BTFTLIAW – Chapter 597

Chapter 597 – Red Crystal

Zhao Hai didn’t bring Tess to the Space, he just directly teleported themselves to the Black Wasteland. The two appeared inside Iron Mountain Fort’s living area.

He’d rather make people aware that he has a Space Divergent Ability rather than revealing the existence of the Space. Although Space Divergent Abilities were rare, their existence were known in the continent. On the other hand, the Space was entirely unique, it was impossible for the continent to have such a thing.

Because of this, Zhao Hai was now very conscious of his conduct. Only those he trusted were able to know about the Space. For the others, the most they can know was him having some sort of Space Divergent Ability.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also didn’t want others to know about the current state of the Black Wasteland. He was afraid that the people would attribute the changes of the Black Wasteland to him.

In the past, he didn’t want the people to think that he had any skill in refining or alchemy. If people came to know that the Black Wasteland has been improved, he would have no way to justify it.

However, he wasn’t afraid of people asking about it right now. In the past he couldn’t find a reason. But now that he has the Processing Machine, as long as he provides the materials, it can make basically everything.

Zhao Hai thinks that being low key is good. After all, the area of the Black Wasteland was very big. If people came to know that it was now usable, greedy eyes would be staring at it.

Tess looked around him in shock. He didn’t think that he would instantly be transported into another place. He suddenly remembered something written in their tribe records about formidable Divergent Abilities in the continent.

One must know that the records of the Diamond Apes wasn’t broken even after they were exiled to the Icefield. They didn’t give up in their task of recording everything.

Because of this, the records of the Diamond Apes were as complete as it can be. Therefore, even when being exiled for 5000 years, Tess was still aware of the existence of Divergent Abilities as well as the existence of the most formidable one of them all, Space Divergent Abilities. In the past, even Beastmen were able to acquire such an ability, which explains why it had also appeared in their records.

Tess looked at Zhao Hai with shining eyes as he said, “Was that a Space Divergent Ability?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right, it’s my Space Divergent Ability. Moreover, my ability is special, not only could I do teleportation, I can also make a Spatial Passage. It would allow people to pass through and immediately arrive here, in the Black Wasteland. This gave me the confidence to claim that I can bring you here.”

Tess was moved, he couldn’t help but say, “Good, fantastic. Thank you so much Mister.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it. We still have to prepare the place where you’ll be settling in. Let’s head out and see the territory.”

Then Zhao Hai brought Tess to the fort’s exit. When the Giant Horned Bulls saw Tess, they couldn’t help but gawk. The expressions of the Giant Horned Bulls can be understood. After all, it has been 5000 years before a Diamond Ape was spotted in the continent.

The Giant Horned Bulls saw them but they didn’t know who Tess was. Although they knew that he was an ape Beastman, Tess was different from those that they had seen before. This made them very puzzled, explaining how they looked at Tess. Tess hurried towards one Giant Horned Bull, then he said, “Beastman Brother, what tribe are you?”

Tess question made the Giant Horned Bull gawk. Although they were tribes in the Prairie that cannot be classified at first glance, the Giant Horned Bulls were the most recognizable tribe among the Beastman. Their two large horns wasn’t something that people can just ignore.

The Giant Horned Bull rubbed the horn on his head, he thought that maybe his horns have shrunk. Otherwise, why would this Beastman ask about his tribe?

Zhao Hai saw the confused appearance of the Giant Horned Bull, so he smiled faintly and said, “Arpurt, don’t be surprised. It’s true that he cannot recognize you. This person is from the Diamond Ape tribe. They had lived in the Northern Icefield.”[1]

The Giant Horned Bull named Arpurt stared blankly, then he muttered, “Diamond Ape tribe, what tribe is the Diamond Ape tribe?” Then after a moment he was suddenly stunned, he looked at Tess with shining eyes as he asked, “The exiled Royal Tribe, the Diamond Apes? Some of you have survived? Oh my god!!”

When Tess heard Arpurt exclaim, he couldn’t help but be moved as he said, “I didn’t expect that people would still remember our tribe. I am indeed from the Diamond Ape tribe.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then said, “Patriarch Tess, these brothers are from the Giant Horned Bull tribe. Last year, they had come across a disaster in the Prairie, their tribe had been attacked. Therefore, we led them here. Now, they had settled in Iron Mountain Fort.”

Arpurt looked at Tess with an expression of disbelief, he looked very silly. In fact, who could act normal in such a situation. A race that had vanished for about 5000 years suddenly appearing in front of them, this was inconceivable.

When Tess heard Zhao Hai that Arpurt was from the Giant Horned Bull tribe, he immediately believed him judging by how huge Arpurt’s horns were. He immediately looked at Arpurt and said, “Beastman Brother, hello.” He didn’t know what to say. It seems like he wanted to say a lot, but he just didn’t know how to say it.

Arpurt recovered and then looked at Tess and said, “Are you really from the Diamond Ape tribe? Did you really go to the Northern Icefield? How did you manage to survive there?”

At this time, those working in Iron Mountain Fort who had noticed the commortion had already come over. When the people of the Giant Horned Bull tribe heard Arpurt, they couldn’t help but stare at Tess in disbelief.

After some time, Green and Merine had come and had the situation be under control. Then Green and Merine invited Tess to the living room while inviting Ares and Aria over. The two were now deemed to be the elders of the Giant Horned Bulls. It would be best if Tess talks to them.

ZHao Hai didn’t say anything and just had Ares and Aria bring Tess to explore Iron Mountain Fort. Zhao Hai believed that as they talk with each other, Tess would understand the life at the fort. Therefore, he didn’t have to worry.

Sure enough, Tess went out for a long time with Ares. And when he came back, Tess had a meal with Zhao Hai and the others. The face of Tess went red, it was quite clear that he had become drunk.

When Tess returned to the fort’s living room, Zhao Hai immediately looked at him and said, “Patriarch Tess, we should head back. If we’re gone for a long time, your people would start to get worried.”

Tess nodded, he had already asked Ares about the questions that was on his mind, so he was quite satisfied with today’s trip. It was already time for them to return.

Zhao Hai led Tess as their bodies flashed and returned to the Diamond Apes’ city. They didn’t flash inside their room instantly, but instead looked for a place where nobody was present.

Tess looked at the surroundings and knew instantly that they had come back. Then he walked towards his house along with Zhao Hai. Just shortly after they had returned, they had met a Diamond Ape, when the ape saw Tess he immediately said, “Patriarch, you’re here. Aunt has been looking for you.”

Tess nodded and said, “Thanks.” Then he went back to his house along with Zhao Hai. The family still hadn’t eaten yet, they were still waiting for the two to arrive.

Seeing the two come back, Tess’ wife couldn’t help but complain to him several times. She berated him about not coming back in time for meal. But when she saw that they had already eaten, she didn’t say anything.

While Tess had them eat their meal, he was sitting on the living room with Zhao Hai. After they had sat down, Tess looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, I still need to discuss this matter with the elders. I hope you can give me some time.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, you don’t have to worry. After all, the place and supplies for your tribe would have to be prepared. It’ll be fine if we go a bit later. But meanwhile, I’ll go head to the mountains and explore to see if there are any rare plants and animals present.”

Tess nodded and said, “Mister, do you need someone to guide you?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “No need. I’m just casually strolling around. Do you think there are any beings in this mountain that can threaten my safety?”

Tess nodded and said, “There aren’t any formidable magic beasts in this mountain. But the third peak, fifth peak, and seventh peak must not be explored. Those mountains are quite unstable, they might randomly spew out high temperature fire. Mister should be careful, people aren’t able to come back after exploring those areas.”

Zhao Hai nodded before he stood up and gave Tess a salute. Then he turned around to walk outside. Seeing Zhao Hai leave, Tess immediately headed out and sent word to the various houses of the elders, calling them over for a meeting. They must reach a decision at the shortest possible time.

Zhao Hai didn’t really care about any of these. To be honest, he didn’t really place great importance to the decision that Tess and the others would make. After all, it was impossible for Zhao Hai to send them to the Prairie using his ability. The only place they can go to would be the Black Wasteland. Otherwise, Zhao Hai would stop caring about them and then going forth to continue his search. The Black Wasteland’s secrets cannot be revealed, so it would be careless for Zhao Hai to just have Tess reveal it.

Zhao Hai sat inside Alien as it walked into the forest and headed directly to the second peak. This mountain peak wasn’t as tall as the mountain that Tess’ tribe were living in. Moreover, it wasn’t very far from the third peak. Zhao Hai can clearly see what Tess just warned him, the third peak was actually a volcano that would erupt once in a while. This was the reason why Tess and the others decided to live on the first peak.

After leaving the first peak, Alien immediately slammed his tail on the ground as it directly flew towards the second peak. The distance between the two peaks wasn’t short. If Alien just walked, it would take them a lot of time.

Since Zhao Hai’s undead had become 9th ranks, it was natural that they were now able to fly on the air. Which made it even more convenient for Zhao Hai to travel.

The second peak didn’t have much things. From what Zhao Hai can tell, this second peak was just like an extinct volcano. It’s crater was black and had nothing in it. Zhao Hai stopped caring about it as his gaze turned towards the third peak.

The third peak was very different from the second peak. Zhao Hai can just feel how high the temperature was just from where he was standing. Even at the foot of the mountain, the temperature was still higher than back in the Diamond Apes’ city.

Plants were actually very rare in the third peak. The ones who populated the area were fire element magic beasts. Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity go as he received the plants as well as the beasts into the Space. But although he had absorbed a lot, the Space still didn’t levelup.

While Zhao Hai was collecting, he proceeded further up the volcano. He was very curious and wanted to look at what’s present on top of the mountain.

Before long, he arrived at the summit where the temperature was very high. If one were to drop an egg on the ground, it would definitely turn into an omelette immediately. But this temperature didn’t affect Zhao Hai as well as Alien, so they proceeded to go take a closer look at the crater.

The crater looked like a giant stove that constantly spat out fire. Less than 50 meters away from the crater, magma can be seen tumbling about.

Zhao Hai looked at the magma with his eyes as he prepared to get down and observe it. However, he suddenly discovered something that made him stop.

It was a piece of red Crystal, it glittered and was translucent. It was very attractive, the crystal wasn’t very far from the crater. Moreover, it was a very big piece.

Zhao Hai curiously looked at the stone as he had a Spatial Rift appear and absorbed the red crystal.

When the crystal reached the Space, a prompt was then heard, “High energy crystal has been detected. Contains a huge amount of heat energy. The energy is stable and can be used. May produce energy equal to 100 thousand watts. This crystal can be reusable. Once it runs out of energy, it can just be placed on a source and reabsorb some energy.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. This energy of this red crystal managed to move him. This thing can actually store a lot, and it can be recharged as well. He can now use it to provide energy in the future, this was a very good thing for the family.

Zhao Hai immediately opened the monitor and asked Cai’er to look at the other mountain peaks and search for other red crystals.

The Space’s ability to search was very good, it didn’t take too long before they had found more red crystals, whose sizes weren’t not small either. Zhao Hai immediately opened a rift and absorbed them into the Space before continuing on his search. But after searching around the three mountains, he wasn’t able to find any more crystals.

Zhao Hai then had the monitor look at the other ten mountains. To be honest, the other mountains weren’t as suitable for living as the second and first peaks. But on those two peaks, it was impossible to find red crystals easily. Among the crystals that Zhao Hai had already gotten, 60 percent of it was all produced by the third peak.

  1. I always get confused by this. My mind always thought that Tess was present 5000 years ago. xD Basically the current generation of Diamond Apes haven’t seen other Beastmen before.


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