BTFTLIAW – Chapter 606

Chapter 606 – Fighting Intent

However, Zhao Hai also didn’t want to return to Earth. If he returned, he would just go back to being an ordinary nerd. In here, he was Zhao Hai Buda of the Buda Clan. He also had several wives that loved him. His situation here was leagues better than back on Earth.

The reason why he thought of Earth was because he didn’t want to forget where he came from. In the universe, there is a planet called earth, of which there was a country called China. There, people with yellow skin and dark eyes were present, they were his true people.

Although Zhao Hai was now the Buda Clan’s Patriarch, had gotten married, and also had his own life in the Ark Continent, his Chinese heart was still burning inside him. He always thought of himself as Chinese, a descendant of dragons.  To him, being married and getting a career in the Ark Continent was just like how someone was living and working abroad and also had gotten married.

The only thing different in his situation was that people who worked overseas can just return to their homeland while Zhao Hai cannot.

Now that the matters in the Northern Icefield had been taken care of, Zhao Hai finally relax. Then he immediately returned to the volcano in order to fulfill his promise to Tess. He must bring the Beast God’s Spear to this place so that the Diamond Apes can do a ceremony.

Zhao Hai took Bloody War to the Space and then to the volcano. The moment Zhao Hai came out, Bloody War also materialized. He looked at the direction of the volcano and said, “Young Master, what is this place? Why do I feel a strong Beastman fighting intent from here?”

Then Zhao Hai narrated to Bloody War about the matters of the Diamond Apes. For the entirety of the story, Bloody War was carefully listening to Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai had finished, Bloody War took a deep breath before he said, “Good, good, worthy to be called the children of the Beast God. They did great!”

Then just as Bloody War’s voice fell, a red light suddenly erupted from the volcano as it pierced the heavens. Zhao Hai thought that the volcano had exploded but it didn’t look like it. Although the red light was from the crater, it didn’t have any degree of heat to it. Insted, the light held a cold killing intent, one that dared to fight the skies.

Fighting Intent! This should be the fighting intent that Bloody War had described! Zhao Hai felt felt the pressure from it and confirmed his thoughts. But he didn’t understand why he hadn’t felt it before. Instead, only after Bloody War said a few words did the fighting intent explode.

At this time, the red light from the crater slowly solidified and turned into a blood red spear that shot up to the sky. The spear was very huge, it was about a dozen feet high and about a meter thick. It looked extraordinary and imposing.

When the spear started to form, Bloody War immediately said, “Young Master, let me loose. This fighting intent would be good for me.” Zhao Hai immediately let go of Bloody War.

Just as Zhao Hai’s hands let go, Bloody War immediately flew towards the crater and penetrated the giant red spear. Then Zhao Hai saw that the giant spear had started to shrink as it integrated itself with Bloody War. After that, Bloody War flew back.

But now, Zhao Hai discovered that the originally black shaft of the spear already had a shade of red in it. Moreover, Bloody War’s imposing aura had been strengthened.

At this time, Bloody War materialized again, but this time, he was much bigger than before. Zhao Hai looked at Bloody War and said, “What happened? That thing is useful to you? How did you absorb it?”

Bloody War shook his head and said, “Young Master, that fighting intent is a unique Beastman’s Blood Oath fighting intent. This thing has huge benefits to me. This fighting intent is only produced by those who underwent a Blood Oath and is formed through generations. One couldn’t see this kind of thing during normal times. Since I am a weapon, I always feel it in battlefields, it also causes me to get stronger and stronger. Young Master doesn’t need to worry about me. I’ve already reached the same state as my peak.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Good. I’ll go let you see the current Patriarch of the Diamond Apes. They badly wanted to see you. At the same time, tell them that you had me turn their previous Patriarch into an Undead. I don’t want them to misunderstand me.”

Bloody War nodded then said, “Young Master, rest assured, Bloody War understands.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he brought Bloody War to the Space and then to Iron Mountain Fort.

The lives of Tess and the others had been blissful these past few days. Beastmen were inherently good at herding. So although they hadn’t herded in 5000 years, they quickly learned it with the help of the Giant Horned Bulls. Moreover, their living conditions have improved by tenfold. Normally, they would need the help of their giant apes in order to go anywhere, but now they didn’t need to. This made Tess and the others unusually happy.

However, Tess still couldn’t help but worry about the Northern Icefield. Zhao Hai had already been there for many days but there seems to be no information.

He was afraid that Zhao Hai had suffered an accident, or that Zhao Hai couldn’t find the Beast God’s Spear. Because of this, Tess has been losing sleep for the past few days. One could even see him visibly getting skinnier. Compared to the other Diamond Apes, his appearance looked very exhausted.

Today, Tess was herding some argali. Then suddenly, a person appeared in front of him. Tess was initially startled, but then he thought that the only person who can appear in his vicinity without alerting his beast partner was Zhao Hai.

Tess turned to look at Zhao Hai and saw that the other party was smiling while holding a spear in his hand. This spear was obviously not something that was used by Humans. Its shaft was very thick and it was very long. It was evident that this spear can only be used by Beastmen.

Tess looked at the spear in Zhao Hai’s hand and couldn’t help but recall the records of their tribe. There, a spear with a specific length and thickness was carefully drawn. It was impossible for Tess to not recognize that the spear in Zhao Hai’s hand was indeed the Beast God’s Spear.

Tess took slow steps towards Zhao Hai before he knelt and extended both of his shivering hands in order to receive the spear in Zhao Hai’s hand. Tears was constantly flowing out of his eyes.

Zhao Hai placed the spear on Tess’s hands as Tess inspected the spear. Before long, Tess gave a loud howl as he wept, alarming the other Diamond Apes. The others immediately went to see what was going on. When they saw the Beast God’s spear on Tess’ hands, they gawked before they all knelt to the ground and cried non stop.

The Diamond Apes entered the Northern Icefield in order to retrieve the Beast God’s Spear. They were educated by their elders about their mission from their younger years. Therefore, they immediately recognized the spear at first glance.

Adding Tess’ reaction, they didn’t doubt it at all. 5000 years, their 5000-year obsession had finally been solved!

Zhao Hai stood silently at the side. He can somewhat understand Tess’ emotion. 5000 years, how long was that? In those 5000 years, how much have they suffered, how many did they lose? A tribe of nearly 800 thousand has been reduced to 100 thousand. Who can understand such bitterness.

After some time, Tess started to calm down. Zhao Hai then turned to Tess and said, “Patriarch Tess, I’ve also cured the Beast God’s Spear’s Artifact Spirit. He can come out and tell you a few words. I won’t be listening to your conversations. I’ll come back here after a minute.”

Tess nodded, then Zhao Hai returned to Iron Mountain Fort’s living room. Seeing Zhao Hai come back, Green immediately asked, “Young Master, did you manage to retrieve the Beast God’s Spear?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he smiled and said, “I did, it’s currently in Tess’ hand. Rest assured, everything is fine. After Tess and the others do their ritual, I’ll immediately head to the Beastman Prairie and hand it over to the Beast King. After that, I’ll be a Foreign Prince of the Beastmen, hehe.”

Green laughed, “Beastman Race’s Foreign Prince, Dwarf Race’s Foreign Elder, the Rosen Empire’s son-in-law. Hahaha. Our Buda Clan hadn’t seen this much status since its beginning. Fantastic!”

Zhao Hai chuckled as well before saying, “After taking care of the matters in the Prairie, I’ll go and return to see the Dwarves. I want to meet Patriarch Billy and see if he had any communication with the Elves. I want to go visit the Elves. Once we unite, only then can we resist the Divine Realm.”

Green retracted his smiling expression as he turned serious and said, “Indeed. Young Master, I have thought that since we cannot just simply sell the grain that we had grown in the Wasteland, it would be better for it to be stored in the Space in preparation for the war. After all, during battles, food is one thing that must never run out.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Grandpa Green, you don’t need to worry about that. The Space already has ten backgrounds. Those backgrounds are still not used. If we plant some crops there, then we would certainly have a lot.”

Green tapped his head and said, “Ah, I forgot about those. Alright, there’s no need to save. But Young Master, how would we know the time of the Divine Race’s attack?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “We won’t. But as long as we prepare, we’re fine. But even if they don’t begin, I will still make a move. I don’t want to be too passive.”

Green stared, then he looked at Zhao Hai with bright eyes as he said, “Alright, good. It’s just as Young Master says, being too defensive is no good. Our Buda Clan had always been known for our Wild Dragon Flag. Attack has always been our forte. Offense is always good.”

Green was now very confident in Zhao Hai. One must know that the Buda Clan not only had the God ranked Cai’er, they also had more than 1 million 9th ranks. Green believed that such strength can, at the very least, contend with the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about Green’s thoughts, but he knew that he wasn’t the type of person that waits to be beaten. He knew that the other party wanted to deal with him. But they would only begin after they had made the proper preparations, explaining why they still haven’t begun.

After he heard Green, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and said, “After so many years of development, I don’t know what the Divine Race has right now. And there are still the Demons on the sidelines. The future of the Ark Continent wouldn’t be very good. Unfortunately, not many people knew about this. Forget it, let’s stop talking about this. Grandpa Green, no need to welcome me back. I’ll be going to Tess and see if they wanted to return to the Northern Icefield in order to do a ceremony. I’ll be leaving this place to you once again. By the way, how are Tess and the others doing? Have they become familiar with the place?”

Green smiled and said, “They have become familiar with the customs here. At this point, they basically didn’t need the guidance of the Giant Horned Bulls. Young Master can rest assured.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s good. Then I’ll take my leave.” He said as his body flashed and vanished. Green looked at where Zhao Hai vanished and couldn’t help but mutter, “Old Master, have you ever thought that the Buda Clan would have such a day? The Young Master had grown up, he will certainly be a pride of the Buda Clan!”

This was Green’s dream, and it had been completely realized. Green knew more than Zhao Hai. At this point, everybody in the continent was aware of the Buda Clan’s strength. Green knew that even if the Buda Clan revealed the current state of the Black Wasteland, nobody would still dare to make a move on them.

Adding on to the fact that Zhao Hai would become the Beastman’s Foreign Prince, and was also a Foreign Elder of the Dwarves, his status was something that no country would dare to offend. One could even consider the current strength of the Buda Clan to be like a calamity.

Zhao Hai was unaware of Green’s thoughts. He just followed his own plan and went forward step by step. He wouldn’t care about any other things.

When Zhao Hai reappeared in front of Tess, Bloody War had already returned to the spear. After seeing Zhao Hai appear, Tess and the others immediately knelt in front of him.

Upon seeing them, Zhao Hai quickly said, “Patriarch Tess, please get up. I’m unable to receive a big ceremony like this.”

But Tess still kowtowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Patriarch, you are a huge benefactor to my Diamond Ape tribe. Not only did you take us out of the Northern icefield, you also arranged a good place for us to live as well as some cattle and argali to keep. Most importantly, you have retrieved the Beast God’s Spear for us. You’re not only a benefactor to the Diamond Ape tribe, you are a benefactor to the entire Beastman Race. So please accept our gratitude.” Then Tess knocked his head to the ground.

The other Diamond Apes also kowtowed simultaneously with Tess. This time, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to stop them. After receiving their kowtow, he said, “Alright, all of you, get up. You’re now people of the Buda Clan. You won’t need to do such a thing in the future. Just remember, no matter what you do, always consider the Buda Clan in your hearts.”

Tess and the others roared in one voice before they stood up. Zhao Hai then looked at Tess and said, “I can take you and the Beast God’s Spear back to the volcano. Do you still want to do your ceremony?’”

Tess shook his head and said, “There’s no need, Patriarch. Sir Artifact Spirit told us that he had already received the sentiment of our ancestors. So there’s no need to go back there anymore.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll be delivering the Beast God’s Spear back to the Prairie. You go continue on with your matters.” Then he took the Beast God’s Spear before vanishing in front of the group.


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