BTFTLIAW – Chapter 634

Chapter 634 – The True War

Everyday in the next four days, Zhao Hai had brought his undead to attack the Sea Dragons’ base. Fighting with the Sea Dragons had become a game to Lizzy and Megan. The ideas that they had come up were endless, most of them were something that Zhao Hai wouldn’t have thought of. Seeing the two women being excited made Zhao Hai speechless. He really didn’t expect these two to be this enthusiastic.[1]

In these four days, the Sea Dragons were also very calm. But now, they are ready, the Radiant Church’s sacred relic had arrived. It was a huge magic formation made using seven minor metallic formations . But this formation didn’t have a very large area of operation. The whole formation can only encompass about a thousand square meters. After this area, the effectivity of the formation would largely drop up until it couldn’t suppress space anymore.

This thousand square meter area is not very big, especially to experts like Zhao Hai, they can pass this distance in just a blink of an eye. But if he were to be surrounded in this thousand meter squared area, he would still be in deep trouble.

At this point, the Sea Dragons were only waiting for the experts from the Dragon Clan to arrive. The Radiant Church had also sent four 9th rank experts, with Joshua in the mix, the Church had 5 9th rank experts participating. Besides Ao Ke, the Dragon clan had sent 5 9th rank experts, all in all counting up to six. Finally, the Sea Dragons had their own nine 9th rank experts. Altogether, there were 20 9th rank experts in this operation to deal with Zhao Hai. Because of this, Alex and the others were confident. They believed that Zhao Hai would finally be dealt with.

While the Sea Dragons were preparing, Luo Ying’s side hadn’t been idle either. These days, reinforcements had finally arrived. Right now, their army was numbered nearly 20 million troops.

When Zhao Hai heard this number, he couldn’t help but get startled. 20-million-troop army, what kind of concept was that? Zhao Hai felt that this number could actually fill the entire ocean.

Luo Ying also prepared to make a move in two days. It can be said that the two sides were already preparing for their war. At the request of Luo Ying, Zhao Hai rested for two days. He didn’t find any trouble with the Sea Dragons since he knew that Luo Ying was preparing to attack them.

When the Sea Dragons saw that Zhao Hai hadn’t come, they couldn’t help but stare. Then they immediately sent someone to check only to see the present Mermaid army.

After knowing about this, Alex immediately took Joshua and Ao Ke to the palace hall as he told them the scout’s report.

After hearing Alex out, Ao Ke couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Alright, then let’s wait for them to get prepared. The opportunity finally came, so while we restrict their army here, the Patriarch would also have people go and attack Mermaid Island. Extinguishing their root in one fell swoop.”

Joshua nodded and said, “The Church shall also help. We must give ruin to Mermaid Island. With the destruction of that place, the enemy’s morale would be low. When the time comes, we can seize the opportunity and counter-attack.”

Alex nodded and said, “Then I’ll be troubling you two. When the experts from the Dragon Clan arrive, we would then be able to deal with Zhao Hai. After that, we can deal with the Mermaids.”

The two nodded, then Joshua said, “We should set the formation up. So when Zhao Hai arrives, we can direct him there and the eliminate him.”

Alex nodded, “Good, I’ll have to ask the Archbishop’s help in arranging the formation. As long as that gets set up, the only thing we will be waiting for would be Zhao Hai’s attack.”

But Ao Ke still knit his brows and said, “The Mermaid army has already been assembled. If they work together, then wouldn’t dealing with Zhao Hai be more difficult?”

Alex smiled faintly and said, “Envoy can rest assured, the love of the Mermaids are quite well known. Even if they had a large army, I think they would still let Zhao Hai and his undead take the lead. This is to ensure that they would suffer the least losses. So as long as Zhao Hai takes to the front, our plan can still go through.”

Ao Ke nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll have to ask the Archbishop to prepare. When my people arrive tomorrow, we shall prepare our ambush. The moment Zhao Hai enters the formation is the moment he gets exterminated.”

Joshua nodded, then he walked out of the hall along with Ao Ke and Alex. The other two wanted to see how this formation was going to be arranged.

Joshua arrived outside, and long with several Sea Dragons, he went towards the battlefield. A couple of days ago, he had already chosen a place not too far from Illac’s army position. The place was in a narrow valley, so if Zhao Hai chases after Illac, he would surely come upon the formation.

After arriving at the place, Joshua made several Fishmen dig seven ditches first; one in the middle and then six on the surrounding area. The ditch wasn’t too deep, only about 2 meters down. Any deeper and it would affect the strength of the formation.

After having dug the holes, Joshua retrieved seven one-meter diameter discs from his space bag. These seven discs were made out of unknown metal, all of them were sparkling and beautiful. Etched on top of them were some mysterious symbols.

Joshua delicately placed the seven discs on each hole, carefully adjusting its angle and direction. After some time, when the discs were adjusted properly, the seven discs had started to give out a faint glow, but faint enough that it couldn’t be easily spotted.

After seeing this, Joshua knew that the magic formation had been placed properly. Then he instructed the Fishmen to carefully bury the discs. After that, the magic formation had already been set.

The next day, the experts from the Dragon Clan had arrived. Ao Ke and the others immediately handed them some water repelling dragon beads. When they prepared for the ambush, the Fishmen also took out a few large shells for them to stay in. These shells were also special products of the sea. Although its offensive and defensive strength wasn’t very good, it still had the ability to mask the breath of a person. The Fishmen had given this shell the name Stealth Shell. I cannot really make someone stealthy, it just manages to hide a person’s aura.

The stealth shells were placed right next to Joshua’s magic formation. When they became disguised, nobody can see them from the outside anymore.

Since the formation was placed right behind Illac’s army, Luo Ying wasn’t able to spot it. At this time, they were still in preparation, getting ready to deal with the Sea Dragons in one go.

But at this time, Ao Ke and Joshua had also written a letter to tell the Dragon Clan and the Radiant Church about the current situation. The Dragon Clan and the Radiant Church immediately organized a group of experts and had them sent over to Mermaid Island, prepared to eliminate the Mermaid Clan.

Two days after Luo Ying started her preparations, the battle would finally begin. And just as Alex guessed, to Luo Ying had Zhao Hai take the lead with his undead army.

This idea was actually proposed by Zhao Hai, and Luo Ying didn’t object to it. During the days where Zhao Hai was fighting with Illac, the undead in his hand had not reduced. Instead, it had gotten more and more. At this point, the Fishman undead that he had amounted to more than 2 million.

After everything had been prepared, Zhao Hai left with his undead first, then followed by Luo Ying’s army. While sitting inside the Blade Scale Whale and looking at the monitor, Zhao Hai turned to Lizzy and Megan and said, “When the battle starts, I’ll have the two of you take command. What do you think?”

Lizzy turned her head and took a glance at the army that was not too far behind them. Her eyes couldn’t help but turn red from excitement as she said, “Alright, commanding in battles is really fun.”

The similarly excited Megan nodded. When he saw the two, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. Megan and Lizzy had become more and more like generals in the past few days. Their strategies were getting more and more decent compared to their first ones. It had become more impossible for the enemy to break their formations as the flaws have gotten less and less.

The army was getting closer and closer to the Sea Dragons’ defensive line. Adam had also spotted their army, but he didn’t plan to challenge Zhao Hai right now. His purpose was to direct Zhao Hai to the magic formation. Therefore, he immediately ordered his army to slowly retreat.

This was also a normal thing to do. Illac’s men numbered 10 million while Luo Ying had 20 million. With a difference of more than double, it wasn’t a mystery why Illac retreated.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about this as he commanded his undead to go forward. But at this moment, Zhao Hai was suddenly stunned as he turned to Lizzy and said, “Look, right there, aren’t those people?” Then he pointed towards a spot in the monitor.

Lizzy and the others followed Zhao Hai’s finger and saw that nearby Illac’s army were several big shells. In these big shells were people, some were Humans while some were Dragons. Moreover, their strengths seem to be formidable.

Lizzy frowned and said, “Big Brother Hai, what do they intend to do? Do they want to ambush us? They look strong, perhaps 9th rank experts.”

Zhao Hai nodded, but he still didn’t make army stop. He proceeded to advance slowly as the magic formation appeared in the monitor. Lizzy and the others carefully looked at the magic formation, but since they weren’t acquainted with the art, they were puzzled when seeing it.

Zhao Hai was also clueless, at this time, Laura frowned, “Brother Hai, what is this? I can understand them using 9th ranks to deal with us, but a magic formation? What are they planning to do?”

Zhao Hai frowned as well as he looked at the buried magic formation. After a while, he shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter. We’ll come to know about it soon.” He said as he still urged his undead to go forward.

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