BTFTLIAW – Chapter 589

Chapter 589 – The Divine Artifact is Lost

What Zhao Hai said was the truth. The Buddha Empire was very protective with regards to the Dwarves’ ironware. If Zhao Hai starts to massively buy from the Dwarves, then it would certainly be known to the Buddha Empire.

Although Zhao Hai has the Space, enabling him to not need to go through the Buddha Empire in order to reach the Dwarves, one shouldn’t forget that the Buddha Empire would certainly have their own merchants that would do trade in the Beastman Prairie. And these merchants would be very familiar with Dwarf ironware. If these people discover that the Beastman had a lot of Dwarf goods, then they would certainly find out where the Beastmen got it. If at that time Zhao Hai didn’t help the Buddha Empire with their magic beasts, then the Buddha Empire would immediately take action.

If the Buddha Empire pressures the Dwarves to refrain from selling Zhao Hai their goods, then Zhao Hai would be placed in a tough spot. Even if the Dwarves supported Zhao Hai, in the end, the Dwarves were still located inside the Buddha Empire’s territory. If the Buddha Empire were to wage war with the Dwarves, then things wouldn’t be so good.

In addition to being the Foreign Prince of the Herculean Bulls, Zhao Hai was also now the Foreign Elder of the Dwarves. In this case, he would not only need to consider the Beastmen, he also would have to think about the Dwarves. Neglecting people close to him was not Zhao Hai’s style. Therefore, he would need to facilitate this magic beast trade between the Beastmen and the Buddha Empire. If this goes through, then the trade between the Dwarves and the Beastmen would go smoothly as well.

When Wales heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but knit his brows. At this time, Yale said, “Patriarch, I agree with Little Hai’s plan to sell our magic beasts to the Buddha Empire. After all, the Buddha Empire is too far from us, it is near impossible for us to get into a war with them. In the war with the Aksu Empire, the Rosen Empire might have been able to help, but that was only through their navy. For the Buddha Empire, it is impossible for them to directly affect our state in the Prairie. If they were to attack by sea, it would take them an extremely long time to do so, so there’s no need to worry. Also, we have a severe lack of iron. If we use our magic beasts to get those, then our Herculean Bull tribe’s strength would be greatly promoted. Lowering the chances of us being bullied in the future.”

Wales held Zhao Hai and Yale in great regard, so he was completely convinced after hearing the two. After he listened to Yale, Wales nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll agree. But Little Hai, you need to supply us with Dwarf ironware.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Sure. I’ve got some of them with me right now, but not a lot. Moreover, I need to spare some of them for His Majesty the Beast King. So I cannot give a lot of them to you. But rest assured, when I return to the Dwarves, I would get you some more ironware.”

Wales knew that Zhao Hai cared for the Herculean Bulls, so he didn’t doubt it. He just nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll leave this matter to you. Rest assured, I’ll certainly help you with regards to this magic beast matter, whether it be bulls or horses.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then said, “Alright, then I thank brother for the trouble. Brother, I have another matter to talk to you about. This is very important, you shouldn’t tell this to anyone. Master Yale, the same applies to you too.”

The two saw that Zhao Hai’s expression had gone serious, informing them that this matter very important, so they immediately nodded. Zhao Hai made Wales vacate the area surrounding the tent, leaving only the three of them in the area. After that, Zhao Hai told them about the Divine Realm as well as the Radiant Church.”

Upon hearing this, Wales and Yale couldn’t help but frown. They didn’t think that the situation would turn out like this. If the Divine Realm was indeed involved, then a huge trouble was coming their way.

After Zhao Hai talked, Wales bitterly smiled and said, “Little Hai, you came this time to see the Beast God’s Spear and fix its Artifact Spirit?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right. This matter is very important. Therefore, I’ll be hurrying to Beast God City after meeting you here.”

Wales and Yale looked at each other as they forced a smile. Then Wales turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I’m afraid that you would be disappointed on this trip. Our Beastman Race’s Beast God Spear has been lost.”

Zhao Hai stared, then with surprise he said, “Lost? How could that be possible? That’s the Beastman Race’s Divine Artifact? How could it be lost? When did that happen?”

Wales and Yale smiled bitterly and answered, “This matter occured more than 5000 years ago. In our records, the Beast King of that time wanted to conquer the Northern Icefields. He brought a team of ten thousand people as well as the Beast God Spear in this expedition. After that, they weren’t heard of again.”

“5000 years?!” Zhao Hai called off in alarm. He didn’t expect that the Beastman Race’s Divine Artifact would be lost for more than 5000 years. Moreover, it was lost in the Northern Icefields.

Yale sighed and then said, “5000 years ago, the position of Beast King wasn’t held by the Lion or the Tiger race. But it was held by the the strongest fighting race at that time, the Diamond Ape Tribe. It was the Patriarch of the Diamond Apes that brought the Beast God’s Spear to the Northern Icefield. When the Divine Artifact was reported to be lost, the entire race was exiled to the Icefields. They can only return to the Prairie after retrieving the Beast God’s Spear. At present, nobody knew about the fate of the Diamond Apes. And since the Diamond Apes are gone, the position of Beast King was then handed over to the Lion and Tiger Races.”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the Beastmen to have such a phase in their history. He couldn’t help but knit his eyebrows and say, “It looks like I need to head to the Northern Icefield.”

When Wales heard Zhao Hai, his expression couldn’t help but change, he loudly reacted, “What?! Little Hai, did you just say that you want to go to the Northern Icefield? That’s not good, it’s too dangerous, you cannot go there.”

Zhao Hai knew that Wales was sincere, therefore he smiled faintly and said, “Brother Wales, Elder Yale. I’ll lead you to a place, no matter what happens make sure to control your reaction.”

Wales and Yale looked at each other before they nodded towards Zhao Hai. And then with an intention, Zhao Hai brought Wales and Yale to the Space.

The Space was Zhao Hai’s biggest secret, only people that he trusted came to know about its existence. Since he had contact with Wales and Yale for quite a long time, Zhao Hai had come to trust the two of them, and in addition to the recent developments, Zhao Hai decided to bring Wales over to the Space.

After arriving inside, Zhao Hai then told Wales and Yale about the details of his Space. Then he led them to the Farming Ground, the Bread Trees and then to the Magic Beasts that the Space has raised.

In the end, the three went to the Space’s Villa where they saw Laura and the others. The women had already prepared a table for them to eat. After the group had sat down, Zhao Hai lifted his wine glass to Wales and Yale, “Brother Wales, Elder Yale, I have been hiding things from you. Please accept my apology.”

Wales was not someone that was easily offended, moreover, he also knew that this secret was vital to Zhao Hai’s survival, so he wasn’t angry at all. Instead, he just laughed it off and said, “It’s fine. Brother actually has such a good place. Fantastic, your Big Brother would have to depend on you for our food in the future. So how could I be angry with you about this? Come, let’s drink!”

Zhao Hai laughed, and then drank his cup along with Yale. Zhao Hai turned to Wales and said, “Big Brother, you’ve seen the Space’s magic beasts. Even the most common of them has exceptional strength. I’m thinking of handing some of the high level ones to you and see if your tribe can find a compatible soul beast among them. After that, we can change your mounts, making the tribe much stronger. What does Brother think about this?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai’s proposal, Wales stared for a moment before he laughed and said, “Good, good. That’ll be great. I’ll go and see which ones are compatible with us. Right, I think we should exit as soon as possible. Otherwise, we would be making the others wait. They have already prepared a banquet just for you.”

When he heard Wales, Zhao Hai immediately turned to the monitor. There he saw people outside Wales’ golden tent, preparing a lot of delicious food. It doesn’t need to be said that they were preparing a feast and was only waiting for Zhao Hai and the others to go out.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, then let’s head out to eat. We can’t let the others wait for too long. Let’s take these liquor out as well, let everyone share the good stuff.”

Wales laughed, “Alright, but sister-in-laws wouldn’t be able to come out. Otherwise, the others would get suspicious. However, sister-in-laws doesn’t’ need to worry, I’ll have Little Hai take some roasted argali later for you to eat.”

Wales was already familiar with Laura and the others. And in addition to the Beastman’s straightforward attitude, they get to crack jokes with each other quite regularly. Laura and the others were also quite used to this.

Laura smiled and said, “Alright, we’ll wait for it here.” Then the group smiled as the three left the Space and headed outside the tent.

Since Zhao Hai had told Wales about the abilities of the Space, Wales was now quite confident in Zhao Hai’s trip to the Northern Icefields. He even hoped that Zhao Hai would come back with the Beast God’s Spear.

If Zhao Hai retrieved the Beast God’s Spear, there would be two advantages that would happen to them. First was the fact that the Beastmen would once more be under the protection of a Divine Artifact. And the other was Zhao Hai getting a much higher position among the Beastman Race. This would hugely benefit Zhao Hai’s future actions in the Prairie.

As the three walked outside, the other Herculean Bulls immediately went and greeted them. All of those present greeted Zhao Hai with a smile. They liked Zhao Hai very much, not only because he was their Prince that helped them go through tough times, but also because he made the Herculean Bulls live the best life compared to the other races in the Prairie.


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