BTFTLIAW – Chapter 620

Chapter 620 – Cone Attack

When Zhao Hai saw the Mermaids, he couldn’t help but stare. The Mermaids that he saw before were either wearing shells or a long seaweed gown. He wasn’t able to see them wearing any other clothing. Laura and the others also asked the Mermaids about the reason why they don’t wear much clothing. The reason was because not wearing anything made them feel the water element much easier. For their cultivation, this was something very good.

But these Mermaids that just came out of the Azure Dragon Snail wore something that Zhao Hai had not seen before. They were all on full body armor, they also had a Magic Staff on their hands.

The armor of these Mermaids seem to be made out of shells and bones of magic beasts. It was dark blue and looked very beautiful. It also had a helmet that made the originally sweet and pretty Mermaids look very heroic.

The Magic Staff on their hands looked very special as well, it was probably made out of crystals. It was a translucent carving that glittered from time to time. At the same time, it also looked quite tough, it might be even possible to use it as a weapon.

Zhao Hai looked at these Mermaids and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. These Mermaids are really unique. Not only are they born with an innate affinity for water, they are also innately Water Mages. Moreover, they can also control marine beasts while also having very strong physical strength that was enough to be a threat. They were almost perfect beings.

After the Mermaids blocked Zhao Hai’s group, they inspected them first before they gave the two a bow and said, “The General is already waiting for Captain Dashan and Mister Zhao Hai. Please follow us.”

Zhao Hai and Dashan nodded, and then swam towards the Azure Dragon Snail. The space inside the snail was not small, however, Zhao Hai and Dashan’s mounts weren’t allowed to enter. It seems like it would be difficult for them to make a turn inside.

Zhao Hai turned to Luo Luo and the others and then said, “The space here is not so big, so I need to collect the Blade Scale Whale. Luo Luo, you can swim by yourself. You guys, come with me.”

Laura and the others nodded and then gathered to Zhao Hai’s side. Then Zhao Hai wielded his staff as a giant bubble surrounded them. After that, Zhao Hai collected the Blade Scale Whale.

Now that the Blade Scale Whale has been collected, the space inside the snail had gotten much bigger. Luo Luo swam towards the other Mermaids and gave them a salute before calling them sisters. The warrior Mermaids also returned Luo Luo’s gesture, none of them looked down on her.

Dashan also dismounted from his whale. After that, the group went towards the Azure Dragon Snail and then entered it. After a while, they came into a hall which was made out of animal bones and aquatic plants. The floor as well as some chairs and tables were made out of either bone or wood. All of it was arranged to look like a warrior’s hall.

But what made Zhao Hai surprised was the fact that there wasn’t a drop of water in this hall. On the innermost part of the hall was a couch, the couch looked like a small bed. And a Mermaid warrior was lying on this couch.

When Zhao Hai’s group entered the hall, Dashan and Luo Luo simultaneously bowed towards the Mermaid warrior, “This one has seen General Luo Ying.”

Luo Ying looked up to Luo Luo and the others before nodding. Zhao Hai also led Laura and the others and said, “Zhao Hai has seen General Luo Ying”

Luo Ying stood up and then returned Zhao Hai’s gesture, “Luo Ying has seen Mister Zhao Hai. Our Mermaid clan is deeply grateful for Mister Zhao Hai’s assistance.” Her voice sounded somewhat chilly. Although she had the same attractive features as the other mermaids, she seems quite different. The Queen had an aura of elegance and maturity, Luo Luo gave out an aura of energy, like a beauty under sunlight. But this General appeared somewhat chilly, she was like a beauty that also held a martial aura.

After exchanging greetings, Luo Ying asked Zhao Hai and the others to sit down. Then Luo Ying turned to Dashan and said, “You came just in time. The Sea Dragons have been increasing the intensity of their attacks these past few days. Moreover, they seemed to have a lot of experts that were helping them, causing us heavy losses. At this moment, the defense army has been reduced to four million troops. It’s fortunate that you came in order to supplement the losses.”

Dashan became shocked, “The Sea Dragons had help? Who?”

Luo Ying shook her head, then her brows wrinkled as she said, “I don’t know yet. But they don’t seem to be Fishmen. They have been using Dragon Beads in order to repel water.”

Zhao Hai looked puzzled at Luo Ying and said, “General, can you tell me what these water repelling Dragon Beads are? I’m quite curious about them.”

Luo Ying wasn’t planning on hiding anything from Zhao Hai. So she nodded and then pointed to two gems in front her her and said, “These are Dragon Beads. They are something made from the eyes of Sea Dragons. No matter how deep you are, once you have one of these in your body, a shield would surround you. This would repel the surrounding water while at the same time, allowing you to breath naturally. But since Sea Dragons get buried as soon as they die, these Dragon Beads weren’t very common.”

Zhao Hai turned his attention towards the two blue beads. These beads don’t look like eyes. They were as big as one’s fist and looked just like two ordinary gems.

Luo Ying looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and said, “After Sea Dragons die, their eyes would slowly contract before turning into this appearance. These Dragon Beads have been used by the Sea Dragon’s helpers in order to give up huge losses. All of them were very strong moreover, there seems to be a lot of them. I suspect that after Sea Dragons die,  their kinsmen would get their beads to use in times like these.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Luo Ying and said, “General, why haven’t they attacked today?”

Luo Ying shook her head and said, “They’ve already attacked once but then drew back. I believe they would attack again soon.” Then after she said that, a rumbling sound was then heard from outside.

Luo Ying’s face changed as she said, “They’re attacking!” Then she waved her hand as a water curtain appeared on the hall. The water curtain rippled before it showed the situation outside. But compared to Zhao Hai’s monitor, the curtain was somewhat unclear, it was quite blurry.

However, this was still enough to surprise Zhao Hai and the others. This was the first time that they had seen someone else use a kind of magic that was similar to the monitor. If they knew about this magic before, they might already have a reason to use the monitor outside.

Although they have been surprised, Zhao Hai still kept his focus on the image that was on the curtain. They were attracted to the the fight that was about to happen.

They saw an army approaching from the opposite side. But the formation of this army was very strange. It looked like a huge cone and was constantly rotating. The tip of this cone was a big Fishman. The person had white skin and was about 5 meters tall. He had a large bone spear on his hand while having two large fins on his side and a large one behind him. He had a big bald head and was opening his mouth, revealing a row of sharp teeth. He looked like a terrifying monster that would inflict fear on anyone.

At this time, Luo Ying opened her mouth and said, “They’re using the cone formation this time. The one top the lead is a shark, a famous warrior named Sha Meng. Although this person is only 8th rank, his innate talent in weapons is terrifying. Moreover, he has a strong resistance towards magic. He is very difficult to deal with. In the ten times that they had attacked, 6 of them has him in the lead.”

Then Zhao Hai saw that the defenders have also changed. Their formation had become similar to a swirling vortex. The center of the vortex was facing the tip of the cone. Once the cone stabbed into the vortex, the whole thing immediately released blood. The surrounding seas have been turned red.

At this moment, Dashan stood up, he bowed to Luo Ying and said, “General, let me join the fight. That Sha Meng has been quite fierce!” Dashan was also a famous warrior among the Whales. The Whales have always been stronger than the Sharks. So when he saw how that Sha Meng was being fierce, Dashan couldn’t help but get the itch to fight.

But Luo Ying shook her head and said, “Don’t worry, someone would be able to repel Sha Meng. You just arrived, so you needed rest. This time is just a probing attack, in a while, they would retreat.”

Dashan sat down, but his eyes still showed his stubbornness as he stared at the water curtain. Although the image on the water curtain was clouded by blood, Dashan still kept staring, as though Sha Meng might come out of it any second.

Sure enough, just as Luo Ying said, this was just a probing attack. Before long, the opposite party had started to draw back, with the rear guard personally led by Sha Meng. After the confrontation, Sha Meng didn’t look tired, in fact, he even had the look of excitement.

Seeing the opposite side retreat, Luo Ying took down the water curtain before she turned to Zhao Hai and Dashan before saying, “This attack happens every day for several times. Since this time is only a probe, the next one would be more violent.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “General, can I head out first while it is still convenient to refine those corpses?”

When Luo Ying heard this, she couldn’t help but look deeply at Zhao Hai. Then she nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go.” After that, she took the lead as she stood up and went out.

Upon exiting the Azure Dragon Snail, Zhao Hai immediately summoned his Blade Scale Whale. He tried to invite Luo Ying inside the whale but she snorted before she called a huge seahorse over from the snail. When the seahorse came over, Luo Ying immediately rode it and had it slowly swim towards Zhao Hai’s whale. At the same time, Dashan also rode his mount and went to the other side of Zhao Hai’s whale.

The other Mermaid warriors also called their mounts over and followed behind Luo Ying. Their mounts were also seahorses, and they were all well trained. These seahorses were green and had occasional blue spots on their bodies, their height exceeded five meters. Contrary to what Zhao Hai expected, these seahorses didn’t hop around. They moved stably when they move forward, moreover, they were also quite fast.


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