BTFTLIAW – Chapter 601

Chapter 601 – Settling In
The next day after Zhao Hai and Tess’ agreement, Tess announced to his tribesmen that they would be moving to a new place.
This fact made the other DIamond Apes feel somewhat at a loss. They don’t know what’s going on, why would they suddenly move to another place?”
Zhao Hai didn’t participate in this matter. This wasn’t something that needed his help, it was all left up to Tess and the others. The Diamond Ape tribe had already stayed in this place for more than 5000 years. And in these 5000 years, their lives had been calm. Aside from looking for the Divine Artifact as well as the ice beasts, they didn’t suffer any other trouble. It was a sort of mundane heaven, one which had beasts living in it.
And now they were suddenly leaving, this made the minds of the other Diamond Apes turn blank. But Tess told them about the situation of the volcano and compared it to the Black Wasteland. This managed to calm the people down.
Seeing the reactions of the Diamond Apes made Zhao Hai gawk. Then he immediately understood why. They had lived in seclusion for too long that they would find it strange seeing other strangers in their vicinity. If they suddenly come across an assortment of new people, then they might not be able to adapt.
But fortunately, the place where they would be going to was the Black Wasteland. This meant that they would just be moving from their mundane life into a less mundane place but somewhere without wild beasts. Perhaps this was the best result for them.
Tess’ influence in the tribe was very high that after he talked his tribemates through, they started to pack up and prepared to leave.
The things that they focused most was actually their magic beasts, which were the fire rabbits. These magic beasts were quite big, they weren’t much shorter than the argali. It can eat anything and it rarely get sick. It was a very good type of magic beast.
However, when one considers money, these rabbits were inferior to argali. Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted the Diamond Apes to raise argali, not these fire rabbits.
However, Tess words reminded Zhao Hai that the Diamond Apes haven’t raised argali for more than 5000 years. They simply didn’t have the knowledge to herd argali. If Zhao Hai immediately swaps their fire rabbits for argali, then they might find it hard to adapt.
Zhao Hai and Tess stood on the wall and observed the people preparing. After their talk, Zhao Hai told Tess that Iron Mountain Fort would be prepared after three days. Zhao Hai also sent some undead to Green in order to rush the preparations.
Tess and the others were still not finished preparing. They had lived in here for a long time that not even a stick was spared in their packing. Seeing this scene made Tess smile bitterly.
Zhao Hai didn’t care about it too much. These people were just unwilling to give their stuff up due to nostalgia, it wasn’t something strange. Tess sighed and looked at Zhao Hai, “Mister, I think it’ll take two days before they finish packing. If you are in a hurry, I can make them go faster.”
Zhao Hai faintly smiled and shook his head, “It’s fine. The Wasteland is already prepared. Being late for one or two days wouldn’t matter. Just have them take their time. There’s no need to worry.”
Tess said, “I’m just afraid that you might miss the chance to get the Beast God’s Spear.”
Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the Beast God’s Spear has already been here for 5000 years. If something did happen, one or two days wouldn’t make much of a difference.”
Tess nodded, then he said, “Mister, the Beast God’s Spear is a very important matter to our tribe. I have a request. If Mister finds the Beast God’s Spear, please bring it to our Diamond Ape tribe first. We’ve sought for this thing for 5000 years, the least we could do is see it with our own eyes.”
Zhao Hai nodded and, “Patriarch, rest assured. If I do retrieve the Beast God’s Spear, I’ll go back to this volcano and show it to you so you could perform a ritual.”
Tess nodded, he hadn’t requested Zhao Hai about doing a ceremony at the volcano because it was already too much to ask for. Therefore, the only thing he could ask was to see them Beast God’s Spear.
Zhao Hai understood Tess’ mood. This was their tribe’s obsession for 5000 years. If Tess doesn’t see it, then he might carry this regret for the rest of his life.
Sure enough, just as Tess had thought, the Diamond Apes took two days before they finished packing. After all of them had prepared, Zhao Hai immediately went out of the city and opened a huge spatial rift that allowed the people to get through it.
The people couldn’t help but get surprised upon seeing the spatial rift. But they still obediently walked through it. What made them surprised was the fact that Tess was not present. But fortunately, the other elders were there to guide them.
It didn’t take a long time for the people to pass through the spatial rift. And when they emerged, they immediately saw Tess. As it turns out, Tess was the first one that passed through the rift.
Along with Tess, there were also some slaves as well as Giant Horned Bulls on the other side. These people would help the Diamond Apes get settled in.
The Diamond Apes looked curiously at the Giant Horned Bulls. The Giant Horned Bulls were very enthusiastic. Almost all of the Beastmen knew about the exiled Royal tribe, now they had finally seen what they looked like.
However, the Giant Horned Bulls also knew the importance of the current matter. Therefore, they didn’t say a lot of words to the Diamond Apes. They just led the Diamond Apes to the place that was prepared for them. The place where they’ll go to was very close to the Giant Horned Bulls. This was because the Bulls would be the people who would teach the Diamond Apes about the life in the Black Wasteland.
The Diamond Apes received their tents according to their families. It was great that Beastman tents were very tall and spacious, which allowed the Diamond Apes to stay in it.
The Diamond Apes looked curiously at their new home. They had discovered that everything that they would need was already provided. There were even some ironware that they hadn’t seen before, this made them feel very excited.
Soon, the 100 thousand people had arrived at the camp. Tess and the elders also helped them settle in quickly. Green and Merine came as well along with a lot of slaves. The most important thing for these Diamond Apes was to get used to meeting new people. These were people that they would have to come in contact frequently in the future.
Zhao Hai had also started to improve the Wasteland this year. And now that Cai’er has levelled up, she had extended her branches slowly. In the end, she had surrounded the Iron Mountain as well as the middle part of the Black Wasteland. In this way, it won’t be very cold here even in the winter. This also allowed plants to grow normally, increasing the yearly yield of the land.
Cai’er didn’t have anything to say about this. She was a plant type magic beast. And all of the plant types can do this when they reach a high enough level. And now that she has been upgraded further, this matter was not even a problem for her. Now, one could see a beautiful ring of flowers around the Iron Mountains. These branches belong to Cai’er. She can use this to absorb energy from the land. Not only would it affect her cultivation, it would also provide more nutrition for her, which was one of her most important ability in order to survive as a magic beast.
This was also Zhao Hai’s consideration for Tess’ tribe. Although they can survive in the current Black Wasteland, on shouldn’t forget that they had been living in a volcano for 5000 years. They weren’t used to having seasons. If winter suddenly arrives, then it would be troublesome for the Diamond Apes.
Regarding the arrival of the Diamond Apes, Robert and Evan couldn’t help but get surprised. There were once Great Patriarchs who governed land with a border with the Beastmen. Because of that, they also collected a lot of materials regarding the history of the Prairie. The matter of the Diamond Apes wasn’t a huge secret among the Beastmen. They were basically a royal tribe that was exiled to the Northern Icefield. When they went to the Icefield, nobody was expecting them to survive. But who would’ve thought that Zhao Hai would bring them here.
Evan and Robert didn’t know about the true reason why the Diamond Apes were sent to exile. In fact, most Beastmen didn’t know either. However, they were now more surprised about Zhao Hai’s abilities.
Settling 100 thousand people was no small matter. But since Green and the others had already done it for more than one time, they knew what to do. Because of their experience, there weren’t any mistakes in the process. And adding on to the fact that they had prepared, the Diamond Apes were settled quickly.
100 thousand people might sound many, but when one divides them into households, the unit number would be reduced to 30 thousand. Settling them up was much easier than they thought.
Zhao Hai also lended a hand in settling the Diamond Apes. Whatever the Diamond Apes needed, Zhao Hai would fulfill it immediately. He already had a lot of things in his Space, common necessities wouldn’t be a problem.
When the curtain of night fell down, the Diamond Apes were finally settled in nicely. Zhao Hai and the others also relaxed. However, Zhao Hai knew that settling down was not this easy. These Diamond Apes might be unable to adapt to their new life and would take a long time before they get familiar with the place. It was just like when the Giant Horned Bulls had come here for the first time.
However, this time was also not the same. Now, there were Giant Horned Bulls present in order to teach the Diamond Apes. Compared to when the Giant Horned Bulls’ arrival, the current situation was much better.
It took three days before the Diamond Apes had finally reached their new home. Zhao Hai also sent some argali and bulls. With the help of the Giant Horned Bulls, the Diamond Apes would slowly learn how to herd them.
At this time, Zhao Hai returned to the Northern Icefield. It was time to unearth the place’s secrets!


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