BTFTLIAW – Chapter 598

Chapter 598 – Red Crystal Ore

Originally, Zhao Hai was searching these mountain peaks with the mindset of finding nothing. Since he had some free time, he might as well collect some things here. But now it wa different, after discovering the red crystal, he immediately thought about how great this thing would be in supplying energy.

The continent also had crystal stones, and Zhao Hai had gotten samples of these for the Space to absorb. But the Space’s evaluation of the crystal was that it was a low-energy consumable, without any way of recharging. This made Zhao Hai disappointed in the crystal.

However, this red crystal was different, after using up the energy inside this crystal, it can be recharged. Most importantly, the energy that the red crystal can store was vastly bigger than the ordinary ones. What can 100 thousand watts do? Zhao Hai didn’t calculate it, but he reckoned it would do a lot.

Between the first to third peaks, Zhao Hai had already gathered about 160 red crystals. Together, all of them can reach about 1 billion watts. What concept was this? Zhao Hai had some headache thinking about it before he became happy.

Energy, no matter what kind, was a good. It was something that anyone in the world was vying for. And this red crystal can store a lot. As long as Zhao Hai collects more of it, then he would have a lot of energy available for the future.

Zhao Hai sat inside Alien as it flew towards the fourth peak. The situation at this peak was better than the third peak since it wasn’t as hot as the third peak.

However, Zhao Hai was not paying attention to the temperature. He didn’t take any plants or beasts either, after all, he had already collected some back at the first three peaks. What Zhao Hai was on the look for at this time were those red crystals.

After scouring at fourth peak, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get disappointed. All in all, he had only discovered about more than 50 red crystals here. These crystals were small as well, about the size of a fist. Zhao Hai also expected these crystals to have differences in size and quality. For example, the first crystal that Zhao Hai had found was as big as a basketball, so it was natural that it can contain a large amount of energy. These fist sized crystals on the fourth peak can carry only about 5000 kilowatts of energy, it had a difference of about 20 times.

Zhao Hai sighed as he received the 50 crystals. Then he proceeded and flew towards the fifth peak, another dangerous place that Tess had told him. Zhao Hai hopes to gain good harvests there.

Before long, Zhao Hai had arrived at the fifth peak. This fifth peak was very similar to the third. Its heat was actually hotter than the third peak. Moreover, it also had more fire element magic beasts.

Zhao Hai didn’t pay attention to these magic beasts. His attention was fully in seeking the red crystals. However, the fifth peak seem to have special characteristics. The red crystals in this mountain was buried deep. If Zhao Hai wanted to obtain them, he would need to dig through the mountain.

Fortunately, the monitor can see underground, otherwise, Zhao Hai would take a long time before finding these crystals. Zhao Hai took his time collecting the crystals one by one. The quality of these crystals were higher than the fourth peak. Each of the crystals were about the size of a football. Zhao Hai has yet to see another basketball sized crystal.

The monitor’s sight wasn’t very deep, it can only penetrate through 500 meters of land. But after arriving at that 500 meters, Zhao Hai can see 500 meters further.

Zhao Hai was now a kilometer beneath the fifth peak. Such a distance wasn’t short, but this didn’t affect Zhao Hai. He already has magic as well as his earth Divergent Ability. So he wasn’t encumbered much at this depth. At this point, the only thing in his mind were those red crystals.

At this time, Cai’er appeared in front of Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, it looks like there’s a mineral lode underneath.”

Zhao Hai said, “Mineral lode? You say that there is a red crystal lode?”

Cai’er nodded and said, “Yes, there’s a red crystal lode not far under here.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he said, “Then let’s go there immediately, I want to take a look.”

Caier then said, “Young Master, that mineral lode is probably under a lake of magma. But from my analysis, the magma isn’t a huge threat to you. But the Young Master would have to keep your focus.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he knew how formidable the analysis of the Space was. What Cai’er said meant that the magma wouldn’t affect him too much, but he would still experience some troubles.

However, to obtain these red crystals, this small trouble was no big deal.  Zhao Hai slowly came out of Alien. Until now, he has been sitting inside its body and didn’t enter the Space. If he was in the Space, then he was afraid that Laura and the others wouldn’t allow him to go.

Moving forward, Zhao Hai was very focused and was paying attention to the monitor at the same time. He wanted to frequently know what was in front of him. Before long, he discovered that in a place 10 meters below him was magma. Zhao Hai then casted Earth magic on himself while also using his Earth Divergent Ability. He believed that in this way, he can penetrate the earth with the smoothest way possible. He was afraid of making a huge impact at this place since it might cause the volcano to erupt.

After reaching ten meters away from the magma, Zhao Hai stopped and inspected it carefully. After seeing that there wasn’t anything special inside, he immediately plunged into it along with Alien.

A dozen of meters away, Zhai Hai popped up and saw that he was in a rock chamber and a magma river. The magma flowed constantly, everything that Zhao Hai saw was red, like molten iron.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about any of this as he controlled his fired Divergent Ability and dispelled the heat from the magma before diving down again.

It was fortunate that the magma river wasn’t too deep. After Zhao Hai dived for a short time, he had finally reached the bottom of the river. He immediately merged with the earth underneath the magma river. These rockes weren’t red crystals, therefore Zhao Hai can use his Earth ability to merge into it, then he relaxed.

Although he can control fire, and the difference between controlling earth and fire was nonexistent, he still didn’t want to stay in the magma. The feeling of being immersed in hot rocks was different from being surrounded by earth. The pressure inside the magma was just too great.

After passing the magma river, Zhao Hai dove an additional ten meters before he arrived at the red crystal ores. This ore wasn’t very large, it had the thickness of about 100 meters. It also wasn’t made up entirely of red crystal, there were also rocks and soil here and there, only a few parts of it were red crystals. However, the crystal ores in this location was much higher than the mountains.

Zhao Hai proceeded to start collecting the crystals in this lode. It was worthy of being called a lode. The crystals were quickly collected with great speed. This lode was not long, probably only spanning a few of these volcanoes. After collecting all of the red crystals here, Zhao Hai had now over 10 thousand red crystals in his possession.

After Zhao Hai collected the final piece of crystal, he immediately went out and discovered that he was already in the tenth peak. But he didn’t care, at this time, there was a piece of red crystal in his hand. This red crystal was not like the other ones. The other red crystals can just be described as fiery crystals, but one could tell at a glance that they were crystal stones. If a person was not knowledgeable, they would just see it as a big gemstone.

But the crystal held by Zhao Hai was more red than the others. It also seemed to have some warmth in it, completely different to the others. The crystal looked just like a fireball.

Zhao Hai absorbed the crystal to the Space, the analysis of the crystal was that it was incomplete, it also has pure energy that would transform the surrounding rocks into red crystals. One could say that this thing was equal to pure iron. It was akin to being a source of red crystals. Zhao Hai buried the crystal underground and maybe it can produce some more red crystals in the future.

Zhao Hai inspected the crystal and couldn’t find anything else on it. This was the reason he just buried it in the Space. After all, he already had more red crystals than he could use at the moment.

And while Zhao Hai was flying towards the first peak, he discovered that the temperature on the 13 peaks seemed to have changed slightly. It seems like they weren’t as hot as before.

Zhao Hai gawked, and then thought that it might be possibly related to him taking out the red crystal ore. He had dug a lot of red crystals, so no wonder the magma wouldn’t be as hot as before.

But most importantly, he had unearthed the red crystal mother. This thing can produce red crystals. But unfortunately, it was incomplete, this somewhat disappointed Zhao Hai.

He was now afraid that the volcanoes would get extinguished, which was disadvantageous to his plan. Although Iron Mountain Fort already had enough equipment to support 100 thousand people moving over, it still needed a few days to prepare. If this volcano turned cold, then he would have to deliver the Diamond Apes ahead of time.

But after Zhao Hai saw that the magma on the seventh peak was still tumbling and didn’t have any looks of weakening, he immediately felt relief. Then he had Alien fly towards the first peak.

After Alien landed on the first peak, it slowly crawled towards the city. He was focused on collecting red crystals, so he didn’t know what Tess and the others had discussed. If they decided to move to Iron Mountain Fort, then they should be preparing by now.

Moreover, they also said that it would be possible for the ice beasts to attack them these days. Zhao Hai wanted to see these ice beasts, he wanted to see how these things managed to exist.

Just as Alien was about to reach the wall, Zhao Hai stared, he discovered that Tess was already on the wall waiting for him. At this time, Cai’er said, “Young Master, ice beings that Patriarch Tess have described has been spotted on the icefield. There are a lot of them.”


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  1. I know it’s probably the author’s mistake, but 100 thousand watts(100kW) is way lower than 1000 kilowatts(1,000kW). I’d be happier about the fist sized rocks if this was the case. More portable, and higher powered.

    1. yeah, and there’s an error at just about the beginning of the chapter where it says that 160 of those crystal is about a billion Watts?!? as far as I know 200 of those crystals is only about 20 MILLION not BILLION Watts, because as far as math goes, 100 thousand * 200 is 20 million, and if it’s * 160 it’s 16 million…

  2. Am i the only one that remembers the fact that magic beasts have cores aswell as there being magic core mines, and the beast cores could recharge natually using the energy in the air, this was mentioned early on in the first few chapters.

  3. The volcanoes stays active and hot thanks to the crystals energy, the crystals are charged thanks to the volcanoes.
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  4. The problem I see may be either an error in translation or an author’s error. Watts is not a unit of energy. It is a rate of energy. Watts is joules/sec. So when a crystal is said to contain 100kW’s of energy it should be saying 100kWh’s or 100kWs’s or 100kWy’s ect.. depending on the time-frame of how long it can provide that 100kW’s for. For example 1kWh uses 3.6M joules of energy. My desktop computer while a bit cheaper in energy usage is not that far from 1kW. When it says that it provides 100kW’s of energy is it saying 100k Joules, which is not very much, or does it provide a continuous 100kW’s of energy output for a particular period of time. If that is the case it could be said to be very significant.

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