BTFTLIAW – Chapter 625

Chapter 625 – Such a Character!

About thirty nautical miles away from the Mermaid’s defensive line was a large gathering of Fishmen. These Fishmen looked much stronger than those from the Mermaid clan’s army. Among them were people from the Electric Eel tribe and the Shark tribe. This was the large camp of the Sea Dragons.

The Fishmen didn’t have the custom of constructing camps. So these large gathering, the entire camp, was actually situated in a very huge coral reef. But the reef looked very peculiar, its form was like a curled up Sea Dragon.

The Sea Dragons had some differences compared to the other Dragons, perhaps it was to allow them to better survive at sea. Other Dragons were big bellied lizards with a pair of wings. But the Sea Dragons were different, they looked like sea snakes with four feet, and on those feet were some white bristles, they also had a fin on their tails. This form suited them the most in swimming underwater. This coral reef looked exactly like huge slumbering Sea Dragon.

This giant coral reef occupied a very large area, which was a testament to how large it was. But what is even more surprising was the fact that it was evident that this coral reef was not from here. One could see that it was moved to this location.

In front of this reef were countless ropes, which were made out of high level magic beast leather. These ropes were connected to large magic beasts. It was obvious that this huge piece of coral was dragged here by those magic beasts.

The coral reef seemed to be surrounded by a huge blue bubble. One could hardly see a drop of water inside the reef. From time to time, one could see some warriors coming in and out of the structure.

Another amazing thing was that the warriors who were on patrol were all humanoid. They wore fish scales armor and dragon helmets on their heads. Their hands seem to be naked but one could see that it was covered in some sort of metal glove. The nails on the glove showed that it had quite an attacking capability.

These warriors who had gone to patrol were Sea Dragons. Dragons aren’t like any other magic beast. Even if other magic beasts were to become 9th rank, the most they can do was change the size of their body, it was impossible for them to change their shape. On the other hand, when Dragons become 8th rank in their adulthood, they would immediately have the ability to change into humanoid figures. This was an advantage that Dragons had.

And this coral reef was the home of the Sea Dragons, the Dragon Palace!

The Sea Dragons lived in this palace, but they usually don’t make the palace move around. It was because every time the palace gets moved, it would need at least 100 thousand strong marine magic beasts. And finding those beasts wasn’t an easy task.

This coral reef has been transformed by the Sea Dragons through the years. The inside of it had become like palace, with pearls and crystals everywhere. It was extraordinarily attractive, even more attractive than Mermaid Island’s palace.

Sitting inside the Dragon Palace’s Great Hall were four people, two of them wore blue robes, robes that seemed to be made out of magic beast skin. The two weren’t very tall, about 1.8 meters high. Their bodies were well-proportioned, they had dark blue hair as well as dark blue eyes. Their skins were white and their appearance seemed to be about 40 years old. They were revealing the aura of mature men, looking very handsome and unique.

Another man wore a long gold robe, he had a head full of beard, and was about 2.5 meters tall. He had long golden hair and if one looks closely into it, one could see a pair of sharp horns poking through.

The last man looked very ordinary, he wore a red mage’s robe while having a Magic Staff in one hand. He had short but still attractive beard, and had a very holy expression on his face. If a Human were to see this person, then their first impression would be that this person was a Light Mage.

At this time, the younger of the two blue robed people opened his mouth and said, “Patriarch, Envoy, Bishop, I can assure you that our army has been attacked by undead. And their numbers were quite large as well, about 500 thousand undead.”

The other blue robed person, who seemed to be the Sea Dragon Patriarch, said, “Illac, do you understand what 500 thousand undead meant? How many Dark Mages would need to command it? Moreover, you’re saying that these undead were also quite strong, are you really sure that it was undead?”

Illac nodded and said, “Patriarch, I am telling the truth. After we got caught off-guard by the enemy’s Falling Stone Formation, we began to retreat. But at that time, large quantities of undead suddenly appeared around us. The fighting strength of these undead were quite strong. If we haven’t recovered immediately, we might have suffered more losses.”

When Illac’s voice fell, the golden robed man couldn’t help but knit his brows and said, “How is that possible? Wasn’t there supposed to be no contact between the Mermaids and the Humans? Then how come there were Dark Mages present? Moreover, 500 thousand undead wasn’t something that one or two Dark Mages can summon. Were you able to see how many Dark Mages were present?”

The Red Robed Light Mage opened his mouth and with a serious tone, he said, “It’s not necessary to have a lot of Dark Mages in order to summon 500 thousand undead. Envoy Ao Ke, I know of a certain Human Dark Mage. He is able to summon 500 thousand undead by himself, maybe even more.”

Envoy Ao Ke, Illac, and the Sea Dragon Patriarch’s faces changed, these three looked at the red robed Light Mage, then Ao Ke said, “Bishop Joshua, are you telling the truth? Does the Human Race have such a character? Why haven’t you dealt with him yet?”

This Joshua was unexpectedly a Radiant Church’s red robed Archbishop. However, this golden robed Ao Ke had a much bigger background. He is of the Dragon Race and was the current Dragon Patriarch’s younger brother, but only a half-brother.

The birth of Dragons is very difficult, but they were still quite fertile. A peculiar thing about them was that they can more successfully procreate with those that wasn’t of their own race. Although there were still some Pure Dragon births here and there, their numbers were still inferior to those who were born between a Dragon and of an inferior race.

In addition to giving birth to a Light Dragon because of his wife, Ao Ke’s father was also able to give birth to him with a Metal Dragon. However, since Dragon law states that only Light Dragons can become Patriarchs, Ao Ke’s chances of leading his race has become impossible. Although Ao Ke had both the advantages of being a Light Dragon and a Metal Dragon, he still had to give up the position to his brother. However, his status in the Dragon Race was still quite high. He was even entrusted with the responsibility of being the Envoy of the Dragon Race in this battle between the inferior Sea Dragon Race and the Mermaid Clan.

As soon as Joshua heard Ao Ke, he nodded, and with a heavy expression he said, “Patriarch Alex, General Illac, Envoy Ao Ke, our Human Race did have such a Dark Mage. Moreover, he had become our church’s archenemy. To be honest, at this point, we are very willing to pay any price in order to eliminate him. But this person is very difficult to deal with, causing our Radiant Church to lose repeatedly by his hand. The reason why the Radiant Church has been pushed into a corner in the continent was partly due to this man. You might not know but this person is quite famous in the Human lands. He’s the Buda Clan’s Patriarch, the son-in-law of the Emperor of the most powerful nation, the son-in-law of the Dark Mage Alliance’s Calci Family, the Beastman Race’s Foreign Prince, as well as being a very big merchant. He is also an extremely formidable Dark Mage, one time, he had turned the Aksu Empire’s 600 thousand troop navy into his undead in just one night. For him, controlling 500 thousand undead wouldn’t be very hard.”

The Sea Dragon Patriarch Alex was dumbfounded upon hearing Joshua’s words. He didn’t think that such a character had popped up in the Human Race. After some time, Alex recovered and said, “I’ve got some word some time ago that the Fishman Race has been having secret transactions with Humans, maybe it’s with this Buda Clan that Bishop meant? But Bishop Joshua, haven’t you thought of a way to eliminate him yet?”

Joshua forced a smile and said, “This Buda Clan Patriarch is named Zhao Hai. He’s extremely powerful, we have thought of eliminating him for a long time. In the beginning, we weren’t aware of his strength, which cost us five white robed bishops and 18 knight guards. But in the end, the only thing we can do was drive him off to the Prairie. But when he came back, his power has greatly increased. After that, we had made continuous efforts in eliminating him, but all ended up in failure. The most recent one involved us sending forth four 9th rank experts and had them use Life Combustion in order to eliminate him. But for some reason, he was still able to successfully escape. Later on, in the war between the Beastmen and Humans, our plans had somehow become known to the Beastmen. We suspect that this Zhao Hai had something to do with it, but we had no proof. Later on, our Church haven’t had the chance to muster up the force that would deal with him. Patriarch Alex, I think this secret trade was established by Zhao Hai. This Zhao Hai had a peculiar personality that made him have a good relationship with other races. I’ve also heard about him being in good terms with the Dwarves. Based on that, it wouldn’t be strange for him to have a connection with the Fishman Race.”

Alex and the others couldn’t help but breathe in cold air. Although they didn’t know how formidable this Life Combustion that Joshua told them was, they estimated how strong it would be judging by the fact that it used the life of four 9th rank experts. For Zhao Hai to survive this attack was quite a scary thing to think about!


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  1. Strategy no: 01
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    Strategy no 02:
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    All items will be registered and can be stored by the space (Maybe even equipped items?) all beasts will be registered and turn friendly to the space and turn against the Sea Dragon army, and the castle with is treasury etc? All will be registered by the space, have the space extract any benefits and then store everything in the warehouse.

    Id prefer Strategy no 02, especially since it wont leave any wittnesses behind. But to be safe i would go with no 01 just in case someone saw it all happen.
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