BTFTLIAW – Chapter 623

Chapter 623 – War

However, can Zhao Hai’s undead be easily stopped? Although Zhao Hai had limited the strengths of these undead and didn’t let them exhibit 9th rank strength, their fighting prowess was still formidable. So when they clashed, the enemy got caught off guard once again.

Although the Sea Dragon Army had already employed their formation, they were facing against undead that weren’t afraid to die. The army felt how hard it was to block the undead attack. But fortunately for them, these undead would immediately turn into black gas every time they were struck at a vital point in their bodies.

Naturally, this was something that Zhao Hai deliberately did. As long as an undead was critically hit, he would immediately exchange them with a black gas before storing them back into the Space.

At this time, Zhao Hai had sent forth 500 thousand undead creatures. These undead were the magic beasts that he had acquired days before. Zhao Hai wasn’t intending to have these undead withdraw. He wanted to let them smash through the Sea Dragon army until they were wiped out. Of course, their ‘deaths’ would have to be staged.

This was the most terrifying thing about Dark Mages in the battlefield. They were able to command their undead to commit to a suicidal attack, after all, the lives of the undead didn’t matter. And when the enemy retreats, Dark Mages would gather up the corpses and turn them into a new undead army.

The Sea Dragons were currently experiencing this situation. They were facing undead beasts that had more strength than most Fishmen warriors that they had encountered before. They were able to kill one undead but at a cost of many. This wasn’t something that the Sea Dragon army can bear. So the Formation had slowly developed into a rout.

The difference between people and undead was that the undead held no fear for death while people did. Even the most disciplined army had this mentality. The Sea Dragon army was naturally the same.

But it was good for them that Zhao Hai didn’t send a lot of undead, only 500 thousand. Although the undead has caused a disorderly retreat, they still couldn’t budge the large formation of a 3 million troop army.

The fighting strengths of the Fishmen were strong as well, definitely stronger than average magic beasts. The 500 thousand undead that Zhao Hai had sent were eventually eradicated by the Sea Dragon army. This time, the army didn’t dare to stay, they quickly retreated back, afraid of any more attacks from the other party.

The entire undead attack was seen by Luo Ying and the others. No Fishmen were able to use Dark Magic, so this was their first time seeing attacks from undead. If they were to use a word to describe it, then it would be “terrifying”!

The attack power of the undead can only be considered average by Luo Ying’s standards, but the most terrifying thing about the undead was the fact that they wouldn’t die as long as their vital points aren’t hit. Even if their limbs were to be decapitated, they could still perform their attacks. Who wouldn’t be afraid of seeing something like that attacking them?

Luo Ying was a general, so she was very clear about how an attack like this would affect a troop’s morale. At this point, Luo Ying didn’t dare look down on Zhao Hai anymore. The undead that Zhao Hai had sent out had killed more than what they had, this was a terrifying thought.

When the Sea Dragon army retreated, the battlefield became peaceful. Zhao Hai turned his head to Luo Ying and said, “General, I’ll be processing those corpses.”

Luo Ying nodded and said, “Mister, do as you like. I still have some more matters to process, so I wouldn’t be able to accompany mister. Dashan, you go and be mister’s escort.” Dashan nodded and went out with Zhao Hai.

When they arrived outside the snail, they immediately rode their mounts and went to the battlefield. Zhao Hai then turned the dead unto his minions. All in all, he had added more than one million  undead into his army.

In this more than a million undead, 800 thousand were Sea Dragon troops while the remaining 300 thousand were from the defense army. But 600 thousand of those from the Sea Dragon army died in the hands of Zhao Hai’s undead. This showed how deadly the undead were.

Currently, Zhao Hai became more and more pleasing to Dashan’s eyes. He also understood what Luo Ying meant. Zhao Hai, who can minimize their losses while greatly harming the enemy was a very terrifying weapon in the battlefield.

The other Fishmen had also become aware of Zhao Hai’s prowess. The Fishmen were originally clueless about what Zhao Hai was doing. But the reinforcing army that came with Zhao Hai had told them about what he did back at mermaid island, and in addition to seeing the current attack, they were now in awe and veneration towards Zhao Hai.

After Zhao Hai turned the Fishmen into undead, he returned to the blade scale whale and told Dashan that he needed to rest and wouldn’t be returning to the Azure Dragon Snail. Dashan didn’t say anything, after all, Zhao Hai was the Fishman Race’s ally. Him, and even Luo Ying, didn’t have the authority to give Zhao Hai any commands. Because of this, Dashan just let Zhao Hai do what he wants.

Zhao Hai entered the blade scale whale and then opened the monitor. Laura and the others were also right by his side. They looked at the monitor with great interest, they didn’t care much about the situation of today’s war, but they wanted to see Luo Ying’s reaction inside the azure dragon snail.

Luo Luo remained with Luo Ying at this time, so Zhao Hai and the others can just comfortably watch the scene in the monitor.

Seeing Zhao Hai leave, Luo Ying immediately called Luo Luo over and said, “Luo Luo, how did this mister Zhao Hai arrive at our Fishman Race’s domain. Why did he come?”

Luo Luo immediately narrated about how Zhao Hai asked to see the Queen and then told her about the matter of the Divine Race. Although Luo Ying knew about Zhao Hai’s existence, the information that she received from the messenger fish was inadequate. Seeing Zhao Hai fight today made Luo Ying careful towards Zhao Hai. In her opinion, Zhao Hai was too dangerous, therefore she asked Luo Luo about Zhao Hai’s origin.

After Luo Luo finished talking, Luo Ying nodded and said, “So that’s how it is. I didn’t think that Mister would have so many status in the Human lands. It looks like mister would become our race’s most solid ally. Having an ally like him would be a great boon for our race.

Luo Luo nodded and said, “The Queen said the same thing. General will the war end soon now that Mister Zhao Hai is here?”

Luo Ying forced a smile and said, “Silly Luo Luo, how could it be that easy, do you really think that the Sea Dragons would be that weak? Also, it seems like the Sea Dragons have gained help from the Humans and Dragons of the continent. If that really is the case, then it would be possible for them to have Light Dragons and people of the Radiant Church among them. Both of those entities are well versed in Light magic. And light magic is the nemesis of dark magic. Mister Zhao Hai’s means would be limited because of that.”

The Fishmen had their own intelligence network in the continent, therefore they also had some understanding about Dark Mages. So it wouldn’t be strange for them to know that light magic was the bane of Dark Mages. But what Luo Ying didn’t know was the fact that Zhao Hai was different from any Dark Mage. General Dark Mages might be afraid of light magic, but Zhao Hai didn’t care much of it.

When Luo Luo heard Luo Ying, her expression couldn’t help but change. Then she said, “What should we do? General, we can defeat the Sea Dragons, right?”

Luo Ying looked at Luo Luo and then smiled faintly, “Of course we can defeat the Sea Dragons. Don’t worry about it. This time, the Sea Dragons just got some helpers. If mister Zhao Hai can help us hold them off for a while, then we can get the strength to wipe them out in one go.”

Luo Ying was just saying this to comfort Luo Luo. However, what she said also held some truth. The Mermaid family had ruled the Fishman Race for a very long time, and from that alone, their background was quite strong. The reason why the Mermaids became like this was because they had been caught off guard. As long as the Mermaids had time, and were able to gather their strength, then they would be able to deal with the Sea Dragons. It was just that the Mermaids would still have to pay a heavy price.

When Luo Luo heard Luo Ying, she couldn’t help but feel relaxed. Seeing Luo Luo’s appearance, Luo Ying couldn’t help but faintly smile. She couldn’t blame Luo Luo, after all, she was still young and still hadn’t seen the big world. She hasn’t even gone to a real battlefield. Therefore, this response from Luo Luo was quite normal.

At this time, Dashan arrived, he gave a salute to Luo Ying and said, “General, Mister Zhao Hai has processed the corpses. Currently, he is inside his blade scale whale, resting.”

Luo Ying nodded, then she turned to Luo Luo and said, “How is the space inside the Blade Scale Whale? If it isn’t any good, I can arrange a room for mister Zhao Hai to rest here.”

Luo Luo smiled and said, “General, you don’t know, but the inside of the blade scale whale is very comfortable. It had several rooms in it, a living room, bathroom, and even a place where one can see outside. It was a great place.”

As soon as she heard Luo Luo, Luo Ying became surprised. She looked at Luo Luo and said, “Really? It seems like the level of mister’s dark magic isn’t low.”

Luo Luo nodded and said, “Mister is very strong. His wives aren’t simple either. I can see that mister places great importance to his wives’ opinion whenever they discuss something. Moreover, their relationship is very good. Mister’s wives are very harmonious with each other. They’ve become friends with our sisters back at mermaid island as well.”


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  1. Just so you know: Even if their limbs were to be decapitated, they could still perform their attacks. Who wouldn’t be afraid of seeing something like that attacking them?

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  2. Wtf happened ? Did te just pretend his undead are 6th rank or something ? If te were using their already revealed strenght (he made them use battleki of the 8th rank um front of others before) his 500k undead should’ve been able to kill at lead 5million. They killing 600k is almost 1:1 ratio, etc?

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