, the other party would start to attack. He had counted the number of opponents, 20 people, not more not less, 20 people.

Twenty 9th rank experts! Seeing this number made Zhao Hai smile, the enemy surely did regard him very highly. Sending 20 9th ranks just to deal with him was very interesting.

Although Illac was retreating, he made sure that his retreat wasn’t fast. If he went back faster than he wanted, Zhao Hai might stop and send his undead towards him. Illac managed his army carefully, attracting Zhao Hai closer and closer to the formation. As soon as Zhao Hai enters, then everything would be taken care of.

Zhao Hai sat inside the blade scale whale, in his hand was his Blood Ghost Staff. His two eyes intently staring at the opposing army as he calculated his entry to the magic formation.

The people in ambush were also waiting for Zhao Hai to enter the formation. Time passed by bit by bit as Zhao Hai got closer and closer to their encirclement

Zhao Hai counted in his mind, “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one,” When the reached ‘one’ he had finally entered the formation.

Sure enough, when he entered the formation, the seabed suddenly moved as 20 shadows appeared from the bottom of the sea. Upon coming out, these people immediately got to work. Some of them were charged with handling the undead while some barrelled towards the blade scale whale.

Zhao Hai also made his move, he received the blade scale whale to the Space and then turned towards the approaching enemies. What made Zhao Hai feel strange was the fact that the enemy hadn’t used their magic formation yet.

Zhao Hai didn’t know that the formation was already in effect. It’s just that its function was to lock the space, nothing else.

If Zhao Hai really had a space divergent ability, then he would have already felt that his power was suppressed. But unfortunately, Zhao Hai didn’t have such an ability. His Space and the Ark Continent’s space divergent ability were two different things.

Space abilities of the Ark Continent were different, no matter how good it was, it still uses the space of the continent. On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s Space was another thing completely. His Space was inside his body, a variant Space that had no relationship with the Ark Continent. Because of this, the enemy’s magic formation was useless to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai had thought that the purpose of the enemy’s magic formation was to attack him, or maybe to suppress his movements. But it looks like the magic formation was not functioning right now, which made Zhao Hai puzzled. He couldn’t understand what this magic formation would do, why did they set this up?

However, the situation didn’t allow him enough time to think. Ninth rank experts were currently throwing themselves towards him. Zhao Hai smiled and then had the undead try to block those people. Zhao Hai didn’t have them show their 9th rank strength, so they were still 5th to 6th ranks, he wasn’t planning on revealing his hand too soon.

Although there were 20 people on the opposing side, these people weren’t a threat to him. So he just wanted to test his strength against these people.

Zhao Hai looked at the enemy, they were composed of Sea Dragons, Dragons, and people from the Radiant Church. This scene made Zhao Hai feel excitement. He really wanted to see how strong these Sea Dragons and Dragons were.

The 5ht to 6th rank undead were unable to block all of the 9th ranks. Faced with the attacks of the enemy, Zhao Hai waved his staff and said, “Condense!”

This ‘Condense’ magic was a basic spell of Water Mages. This magic made all of the surrounding waters solidify, trapping any enemy within it.

One must know that Zhao Hai was now a 9th rank expert, so his ‘Condense’ magic couldn’t just be ignored. If an 8th rank were to receive Zhao Hai’s Condense magic, then that 8th rank wouldn’t be able to move.

The enemy that Zhao Hai was facing right now were 9th rank experts, 6 people at this time. These 6 people were all from the Sea Dragon tribe. The Sea Dragons knew that they were the strongest ones when it came to underwater combat. Although the Dragons and the Humans were also 9th rank, they’re strengths were still suppressed by the sea. Therefore, the Dragons and the Humans became in charge of dealing with the undead while the six Sea Dragon experts were going to deal with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai played along and had his undead bluntly attack. Although the present strengths of these undead were 5ht or 6th rank, they still numbered about 2 million. No matter how fierce one was, even if they were 9th rank, one still couldn’t ignore such numbers.

The six Sea Dragons felt the change of the surrounding waters, but since they were 9th ranks, it only affected them a little. After all, Sea Dragons were experts of Water magic as well. The eyes of the Sea Dragons couldn’t help but turn smug before it was replaced by a cruel expression. They gave a shout before their blue robes turned into blue armor, their head ornaments turned into Dragon helmets, and their gloves became sharp claws.

Zhao Hai stared at what just happened, he just saw clothes that acted as the one that he had, both were clothing that can transform.

Zhao Hai knew that adult Dragons had three transformation. The first one would be their humanoid form, the one where they wore their robes. This form was called Human form by the Dragon race. The second form was their armored state, this was the fighting form of the Dragon race. Moreover, in this form, their strength would be twice their strength on their Human form. The final form is their true body state. This was when they completely become Dragons, of which they can exhibit their full power.

But since Zhao Hai was trapped inside a formation and was unable to escape, he was just akin to a fish in a barrel. Moreover, if they used their true form, the place would get crammed, given how small the area of the formation was. Only two Dragons can attack Zhao Hai each time. Therefore, the Sea Dragons opted to fight using their Armored form.

While Zhao Hai stared, a Sea Dragon rushed towards him. His claws extended as he swung towards Zhao Hai’s head. His entire claw was covered with blue scales which also flashed some blue radiance, showing that this attack was a serious one.

Zhao Hai’s hand moved, meeting this attack with a sideways stroke. The Blood Ghost Staff in his hand met the other party’s attack. Zhao Hai didn’t transform the staff into a sword, he struck with the intention of testing the defensive capabilities of the enemy.

The other party wasn’t expecting the Mage Zhao Hai to retaliate with a strong melee attack. He couldn’t block it, so the staff smashed into his chest. The Sea Dragon felt as though his chest was hit with an extremely heavy hammer. His lungs emptied as his body was smashed backwards.

This startled the Sea Dragon, he had actually been injured. He immediately retreated as he took a few breaths and suppressing the blood flowing out of his body. At the same time, the eyes of the Sea Dragon focused entirely on Zhao Hai.

One must know that the bodies of Sea Dragons were very formidable. Zhao Hai’s blow actually damaged the Sea Dragon’s armored body. This was beyond what he had expected, this also made him understand Zhao Hai’s strength.

At this time, the attacks of the other Sea Dragons also arrived. Although all of them were 9th ranks, this was the first time that they had ganged up on one enemy, so their cooperation wasn’t the best. However, they still surrounded Zhao Hai, they absolutely cannot have Zhao Hai leave the formation.

After Zhao Hai’s staff repelled the Sea Dragon, the attack of another Sea Dragon had already arrived. The Sea Dragon shone a blue light as Zhao Hai felt the water around his body turn a lot heavier. Zhao Hai’s eyes flashed, this was ‘Condense’, the same spell that he used just earlier. It seems like the other party wanted him to see how they do the spell.

Then Zhao Hai wielded his staff as black gas appeared all around. This black gas wasn’t the ordinary Dark Mist of the Dark Mages, this was another kind of Dark Magic, Corrosive Mist’.


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