BTFTLIAW – Chapter 619

Chapter 619 – Azure Dragon Battle Snail

When Zhao Hai arrived at the frontline, he was stunned. He wasn’t expecting the frontline to be like this.

The way the Fishmen set-up their defensive line was completely different from the Humans. A Human’s defensive line would have to be a castle or some kind of wall or so on. But the Fishmen’s defensive line was a completely different thing. There were no structures present whatsoever. The place can only be described as extremely clean. It was a place that was unusually clean for a place where slaughter would happen constantly.

Zhao Hai looked around and sure enough, he couldn’t see an army on the left and right sides of the defensive line. Only in the middle, about a thousand miles away, was an army of Fishmen. They didn’t have any camps and were just arranged in a square matrix pattern. These squares would comprise of people of the same tribe. There were nearly a thousand squares in this area.

These squares were all three dimensional. Some were close to the surface while some were close to the bottom of the sea. There were cubes all around, it would make someone stare for a long time.

After Zhao Hai and the others arrived, they didn’t immediately join the defense army. Instead, they stopped at a distance before the defensive line. Zhao Hai knew that this was due to Dashan. If they joined the defense army, they might disrupt their present formation. And breaking a defensive formation was not something to joke about.

After the reinforcing army stopped, Dashan went towards Zhao Hai’s Blade Scale Whale. Zhao Hai was now aware of the benefits of being a Dark Mage. It was the fact that nobody dared to bother you. The more than 2 million troops, from the beginning until now, had stayed far away from Zhao Hai’s Blade Scale Whale. One could even clearly see that they would take an effort to circumvent the Blade Scale Whale whenever the fishmen passed by it.

Regarding this situation, Zhao Hai can only bitterly smile. There was no other way around this. The ways of a Dark Mage were really strange, too strange that it would inflict fear on those around them.

Seeing Dashan approaching him, Zhao Hai immediately went towards the mouth of the whale. When he reached the mouth, Zhao Hai used water magic to keep the water from coming in before he had the whale open its mouth.

After some time, Dashan had finally arrived and saw that Zhao Hai was already standing there. He immediately gave Zhao Hai a bow and said, “I’ve seen mister Zhao Hai. I ask mister Zhao Hai to join me in meeting General Luo Ying.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, please take the lead, Captain.” Dashan nodded and then turned his mount towards a large fishman formation.

Zhao Hai commanded the Blade Scale Whale to follow Dashan. There were nobody else beside Dashan, he was completely alone. Zhao Hai did the same as well, he only had the Blade Scale Whale appear while collecting all other undead. He didn’t want a large group of undead to unnecessarily swim all around the place.

Before long, the two of them entered the large formation. Upon entering, Zhao Hai had come across some Fishmen that he hasn’t seen before. And all of them had eyes curiously looking at Zhao Hai while Zhao Hai also looked at them curiously.

It didn’t take a long time before they reached the core of the entire formation. Most importantly, the core of the formation was also the place where the commander of the army was. While Zhao Hai was still far away, his gaze couldn’t help but freeze. In the middle of this large formation was something that made him gawk, it was very enormous conch!

The conch was very enormous, it was nearly 100 meters high, even city walls can only be 30 meters high. This conch was azure, And the patterns on its body looked just like a coiling dragon.

Upon seeing this conch, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but gawk. This was because he knew what which being this conch belonged to. It was from the extremely famous Azure Dragon Snail!

Azure Dragon Snails weren’t only famous among the Fishmen, even the Humans were in awe of such a being. This snail had two points of importance, first was its defensive capability, and the other was its very formidable support Water Magic.

This Azure Dragon Snail doesn’t grow up easily either. It would grow by about 1 meter every ten years. For such an Azure Dragon Snail to reach this big, it should have been living for more than a millenium. If one places this in the continent, it would undoubtedly become an extremely priceless treasure. Even the Fishmen would see this Snail’s value as immeasurable.

Laura and the others were at Zhao Hai’s side, looking dumbfoundedly on this incomparably huge Azure Dragon Snail. They didn’t think that there would be an Azure Dragon Snail this big. One must know that even a young Azure Dragon Snail would be able to block a 9th rank experts attach, showing how strong their defensive capabilities were. And as long as you have an Azure Dragon Snail, your Water Magics would be improved by 300%. Naturally, this support magic was something extremely terrifying in battle.

Even more so with this thousand year old Azure Dragon Snail, its abilities should be endless at this point. This snail could maybe even resist the attacks of several 9th rank experts for quite a long time.

This Azure Dragon Snail was itself a 9th rank magic beast. But for this magic beast, its courage was extremely small. Even a hundred year old 9th rank Azure Dragon Snail would still be afraid of any 8th rank magic beast.

The food of Azure Dragon Snails were also very special. They can only eat one type of seaweed and it was a type of seaweed that was very scarce. Because of this, the population of Azure Dragon Snails was extremely small. In the entire ocean, there might only be one or two more Azure Dragon Snails of this size.

Luo Luo looked at their expressions and couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride, with a proud voice she said, “This is our Mermaid clan’s special Battle Snail. After generations of refining, this Azure Dragon Snail can block and counter the attacks of six 9th rank experts. For out counter attack against the Sea Dragons, Her Majesty has allowed General Luo Ying to use this Azure Dragon Snail.”

It was at this point that Zhao Hai and the others had recovered, the group couldn’t help but inhale cold air. This Azure Dragon Snail was unexpectedly very formidable, they didn’t expect it to be able to withstand the attacks of six 9th rank experts. One must know that it can’t only block, it can retaliate as well. This meant that the power of this snail was more or less equivalent to six 9th rank experts. It was really astonishing.

Most importantly, Luo Luo had mentioned something peculiar. The snail was actually refined by the Mermaids for generations. Does this mean that this Azure Dragon Snail was a product of refining? This information alone is worth the shock.

Fishmen lived their whole lives underwater, this meant that they had close to zero chances of using fire. But it was general knowledge that refinement involved fire of some sort. How could the Mermaid clan use fire to refine this Azure Dragon Snail? This was inconceivable.

After seeing the reactions of Zhao Hai and the others, Luo Luo couldn’t help but chuckle as she added, “Is mister surprised by the fact that our Mermaid clan was able to do refining? In fact, this was largely due to a great Queen from 3000 years ago. This Queen was a 9th rank expert herself, but she was much more interested in crafting. After years of experimentation, she finally invented a way to refine using water. It was a way of refining that uses fire, not water, in order to process the materials. This refining process was very effective as well. Our Mermaid clan’s goods might not be as good as the Dwarves, but we can claim that we aren’t much worse than those made by the Human Race.”

Zhao Hai and the others stared at Luo Luo, this was the first time that they had heard of such a thing. Can someone really use water to refine? That is incredible!

At the same time, Zhao Hai had developed full respect towards that great Queen. Zhao Hai knew that water refinement was completely different from using fire to refine. For that Great Queen to invent this method was a very great feat. If the continent was to learn this, the whole refining theory would be completely turned upside down.

Luo Luo looked at Zhao Hai and said, “We Fishmen can also find some metals underwater. Additionally, there are also beast bones as well as precious stones and special seaweeds. These things can all be refined into weapons of other things. The trident that Dashan uses was made from refining beast bones and precious stones. Not only is its hardness on par with metals, it is also quite tough. Most importantly, it also couldn’t be corroded easily. Those kinds of weapons are the most suitable for the Fishmen.”


Zhao Hai nodded, then he couldn’t bear but sigh, “That Great Queen was really talented. Only a genius could come up with such a method.”

Luo Luo proudly nodded, but her expression turned gloomy as she said, “However, this water refining also has a lot of limitations. It’s output is quite limited since not all Fishman can use it. The ones who could use this method are only those who belong to my Mermaid Race. Because of that, the amount of people we had given good weapons only number in the few.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he thought that it was reasonable. If this water refining method had no limitations, then the strength of the whole Fishmen Race would certainly increase explosively. The sea was a whole mass of water. If all the Fishmen were to use this Water Refining method, then wouldn’t he ocean become a huge weapon processing factory?

Luo Luo then said, “Millenniums ago, our Mermaid Clan has obtained this Azure Dragon Snail. At that time, the Snail was already dead, only leaving this huge conch behind. After we brought the conch to Mermaid Island, the Queen immediately refined it along with numerous other Mermaids. And after refining this conch for several hundred years, it became like this. At this point, the strength of this Azure Dragon Snail had reached great heights.”

Zhao Hai sighed once again, he was truly amazed this time. Although the Buda Clan had become very strong, it still lacked so much history compared to thousand year old forces. This history had truly shown its might at this moment.

The Mermaid clan was able to make this powerful conch largely due to their hundreds of years of refining. This was something that the Buda Clan would never have, they didn’t have such a deep history.

At this time, Zhao Hai and Dashan were not in front of the battle snail. When they were close, they could see how extraordinary this snail was. The draconic image on the snail seems to be able to fly into the skies at any time. And if one looks closely, one would find that there was some metallic sheen to it. This showed how hard it was.

When Zhao Hai’s group got close to the snail, several Mermaids swam out of it and blocked them from proceeding.


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