BTFTLIAW – Chapter 590

Chapter 590 – Meeting the Beast King

After staying the whole day with the Herculean Bulls, Zhao Hai brought Wales and Yale back to the Space. He had them pick a bull magic beast that would suit the Herculean Bulls, the one that was the most compatible to be their soul beast.

In the end, they reached a result that didn’t make them smile. Surprisingly, the beasts most suited for the Herculean Bulls were actually the stoneskin bull as well as the earth cow. It seems like the choice of the Herculean Bulls’ ancestors wasn’t wrong.

Unfortunately for them, the stoneskin bulls and earth cows that the Herculean Bulls were using were very low-levelled. The stoneskin bulls are 6th rank while earth cows are 5th rank.

However, those bulls were upgraded inside Zhao Hai’s Space. The stoneskin bulls were now 8th rank beasts while the earth cows were 7th rank. These were much higher levelled than the ones that the Herculean Bulls were using right now.

One shouldn’t look down on merely two levels. Magic beasts were different from humans and the like. For humans, as long as they had innate talent in cultivation, it wouldn’t be impossible for them to be 8th or 9th rank experts. However, magic beasts have an innate ceiling in their ranks. For a stoneskin bull, 6th rank was the maximum rank that it can achieve, it was almost impossible for it to rise by two ranks. Only if they come across a fortuitous encounter would they rank up from 6th rank.

Therefore, these two extra ranks were extremely important for magic beasts. And with the Beastman’s cultivation heavily relying on their soul beasts, having these high rank stoneskin and earth bulls were very important to the Herculean Bulls.

If the previous strength of the Herculean Bulls were only described as exceptional, with these stoneskin and earth bulls, their strength can now rank within the top ten in the entire Beastman Prairie.

Being in the top ten was an extraordinary thing. One must know that there were a lot of races in the Prairie. But Warring races only numbered less than a hundred. In the future, only a few would dare to annoy Cow Race.

Zhao Hai left 1000 stoneskin bulls and 1000 earth bulls to Wales while getting 2000 ordinary stoneskin and 2000 ordinary earth bulls in exchange. These bulls would be the first batch that would be sent to the Buddha Empire. At the same time, Zhao Hai also gave Wales some Dwarf ironware before he headed out to Beast God City.

Then Zhao Hai went to Beast God City through the Space. When he came out, he was already on top of a Blood Hawk as it descended down on the city. Ah Tai was already waiting for him there.

When Ah Tai saw Zhao Hai, he immediately went forward and gave a bow, “Young Master, you came. Please board the carriage.”

Zhao Hai looked at Ah Tai and smiled faintly, “Ah Tai, you’ve been working hard, how is the business going?”

Ah Tai smiled and said, “It’s fine, the business is doing very well. After our cooperation with the Beastmen, they would approach us first whenever they need to buy anything. We’re now the most popular merchant in the Prairie.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “That’s good. You’ve been working hard. Doing business with the Beastmen isn’t easy. But remember, as long as it’s not too much, having some losses is fine.”

Ah Tai smiled and said, “Young Master, rest assured, I know what to do. No need to be worried.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and then he rode the carriage to Beast God City. When he saw Magic Lily store inside, he couldn’t help but feel something different.

Although the store was doing great before, it wasn’t that good. Now, when he arrived, Zhao Hai saw that there were a lot of Beastmen inside the shop’s tent, looking at the goods that were sold.

Moreover, Zhao Hai also discovered that the Beastmen were very enthusiastic while talking to Ah Da and Ah Er. In the past, it was impossible for this to happen.

Then Sister-in-law invited Zhao Hai over to another tent and asked him to sit down. After being served some milk tea, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Ah Tai, Sister-in-law, you don’t need to get busy in receiving me. I’ll only be resting here for a while before going to meet the Beast King. I have something to talk about with His Majesty.”

Ah Tai nodded, he couldn’t help but praise Zhao Hai in his heart. There were a lot of merchants who did business in the Prairie, and none of them had the luxury to see the Beast King. But Zhao Hai was different, he can actually see the Beast King.

Zhao Hai drank some milk tea for a while before he left. With Ah Tai driving the carriage, Zhao Hai headed towards the Beast King Palace. Since the guards already knew Zhao Hai, they immediately lead him to the tent for registration.

Since the people inside the tent already knew him, when Zhao Hai came in, they immediately stood up and gave a small bow to Zhao Hai. After that, one of them said, “What brings Mister Zhao Hai here?”

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately replied, “This Zhao Hai requests to see His Majesty the Beast King. I have a matter to discuss with him, I’ll have to ask for your help to send word.”

The Beastman then smiled and said, “Mister, please wait here. We’ll immediately send someone to inform his Majesty. His Majesty has been asking for Mister for a long time.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’ve made his Majesty wait. Please do send word as soon as possible.” Then the Beastman gave a command as a Tiger beastman rushed to the palace.

Before long, the Tiger Beastman came back and made Zhao Hai follow him. But before leaving the tent, Zhao Hai gave each person inside a bottle of milk wine.

The Tiger Beastmen quickly led Zhao Hai to the Beast King’s study. Upon arriving, they were immediately allowed entry by the guard. The Beast King was already in the resting area waiting for Zhao Hai. When he met the Beast King, Zhao Hai immediately gave a salute. The Beast King looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I’ve been waiting for mister for these past couple of days, you’ve finally arrived. Does Mister bring any good news?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I have good news for Your Majesty. I’ve gotten in contact with the Dwarves and got an agreement with the milk wine. They also agreed to sell me some ironware.”

The Beast King heartily laughed and then said, “Good, that’s fantastic. Mister really helped our Beastman Race. Mister, please have a seat, tell me everything in detail.”

Zhao Hai sat down, and then he looked at the Beast King and said, “Your Majesty, when I went to the Dwarves, I got more than some business. I also gained a new status.” Then Zhao Hai turned his hand and retrieved a token.

Upon seeing this token, the Beast King’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. He received the command token and carefully looked at it. After some time, the Beast King nodded and said, “This is the Dwarf Race’s Foreign Elder Command Token. I didn’t’ expect mister to become a Foreign Elder to the Dwarves. That’s good news.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Your Majesty overpraises. This time, I helped the Dwarves with a small matter. Since they are grateful for it, they asked me to be their Foreign Elder. Right, the Dwarf Patriarch has also prepared a letter for Your Majesty.” Then he retrieved Billy’s letter and gave it to the Beast King.

The Beast King received the letter and took a look at the seal before nodding. He unraveled the parchment letter and carefully read its contents. While he was reading, the Beast King’s pupils couldn’t help but contract. Then he focused more on reading the letter.

The Beast King took some time in reading the letter, and while he was doing so, Zhao Hai paid attention to the his expression. Although the Beast King’s expression didn’t change, the slight changes in his eyes was noticed by Zhao Hai.

After reading, the Beast King placed the letter down and then turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Is Patriarch Billy telling the truth? Can you have me take a look at your whip?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he untangled the whip on his waist and called Mu’er out. Mu’er gave a bow to the Beast King who then received the whip.

The Beast King asked Mu’er about several matters before nodding. Then he gave the whip back to Zhao Hai before he turned his head to the guard and said, “Make sure that nobody comes in here. If someone comes, tell them that I have no time.” The guard gave a bow and then turned around to leave the room.

When the guard left the room, the Beast King turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, is this letter real? Do Gods really exist?”

Zhao Hai answered, “Your Majesty, I wouldn’t lie about this matter. This was told to me personally by the Dwarves’ Divine Artifact Spirit. If your Majesty wants to prove it, you can make me take an audience with the Beast God’s Spear. I can assure you that I can make its Artifact Spirit materialize. After that, Your Majesty can ask him all the questions in your mind.” Although Zhao Hai already knew that the Beast God Spear was lost, he didn’t want to make it known to the Beast King. This was because this matter was held in extreme secrecy. If he lets the Beast King know that he knew about the Beast God’s Spear, then he couldn’t prove that he hadn’t told this matter to other people. Then the Beast King might not believe him.

The Beast King smiled bitterly and said, “My Beastman Race’s Divine Artifact has been lost for more than 5000 years. Even if Mister has the ability, it would be impossible for me to see the Artifact Spirit.”

Then Zhao Hai said in great surprise, “Lost? How could it be lost?”

Then the Beast King forced a smile and said, “5000 years ago, the Beast King of the Diamond Ape tribe led ten thousand people to the Northern Icefields along with the Beast God Spear. He wanted to conquer the area but was consumed by it instead. In the end, the entire Diamond Ape tribe was exiled to the Icefield, giving them the punishment of looking for the Beast God’s spear.”

After some time, Zhao Hai said, “So it was like this. Your Majesty, this one has a small request. I want to enter the Northern Icefield and retrieve the Beast God’s Spear.”

When the Beast King heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stare at him. Then his expression changed as he said, “That’s no good. Absolutely no good. Mister, the Northern Icefield is too dangerous. You cannot go there. If what Patriarch Billy said was true, then Mister would be the saviour of the continent. And as the hero, you cannot perish in the Icefield.”

Naturally, the Beast King didn’t doubt Billy’s words. This was also related to the characteristics of the Dwarves, they never like to lie and hated people who do. Their honesty is very famous in the continent.

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “Your Majesty, there’s no other way. I think your Majesty already believes Patriarch Billy’s statement. So if those three artifacts aren’t fixed, then it would be difficult for us to deal with the Gods. And if the Dwarves’ prophecy is true, then I should be able to safely go out of the Icefield.”


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