BTFTLIAW – Chapter 614

Chapter 614 – Arrogant? I Have Strength!

Although they were in a hostile relationship, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but admire the Divine Race. For them to hide everything for such a long time was a testament to how patient they were.

However, this also made Zhao Hai pay much more attention to them. The Divine Race can completely turn the entire Ark Continent over along with the Radiant Church. Such a race was notable, and Zhao Hai couldn’t help but refrain from being careless.

Laura coldly snorted and said, “Brother Hai, then what do we do? When we extinguish the Sea Dragons, then would we be looking for trouble with the Dragons in Accra Mountains?” She was afraid that the continent would find out that Zhao Hai had the guts to offend the Dragons. In the continent, Dragons were the symbols of invincibility. Nobody dared to go and purposefully offend them.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry. First, we deal with the Sea Dragons, and then we go to Flame Island and see what’s going on there. Maybe we can get some benefits along the way. After that, we’ll go deal with the dragons. But since there are quite strong, we need to get ready. Right Laura, you and the others are now 9th rank experts. But you don’t have your own mounts. Maybe we can get you some dragons to ride in Accra Mountains.”

Laura snorted, “I don’t want them. What do those stupid dragons do that a 9th rank Blood Hawk can’t? I’d rather use the Blood Hawks as a mount.”

Zhao Hai and the others laughed. If other people in the continent were to hear Laura, hey would certainly laugh. She actually denied the chance to have a dragon as a mount. That’s an absurd idea.

After some time, the group gradually calmed down. Then Megan turned her head towards Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, will you start making undead tomorrow? Your undeads are now 9th rank, what form do you want them to look like?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “This is truly tricky to deal with. We can just let those undead retain their forms when they fight, but we’ll have them deliberately get injured or play dead. Naturally, those are just make believe. Once they reach a certain amount of damage, we can receive them into the Space. We can use this method as a cover up. Also, the Queen was also aware of the strength of my undead, so she wouldn’t suspect too much upon seeing them fight.”

Lizzy nodded and said, “From what I can hear from the Queen, she seems to be sincere in her move to ally with us. In this case, it would be more advantageous for her if Brother Hai is stronger than she expected. I think she wouldn’t just betray you.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “in fact, there’s really no need to be careful about the Fishmen. Although they had the Sea God’s Merchant Union and can contact with the continent, they have always been mysterious and can only be rarely be spotted. Their contact with the other powers can only be said to be miniscule. So I believe that they won’t say anything. The other Fishman tribes are also less likely to talk, after all, they don’t get in contact with the humans. Because of that I believe that what we do here won’t be revealed to the Humans back in the continent.”

Lizzy shook her head and said, “But we still need to be careful. Even if the Fishmen wouldn’t talk, what about the Sea Dragons? They might use the other Dragons to expose us.”

Laura also nodded and said, “Brother Hai, we do need to be much more careful.” Zhao Hai nodded and didn’t say anything more. Laura and the others didn’t say anything as well as they went back to the Space and started to prepare.

Although the Queen didn’t invite Zhao Hai over for a meal, she still had people send him a beautiful array of dishes. The variety seafoods present were more than what Zhao Hai had eaten before. This made Zhao Hai and the others satisfied with their meal.

The next morning, after Zhao Hai and the others ate the Breakfast that Lola had given them, Lola gave them word that the Queen was inviting them over. Then Zhao Hai and the others went with Lola to the Great Hall in order to meet with the Queen.

The Queen was sat in the same position as when Zhao Hai had met her yesterday. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, the Queen couldn’t help but smile faintly and said, “Mister, come and take a seat.” Zhao Hai then noticed that there were several chairs in the Great Hall today. It seems like these were specially prepared for them.

After Zhao Hai and the others expressed their gratitude and sat on the chairs, the Queen said, “How many undead can mister summon? How many beasts do we need to acquire?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “As many beasts as you can find, the more the better. Right, Your Majesty, how many people had followed the Sea Dragons’ rebellion? How much people do they have?”

The Queen forced a smile and said, “There are a lot of tribes that decided to join the Sea Dragons, I don’t know how many they are. But there were a lot of small races that were absorbed into their army. I’m afraid that the current army of the Sea Dragons numbers at about more than ten million.”

Although he knew that the seas was big and there were a lot of beings in here, Zhao Hai still couldn’t help but breath some cold air upon hearing the number of the opposite party. Now he understood why the Sea Dragons decided to act against the Mermaids. If the Mermaids were dealt with, the Sea Dragons would have full hegemony of the seas. When the time comes, they can amass their army and coordinate with the Radiant Church. At that time, it wouldn’t be impossible to conquer the entire continent.

Moreover, the Fishmen also had an advantage. Although they can’t stay on land for too long, one shouldn’t forget that they can just retreat to the seas whenever they get defeated. The sea is their domain and no army of the continent was able to contend with them there. That would be equivalent to the Fishmen having bases right beside Human territories.

If this was really the case, then the Divine Race can definitely depend on them and fight a battle of attrition with the major races in the continent. At that time, even if they don’t send a God-ranked expert and just sent down an army of 9th ranks, they can still defeat the races of the continent. After all, the population of the continent was greatly fewer than the people of the sea. Moreover, they still had the Dragons in Accra Mountains as well as the Radiant Church.

Thinking about this made Zhao Hai coldly sweat. If he didn’t come to see the Fishmen at this time, then he would really be in trouble. It was good that he came just in time to deal with the Sea Dragons, solving the issue with the Fishmen.

The Queen saw that Zhao Hai’s face turned ugly and didn’t speak for quite a while. She thought that he was frightened by the army so she quickly said, “Mister doesn’t need to worry about our ability to resist them. We were just caught off guard this time, so we couldn’t respond appropriately. Mister can just summon as many as you can, that’s already enough of of a help.”

When Zhao Hai heard that the Queen seemed to misunderstand him, he immediately smiled faintly and said, “Your Majesty misunderstands, I can summon as much undead as the number of copses that you can provide. I can only ask Your Majesty to grab as much corpses as possible, it would be great to get corpses from the enemies.”

The Queen nodded, “Alright, the mister doesn’t need to worry about the magic beasts. I already had my people prepare them. I just want to know how much mister can take.”

Zhao Hai knew what the Queen meant. After all, her clan had a lot of contact with the Humans, so it was natural that she was aware about Dark Mages. She knew that Dark Mages have their limit. If the Fishmen were to provide more than what Zhao Hai can summon, then he would be losing face.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Your majesty doesn’t need to worry. Make them get as many as possible, the more the better. If Your Majesty can prepare 10 million magic ebasts, then Your Majesty would acquire a 10 million undead army. This one will have to excuse myself to rest. Once the corpses are ready, Your Majesty can just send some people over to get me.” Then he gave a bow before he left along with Laura and the others.

When Zhao Hai left, Luo Luo arrived at the Great Hall, completely fuming, “Your Majesty, this Zhao Hai is extremely arrogant. Your Majesty is only thinking about his well being, but instead he was being impolite.”

The Queen smiled faintly and then shook her head, “Silly thing, he’s not being extremely arrogant. He is just very strong. You might not know but he has a very terrifying reputation among the Humans. In just one night, he had turned an entire several hundred thousand Aksu Empire navy into his undead. If he can really turn 10 million corpses into undead, then that would be good for us. Go give the orders to get as much magic beasts as possible. As long as they are wild, then get them. Right, go bring corpses of Sea Dragons and their allies as well. I want to see what an undead Sea Dragon looks like.” While she spoke this, a killing aura appeared around the Queen.

The Mermaid Queen was very angry. The Mermaid Race had ruled the seas for many years, but they hadn’t encountered a rebellion of this scale. The Sea Dragons actually made the Mermaids lose control of the eastern seas. For the Mermaid Race, this was not a small attack.

The fighting strength of the eastern sea was much stronger than the west. This was because in the eastern waters, aside from the Sea Dragons, there were also the Sharks, Electric Eels, and various poisonous races. These collection of people were very strong. It was because of this that when the Sea Dragon announced their rebellion, the Mermaid Race was caught off guard.

However, the Mermaids weren’t people who could be trifled with as well. Not only do they have the loyal Whale tribe and Swordfish tribe, their own fighting strength was formidable as well. The Queen believed that as long as they have time, they would be able to amass an army that can extinguish the Sea Dragons in one swoop.

Luo Luo looked at the Queen and didn’t talk about Zhao Hai anymore. She then looked at the Queen and said, “Your Majesty, I also checked the records about the Sea Dragons yesterday and found out that the Sea Dragons didn’t exist during the fight with the Divine Race.”

When the Queen heard Luo Luo, she couldn’t help but reply, “There are no Sea Dragons? What does that mean?”

Luo Luo replied, “Your Majesty, during the major war against the Divine Race where our Mermaid Race had participated, the Dragons were there as well, but they were on the side of the Divine Race. When the God was defeated, the Dragons didn’t have anywhere else to go but retreat to the Accra Mountains. However, part of them decided to ran to the sea and requested refuge from us. The Sea King pitied them and allowed them to thrive here. Afterwards, those Dragons married some Fishmen and eventually spawned the Sea Dragon Race.”


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