BTFTLIAW – Chapter 595

Chapter 595 – Cremation

Zhao Hai nodded, he can understand their decision. They thought that they were about to be eliminated and then suddenly a place like this appeared that can allow them to live. In this case, it wouldn’t be strange for them to grab the opportunity. Not wonder, even for the Beastmen to have not done cremation before, they decided to do so right now.

But Zhao Hai thought about it and decided to remind Tess, he opened his mouth and said, “Patriarch Tess, my Space is very big. If I can find the Beast God’s Spear, I can bring these remains back to the Prairie. How about burying them back there?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Tess couldn’t help but stare, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Is mister telling the truth? Is it possible for you to take these remains back to the Prairie?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It’s true.”

Tess looked at the remains, and then he looked back at the mountain. He sighed lightly and then shook his head, “Forget it, we’ll go through with the cremation. My tribe would still look for the Beast God’s Spear. But I think we don’t have a place to return to anymore.”

Zhao Hai looked at Tess and said, “Patriarch, I came this time to seek the Beast God’s Spear, and I’m confident in being able to find it. If I retrieve the Divine Artifact, then can’t you return to the Prairie by then?”

Tess looked at Zhao Hai and then smiled bitterly, “Mister, to tell you the truth, what’s the point of our tribe returning to the Prairie? Our Diamond Ape tribe has a magnificent past, we were once the Royal Clan of the Beastman Race. But our entire tribe has been exiled here, and was now reduced to 100 thousand members. Even if we return to the Prairie, what can we obtain? Can our small tribe of 100 thousand people survive there? Won’t the present Royal Tribe see us as a threat? Mister, to be honest, we do long for the Prairie, but at the same time, we are also afraid to return.”

Zhao Hai was shaken, he didn’t think that Tess would have thought this far. Are they really the Beastman tribe that was known to be straightforward? This was a wise old man who had already seen the world.

Zhao Hai knew that what Tess said was true. The status of the Diamond Apes was too awkward. They were the previous Royal tribe, and was now reduced to a small tribe of 100 thousand members. Even if they have formidable fighting strength, what would they bring when they go back to the Prairie? The other Beastmen were already used to being under the rule of the Lion and Tiger races. If another Royal tribe returns, then things would get complicated.

Because one couldn’t exist along with the other, it was inevitable that a war would happen. Once their status was be placed on the line, the Lion and Tiger races wouldn’t give the Diamond Apes any opportunity, Therefore, being suppressed and eventually withering away was a possible outcome for them.

Zhao Hai sighed, he didn’t say anything more, he turned around and then stored the remains back into the Space. He then led the people of the Diamond Ape tribe down the mountain, When they reached the flat icefield, Zhao Hai immediately released all of the corpses before silently going off to the side.

Tess and the other members of the Diamond Ape tribe carried on with their rituals. Their ceremony was very simple, they killed some magic beasts and then made some rituals on bended knees. There weren’t a lot going on. However, the Diamond Apes wept upon seeing their people who have died. These were their ancestors.

After some time, Tess went to Zhao Hai as he bowed and said, “We thank mister Zhao Hai. We’ll have to ask mister to please take these remains to the summit.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then received the corpses again. Then together with Tess and the others, they began to walk towards the summit. The higher they went up, the higher the temperature became, but that didn’t matter. When Zhao Hai arrived at the summit, he saw a huge crater. It was round, and was spewing white gas into the air, one could even see faint signs of fire here and there.

Zhao Hai looked carefully and saw that under this crater was a magma pool. The magma inside was tumbling around, but it doesn’t look like it was about to erupt.[1]

Under the request of Tess, Zhao Hai dropped the bodies into the crater as the Diamond Apes resumed their ceremony Then they returned to the city, Zhao Hai was led by Tess back to his home.

When they arrived back home, Tess’ wife and daughter-in-law went to prepare for dinner while Tess, his son, and Zhao Hai sat on the living room. Tess looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, can you tell us briefly about the current state of the Prairie?”

Zhao Hai didn’t decline, he nodded and then spoke up. He had a complete understanding of the Prairie at this point, so it wasn’t a problem for him to tell them.

Actually, even after 5000 years has passed by, there weren’t a lot of developments in the continent. Even the magic system remained virtually unchanged, the same was true for the Beastmen. The only thing fairly new was the fact that the Beastmen can now use the soul of their beasts in order to cultivate. They had also learned how to look for appropriate beast souls as well as appropriate mounts.

But one shouldn’t look down on this achievement, the Beastmen had done a lot of tests in order to achieve this point. In turn, it managed to increase their overall strength. Just imagine the difference between beastmen riding common bulls versus beastmen that were riding their exclusive mounts.

Five thousand years was quite a long time, even some of the Beastmen had changed their weapons in this period. But all of these 5000 years of change wasn’t recorded on the Diamond Ape tribe’s books.

Tess’ wife and daughter-in-law were already done making their meal, but Tess was still not willing to move. He was too deeply focused on Zhao Hai’s narration.

Only after his wife had called him several times did Tess woke up from his stupor, he looked at Zhao Hai embarrassingly and said, “I’ve been unfair to mister, let’s go have a meal first.”

Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, then he went along with Tess’ family to the dining room. The place wasn’t very big, and the inside only had ordinary wooden furniture. All of the things inside were either made of wood or made of stone. It was nearly impossible to see any ironware. If there were 1 or 2, those ironware were still heavily damaged due to prolonged use.

Zhao Hai didn’t laugh at them, after all, Beastmen weren’t good in handling iron. Moreover, from the looks of it, there weren’t any iron deposits that can be seen in the vicinity. And even ironware was already considered to be a miracle if the Diamond Apes were able to bring them along in the first place.

However, one couldn’t just devalue these people, they still had some sort of talent in them. From what Zhao Hai can see, the things in Tess’ house that used wood or stone were made very well. They were very smooth to the touch and even the stone knife looked very sharp.

They used a stone pot and a stone slab in order to cook the food. They didn’t have much of a flavor, but it still tasted very good. And most importantly, they also had their own wine here. When Zhao Hai asked, the wine was made from a fruit that can be found in the mountain. The fruit had a sweet taste, it was very good.

After having eaten their meal, the group returned to the living room. Then Zhao Hai resumed talking to them about the matters of the continent. The Beastmen, the Humans, all of those things were told to Tess.

Although Zhao Hai’s narration wasn’t comprehensive, he still finished talking deep into the night. Only after Zhao Hai was done did Tess and the others noted that it was already very late. They immediately prepared a room for Zhao Hai, asking him to rest.

After Zhao Hai entered his room, he immediately flashed to the Space. Even if it was late, Laura and the others were still not asleep, they were currently in the living room, chatting.

Seeing that Zhao Hai has arrived, Laura immediately smiled and said, “Brother Hai, you finally came back. You look very tired, Haha.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, he was far more than tired. He felt that his throat was about to emit smoke, moreover it was also very painful. If he didn’t treat it, then he might not be able to talk tomorrow.

Zhao Hai immediately drank a cup of Spatial Water. After feeling well, he turned to Laura and said, “I can’t help it. Tess is too enthusiastic. Why haven’t you gone to rest, did something happen?”

Zhao Hai already told Laura and the others that he had something to do outside, so they can just rest ahead of time. But it appeared to be useless, the women didn’t listen to him.

Laura smiled and said, “Something did came up. Brother Hai, you seem to have forgotten since you’ve been focused on the Icefield for one month. We think it should be time for the Buddha Empire to get the first batch of magic beasts.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he couldn’t help but smack his own head, “I forgot. Good, please arranged for it. Right, did the fleet from Golden Island arrive?”

Laura smiled and said, “They’re already on the coastlines of the Prairie. I’ll have them stop for a couple of days before going back. After all, 4000 beasts aren’t that much. If we make them stop there for too long, people might get suspicious.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll hand this matter off to you. It would be best if the beasts get as minimal contact with the Space as possible. If they get promoted inside, then it would be very troublesome.”

Laura and the others couldn’t help but chuckle. Others were afraid that their magic beasts wouldn’t be able to improve. Only their group were an exception, they were actually afraid of their magic beasts levelling up too quickly. If this was revealed to the outside world, people would kill them.

After some time, Lizzy turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, does the Diamond Apes really not want to return to the Prairie?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he told them about the worries of Tess. After listening to Zhao Hai, Laura and the others couldn’t help but nod. They understood Tess’ worries. This matter was quite common, after all, no race wanted to give up their authority.

If it was the past Diamond Ape tribe, then it wouldn’t be a problem since they possess tyrannical strength. But now they were reduced into a small tribe, they don’t have the ability to rule anymore.

  1. But I’m pretty sure dumping 700 thousand bodies in one go would cause a reaction xD


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