BTFTLIAW – Chapter 609

Chapter 609 – Sea Race Incident

After a few days, the Beastmen did indeed issue an order announcing the Prairie’s Sealed Blade Command. But at this time, Zhao Hai had already arrived at Dwarf Iron Mountain.

Now that Zhao Hai was their Foreign Elder, Zhao Hai was immediately welcomed to Billy’s village after arriving at the mountain.

Billy personally welcomed Zhao Hai to his house. And after they had sat down, Billy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what happened? You suddenly became the Foreign Prince of the Beastmen, was that because you helped them restore their Artifact Spirit?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Not only that. The Beastmen had lost the Beast God’s Spear in the Northern Icefield 5000 years ago. Although they had been seeking for it the whole time, nobody was able to succeed. This time, I went to the Northern Icefield to help them retrieve their Beast God’s Spear. Because of that they gave me the position of Foreign Prince.”

Billy immediately replied, “Lost? How come? That’s their Divine Artifact.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then told Billy about the matter with the Diamond Apes. Billy nodded and said, “So it was like that. No wonder the Diamond Apes were sent into exile. When I read from our records that the Diamond Apes were sent to exile, I immediately became confused. After all, they were the Royal Tribe. So it was actually because of the Beast God’s Spear.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The Beast God’s Spear has now been returned to the Beastmen. Moreover, its artifact spirit has been restored. The Beastmen will also issue a Sealed Blade Command, having themselves rest and buildup their strength. The Dwarves should do it as well. My ironware business with the Dwarves has already been approved by the Buddha Emperor since he wanted me to buy some magic beasts from the Beastmen. As the matter stands, he would not say a word about our business in the future. I just had to ask him since I want to maintain the good relationship between the Dwarves and the Buddha Empire. Peace is very important to your race at this time.”

Billy nodded and then said, “You really do think far into the future. Then what do we do next?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Not much really, as long as our current plans go through, everything should be fine. I’ve also started to stockpile some grain and daily necessities to act as strategic resources in the future.”

Billy nodded, “You can rest assured about the situation with the Dwarves. Although we had sold a lot of weapons outside, we still have very ample amount of stock still left. Moreover, these are our best products, much better quality than those we sell outside. So you don’t need to worry about weapons.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Our transactions in the future would still continue, just keep storing the warehouse. Right, you told me that you’ll find some people who will settle on the Black Wasteland. Did you manage to find them?”

Billy nodded, “I’ve picked some. At this point, there are more than 100 Dwarves that are willing to settle down in Iron Mountain fort. So when do you plan on getting them there?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment before he said, “Let them wait here first, I still need to prepare their place. But when they arrive there, they might not be working on metals the whole time. I might need them for something else.”

Billy smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ve already told them about that.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright. Also, if you dig up any special things, please leave some of them for me. I’m quite curious about those types of stuff.”

Billy couldn’t help but laugh, “That’s not a problem, rest assured.”

Then Zhao Hai said, “So how about the Elves? Did they send a reply?”

Billy smiled bitterly and said, “The matter with the Elves are doing just fine. Those guys are just slow. They said that they must observe first before sending proper word to us. So you don’t need to worry about it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he didn’t know anything about the Elves. Since Billy said that there’s no need to worry, then he would just wait. In any case, the Radiant Church wouldn’t start their plan in a short time. However, it seems like Zhao Hai’s plan to level up in the Elven Forest would have to be moved to a later time.”

Zhao Hai stayed for a day with the Dwarves before he returned to Golden Island using the Space. He wanted to know the current status of the island.

Zhao Hai already received word that the Hurricane Family’s Kristen had already arrived at the island and had started to do business there. The business that they had was very simple and was similar to the Buda Clan, grain and other basic necessities. Zhao Hai had also heard that their business was doing good.

Zhao Hai has not gone to see Kristen because his attention was taken by another piece of news. Kun just told Zhao Hai that the business with the Sea Race has been very unstable. The Rock Shrimps had also been recently reducing their business.

This news was very important for Zhao Hai. His business with the Sea Race was one of his more important businesses. If this business were to be broken, then it would have a huge influence to the Buda Clan. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to check the Marine Races personally.

But before that, Zhao Hai had Green empty out some land in the Black Wasteland so that the Dwarves can have their own place. Zhao Hai invited the Dwarves not only because he wanted them to work on his metals, but also to teach the slaves their craftsmanship.

Although the Space was also producing some iron ore, it wasn’t a lot. On the other hand, among the slaves that Zhao Hai had bought, there were also several blacksmiths among them. However, the craftsmanship of these slaves weren’t very good. Because of that Zhao Hai decided to invite some Dwarves to settle in the wasteland.

Green was already used to these kinds of things. But this time, Green had no idea of Dwarf customs. After all, he hadn’t contacted any Dwarves in the past.

Zhao Hai also asked Billy and was told that there were no special requirements at all. So Zhao Hai can only ask Green to continue while he returned to Golden Island and rode a ship towards the reef where the Rock Shrimps were living in.

The route was already visited by Zhao Hai many times, so naturally he wouldn’t get lost. Moreover, the pirates at the sea were already aware of the Buda Clan ships that would head towards the deep seas to get some marine products.

The influence to the Buda Clan in the sea was very strong that the pirates would just go around their ships, so the route was very safe.

Five days later, Zhao Hai had officially entered the deep seas. But he felt strange since there weren’t any Sea people that came to see him. In the past, people would’ve already been alerted to his presence and were already meeting him.

Because of this, Zhao Hai opened his monitor and looked at the surroundings. Aside from small magic beasts, there was nothing in the vicinity, even Sea people.

Along with Zhao Hai were Laura and the others who were basking in the sun. They also felt strange so Laura said, “Brother Hai, wasn’t this the Sea Race’s domain? Where’s everybody? Did they go lazy?”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “Not necessarily. For them to reduce their business only meant that there was an internal problem going on. This situation proved this point.”

Laura knit her eyebrows and said, “Problems? What problems would sea people have?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Who knows? Only after meeting them would this matter be clarified.” Then suddenly a Rock Shrimp tribesman appeared on the monitor.

Zhao Hai turned the monitor off as the Rock Shrimp appeared near Zhao Hai’s ship. The Rock Shrimp looked at the emblem on the ship and decided to not attack. Then he asked, “Is this the Buda Clan’s ship?”

Zhao Hai went to the ship’s bow and gave bow to the Rock Shrimp in the water and said, “Buda Clan’s Patriarch Zhao Hai has seen Brother Rock Shrimp.”

As soon as the Rock Shrimp heard Zhao Hai’s title, he couldn’t help but stare. But he almost immediately replied, “So it is Patriarch Zhao Hai. This one has been very disrespectful. Can I ask why Patriarch Zhao Hai has come?”

Then Zhao Hai replied, “I have a matter to discuss with the Rock Shrimp Tribe Patriarch. Can I go and see him?”

The Rock Shrimp looked at Zhao Hai and awkwardly said, “I’ll be unfair to Patriarch Zhao Hai, but our Rock Shrimp Tribe has gotten into some serious matter. I’m afraid that the Patriarch wouldn’t be able to have the time to see you.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’ll just ask brother to send word out for me. I really do have something to talk to the Patriarch.”

The Rock Shrimp couldn’t help but feel awkward at Zhao Hai’s answer. But he also knew that they couldn’t offend the Buda Clan. Their Rock Shrimp Tribe was just a very small tribe. Without Zhao Hai, they would have huge problems with their yearly tribute.

After thinking for a moment, the Rock Shrimp gave a bow and said, “Then I’ll go send word. I’ll have to ask Patriarch Zhao Hai to wait for a moment.” Then the Rock Shrimp dove back down into the sea and headed back to his tribe.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also had the undead lower the ship’s anchor as he waited for the Rock Shrimp to come back. However, Zhao Hai had confirmed that there was indeed some issues that happened within the Sea Race.

Zhao Hai’s original plan was to take care of the Elves first before he takes a look at the Sea Race. No matter what, the Sea Race also held a large population in this world. If the Gods did indeed want to rule this plane, then they certainly won’t ignore the people of the Sea. Therefore, Zhao Hai also wanted to make an alliance with them.

Now that the matter with the Elves was pushed back, the Sea Race unexpectedly developed an incident. This was good for Zhao Hai since he can take care of this matter instead.

Zhao Hai didn’t wait for a long time before the Rock Shrimp Patriarch appeared near the Haven. Then Zhao Hai gave a bow to the Rock Shrimp Patriarch before he said, “I’ve taken the liberty to disturb the Patriarch. I hope that you forgive me.”

The Rock Shrimp Patriarch smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t expect Patriarch Zhao Hai to come here personally. May I know Patriarch Zhao Hai’s reason for the visit?” Although he was smiling, Zhao Hai can notice a subtle worry in the old Rock Shrimp’s face. It seems like his people had encountered something big this time.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The reason I came to Patriarch this time was to ask your help. I just want to have an audience with the Leader of the Sea Race.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the old Rock Shrimp couldn’t help but stare. When he recovered, he clarified Zhao Hai’s words, “Patriarch, you mean that you want to meet with the Sea King?”

Only at this moment did Zhao Hai know that the Sea Race’s Patriarch was called the Sea King. But nobody can blame his for this, contact between the Sea Race and the Humans was too few. Humans didn’t even know the races in the sea. They were only collectively known as the Sea Race, and that they had a ruler.

Upon hearing that the ruler of the Sea Race was named Sea King, Zhao Hai immediately responded, “i have an important matter to discuss with the Honorable Sea King. I’m asking Patriarch to help me send word. Can I ask you to do this?”

The Rock Shrimp Patriarch looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Why would Patriarch want to see the Sea King? To be honest, my tribe doesn’t have the influence to even see the Sea King.”

Zhao Hai’s expression sank as he said, “Patriarch, this matter is extremely important. Tell the Sea King that aside from being the Patriarch of the Buda Clan and the son-in-law of the Rosen Emperor, I’m also a Foreign Prince of the Beastmen as well as a Foreign Elder of the Dwarves. Tell the Sea King that my visit involves a major event of the world. I ask the Patriarch to relay these words.”

Zhao Hai’s long string of titles made the Rock Shrimp Patriarch’s expression change. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so influential. The Sea Race might not have any idea about the relationship between the Humans and the Dwarves, but they were extremely familiar with the Beastmen.

Races from the Ark Continent and the Sea Race didn’t have much contact, with the only exception being the Beastmen. This was because the Beastmen also had tribes that lived on water. These Beastmen might not be fully living in water, but their lifestyles were closely tied to it. Some of these Beastmen lived on beaches while some lived on islands. Because of this, when Zhao Hai revealed that he was a Foreign Prince of the Beastman Race, the Rock Shrimp Patriarch’s heart couldn’t help but jump.

The Rock Shrimp Patriarch immediately gave Zhao Hai a bow before saying, “I didn’t expect Patriarch to be a Foreign Prince of the Beastmen. This one has been disrespectful. However, this one didn’t lie. Our Rock Shrimp tribe is indeed too small to have an audience with the Honored Sea King. I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you much in this regard.”

Zhao Hai knit his brows and said, “I’ll ask the Patriarch to please find a way. I came this time not because of business. This matter shall affect all of the races in this world. I sincerely ask for Patriarch’s help.”

The Rock Shrimp Patriarch looked at Zhao Hai’s face and couldn’t help but be moved. They had been doing business with the Buda Clan for quite some time. The Buda Clan’s business conduct is extremely good and they give very fair prices. This gave the Rock Shrimp Patriarch a very good impression towards the Buda Clan. And now that he saw how sincere Zhao Hai was, he couldn’t help but believe in Zhao Hai’s words. It seems like there really was something big going on.


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