BTFTLIAW – Chapter 615

Chapter 615 – Curious Fishman Race

When the Queen heard Luo Luo, her expression couldn’t help but change, “So you’re saying that only after the war did the Sea Dragons came to existence? Did the Divine Race intended that in order to deal with us?”

Luo Luo shook her head and said, “You really can’t say that, after all, that was a long time ago. My speculations is that the Divine Race only got contact with the Sea Dragons recently, which prompted them to deal with us. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have waited for tens of thousands of years in order to revolt.”

The Queen nodded, “It would be impossible for the Sea Dragons to hold off on attacking us. However, we can still affirm that the Sea Dragons are a bunch of ungrateful bastards!”

Luo Luo also held anger in her expression. When she checked the records, she couldn’t help but get irritated the more she read on. These Sea Dragons were too shameless. The Mermaids had given them shelter but they still ended up rebelling.

Then the Queen coldly snorted and said, “Sea Dragon race, you just wait. Luo Luo, make sure that everything mister Zhao Hai needs gets fulfilled. Maybe he can change the flow of this war.”

Luo Luo nodded before turning around to leave. The Queen coldly snorted and then mumbled, “Sea Dragon Race, good, good. You actually think that you can rule the entire Ark Continent?”

When Zhao Hai and the others returned to their room, Laura looked at Zhao Hai in confusion and said, “Brother Hai, what just happened? Why did you suddenly became arrogant?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “In any business, expressing your power is the one of the most important things. Don’t forget that we had formed an alliance with the Mermaid clan. And since we are now allies, we need to see ourselves as equals. If we show our weakness, then they would lose confidence in us.” Then Zhao Hai opened the monitor and played the video of Luo Luo and the Queen’s meeting.

After listening to the Queen and Luo Luo, the face of Zhao Hai and the others couldn’t help but turn ugly. They didn’t think that the Sea Dragons would actually have such a history with the Fishmen. If they were indeed a chess piece of the Divine Race, then the Divine Race was too terrifying.

Laura looked at the monitor before turning to Zhao Hai, “Brother Hai, do you think that the Sea Dragons were intentionally placed there by the Divine Race?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. If they were, then they wouldn’t have waited for so long. Then when the Radiant Church was its most formidable, they would’ve already cooperated and conquered the entire continent.”

Laura and the others nodded, then Zhao Hai sighed and said, “But no matter what, we must deal with the Sea Dragons. When the time comes, we can just interrogate the Sea Dragons, then we can uncover the truth.”

Laura and the others nodded again. Then Zhao Hai change the scene of the monitor, showing the preparations of the Fishmen.

At this time, the places nearby the small island had become very busy. People of the Whale tribe and the Swordfish tribe have been sent out to grab all of the wild magic beasts on the surrounding waters. Moreover, the Queen had also sent another command making all of the other Fishmen to go full scale in their capture of beasts and had all of them sent to the island.

Zhao Hai was very calm when he saw the strength of the Fishmen. In just one day, they had actually managed to have 100 thousand beasts sent to the island.

For them to only take one day to collect 100 thousand beasts and had them sent to the island was terrifying. There were already a lot of magic beasts that were captured. However, Zhao Hai didn’t appear, the Queen didn’t send word to him either.

The next morning, after having their breakfast, Lola arrived and invited Zhao Hao over to the Great Hall. Besides the Queen, Luo Luo was present as well. But Luo Luo looked just like an ordinary servant right now, with her head lowered in obedience. Besides Luo Luo, there were also a Turtle Fishman and Whale Fishman present.

Zhao Hai felt strange, how could this Whale Fishman able to appear in the Great Hall. With their bodies, it was impossible for them to go up using the stone pillars. They may have other ways to come in. Zhao Hao decided to ask Cai’er about this later.

Upon seeing Zhao Hai arrive, the Queen nodded and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, come. Let me introduce you to the captain of the island guards, the Whale Fishman Dashan and the guard commander, the Turtle Fishman Jintai.”

Zhao Hai looked at these two and identified them. The Whale was the one who escorted him to the island while the Turtle was the one who brought them up to the palace.

Zhao Hai bowed to the two and then said, “Nice to meet you. This Zhao Hai thanks the two of you for delivering me here.”

They also returned Zhao Hai’s courtesy, but didn’t dare to utter a word. Then they returned to stand by the Queen’s side. The Queen then turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, we’ve already collected 100 thousand magic beasts. Please have a look at them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll be heading there now. Your Majesty, please allow this one to excuse himself first.”

The Queen nodded as she waved her hand and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble mister. Dashan, Jintai, make sure to take care of mister Zhao Hai’s every single need.” Then the two issued their agreement before giving the Queen a bow and then leaving the Hall along with Zhao Hai.

When they got out, the turtles were already prepared for them. Zhao Hai and the others then stepped on top of the turtles before they jumped down from the pool and then disappeared.

Zhao Hai didn’t have time to pay attention to anything right now. When the turtles entered the mounds, Zhao Hai felt that he was riding on a roller coaster. And the speed was much much more than back on Earth.

This was the first time that Laura and the others had experience this, so they couldn’t help but scream. But since they were already 9th rank experts, it only took them a while before they calmed down.

Back when they were heading up, Zhao Hai reckoned that they had taken about an hour. But now that they were going down, it only took them a few minutes to do so. In a blink of an eye, they were already on the sea’s surface.

Zhao Hai turned his head to look at Laura and the others. He wanted to see if they were frightened. But when he saw their expressions, Zhao Hai felt relief. Although Laura and the others had been scared, their current expressions revealed their enjoyment.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He actually felt that women were strange beings, they were too full of contradictions. They liked delicious food, but they were also afraid to get fat. They think that roller coasters were scary, but only to end up enjoying the ride.

Zhao Hai shook his head as he forced a smile before he turned to Jintai and said, “Commander Jintai, please take me to see those magic beasts.”

Jintai turned his head and smiled faintly, “I’ll have to be unfair to mister Zhao Hai. I cannot stay in this place for too long because of my duties. However, Dashan will come here and lead you to the place.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at Jintai and said, “Thank you commander. But Commander Jintai, how would be be able to enter and exit this place?”

Jintai smiled and said, “Mister doesn’t need to worry. The Queen herself sent word that Mister and your wives are free to move in the Mermaid territory. Nobody will restrict your freedom.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright. Then I’ll have to thank Her Majesty. My wives are very curious about this place. Even I am compelled to look around.”

Jintai smiled, “Then Mister is very welcome here. The Mermaid domain is very beautiful. Moreover, the Royal tribe is very hospitable. I believe that they would quickly become friends with your wives.” Then after he said this, a huge bulge suddenly appeared on the sea’s surface. Then Dashan’s mountainous figure suddenly appeared.

After Dashan appeared, he immediately gave Zhao Hai a bow and said, “Mister, please come with me. I’ll go lead you to see the magic beasts.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he rode on Dashan’s whale mount. When Laura and the others were about to board, Zhao Hai smiled to them and said, “You go play in the meantime. I won’t be long.”

When they heard Zhao Hai, the women couldn’t help but stare before their eyes suddenly lit up. “Can we really play? Good, Fantastic!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then turned to Jintai and said, “Commander Jintai I will have to trouble you, I will certainly come back soon.”

Jintai smiled faintly and said, “Mister can rest assured” Then Zhao Hai gave Jintai a bow before he turned to Dashan and said, “Captain Dashan, let’s go.” Dashan nodded, then he commanded his mount to move towards an island.

Soon after Zhao Hai left the Mermaid island, he had arrived at a nearby island where a large number of Fishmen were present. These Fishmen had brought a lot of magic beasts. These beasts were all alive, some of them were wild while some were struggling.

When Zhao Hai saw this scene, he couldn’t help but stare. He turned his head to Dashan and said, “Captain Dashan, dead beasts are fine. Even if they are alive, they would still end up dead in my hands. I need them to be dead before I can turn them to undead.”

When Dashan heard Zhao Hai, he nodded and then said, “Alright, mister, please wait a bit.” Then Dashan turned his head to the Fishmen and said, “Kill those magic beasts, and then you can leave.”

The Fishmen gawked, but they still obeyed. They pulled out all kinds of weapons and killed all of the magic beasts that they’ve brought.[1]

However, after killing these magic beasts, the Fishmen didn’t leave. Every one of them looked curiously at Zhao Hai. Seeing their appearances, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he changed his thinking and understood what was going on. These Fishmen might be aware of what he was about to do. They haven’t seen a Dark Mage make undead before, therefore, they were curious to see what it looked like.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. He looked at the 100 thousand magic beasts piled in front of him. Moreover, since some of these magic beasts were quite big, the pile looked just like a hill. Zhao Hai pulled out his Blood Ghost Staff before he muttered some fake incantations. Then he waved his staff as a black gas appeared and surrounded the pile of Magic Beasts. The Fishmen looked at the mass of black gas as it enveloped the pile of beasts.

Before long, the black gas had vanished. But what the Fishmen saw after was something that made them scream out in alarm!

  1. PETA would like to have a word.


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