BTFTLIAW – Chapter 617

Chapter 617 – The Army Departs

When Luo Luo heard the Queen, her face couldn’t help but change, “Your Majesty, is that true? Did Mister Zhao Hai really turn hundreds of thousands of Aksu Empire soldiers into undead in one night? Then isn’t he a bad person? Why would the people on the continent only call him vicious and merciless?”

The Queen forced a smile and said, “People in the continent don’t differ to much with the Fishmen, they also respect strength. Mister Zhao Hai is strong, so nobody dared to offend him. Besides, mister Zhao Hai didn’t kill the Aksu Empire soldiers with no reason at all. The Aksu Empire had sent those soldiers to Mister Zhao Hai’s territory, claiming that they owned the land. Because of that, Mister Zhao Hai had no choice but be impolite.”

Luo Luo frowned and said, “Even so, mister Zhao Hai is too cold hearted. Why does he have to kill those hundreds of thousands of people?”

The Queen smiled bitterly and said, “If mister Zhao Hai didn’t kill them, then he wouldn’t have reached his current height. You should have heard mister Zhao Hai’s purpose in coming here. The entire Ark Continent’s future is at risk, he even went to the Northern Icefields personally in order to retrieve the Beastmen’s Beast God’s Spear. Such a person cannot be said to be cold hearted. He’s someone who would not forgive his enemies while also be the one who would shelter his allies. His ideals are that simple.”

When she heard the Queen, Luo Luo couldn’t help but nod. It was not only the others, their Mermaid clan respects strength as well. Protecting allies and suppressing enemies was a very simple ideology in this world. Even in the Fishmen this idea is found every day. It wasn’t anything strange.

The Queen gave a sigh and said, “In fact, the Sea Dragons were doing this as well. The Sharks and Electric Eels had become their close allies while they suppressed those who wouldn’t side with them. It was just unfortunate that we were too loose with our surveillance. We weren’t able to discover their ambitions in time.”

Luo Luo also sighed, because their business dealings with the continent was short, their commodities had become scarce. Because of this, the Mermaids had decided to establish the Sea God’s Merchant Union and bought what they need from the Humans. Because the Mermaids were too focused on this matter, they were unable to see the moves done by the Sea Dragons. By the time they had found out, it was already too late.”

Because the Mermaids had concentrated on business, the Sea Dragons had used the opportunity to revolt, catching the Mermaids off guard. But it was fortunate that they now had a strong ally that was Zhao Hai. The Sea Dragons wouldn’t be living greatly this time.

The Queen turned to Luo Luo and said, “Luo Luo, in two days, Mister Zhao Hai will go along with the others to head towards the frontlines. You should go with them as well. Although mister Zhao Hai is strong, he is still unfamiliar with the Fishman Race. You must help him with this aspect. It would be best if we defeat the Sea Dragons in one fell swoop. But even if we cannot, at the very least, push them into a defensive position. Understand?”

Luo Luo nodded and said, “I understand, Your Majesty.”

The Queen nodded and said, “What are mister Zhao Hai’s wives doing now? Are they doing fine? Remember to make ties with those women. Mister Zhao Hai’s strength is formidable, and he is a famous merchant as well. It would be good for us to have a good relationship with him. Moreover, his wives also held great influence in the continent, don’t offend them.”

Luo Luo smiled and said, “Your Majesty, feel relieved. Mister Zhao Hai’s wives have been doing very well. They are very friendly and have also been very good friends with our sisters.”

The Queen smiled and then said, “Then that’s good. This matter might be our Fishman Race’s opportunity. If we can cooperate with Mister Zhao Hai, then perhaps we can openly do business with the Humans later on. After all, the Radiant Church’s influence had waned in the continent. Alright, go prepare yourself, Luo Luo. You still have to follow mister Zhao Hai in two days.” Luo Luo nodded and then bowed before turning around to leave.

Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space, looking at the monitor. The monitor had shown the conversation between the Queen and Luo Luo. The Queen’s words made Zhao Hai very surprised. He didn’t expect the Queen to have this much faith in him. But this was a good thing for Zhao Hai. Dealing with the Sea Dragons wasn’t a difficult matter. In fact, those hundred thousand marine beast undead were already enough to do it. After all, these undead are very high leveled.

After Luo Luo retreated, Zhao Hai changed the monitor to another place. Then, Zhao Hai sat quietly inside. This time, his trip to the Fishmen had brought him great profits. For the Mermaid Clan to be willing to be his allies was a good thing for Zhao Hai. At the same time, Zhao Hai had found out his assessment in the continent, Vicious and Ruthless!

“Vicious and Ruthless! Hehe, it seems like I embody those two words now.” Zhao Hai muttered in the living room.

Nothing happened for the rest of the day. However, there were still people who kept bringing all kinds of Magic Beasts to mermaid island. But this time, they had brought dead ones, not alive.

However, Zhao Hai was not very anxious in turning these into undead, at the same time, the Mermaids didn’t look for him. On the next day, Zhao Hai went down to turn those magic beasts into undead. Although there were still some Fishmen in the surroundings, their expressions weren’t curiosity anymore, but it was fear.

After staying for two days, the Fishman Army had finally been gathered. Although the Sea Dragons had 10 million troops, Zhao Hai was still shocked to see the reinforcements that was gathered by the Mermaid Clan. This was an army of no less than 2 million people!

Seeing these numbers made Zhao Hai numb. He became speechless about the population of the Fishmen. They had just casually recruited 2 million people. While a rebel can come up with hundreds upon thousands of troops.

Zhao Hai was somewhat happy. Fortunately, the Fishmen wouldn’t be able to survive on land for too long. Otherwise, the entire Continent might have already been seized by them.

This time, the Queen personally delivered Zhao Hai outside Mermaid Island. This made the other Fishmen shocked, they didn’t expect the Queen to have this high respect for Zhao Hai.

In fact those people had misunderstood the Queen this time. In addition to sending Zhao Hai out, she also wanted to gave an address to the troops. The one who would lead the troops this time was Dashan.

Dashan was Mermaid Island’s Guard Captain. But since the situation of the frontlines had become urgent, and in addition to Dashan having prior contact with Zhao Hai, the Queen decided to just send Dashan along with this army in order to cooperate with Zhao Hai much smoother.

The vowing ceremony of the Fishmen was the same as the Humans. The Queen told a few encouraging words before assigning Dashan as the commander of the army. But at this time, Zhao Hai was now inside the body of a Blade Scale Whale.

This whale was the one from Zhao Hai’s Space. He had turned this Blade Scale Whale into an undead that was the same as Alien. It’s build had given them the opportunity to make it into rooms. And since the Blade Scale Whale was bigger than Alien, its room inside was very big as well. Zhao Hai had a living room, bedroom, as well as a bath installed inside.

Naturally, these things were only there as decoration. Zhao Hai would spend most of his time inside the Space.

The Blade Scale Whale was completely preserved. The layer of skin outside has been preserved as well. However, its skin had been turned transparent. One could clearly see the outside while being inside the whale.

Most importantly, there was no water that can come into the whale, so there weren’t any seawater inside. At the same time, Zhao Hai can also use magic in order to ensure that they have ample amounts of air to breathe inside.

At this time, Zhao Hai was inside the whale along with Laura and the others. There was only one outsider inside, and it was the person who the Queen had sent in order to help Zhao Hai, the little mermaid Luo Luo.

The mermaids didn’t have their own unique mounts. However, they had a peculiar ability that nobody had. They can turn any marine beast into their own mount. Naturally, there were also some Mermaids who decided to raise their own beasts as their mounts, but those instances were rare.

The Queen told Zhao Hai that Luo Luo would be there to help him be familiar with the various Fishman races. But she wouldn’t interfere with Zhao Hai’s fight.

Actually, there was no need for the Queen to tell him since he already knew about Luo Luo. But he didn’t say anything and just politely invited Luo Luo inside the blade scale whale. He also prepared a room filled with sea water inside.

The reinforcement army slowly went towards the frontline. Although they had passed through some small tribes, these people were all under the rule of the Mermaids. Some small tribes even dispatched their members to aid the reinforcement army.

At the same time, there were also some Fishman tribes who would bring over some marine beast corpses. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t become polite as he made them into undead on the spot. There were also some beasts that the army had taken along the way, so they were also handed over to Zhao Hai.

Dashan had calculated that the amount of undead that Zhao Hai had made these days had now reached over five hundred thousand. Such quantity was astonishing, it was now a fourth the amount of the reinforcing army.

At this point, the shock and fear that Dashan held towards Zhao Hai had gradually turned numb. Even if Zhao Hai managed to turn all of the beasts in the ocean into undead, he wouldn’t be surprised anymore.

Although their number is huge, their advancement wasn’t slow. This was the sea, not the land, so the army doesn’t need to worry about terrain, grass, nor food. This was the ocean where there were too many kinds of low level magic beasts. These people cannot even finish eating their food, much less worry about it.