BTFTLIAW – Chapter 599

Chapter 599 – Ice Beast

When Zhao Hai heard Cai’er, he couldn’t help but stare for a moment. Then his expression changed. Alien felt Zhao Hai’s change in mood as it directly jumped towards the wall. Alien’s sudden movement scared the Diamond Apes.

Zhao Hai came out of Alien’s body before he directly went to Tess and said, “Patriarch, the ice beasts have come. There’s are a lot of them. Have the people prepare themselves.”

Tess couldn’t help but stare blankly at Zhao Hai, but he immediately knew that Zhao Hai was a Mage. Moreover, he also heard about Zhao Hai’s magical abilities from Ares. Therefore, he didn’t suspect Zhao Hai’s words. Tess immediately replied, “Alright, I’ll go transmit orders to everybody.”

Then Tess turned around and loudly said, “Everyone Prepare!”

These two words might be short, but it was already enough. After shouting, Tess turned his head and looked outside the city with a cold gaze.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was looking at the city. With Tess’ command, the city immediately exploded in activity. He saw a lot of people coming out of their houses, while some returned before coming out again in their leather armors. The able bodied immediately approached the walls as the old and women stayed behind. Only the children were hiding inside the houses.

From the time of Tess’ shout to this point, it only took 10 minutes. The efficiency of their movement was astonishing.

Zhao Hai looked shocked at these Diamond Apes. The continent had always strived to create an army as coordinated as these. What they thought was impossible was actually achieved by the Diamond Apes. It looks like they were very well practiced in this routine.

Then Zhao Hai turned to look at Tess. Tess was now like a towering colossus that was standing on the city wall. Although he wasn’t young, his imposing aura was still as massive as a mountain. One couldn’t help but admire his form.

At the same time, the resting beasts on the wall had begun to stand up. These giant apes were very huge, and all of them were currently wearing very fierce expressions.

Zhao Hai discovered that the temperament of the diamond ape beasts had completely changed. When they were lying down or sitting, they didn’t have any point of threat to them whatsoever. But now that they had stood up, Zhao Hai saw that they had turned into formidable soldiers.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai also discovered that when these diamond apes were with the Diamond Ape partners, their bodies seem to have formed a connection. At the same time, their strengths have been amplified, they were now at the level of 8th rank.

Although Zhao Hai had a lot of 9th ranks in his hand, he also knew that this due to the Space. But these Diamond Apes didn’t have a thing such as the Space, this was them completely relying on their abilities.

It was now that Zhao Hai truly understood how the Diamond Apes were able to rule the entire Beastman Prairie. It was because their innate skill was too frightening.

Even the Tigers would find it impossible to reach 8th rank even after growing up. On the other hand,  these young soldiers of the Diamond Ape tribe already had 8th rank in strength. Even the elderly and women on the back of the wall had a lot of 8th ranks among them. This sight was indeed too scary.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath. After experiencing the strength of the Diamond Ape tribe, Zhao Hai knew how they were able to survive at this place. Although they were left with 5000 people in the beginning, they still managed to penetrate this deep into the Northern Icefield.

Zhao Hai wasn’t idling when he arrived at the Icefield. After he arrived at the Diamond Ape’s city, he immediately had his Blood Ghost staff out and mapped the surrounding areas as well as the path that he had passed through before.

Because he wasn’t collecting corpses this time, the staff’s speed was increased completely. Actually, there wasn’t anything to see in the Icefield, its terrain had remained unchanged for more than then thousand years. Because of this, Zhao Hai just had Cai’er manage making the map and didn’t care about it again. Although he still hadn’t mapped the northern part of the Icefield, Zhao Hai was almost sure that this volcano is part of the Icefield’s inner area.

Because of this, he admired the Diamond Apes greatly. For them to arrive here was something unfathomable.

Since he hasn’t explored the area beyond the volcano, Zhao Hai didn’t know the situation there. But he believed that he would find a clue to the Beast God’s Spear in that place.

While he was thinking about this, Zhao Hai was suddenly startled awake. He knew that the Ice beasts that Tess had mentioned to him had come. He felt very curious to these beasts and wanted to see them with his own eyes.

On the forest under the city, while flashes started to be seen. Zhao Hai fixed his eyes and focused only to see an ice bull!

It was a bull made entirely of ice. It was about three meters high, had a huge pair of horns, and no matter what part of its body, it was all made of ice. Moreover, it was transparent ice, Zhao Hai can even see the tree behind the cow.

Zhao Hai stared blankly at this thing. He didn’t expect a piece of ice to walk. If he didn’t meet Tess, he might have thought that it was caused by someone who had an Ice Divergent Ability. Otherwise, such a phenomenon was impossible. If such an expert was present, then there would be more powerful attacks coming their way, and Tess would have met it. But Tess told him that there was no such thing. This only showed that these ice beasts weren’t controlled by anyone.

If it was not under control, then it must be made naturally. But can nature really make an ice beast? This idea made Zhao Hai surprised. What environment can allow the natural birth of ice beasts? This matter is too unreasonable.

Zhao Hai turned to Tess and said, “Patriarch Tess, why don’t you use long ranged attacks?”

Tess shook his head and said, “It’s useless. If you don’t destroy their heads, they won’t die. They can just retreat and recover.”

Zhao Hai gawked, but this wasn’t hard for him. He moved his hand as he released several stone golems outside the city. The bodies of these golems exceeded ten meters. Their bodies were red, they didn’t look like normal golems.

In the past, Zhao Hai’s golems were dark green. But since the Space had absorbed the God’s Blood and levelled up, the stone giants have turned blood red. Moreover, their strengths have been insanely increased. Each stone golem was very strong.

After the stone golems appeared, they immediately threw themselves towards the ice beasts. Zhao Hai discovered that the movements of these stone golems had gotten more flexible. Moreover, their speed had also been increased. Their strength must also be greater than before.

These stone golems initially made people feel that they are very bulky. But when Zhao Hai’s stone golems moved, they were smooth and powerful, they didn’t look very stupid.

The Diamond Apes in the city couldn’t help but stare. Although they knew about the existence of Mages, this was the first time that they had seen one fight. When they saw that the more than ten meter high stone golem can fight a Diamond Ape evenly, they couldn’t help but feel shock.

But when they saw the stone golems fighting, their hearts couldn’t help but feel a breeze of coldness. These stone giants had punches that can send people for a thousand miles. Each punch of these golems was able to break an ice bull. They also seem to know the weakness of these ice beasts since they were always aiming for their heads.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was completely focused on the ice beasts. From what he heard from Tess, as long as one doesn’t destroy these beasts’ heads, they would be able to regenerate. Zhao Hai saw an ice wolf blown to pieces by the stone golem without its head getting hit. When the ice wolf passed a puddle of water, the liquid flowed to the body of the ice wolf as it recovered quickly and reentered the fight.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit the brows of his head. He discovered how difficult these ice beasts were to deal with. Even if a stone golem can break one or two heads, it still wasn’t enough.

However, these ice beasts couldn’t do anything to the stone golems. Currently, the bodies of the golems were very hard. Most 8th ranks wouldn’t able to damage their bodies, not to way about these low level ice beasts. From what Zhao Hai has seen, mos of these ice beasts had about 6th rank strength. They didn’t have much of an attack strength.

Although their attacks weren’t a threat to the Diamond Apes, their numbers and regeneration abilities definitely were. This made the ice beasts very difficult to deal with.

Zhao Hai didn’t use fire magic. Although it would be very effective, the area of battle was a lush forest. If he uses fire to attack, then he might burn the entire mountain.

The stone golems were like an offensive wall outside the city. The ice beasts weren’t  able to go through for quite some time which made Tess very surprised. The stone golems were surprisingly very formidable.

Zhao Hai stood on the city wall, calmly looking at the battle below. After a while, he turned to Tess and said, “Patriarch Tess, how many ice beasts generally attack? And do they attack for a long time?”

Tess looked at the ice beasts before replying, “Each ice beast attack has about less than 100 thousand ice beasts. Moreover, if these beasts don’t die, they won’t retreat.”

This number made Zhao Hai surprised. He didn’t expect that the ice beasts would send so many, a hundred thousand. This wasn’t a small number, moreover, they needed to be killed off, which added to the difficulty.

Back on Earth, Zhao Hai saw people doing statistics about military battles. There was a certain percentage of losses before an army chooses to flee. If more than 20% died, then retreat was on the table. If 25% were gone, then people would accept defeat of even flee.


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