BTFTLIAW – Chapter 632

Chapter 632 – Imperial Water Oyster

The Beast King has been very happy these days. The Beast God’s Spear has been returned to the Beastman Prairie, and for the Beastmen, this was a monumentally important matter. And for the Beast King, having the Beast God’s Spear back would give him advantages in ruling the entire Prairie.

Although the name ‘Beast King’ held power and prestige, the actual authority that it held wasn’t that big. Moreover, the Lion Race was also at the side, waiting. This made the Beast King quite uncomfortable.

But now that their Divine Artifact was back, his prestige has increased. In the past, those huge Warring tribes wouldn’t give him too much face. But now, the situation has been improved. This was also good for his future plans.

The Beast King didn’t dare to tell the other Beastmen about the Divine Race. The Beast King knew that the Beastmen had a flaw. Aside from the Patriarchs of the tribes, the other Beastmen were very simple minded, it was very easy for them to reveal any secrets. The Beastmen were different from the Dwarves. The Dwarves operated inside their mountain, which was structured like a fortress, no Human can simply go in and out of it. Due to this, there was little to no chance of any Dwarf revealing secrets to the outside world.

The Beastmen, on the other hand, was placed in the wide Prairie where Human merchants were free to go in and out, being able to easily contact with the Beastmen. If the Divine Race’s matter was revealed too soon, then the Radiant Church would surely get wind of it.

Because of this, the Beast King’s preparations for dealing with the Divine Race were all held in secrecy, hiding it from the majority of the Beastman population. For this plan to succeed, the Beast King would need the full cooperation of the various big warring tribes. In the past, this was fairly impossible, but now that the Beast God’s Spear is back, the Beast King’s influence has reached its apex, allowing him to carry out his plan.

The Beast King has been in contact with trustworthy Patriarchs of the warring tribes in recent days. He told them about the Divine Race, making them swear to hold the matter in secrecy before he had them return and prepare.

On this day, the Beast King had just finished doing a task when a guard suddenly gave word. Zhao Hai has come. When the Beast King heard this, he stared for a moment before instructing his people to lead Zhao Hai into his living room.

Zhao Hai’s is  the Foreign Prince of the Beastman Race, so it can be said that his position in the Prairie is above the majority of people while his reputation isn’t lower than the Beast King. Since he retrieved the Beast God’s Spear, the Beastmen were very respectful to him. Even his Magic Lily Shop has received good reception by the Beastmen, making its business very good.

This Magic Lily shop was something that was opened by Zhao Hai, and since he was their Foreign Prince, the Beastmen treated him as one of them. The Beastmen knew the value of buying from one’s own people. This made the shop’s business very popular in the entire Prairie.

Fortunately, the Buda Clan has the Markey Family’s business network at their back, so no matter what, they can service all of the Beastmen that came to them. And since Magic Lily shop always did business fairly, it’s reputation soared in the Prairie, which added to Zhao Hai’s prestige.

After being led by a Tiger clansman to the room, the Beast King immediately cleared the room, only leaving Zhao Hai and him behind. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you came, did something happen?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Your Majesty, I came upon something while I was visiting the Fishman Race. There’s a rebellion currently happening in the sea. However, this isn’t so simple. I saw a Dragon and a person from the Radiant Church there. Moreover, I’ve also learned something from the Mermaid clan. The Dragons have participated in the war between the Ark Continent and the Divine Race. However, the Dragons were on the side of the Gods. This made me suspect that the Dragons were aces that the Gods have hidden, preparing all this time to deal with us. If they manage to conquer the seas, then they would gain a huge advantage in the future war. And if we add the Radiant Church and the Dragons, we would stand no chance. I’m telling you this because it might be possible that the Dragons would send people here. When I’m done dealing with the matters of the Fishmen, I would immediately go to Accra Mountain in order to cope with those Dragons!”

The Beast King listened intently to Zhao Hai, upon hearing everything, his face couldn’t help but change, “Are you sure? The Dragons claimed to be invincible in the continent, but I don’t think so. I can send some Beastmen to help you. You can also discuss this with the Dwarves and have them send troops as well. Our men would deal with the Dragons first!”

But Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “No, the Humans of the Continent are still unaware about the Divine Race. If you suddenly send troops to deal with the Dragons, the Dragons would certainly stop it. At that time, a great war might happen, causing our side some losses. Just preserve your own strength. You can rest assured that I can manage this. You don’t need to worry too much.”

The Beast King looked at Zhao Hai, then he lightly sighed and said,” Alright, but if you need our help, don’t hesitate to send word. We Beastmen are always willing to die for our brothers!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “No need to be uptight about this. Right, Your Majesty, I’ll be heading back to the Fishmen. The war is still going on, I can’t just leave for a long time.”

Then the Beast King personally delivered Zhao Hai outside. Upon seeing Zhao Hai leave, the Beast King couldn’t help but sigh. He suddenly felt helpless deep inside. The Beastmen generally didn’t fear anything, but their enemy this time is just too strong. Even if they are Beastmen, they needed to bear with it patiently. They can only look at Zhao Hai like an outsider as he deals with the Radiant Church and the Dragons. The thought of this made the Beast King feel uncomfortable.

Zhao Hai didn’t think about this, to him, the importance of informing the Beastmen and the Dwarves about the Dragon Race was just to make those two races defend themselves. He wanted them to be safe as much as possible. Dealing with the Dragons isn’t very difficult for Zhao Hai.

When Zhao Hai returned to the Space, he finally let out a sigh of relief. He had finally plugged the leak. He was really afraid that this leak would be exploited by the Dragons.

Nobody in the continent knew about the relationship between the Divine Race and the Dragons. If the Dragons were to attack with the Divine Race, then the Beastmen and the Dwarves would surely be placed in great danger. It was good that he came to the Fismen at this time.

While thinking about this, Zhao Hai entered the Space’s villa. But when he entered, he couldn’t help but stare. He wasn’t expecting the place to be so lively.

When he walked in, Zhao Hai saw Laura, Lizzy and Megan inside, discussing tactics. Naturally, Laura was only giving comments from time to time, the ones who talked a lot were Lizzy and Megan.

Lizzy and Megan both seem to have a natural instinct for strategy. This was something that one is born with, not learned. Once they are able to sense the changes of the battlefield, the two of them would surely become famed generals before long.

Zhao Hai didn’t go and disturb them, he just went to the hot spring underground and soaked in it, relaxing his body and mind. In the past few days, the Divine Race’s matter had made his entire being stiff, making it hard for him to breathe. But what gave Zhao Hai more headache was the fact that the Demon Race still haven’t revealed themselves. Zhao Hai already has some understanding about the Divine Race, but for the Demons, he was entirely clueless. This gave him a huge headache.

After having rested for the rest of the evening. Zhao Hai was invited by Luo Ying to the Azure Dragon Snail the next morning. But Luo Ying wasn’t intending to discuss war with Zhao Hai, she came to look for him for a totally different matter.

When Zhao Hai came to the hall, Luo Ying immediately said, “Mister, please sit down.”

The Luo Ying who was generally cold had suddenly turned warm, this made Zhao Hai feel strange. He looked at Luo Ying, puzzled, before he said, “What matter does general want me for?”

Luo Ying smiled faintly and said, “Something good has arrived. The clan had sent me some items to give to Mister.”

Zhao Hai asked, “Something for me? What are they?”

Luo Ying smiled faintly and said, “Take them here.” Then two Mermaids carried two bottles over. The bottles had sand and some aquatic plants in them, but they weren’t relevant. What’s relevant were the actual contents of the bottles. One held a white oyster, while the other had an azure snail.

The white oyster had no patterns on it, it was pure white, the kind of white that would make one stare at it for quite some time. As for the azure snail, it looked just like a snail, nothing was special.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s confused look, Luo Ying couldn’t help but smile and said, “I came to know that mister likes to collect unique lifeforms. This oyster is a special type of being in the sea, we call it Imperial Water Oyster. This oyster can grow a pearl that held some properties. The pearl can increase one’s water element attacks. The bigger the pearl, the better its effect. It’s quite a precious magic beast of the sea.”

Zhao Hai’s face changed into glee as he looked at this common looking oyster. He didn’t think that this little thing would have such good use.

Seeing that Zhao Hai liked the oyster, Luo Ying smiled and then continued, “This snail is actually a young and living Azure Dragon Snail. Young Azure Dragon Snails have yet to form patterns on their shells. Only after ten years would the dragon patterns appear. The more years pass, the more distinct the patterns would become.”

Surprise! This was definitely a surprise for Zhao Hai. He had long yearned for an Azure Dragon Snail, but this snail was a treasure for the Mermaid Clan, so he was too embarrassed to ask for one. And since the snail is too rare, he might not even be able to find one. He wasn’t expecting the Mermaids to gift him one today, this was really a good gift.


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