BTFTLIAW – Chapter 604

Chapter 604 – Bloody War

A group of blood suddenly flowed out of the Beast God’s Spear and slowly formed into a large drop. This drop had a huge stench of blood. Then the drop wobbled as it reshaped itself into something like person’s figure that was as tall as someone’s arm. The figure slowly changed before it grew an ape head, four arms, and two feet.

The head of this ape looks like the Diamond Ape tribe, but Zhao Hai hasn’t seen a race with four arms before. The figure wore full body armor while each of its four arms held something, a shield, a spear, a blade, and a morningstar. The belt on its waist had the head of a fierce tiger.

Before long, the Artifact Spirit had finished forming itself.

Zhao Hai was somewhat surprised at this Artifact Spirit. He had seen Artifact Spirits before like Mu’er and Iron Hammer. But Mu’er looked like a child, one which didn’t look like a threat. Iron Hammer looked just like a proper Dwarf. On the other hand, this Artifact Spirit looked like someone born for slaughter. His body was filled with the smell of blood, one that only an experienced War General would have.

A Wargod, this was the first word that came into Zhao Hai’s mind after seeing this Artifact Spirit. And extremely aggressive Wargod, one that lived of for blood and battle.

While Zhao Hai was surprised at the Artifact Spirit, the Spirit turned to look at Zhao Hai as it gave salute with its four arms and said, “Bloody War has seen the Master.”

“Bloody War!” Zhao Hai repeated the two words in a low tone. This name might sound careless, but Zhao Hai had an idea of the implications of this name. This was because from the ancient times to the present, the actions of the Beastmen had always been in line of these two words. Bloody War.

Beastmen wouldn’t flinch in front of adversity. As long as they were issued an order, they would immediately execute it. Bloody War, fight to the last person, nobody was allowed to retreat. This was the meaning of these two words.

Zhao Hai recovered and looked at Bloody War and said, “Just call me Young Master. Bloody War, Iron Hammer already told me about the matters in the Ark Continent. Do you have anything to add to it?”

Bloody War shook his head and said, “I don’t. Young Master, Iron Hammer and me descended from the Divine Realm at the same time. The experiences that we had are similar as well. What Iron Hammer knew was also what I knew.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then said, “Alright, then that’s that. I’ll go hand you over to the Beastmen. Do your best to protect them, understood?”

Bloody War immediately replied, “I shall, Young Master!” Zhao Hai nodded, but when he was about to exit, Bloody War said, “Young Master, please help this Diamond Ape.”

Zhao Hai gawked, then he turned to look at the frozen Diamond Ape Patriarch. He was confused as he looked at Bloody War and said, “They’re already dead, how can I help him? Moreover, their bodies have been petrified, my Dark Magic is useless.”

Bloody War shook his head, “No, no, Young Master. They are indeed dead, but their bodies are not petrified. You can use Dark Magic in order to turn them into undead. The Patriarch of the Diamond Apes has a very special talent called War Flag. This ability acts just like a War Flag on the battlefield. Every single soldier under his command would get improved, increasing the combat effectiveness of his army. That year, he relied on this ability to take his expedition deep into the Northern Icefield.”

Zhao Hai was surprised, this was the first time that he heard of such an ability. But this was indeed something great. If he had these Diamond Apes and turned them into undead, their fighting strength would certainly be formidable.

Zhao Hai nodded as he had a black fog appear and penetrate into the bodies of the Diamond Ape Patriarch and his giant ape partner.

The black gas permeated into their bodies very quickly, Zhao Hai also felt a connection to the two. But at this time, the corpses still remained unmoved.

Zhao Hai stared, the Space had already transformed them into undead, 9th rank undead. How could these 9th ranks still get stuck in ice? Is this a joke?

Zhao Hai face suddenly changed as he said, “Bubble, come over here, what’s wrong with them?”

Bubbles appeared in front of Zhao Hai and looked at the Diamond Ape Patriarch as well as the giant ape. Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, they’ve been frozen in Myriad Ice. This ice is frighteningly cold, one would be frozen into almost indestructible solid. Anything frozen by Myriad Water would find it near impossible to recover.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he asked, “Can you melt this ice?”

Bubbles seemed to look strangely at Zhao hai, “Young Master, this ice is essentially me, so I can definitely control it. If Young Master wanted to take the ice away, you can already do so anytime. You’ve gained the same ability as me.”

When Zhao Hai heard Bubble, he immediately tried to melt the ice with his mind. The ice surrounding the Diamond Ape Patriarch and the giant ape immediately became water and flowed into the pool.

When Zhao Hai saw this happen, he couldn’t help but feel relief. Then he looked at Bubble and then turned his hand before a red crystal appeared. He held the crystal in front of bubble and said, “Bubble, in the place that you’ve stayed, were there things that are like this?”

Bubble looked at the crystal and then nodded and said, “There’s plenty, but they are colored white, some of its energy also came from me.”

Zhao Hai became happy, the myriad ice and the red crystals were very good things. Zhao Hai turned his head to Bubble and said, “Is the entire Icefield really covered in myriad ice? Are there any special things inside?”

Bubble shook his head and said, “Young Master, those are just ice that were there for thousands of years. Only those infused with my energy can be said to be real myriad ice. The ice pillars as well as the ice in a radius around it can be considered to be myriad ice. At the same time, the snow on a certain radius around me has also been infused by my energy. I named them myriad snow. Although they aren’t as good as the myriad ice, they can still prove very useful.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then his body flashed as he went outside, Bubble was also right beside him. Then Zhao Hai said, “Take the snow and the ice away. Then we’ll find that white stones that you said and bring them to the Space.

Bubble complied as he started to rotate. And along with his rotation, all of the ice in the surroundings started to change into water as it slowly got absorbed into his body. Before long, the giant ice pillar as well as the surrounding ice had returned to Bubbles’ body. At the same time, the snow all around had also started to get absorbed by Bubble. When everything stopped, what was left was a giant pit. The giant pit originally contained the  myriad ice. Also, there were no more snow present on a radius outside the pit.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Bubble and then saw that there were no changes to its size. Zhao Hai looked confused at Bubble as he asked, “You just absorbed a lot, why haven’t you grown up?”

Bubbles looked at Zhao Hai’s eyes as if he was confused at Zhao Hai’s question, “Young Master, I am an origin of water. Even if you load my body with all of the water in this world, I still won’t get big. Actually, after these things enter my body, they just exist in a much smaller form. If Young Master doesn’t believe it, you can see it for yourself.” Then Bubble came closer to Zhao Hai’s eyes.

Zhao Hai looked into Bubbles’ body. Bubble wasn’t big, he was only the size of a football. He looked dark blue but he was still quite transparent. When Zhao Hai looked carefully inside Bubble, he can faintly see some very small bubbles. In one of the bubbles, Zhao Hai can see the ice pillar, there were also a lot of ice inside as well as the snow. The bubbles were so small that if Bubble hadn’t informed Zhao Hai, he couldn’t even see these things.

Zhao Hai became shocked, he didn’t expect this. He looked at Bubble and said, “Can you store anything in your body?”

Bubble shook its head and said, “No, I can only store things that are related to my nature, like water, ice, snow, fog, and so on.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he also wasn’t disappointed. His Space’s Warehouse was very big and was able to store all kinds of things. So there was no need for Bubble to have the ability to do the same.

Zhao Hai then turned to Bubble and said, “What if I want to use those things? Do I still need you to get them?”

Bubble nodded, “Right, they’re in my body. If Young Master wants them, you’ll have to ask me for permission.”

Zhao Hai’s face seemed to turn black, he looked at Bubble and then said, “After going back to the Space, go give those things to Cai’er. Have her store it to the Warehouse. Then go back to the pool and don’t come out if I don’t call you.”

Bubble snorted, but Zhao Hai still looked at the Icefield and said, “Are there any other good things here?”

Bubbles nodded and said, “There is. If you walk towards the north, you would see a ball of wind. Because of that ball of wind, my life in the icefield has become miserable. Every single year, it blows air towards me, it’s very annoying.”

When Zhao Hai heard Bubble, his eyes couldn’t help but shine. This ball of wind might actually be another good thing.