BTFTLIAW – Chapter 630

Chapter 630 – Definitely

But this Sea Dragon wasn’t the focal point of Zhao Hai’s attention, it was the two other people right beside him. One of the two was a person that wore a golden robe. The other person wore a red robe and seemed to exude a sacred aura.

When Zhao Hai saw this red robed person, his eyes suddenly shrank. He knew what this sacred person was, he was certainly someone from the Radiant Church. At this point, Zhao Hai already had a certain understanding of the church. For someone to be able to wear this red robe meant that this person was an Archbishop.

After having thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but look at Joshua for a few times. Although he didn’t know Joshua’s name, Zhao Hai stil engrained the person’s image into his mind. This was a good opportunity to understand the enemy. Zhao Hai was already thinking of turning Joshua into an advanced level undead. After that, Zhao Hao would then know about the internal workings of the Radiant Church.

After remembering Joshua’s face, Zhao Hai turned his attention towards the golden robed man. This person had the temperament of someone formidable. Moreover, Zhao Hai can feel that this person had a similar aura with the Sea Dragons. This made Zhao Hai guess that this person was from the Dragon Race!

Zhao Hai carefully looked at Envoy Ao Ke, when he saw the horns hidden on Ao Ke’s golden hair, Zhao Hai became sure of Ao Ke’s status.

Laura and the others were similarly looking at the two and were also quick to discover their characteristics. After all, the two people looked extremely obvious, they didn’t even make an effort to hide their identity.

Laura’s face turned heavy as she turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, it seems like the Radiant Church and the Dragons are indeed allies. It seems like our speculations have been confirmed. The Dragons were truly people of the Divine Race.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The emergence of these two people further confirms our guesses. The Divine Race is indeed already in action. Since the Radiant Church had failed, they moved to the Fishman Race instead. Regardless or not the Radiant Church succeeds, they would still conquer the sea. As long as they establish their influence here, then they can be considered invincible.”

Lizzy frowned as she said, “So what do we do now? Do we deal with them?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “No, we retreat and go tell Luo Ying about this information. After that, we’ll go to the Prairie and the Dwarves, telling them of this information as well.”

Megan nodded and said, “Right, information is of utmost importance. Moreover, the Dwarf Mountains isn’t far from the Accra Mountain. If the Dwarves are unaware of this, then it would be possible that they would suffer great losses.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved as the undead creatures spat out a black gas towards the Sea Dragon army. When Illac saw this, he didn’t dare to ignore it, so he immediately gave the command to slowly retreat. He didn’t want to be wrapped up by the black gas, who knew what that can do.

Fortunately, the black gas wasn’t quick, so Illac’s army managed to successfully turn back. However, Illac suddenly discovered something out of place. The black gas just fluttered around the battlefield, not going any further. Moreover, the clump of gas started to shrink towards the center. At this point, Illac immediately understood what the other party was doing as his face couldn’t help but change. Then he immediately had his army fully retreat, at the same time, he also sent word asking Alex for reinforcements.

The reason why Illac did this was because he understood that the black gas did none other than turning the corpses into undead. Zhao Hai was collecting more undead! Once Zhao Hai completes this process, his undead army would increase. When that time comes, Zhao Hai would become much more troublesome to deal with.

Before long, the black gas vanished, completely cleaning out the entire battlefield. No corpses were left on the scene. Illac’s face was incredibly ugly, but he still ordered his army to do a full retreat.

However, what surprised Illac was the fact that Zhao Hai’s undead army was currently slowly backing away. They seem to be retreating, with no intentions of continuing their attack.

This surprised Illac, but at the same time he felt relieved. He was really afraid of the other party attacking. If they did attack, Illac wasn’t sure that he would be able to block it.

Naturally, Illac didn’t dare to pursue. Although he didn’t understand why the opponent retreated, it was good for him that they turned back. Illac was genuinely terrified of Zhao Hai today. Not to say about the strength of the undead, but the abrupt movements of the formation were formidable as well. To be honest, Illac was quite envious of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s command over the undead was something that Illac wanted to have. Being able to command an army as though it was your limb was the pinnacle of a commander’s dream. But that dream would be impossible to achieve. Even if one had the world’s most disciplined army, coordinating them together would still prove to be quite the problem. This made Illac wish that he had an army similar to Zhao Hai.

Illac thought that if he were to have any army like Zhao Hai’s undead, then he would remain undefeated in every battle that he’s in. However, it was a pity that he wasn’t a Dark Mage, he can’t achieve what Zhao Hai had.

At this time, Alex and the others also noticed Zhao Hai’s retreat, so he stooped the reinforcements that was headed towards Illac. However, the recent battle made Alex’s eyes shrink. He thought that if he were in Illac’s place, he still wouldn’t be able to fare better.

At this time, Ao Ke’s voice was heard, “Joshua, can you pinpoint the origin of the other party? This guy is not only good at commanding undead, his formations are also clever. Such people aren’t very good to deal with.”

Joshua forced a smile and said, “I can confirm 100% that the other party is Zhao Hai. Only Zhao Hai can command the undead to this extent. Other Dark Mages simply aren’t able to do it.”

Alex nodded and said, “Let’s return to the Great Hall and talk.” Then the group returned to the Great Hall. But before they continued on, Alex left a message to a person next to him, “Go call General Illac over to the Great Hall.” The person nodded before turning around to leave.

Before long, the three people have returned to the Great Hall. After taking care of his guests’ seats, Alex turned to Joshua and said, “Bishop, are you really sure that the opponent is Zhao Hai?”

Joshua nodded and said, “I’m sure of it. No other Dark Mage can do what he just did. Even the people from the Calci Family aren’t this proficient. In the entire continent, the most skilled in commanding undead is Zhao Hai. Therefore, I’m pretty sure that the other party is him.”

Alex’s face sank, then he said, “This Zhao Hai is too difficult to deal with. We need to make sure that he gets eliminated here. Otherwise, he would be a bad factor in God’s plans.”

Ao Ke nodded and said, “Right, this Zhao Hai is too fierce. Not only can he command undead, he can also exhibit battle formations. Most importantly, his undeads were very strong, at least 5th or 6th rank in strength. This is too scary. At the same time, he also managed to acquire more corpses before he left. It seems like he can also make undead en masse. Imagine the  implications of 1 million 5th or 6th rank warriors on land.”

Joshua nodded and said, “It is indeed scary. This person must be removed. He’s a danger to our plans.”

At this time, Illac came. Alex immediately beckoned him over. Illac gave the three a salute before Alex gave him a seat. Then Alex looked at Illac and said, “Illac, what did you feel when you fought with the opponent? Can you identify their identity?”

Without delay, Illac answered, “Your Majesty, I’m quite sure that the other party is Zhao Hai. Such an army cannot be commanded by a team of Dark Mages. It can only be directed by one person, otherwise, that degree of control couldn’t be achieved.”

Alex nodded, he was now entirely convinced that the opponent is Zhao Hai. Then Alex asked further, “The undead, how strong are they? The opponent’s ability to do formations, how is it?”

Illac replied, “The undead are very strong, about the same as a 5th rank magic beast. As for the formations, they seem quite weak. However, with constant practice, they would definitely be a threat on the battlefield. Your Majesty, this person must be removed. Otherwise, he would be a huge threat to our Sea Dragon tribe.”

Alex’s face completely sank. Illac, Joshua, and Ao Ke reached the same conclusion. With Zhao Hai’s strength, he cannot be allowed to remain alive any longer.

Alex turned his head to Joshua and said, “Bishop, what are your ideas? This Zhao Hai must never leave the sea, we absolutely cannot let him escape.”

Joshua nodded and said, “Naturally, it would be easier to deal with Zhao Hai here. It would be difficult to kill him in the continent. I’ve heard that the Buda Clan has multiple 9th ranks, moreover, this Zhao Hai’s personal strength is quite good as well. Rumors have been circulating in the continent saying that he has a Space Divergent ability. When we deal with him, we absolutely must not let him run away.”

Ao Ke stared, then he frowned and said, “He also has a Space divergent ability? If this is the case, then things just got more troublesome. I have heard that people with that ability is almost always impossible to catch. Their ability to escape is unparalleled under the heavens.”

Joshua nodded, “I know that. So I’m planning on having our church’s relic sent over. This time, no matter the price, we must eliminate Zhao Hai!”

Then Alex said, “Relic? What relic? Can it prevent a person with a Space divergent technique from running away?”

Joshua nodded, “This relic is specifically meant to deal with people who have Space divergent abilities. As long as we have that relic, Zhao Hai certainly cannot run away!”


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