BTFTLIAW – Chapter 605

Chapter 605 – Wind Bead

Although he knew that the wind ball that Bubble just told him about was a good thing, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately go out and get it. He calmed his emotions as he started to looked at the white crystals that Bubble described.

The white crystals weren’t hard to find, there were 12 lodes on the previous mounds that Bubble just hollowed out. Zhao Hai didn’t think that those 12 lodes would be on the 12 mounds around the ice pillar. It seems like these lodes did have a  big relationship with Bubble.

After he thought about it, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel happy. He understood that as long as he has Bubble, he would have a lot of crystals to use. This was really fantastic.

Although he was pondering about these, Zhao Hai’s movement didn’t slow down. He quickly received the white crystals into the Space to see what properties they had.

When the crystal was absorbed into the Space, a prompt was heard, “Item that contained cold energy has been detected. Contains stable cold energy equivalent to 100 thousand watts. The crystal can be charged after it has been used up.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel relieved after hearing this. But he also discovered the difference between this white crystal and the red one. The white crystal contained cold energy while the red crystal contained hot energy.

Zhao Hai thought about it and decided to appropriately name the red one Fire Crystal and the white one Ice Crystal. This was because the red crystal was found in a volcano while the white crystal was grown in the Icefield.

Zhao Hai quickly received the 12 mineral lodes. The amount of white crystal that Zhao Hai just got wasn’t as small as the red crystals. After all, the red crystals were only sourced by an incomplete mother ore while the white crystals had 12 complete ones.

From what Zhao Hai can count, he had collected 500 thousand ice crystals altogether. This wasn’t a small number. One must know that the quality of these white crystals are vastly better than the fire crystals.

After receiving the crystals, Zhao Hai then returned to the Space. Laura and the others were currently gathering around a spinning Bubble. Bubble looked very comfortable; he was blue, he was soft to hold and wasn’t cold at all.

However, when Zhao Hai saw Laura and the others gathering before Bubble, looking like they were enjoying themselves, he couldn’t help but feel irritated. For such a perverted Bubble to get this much attention was very unreasonable.

Zhao Hai grabbed Bubble who was held by Laura, he stretched the blue ball out before asking, “Bubble, where did you say that wind ball was again?”

Although Bubble was stretched out by Zhao Hai many times, he seemed to not care at all. So when Zhao Hai asked him, he immediately replied, “When Young Master heads to the north, you would be able to see it for yourself.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he returned Bubble to Laura’s arms before he immediately had the staff fly straight to the North. He wanted to see what this wind ball actually was.

Zhao Hai didn’t explore around this time, he didn’t slow down as he headed in a completely straight line heading north. Because of this, the staff’s speed was extremely quick.

In the evening, Zhao Hai had found out that the wind has gotten much stronger. Zhao Hai immediately took Bubble out of the Space and went inside the staff.

Zhao Hai looked outside and said, “Bubble, is it this place?”

Bubble turned and circled before saying, “Yes, Young Master. We’ll arrive there soon.”

Then Zhao Hai turned to Bubble and said, “Bubble, how did you know that there is a wind ball here? And what is that wind ball?”

Bubble replied, “Young Master, I’ve been here for a long time, even before the Beastmen started exploring the area. At that time, I had the ice beasts explore the entire icefield and saw that ball of wind. That ball of wind is just like me, it is the origin of myriad wind. But it probably hasn’t reached the same level as me. When I found it, it still hasn’t awakened.”

Zhao Hai was shocked, he didn’t think that the ball of wind would actually be like Bubble. So in other words, the ball of wind might have its own spirit as well?

Zhao Hai was now much more careful, he personally controlled the Blood Ghost Staff. At the same time he asked, “Bubble, this isn’t the wrong direction, right?”

Bubble shook its head and said, “It shouldn’t be. Don’t worry, Young Master. Compared to the past, my present ability is much better. As long as there is water element in the area, I would be able to monitor it. The place should not be far away from here.”

Hearing Bubble’s words, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get startled. He looked at Bubble and said, “So you’re saying that you can monitor things through water?”

Bubble’s round body shook up and down, as if nodding, then said, “Young Master, I am the source of myriad water. As long as it has something to do with water, it will submit to my will.”

Zhao Hai looked at this small bubble, he didn’t think that this little thing would have such an ability. It seems like he shouldn’t look down on it.

At this time, Bubble suddenly said, “Young Master, we’ve arrived.” Zhao Hai immediately turned his head and looked out only to see a small whirlwind in front of him that was constantly turning around. This whirlwind seem to be supporting a small green bead. This bead was at the very least at the size of a walnut. It couldn’t be called a ball at all.

Zhao Hai looked at the green bead and said, “Is this the ball of wind that you said? Can it really control the wind? Why does it look so underwhelming?”

Bubble replied, “Young Master, this ball might seem to be behaved, but if it gets angry, it’s very terrifying.”

Zhao Hai looked at the green bead, he really couldn’t imagine how this bead could be so frightening. But to be sure, Zhao Hai and Bubble returned to the Space. Laura and the others were already inside the Space, looking at the situation through the monitor.

When the group saw Zhao Hai came in, Laura immediately ran over and hugged Bubble. Then she turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, would you really take that thing? Can it really control the wind?”

Zhao Hai looked at the snuggled Bubble in Laura’s bosom and couldn’t help but get irritated, he poked Bubble repeatedly before Laura swept his hand away while staring at him with fierce eyes.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly and said, “Perhaps. In any case, it was what Bubble said so I don’t really know. I’ll go try and capture it.” Then Zhao Hai sat on the sofa and gave an order to the staff.

The halted Blood Ghost Staff immediately flew towards the bead while Zhao Hai and the others looked at it through the screen. Zhao Hai wanted to see how the bead would react.

Sensing that the staff was about to hit it, the bead immediately acted like a hedgehog. It spun quickly and as it turned it collected more and more wind. Before long the wind had gotten bigger that it had turned into a tornado. The ice below couldn’t handle the strong winds and got dug up, causing a pit to form on the ground.

The Blood Ghost Staff was actually affected by the wind, making it unable to go any further. Zhao Hai was shocked before he took the staff back to the Space. Laura and the others couldn’t help but be surprised at the small bead. They didn’t think that it would be this powerful.

After some time, the wind stopped as the tornado became small. Then it seemed to rock back and forth as if it was looking for something.

Zhao Hai cannot help but wipe away his sweat. This little thing was really a trickster. Zhao Hai didn’t become polite, with an intention, a spatial crack suddenly appeared right beside the bead. Then a big hand stretched out from the Space and pulled the bead inside.

When the bead entered the Space, a prompt was then issued, “Wind Spirit has been detected. Lifeform is hostile to the Space. Suppressing the lifeform. Lifeform suppressed.”

Then Zhao Hai had the bead appear inside the room. The bead still looked green and was somewhat transparent. However, this bead was still spinning since one could see a faint tornado appearing around it.

Zhao Hai looked at the bead and said, “Can you speak?”

A faint infantile voice sounded out, “I’ve seen the Master, I can speak.”

Upon hearing the voice, Zhao Hai nodded and then said, “Good, from now on, you shall be called Breeze. Bubble, Breeze, remember, you must always listen to Cai’er’s words. Cai’er, look after these two children.”

The young lady Cai’er smiled tenderly and said, “Young Master, rest assured, I will certainly take care of them.” Zhao Hai nodded, he knew that although Cai’er is very strange, she also knew that Zhao Hai didn’t like to joke, so she appeared quite proper. But still, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but recall the time when Cai’er was riding on the back of Zhao Wen. She really looked childish back then.

Laura and the others didn’t oppose to Zhao Hai’s decision. Although Laura liked Bubble very much, she also had a lot of matters to attend to. It would be impossible for her to accompany Bubble daily. Making Cai’er play with Bubble was also a good idea.

In fact, Laura and the others had always regarded Mu’er and Cai’er as children. Although their abilities were formidable, Laura couldn’t help but treat them as kids because of their image. When there was nothing to do in the Space, they would often play with Mu’er and Cai’er. That was one of their happy times.

Zhao Hai also likes to accompany Cai’er and play around for a while. To be honest, Zhao Hai’s feeling towards the Space was bigger than Laura and the others. This was because the Space represented Zhao Hai’s only connection to Earth.

Since arriving at the Ark Continent, Zhao Hai has found himself to be more and more like a native. But he doesn’t want to be like this, but there was no other way. If he wanted to survive, then he would have to adapt. His only escape is the time where he was inside the Space where he always felt like he was back on Earth, playing his farm simulation games. He would feel just like his ordinary self back on Earth, and that all of this was just a dream.


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  1. I think that the bait should be more active in this story.
    Every time when ZH takes someone to the space it should say: ZH baited them to the space.

  2. I think baits should be more active in this story.
    Every time ZH takes someone to the space it should say: “ZH baited them into the space.

  3. That incomplete mothernode, why not try and ask the space if it is possible to make it complete?
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