BTFTLIAW – Chapter 626

Chapter 626 – Devil Scorpion

Joshua looked at the expressions of those present and couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “We had underestimated Zhao Hai from the start. Now that he has established his name in the continent, it would be close to impossible for us to deal with him. And since the situation of the Church isn’t very good, it would take us some time in order to make a proper move.”

Ao Ke and the others recovered and couldn’t help but breathe in some cold air. But Ao Ke’s eyes suddenly lit up as he said, “If the one we’re facing is indeed Zhao Hai, then the situation would be good for us. Although you don’t have a way of dealing with him in the continent, we are currently in the sea. Zhao Hai’s strength should be limited here, we can use this opportunity to kill him, essentially removing a huge problem of yours while at the same time removing a big helper of the Mermaid clan.”

Upon hearing Envoy Ao Ke, the eyes of Joshua and Alex couldn’t help but turn bright. This was good, even if it was difficult to deal with Zhao Hai in the continent, one shouldn’t forget that they are currently in the ocean. One of the strongest entities here were the Sea Dragons. If they can remove Zhao Hai, then they would be removing a huge problem in their plan.

After thinking about this, the group couldn’t help but get restless. Alex looked at Illac and said, “Illac, did you say that Zhao Hai’s undead were strong? Did you happen to see Zhao Hai? He shouldn’t be too far away from his undead, right?”

Illac shook his head and said, “Patriarch, this one hasn’t seen him. At that time, the situation had gone hectic, I simply didn’t have the chance to look for his shadow.”

Alex nodded and said, “When you attack tomorrow, you must pay attention to any Dark Mages or even Zhao Hai among the Mermaid army. If we become sure that it is Zhao Hai, then we’ll do our best in order to kill him. Saving the plans of the Gods from being disrupted all the time.”

Illac nodded, then Alex turned to Joshua and said, “Bishop Joshua, do you have a portrait of Zhao Hai? We don’t want Illac to mistake him for another person.”

Joshua nodded and said, “Of course, this Zhao Hai is the Church’s number one enemy. It would be impossible for me to not have a portrait of him.” Then he turned his hand before a portrait appeared. The portrait was draw masterfully, showing Zhao Hai’s figure as well as his face. Zhao Hai was holding a magic staff on one hand while also wearing a black robe on his body. His face was colored so well that the picture looked to be alive. But Zhao Hai didn’t have much expression on his face, probably due to the bias the artist had against him.

But when they saw the portrait, Alex and the others couldn’t help but gawk. They didn’t expect that this formidable Zhao Hai that Joshua was talking about to be quite young. They were expecting a skeleton looking Dark Mage, not an ordinary healthy young man.”

The group looked at Joshua, their expression probably saying, “Did you take the wrong thing out?”

When Joshua looked at their expression, he couldn’t help but force a smile and said, “Rest assured, I didn’t take the wrong thing out. This is indeed Zhao Hai, aged about 20 years old and was just recently married. Don’t be fooled by his ordinary looks, his methods are extremely brilliant. If we’re really facing him, then General Illac would need to be careful.”

Alex nodded, then he turned to Illac and said, “Illac, take this portrait with you so that you can clearly identify this guy. If it is really him, don’t go and attack him immediately. Come back and tell us first so that we can concentrate our efforts and destroy him in one go.” Illac nodded, then he took the portrait before turning back and leaving.

After Illac left, Alex turned to Joshua and Ao Ke and said, “Bishop, Envoy, if we prove that it is Zhao Hai, I would have to ask for help from the two of you so that we can be more certain of eliminating him. You should know that this fellow is a Dark Mage, and both of you can do light magic. And since he is fighting underwater, he shouldn’t be able to escape if our three sides deal with him simultaneously.”

Ao Ke nodded and said, “Patriarch Alex, rest assured, we aren’t just here to witness the fun. As long as we confirm that it is Zhao Hai, then we would immediately make our move.”

Joshua nodded as well, “Right, we’re not here to just be an audience. If we can really kill Zhai Hai here, then even if this Joshua loses his life, I would still do it in the name of the Radiant God.”

Alex nodded and said, “Good, good, we’re fortunate that the two of you are here. “The army had just experienced a huge battle, so they would need to take a day off. Tomorrow, Illac would attack once again while looking for this Zhao Hai.”

Ao Ke and Joshua were also people who can command troops. So the two knew about the impact their recent losses would have to the troops. Therefore, neither of them opposed to it.

The next day, after Alex and the others had their breakfast and were preparing to head into battle, someone suddenly sent a message. A large amount of undead were attacking them.

Alex and the others gawked, then Alex immediately gave the Sea Dragon a command, “Go and find General Illac.” The Sea Dragon nodded before turning around to leave.

Alex turns to Ao Ke and Joshua, he smiled faintly and said, “Just as we are about to look for him, he suddenly came. I want to see if this person is really Zhao Hai.”

Ao Ke coldly snorted and said, “If this is really Zhao Hai, then he’s being extremely arrogant. For a Human to dare attack the Sea Dragons in the ocean on his own is a very impatient move.”

But Joshua actually frowned and said, “We still need to be careful. This Zhao Hai is not good to deal with.”

Ao Ke couldn’t help but be unconcerned. After seeing Zhao Hai’s portrait, he had begun to form doubts about Joshua’s words. In his opinion, a 20 year old young man wouldn’t have much abilities. Ao Ke believed that since the Radiant Church weren’t able to deal with him, they chose to exaggerate his qualities in order to same them some face.

However, since Ao Ke was Joshua’s ally, he didn’t want to say anything that would embarrass the other part. So he just nodded and didn’t say anything. At this time, Illac had walked in from outside and then gave a salute to those present.

Alex nodded at Illac’s salute and then said, “Illac, someone just sent word that undead creatures were heading towards us. I suspect that this Zhao Hai is coming. Go and organize the troops for defense. Remember, don’t counter attack. Even if we lose some people, the important thing is confirming if it is really Zhao Hai.” Illac nodded, then he turned around to leave.

Alex turned to Joshua and Ao Ke and said, “Bishop, Envoy, let’s go take a look at this Zhao Hai.” The two nodded before the group headed outside.

Zhao Hai was currently inside the blade scale whales body. In front of him was the monitor and on his side were Laura and the others. Megan and Lizzy were especially anxious at this time.

Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to handle his affairs in a low key this time. He released 1 million undead, comprised of both magic beasts and Fishmen. They were currently in a cube formation as it headed towards the Sea Dragon camp.

The reason why Lizzy and Megan were anxious was because Zhao Hai had made the two of them the commanders of this attack. The calculations and strategies all came from Lizzy and Megan, so it wasn’t strange for them to be quite nervous.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and couldn’t help but smile, “It’s going to be fine, no need to be nervous. Even if we get defeated, our losses only comprised of undead. Don’t be afraid of anything and just boldly try out everything. You must learn how to command an army attack.”

When Lizzy and Megan heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but let out a long breath. What Zhao Hai said was correct, they weren’t commanding humans this time, but undead. Even if these undead were to get ‘defeated’, they weren’t essentially dead. Ninth rank undead couldn’t easily die, all they were doing was going back to the Space.

After thinking about this, they immediately calmed down. Then their expressions turned to excitement as the looked at the monitor. Their change made Zhao Hai and the others smile.

The cubic formation advanced slowly. At the same time, a cubic formation also appeared on the side of the Sea Dragon camp. Zhao Hai and the others found out that the Fishmen really liked this formation, maybe because it was very simple.

The two great formations slowly approached each other. Lizzy then turned to Megan and said, “Megan, you go first.”

Megan didn’t become polite, she nodded and said, “Alright. I’ve thought of quite a lot of formations yesterday. I want to try their prowess this time. I’ll go with the Devil Scorpion first. Brother Hai, this formation has a thick center while having two extended wings on each side. And as the battle goes on, the rear army would sprang up from above, attacking the enemy in that direction. This formation looks just like a giant scorpion.” Then Megan used her hand to move the monitor. Zhao Hai also had Cai’er help her with this. The image that Megan described can be fully described on the monitor.

Megan’s Devil Scorpion formation did indeed look like a giant scorpion. The Center army has two wings on each side that would attack the enemy in two fronts. At the same time the Rear Army was also being the scorpion’s tail, slowly going up, preparing to attack the opposite party from above.

Zhao Hao nodded and said, “Right, what you described is very clear.” Then he waved his hand, making the undead creatures move, following the directions that Megan just described.

Megan and Lizzy were going to experiment on the idea that they had come up. They weren’t like the Fishmen who already had their cubic formation, cone formation, or their whirlpool formation. For the fishmen, these basic formations were the ones that would express their potential the most.

And also, experimenting on new formations was something that would take a toll on soldiers. Soldiers much achieve near perfect movements in order to follow the idea of their commander. What their commander wants to do, they would need to do it, there was no room for any mistakes.


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