BTFTLIAW – Chapter 613

Chapter 613 – Secret

When Zhao Hai heard the Queen, he couldn’t help but show a smile as he said, “Your Majesty, since you know about my Buda Clan, they you should also know about my ability. I might not have good cultivation, but my Dark Magic, especially undead magic, is unparalleled. If I say I’m second, nobody would dare claim that they are first.”

The Queen stared at Zhao Hai, then after thinking for a moment, she said, “So mister wants to help us using your Undead?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It depends on what troubles you have encountered.”

The Queen looked at Zhao Hai, and the after some time, she let out a long sigh and said, “Patriarch Zhao Hai’s undead summoning is indeed very famous in the continent. This Queen wouldn’t hide anything from mister, this time, we had really met some trouble. Someone wanted to challenge the throne.”

This answer was within Zhao Hai’s expectations. The Mermaid Race was the ruling clan of the Fishmen. If there wasn’t a revolt, they wouldn’t have established ties with the Rock Shrimp tribe. After all, the Rock Shrimp tribe was just too unqualified.

Zhao Hai looked at the Queen and said, “Since Your Majesty wanted to form an alliance with us, they we are now allies. If an ally is in trouble, then it would be impossible for me to just stand by. I ask Your Majesty to tell us the problem, this Zhao Hai would do his best to help.”

The Queen looked at Zhao Hai and somehow felt that he can be trusted. So she gave a sigh and said, “I’m afraid mister would laugh at us. Although we rule the sea, the waters are just too big. Our Mermaid Clan simply cannot manage every single place. Moreover, since our management is quite loose, many people held us in high regard. But we had recently discovered that some Fishmen tribes were having trouble. It was clear that something must have happened. So we sent some people to investigate and found out that a strong subordinate of ours, the Sea Dragon tribe, has been collecting massive amounts of tax under our name. However, these taxes weren’t handed over to us, but instead, they hoarded it for themselves and used it to pull other tribes over to their side. At the time of us finding out, those tribes had already established an alliance and had blatantly announced their revolt. Now, we had lost control of the east side of the seas. Moreover, the Sea Dragon Tribe has also amassed an army and are now inching towards us. Because our Mermaid Race has not fought for some time, our response had been slow. Now, we have our backs behind the wall.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Then I would have to disturb Your Majesty for a few days. In those few days, I will use the time to manufacture a batch of high level undead marine beasts and make them into an army. When the time comes, I believe they would be able to help Your Majesty. What do you think?”

The Queen gawked at what Zhao Hai said, then her face expressed her glee as she said, “Then I would trouble mister Zhao Hai. Lola, arrange a room for mister Zhao Hai to rest in.”

Lola stepped forward and gave the Queen a bow, then she turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, come with me.” Zhao Hai then gave the Queen a bow before leaving with Lola.

When Zhao Hai left the Great Hall, a Mermaid entered the Great Hall from a small entrance at the side. The Mermaid then told the Queen, “Your Majesty, from what we’ve heard from mister Zhao Hai, it seems like the attack of the Sea Dragons are also related to the Divine Race.”

The Queen nodded and said, “In our clan’s records, the Dragon Race were the most faithful dogs of the Divine Race. The Sea Dragons are a branch family of the Dragons. Their sudden move this time might have some reason. Luo Luo, you go look at the records and see what the Sea Dragons did during the previous war against the Divine Race. I’m afraid I can’t remember if there are any records of it in the clan.”

The Mermaid Luo Luo complied, then she looked at the Queen and said, “Your Majesty, do you think mister Zhao Hai’s plan is feasible? Can the undead really deal with those Sea Dragons?”

The Queen smiled faintly and said, “The Buda Clan’s Patriarch is very mysterious. There are numerous people in the continent that went to investigate him only to find out nothing. But some people suspect that he has some sort of Space Divergent Ability. Moreover, all of his undead are very high levelled, their individual fighting strength is not weak. If we have his help, then we may reduce our casualties. You transmit my orders to get the Whales to catch a lot magic beasts and bring them over. We don’t know how many undead mister Zhao Hai might make. But I’m sure that when the war comes, those Sea Dragons would surely be in on a surprise.”

Luo Luo nodded, then she turned around to leave. Inside the Great Hall, the Queen gave a sigh before she muttered, “The Divine Race is finally returning? Hehe, that’s good. I’ve also waited to take revenge. Clowns of the Sea Dragon Race, do you really think that you can dethrone us? Keep dreaming.”

Zhao Hai and the others were lead by Lola to a side hall. This hall wasn’t very big, but it still had the beautiful aesthetics of the palace. The hall was divided into four regions. Upon entering, one would first enter the lobby, it was a living room that was floored with blue stone. Moreover, the stones underwent careful polishing, one could see reflections when one walks on them.

The second room was the dining room, inside were stone furniture This room had wooden tables and chairs in them. These tables and chairs were all made out of the finest wood. They didn’t use a single coating of paint, revealing the natural wood grains. It looked very simple and natural.

The third were the bed spaces, inside were a total of four rooms and a living room. The fourth part of the hall was the bathroom. The floor of the bathroom was made out out blue shells. In the middle of the bathroom was a large pool. There were several fish head sculptures on the edges of the pool with water spraying out of it. There was also a water outlet under the pool in order to stabilize its height. The water was crystal clear and wasn’t cold at all. Instead it felt warm and was very nice to take a bath in.

Lola asked Zhao Hai and the others to the living room and briefed them about the palace before she took her leave. She also told Zhao Hai that if he needs something, he can just pull on the rope inside the bedroom. The rope was linked to a metal bell, when the rope is pulled, the bell would then issue a ring which would alert nearby people.

After Lola left, Zhao Hai and the others went to the small living area in their bedroom. Then, Zhao Hai opened his monitor. Cai’er already recorded the conversation between Luo Luo and the Queen.

After Zhao Hai and the others listened to the video, the group became silent. After some time, Laura turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, looking at the Queen’s expression, is she confident?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then after sighing he said, “She certainly is. The mermaids have been ruling the fishmen for a long time. So how could they possibly not have their trump cards. If they didn’t have any methods, then they would’ve already fallen to a revolt long time ago. And seeing from the Queen’s expression, it seems like she is reluctant to use their trump card. Otherwise, she wouldn’t need out help.”

Laura nodded, then Lizzy frowned and said, “Do we really need to help the Queen? They have ways to deal with these people. Aren’t we being used like tools this time?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That doesn’t matter. In any case, if we help them deal with the Sea Dragons, our relationship would get much closer. This is good for our future plans. I just didn’t think that the Dragons would be on the side of the Divine Realm. It seems like the Radiant Church was the Divine Race’s chess piece in the light while the Dragons are their piece in the shadows.”

Megan looked like she had a heavy heart, “Big Brother Hai, Dragons haven’t appeared on the continent for many years. It seems like they have been living in the Accra mountains. If the Dragons were indeed on the side of the Divine Race, then its likely that they have been controlling the magic beasts of the mountain. No wonder the Accra mountains had become one of the Five Forbidden Areas. The Dragons controlling the magic beasts for the Divine Race must be kept secret from the others. So they naturally would kill people who ventured deep into the Accra Mountain.”

The smile on Zhao Hai’s face disappeared, then he nodded and said, “That’s very possible. If there is really a Divine Race’s force in the Accra Mountains, then the Demonic Abyss would definitely be a den for the Demons. People already had some suspicions that the Demonic Abyss is related to the Demon Race, but nobody had any proof of it. I think the Demons used this deliberately in order to focus everyone’s attention to the Demonic Abyss while the Engraved Ark continues to accumulate power. The methods of the Demons and the Divine Race were actually similar, but are reversed.

Laura became serious as she said, “It seems like the Demons and the Divine Realm still hasn’t lost heart for the Ark Continent. Brother Hai, we’re quite lucky that we haven’t gone to the Accra Mountains yet and found out about the relationship between the Dragons and the Divine Race. If we went there and found out, then the Divine Race would surely be alerted that their secret was revealed. It might spur them into action.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Fortunately, we went to the Fishman Race first. Otherwise, we would’ve gone to Accra Mountains since the Elves were still unprepared. I’m planning on getting some magic beasts and plants to upgrade the Space. I’ve also been thinking of subduing the Dragons, after all, their fighting strength were incredibly known to the continent.”

Megan knit her brows as she said, “It’s really strange that nobody knew about the relationship between the Dragons and the Divine Race. It seems like this was also because of the Radiant Church’s machinations.”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “It seems so. The Radiant Church had probably obtained the Divine Race’s decree earlier than we have imagined. “The Divine race is good, they were actually very patient.”


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