BTFTLIAW – Chapter 592

Chapter 592 – Discovery

The Northern Icefield was much bigger than what Zhao Hai had imagined. He reckoned that the place was much larger than the Carrion Swamp. Even after investigating for ten days, Zhao Hai still didn’t have a substantial harvest. What he saw were only some frozen bones, but those had already been ruined by the winds of the Icefield, making them incomplete. Because of this, Zhao Hai has no way to know what race of people those bones belonged to.

But Zhao still insisted on pushing through, watching the screen everyday. Laura and the others had stopped doing so long time ago. The scenery in the Icefield was very monotonous, it might even drive people crazy.

There was only one thing that they can see here, and that was the plain white landscape of the Icefield. Aside from that, there was virtually nothing.

Zhao Hai stared at the screen carefully, he didn’t want to miss anything. He just took some rest from time to time.

In fact, Zhao Hai’s trip didn’t have much of an impact to his usual operation. After all, he has the Space, he can return to the continent at any time. He can still handle his businesses as well as the Buda Clan’s matters.

The Buda Clan’s matters were already on track, so Zhao Hai didn’t really need to manage it too much. The Buda Clan wasn’t the same as the other families that were to centralized on their patriarch. Zhao Hai’s matters were now mainly taken care of by Laura and the others, leaving him with very little to do.

The feelings of Laura and the others towards each other were also very good. And they also knew about Zhao Hai’s personality, so there was no jealousy present that was common in noble households, saving Zhao Hai lots of worries.

Actually, this was partially due to the Space. The Space can slowly change a person’s thinking. And since Zhao Hai was the host, people would slowly see him much more favorably.

Laura and the others also underwent this change and were now centered around Zhao Hai. Because of this, they didn’t become jealous of each other.

But in the end, this change was vastly slower compared to the Space subduing the 9th rank Magic Beasts. Because of this, nobody knew about it, even Zhao Hai.

On Zhao Hai’s 12th day in the Icefield, he was still staring at the blank landscape. Zhao Hai was also starting to get tired at this point.

At this time, a strange thing attracted Zhao Hai’s attention. It was a piece of rock, just an average piece of rock.

If this rock was placed on other places, then it wouldn’t be very strange. However, this was the Northern Icefield, rocks were foreign existences here.

Zhao Hai looked at the the rock while the staff slowed down. He directed his focus in order to inspect what this rock was.

The monitor seems to understand Zhao Hai as it enlarged the rock’s image. It even allowed Zhao Hai to see the entire thing.

When Zhao Hai saw this rock, he couldn’t help but get shocked. He couldn’t be blamed, the rock’s form resembled an animal that he knew, a giant ape.

The bodies of giant apes are very huge. Aside from Little Jin, all of the other apes were very enormous, especially those who didn’t break through.

This ape in front of him, however, had a much bigger build. From the looks of it, this ape was about ten meters in height, it looked like it had a body that defied common sense. But the ape was now sealed in ice.

Upon looking at this ape, Zhao Hai immediately related it to the Diamond Ape Tribe. He knew the Beastman custom of having their unique magic beast. Moreover, he also asked the Beast King about the Diamond Ape tribe’s magic beasts, so that he can track the Beast God’s Spear much easier. Since he was doing it for the Beastmen, the Beast King didn’t hide anything from him. The Diamond Apes were the sole race in the Prairie that didn’t have any mounts. But even if they didn’t have a mount, they still have their beast relatives by their side. These beasts not only provide the Diamond Apes with great strength, they also increase their defensive power. This ability also made true that they share their life and death with the Diamond Apes. Once their master dies, these Magic Beasts would perish as well.

Because of this symbiotic relationship, the spiritual connection between the magic beasts and the Diamond Apes gave them even more benefit and higher power than the other Beastmen. And in turn, this strength made the Diamond Apes the Kings of the Beastman Race.

Zhao Hai looked around but cannot see a corpse of a Diamond Ape. This made Zhao Hai feel odd, if a diamond ape died here, then there should certainly be a Diamond Ape Beastman present. Why can’t he see one?”

While Zhao Hai was puzzled, Cai’er said, “Young Master, the Diamond Ape is in this thing’s belly.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he focused the monitor to look at the diamond ape’s belly. Upon looking, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get shocked. It was because in the internal organs of this diamond ape, there was actually someone, a Diamond Ape.

Zhao Hai clapped his hands as he laughed loudly. He was happy because he had finally found something in the Northern Icefield after a long time. He had finally found a Diamond Ape corpse, and in a good condition at that!

Zhao Hai’s excitement certainly alamred Laura and the others. They immediately went to the living room and looked at the monitor.

It didn’t take a long time for them to gawk at what they had seen. They also expressed their happiness, every one of them was very excited.

Zhao Hai gave a smile, then a white flash appeared as the Diamond Ape was observed inside the Space.

Zhao Hai didn’t place the corpse inside the villa, but placed it outside. Then he led Laura and the others to it.

The diamond ape was sealed in a bunch of ice, the same applied to the Diamond Ape inside its body. The diamond ape was curled up, so with it was no wonder that it looked like a rock from far away.

Although it was already dead, the diamond ape still looked very fierce. It’s imposing aura was very astonishing. One could see for frightening it would be too meet it when it was still alive.

Laura and the others gathered around the body of the diamond ape. They didn’t find the corpse strange, after all, Zhao Hai had millions of them. They were already used to it.

After looking at the corpse, Laura turned to Zhao Hai and said, “I didn’t expect the Beastmen to have such a race. Compared to Little Jin’s tribemates, these fellows were much more larger, they looked more frightening as well.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “They were once the rulers of the Prairie, people who made the other Beastmen bow. So it was certain that they were fearful. Alright, let’s melt them first before turning them into undead.”

Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as water from the Hot Spring was slowly sprinkled on the ice. However, Zhao Hai didn’t expect the ice to be so hard. Spraying Hot Spring water to the corpse had become just like spraying water into glass.

Zhao Hai stared, then he waved his hand once more as a he fired a Fireball towards the ice. Only after that did the ice start to melt.

Zhao Hai released more fireballs in order to melt the ice. He also paid extreme attention to his movements in order to not burn the corpse.

When the two bodies seem to have thawed, Zhao Hai waved his hand as a mass of black mist surrounded the body. He wanted to turn the diamond ape as well as the Diamond Ape beastman into undead.

But to his disappointment, the diamond ape as well as the Beastman in its belly remained unresponsive, it didn’t turn into an undead.

This startled Zhao Hai, his Dark Magic had always been effective to all corpses, why did it not work on this diamond ape? Zhao Hai was puzzled as he re-cast his spell, which still ended up in failure.

Zhao Hai was confused, so he knocked his staff onto the corpse, discovering that it was still hard as a rock. It seems like it had been frozen for a long time that it had been petrified.

This made Zhao Hai feel relief, he stored the corpse and then returned to the villa. Then he released his staff once more and searched for other diamond ape corpses.

Completely different from the more than ten days of nothing, Zhao Hai had suddenly come up with diamond ape corpses one after the other. Zhao Hai discovered that these corpses were also sealed in ice, with the Diamond Ape beastman inside the bodies of the diamond apes. At the same time, all of them were also petrified.

In the next three days, Zhao Hai found about a thousand diamond ape corpses. All of these corpses were the same, they all contained a Diamond Ape inside. Moreover, the corpses seem to extend in a straight line.

While looking at these corpses, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but picture a scene. The Beastmen’s most powerful race, exiled to the Northern Icefields, facing the brutal environment. All of them were fueled by this obsession of retrieving the Divine Artifact. All of them were undergoing this journey of death.

In the days before, it seems like they hadn’t discovered how to take care of their dead bodies. But in the place where Zhao Hai saw the first diamond ape, it seems like they already found out a method, It’s a special way of burial in which they would bury the Beastman inside their soul beast.


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