BTFTLIAW – Chapter 631

Chapter 631 – Lukewarm Elven Race

Envoy Ao Ke frowned and said, “Archbishop, it’s not time for cracking jokes. Is this relic something bestowed by the Gods? Otherwise, how could it possibly freeze space?”

Joshua shook his head and then sighed, “Although this relic wasn’t bestowed by the Gods, it actually held great significance for the Radiant Church. There have been several people with space divergent abilities in the continent before. These people were extremely difficult to deal with. Not only do they possess strong attacking power, but they are also impossible to catch. Every time the Radiant Church encountered these people, we would always take huge losses.”

Ao Ke and Alex nodded, they also understood that space divergent ability users were the most difficult people to deal with. If you offend someone like that, they would do their best to harm you while also having the leverage of being able to escape whenever they wanted. This ability made many people frustrated about space divergent ability users.

Joshua continued, “Then our Church’s 31st Pope came into existence. Not many knew about this, but he was a space divergent ability user himself. Being one of those people, the pope knew that there was no way to study nor pass on such an ability. So he thought of another way, he used his own body to perform experiments. He used both alchemy and magic formations in the whole process. And after years of research, he finally produced a metal element magic formation, this formation can be used to isolate space, making space divergent abilities malfunction. However, this achievement claimed his life. Because of this, the 32nd Pope declared the formation to be one of the Radiant Church’s sacred relics.”

Ao Ke and Alex couldn’t help but reveal shock in their faces. They couldn’t fathom how someone would used their own bodies to perform experiments, all of it for the sole purpose of dealing with space divergent ability users. But after their initial shock, the two of them expressed their heartfelt admiration towards that Pope.

Alex sighed, then he calmed his mood and said, “So there’s actually such a treasure. Then that’s good. As soon as Zhao Hai arrives, then we would lure him towards this magical formation.” Ao Ke also nodded, “I’ve also sent word back to the clan. The Patriarch would be sending five 9th rank Dragons in order to participate in this war. However, since they would be using dragon beads, their power would be lessened. In the end, the main force in this war would still be the Sea Dragons.”

Joshua nodded and said, “Alright, but you have to know that the range of the formation isn’t very far. Moreover, it can only lock the Space inside it, conventional methods of movements would still remain unhindered. Therefore, if we want to deal with Zhao Hai, then we should be assured of our means.”

Alex nodded, then he turned to Illac and said, “Illac do you have any means to lure Zhao Hai? We’ll set the formation beforehand and then have Zhao Hai lured inside before having him besieged by the experts. This is the only surefire way of dealing with him.”

Illac nodded and said, “This shouldn’t be difficult. After we attack, we could just retreat slowly. Seeing this, I’m quite sure that Zhao Hai would capitalize on the opportunity to do damage. And even if we don’t attack, I can still take the defensive line forward, making Zhao Hai come in before he notices that the formation.”

Alex nodded and said, “Good, I think that we shouldn’t make a move in the following days. Let’s preserve our strength and wait until the Dragons and the Radiant Church’s relic arrives. After that, we’ll deal with Zhao Hai in one go. As long as we can deal with Zhao Hai, the Mermaids would certainly fall shortly after.”

Ao Ke nodded, “Although dealing with the Mermaid Clan isn’t easy, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. As long as we attract their forces here, the Dragon Clan can dispatch some people and attack Mermaid Island. As soon as that place falls down, we would achieve victory.”

Joshua nodded and said, “Right, then we’ll wait until the sacred relic arrives before dealing with Zhao Hai. In the meantime, we’ll be staying back, defending against further attacks by him.”

Zhao Hai was completely unaware that Joshua and the others were already thinking up of ways in order to deal with him. He was currently inside the blade scale whale, discussing with Megan and Lizzy about today’s tactical situation. They had fought for about half a day and had managed to find that their battle formations had weaknesses. However, these weaknesses also meant that there was room for improvement. Because of this, even if Megan and Lizzy hadn’t defeated the enemy, they were still elated about the result.

They kept talking up until they had reached the Mermaid Clan’s defensive line. Upon arriving, Zhao Hai immediately received his undead since he didn’t want to cause any panic among the troops.

Luo Ying and the others were outside the formation, waiting for Zhao Hai to come back. Luo Ying was also somewhat worried, they had even prepared to reinforce him. So when she saw Zhao Hai return, she immediately felt relief.

After inviting Zhao Hai over to the Azure Dragon Snail, Luo Ying looked at him and said, “How was mister Zhao Hai’s trip?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Very good. I managed to get more undead. But more importantly, I also to come across a very interesting thing.”

When Luo Ying heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but ask, “Interesting thing?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Among the Sea Dragons was a person from the Dragon Race as well as an Archbishop of the Radiant Church. Isn’t this very interesting?”

“What!” Luo Ying was in great surprise. “Really? Did mister really see a Dragon and a person from the Radiant Church?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I wouldn’t dare joke about this matter. I did see a Dragon and someone from the Radiant Church. One wore a golden robe while the other wore the clothes of a red robed Archbishop. It seems like the Sea Dragons did indeed have a relationship with the Dragons and the Radiant Church.”

Luo Ying’s face turned ugly, “So it’s like this. The implications of this is very heavy. Mermaid Island is in the surface, completely vulnerable to the attacks of flying Dragons. If they suddenly attack the island, then it would mean great trouble. I have thank mister for this information, I shall immediately pass it over to the Queen.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Aside from this, I really don’t have anything else to say. General, I’ll be heading back first. I think that the Sea Dragons wouldn’t be attacking today. So General doesn’t need to worry.”

Luo Ying nodded, she knew that Zhao Hai must have hit the Sea Dragons very hard this time. They shouldn’t be thinking about attacking right now.

After Zhao Hai returned to the blade scale whale, he immediately used the Space in order to return to Iron Mountain Fort before telling Green the information. He also gave Green a messenger fish and taught him how to use it. After that, he went to Golden Island and relayed the information to Kun, Rockhead, and Blockhead. Then he went to the Dwarf Mountains in order to tell them of the news as well.

Zhao Hai didn’t appear inside the village, but instead, he flashed on the square outside the Divine Palace. There was currently nobody here, so he wouldn’t be noticed, at the same time, this place was also not far from the Dwarf Village.

Not long after Zhao Hai appeared, a Dwarf came. It didn’t take too long for this Dwarf to recognize that their Foreign Elder Zhao Hai has come. So he immediately welcomed him to the village.

Billy was currently setting up for work, so when he found out that Zhao Hai had come he immediately invited him over to his office. After they sat down, Billy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, why did you come? Did something happen?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, and it’s not something trivial. Patriarch, did you know about the relationship between the Dragons and the Divine Race?”

Billy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Relationship between the Dragons and the Divine Race? What does the two of them had to do with each other? Did the Dragons participate in the war against the Divine Race?”

When Zhao Hai heard Billy he immediately knew that the Dwarves had not recorded the relationship between the Dragons and the Divine Race. Fortunately, Zhao Hai went to the Fishman Race. Otherwise, the wouldn’t have known about this hidden chess piece of the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “The Dragons did participate in the war against the Divine Race. However, they weren’t helping the people of the Ark Continent. Instead, they sided with the Divine Race, becoming their running dogs.”

Billy stared, then his face couldn’t help but change as he said, “Really? Where did you get this information? How could the Dragons be the dogs of the Divine Race?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he narrated to Billy his experience with the Fishman race. Billy calmly listened to Zhao Hai, and when Zhao Hai finished Billy said, “I didn’t expect that the Dragons and the Divine Race would have such a relationship. Fortunately, we found out about it. Otherwise, we would certainly suffer losses. What do you plan to do right now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I want to help the Fishmen deal with the Sea Dragons first. Then after that, I’ll go and try to deal with the Dragons. They needed to be taken care of, them occupying the Accra Mountain is too big of a threat. Accra Mountain houses the magic beast kingdom. If we have them control the magic beasts, then they would become good weapons of the Divine Race come wartime.”

Billy nodded, “If they indeed are people of the Divine Race, then it is right that they get eliminated. High level magic beast have wisdoms no less than us. If Dragons were controlling them, then it would be absolutely bad for us.”

Zhao Hai agreed, then he asked, “How’s the information about the Elves? If there’s nothing, we’ll tell them about this matter. Let’s see how they react to it.”

Billy nodded, then he sighed, “The Elves have always been slow to move, we cannot be anxious about this matter. Right, how are my people? Are they doing well?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “They’re doing great. They’ve already adapted to the environment and had even managed to make new friends. Right, since I’ve already told you about what happened, I need to leave. I still need to head to the Prairie and inform the Beast King about this matter, having him prepare for the future.”


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