BTFTLIAW – Chapter 587

Chapter 587 – Magic Beast Business

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Your Majesty thinks too highly of me. The Buda Clan only does business fairly, that’s why the Beastmen decided to trust us.”

The Buddha Emperor faintly smiled, “Mister doesn’t need to be too modest. Actually, I invited Mister over because I also have a business matter to discuss.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately replied, “Your Majesty can tell me.”

The Buddha Emperor nodded and said, “When our Empire started, our crowning glory was our cavalry. At that time, we were unmatched in the continent. But in the recent years, the Magic Beasts that we had reared were very weak. Moreover, their numbers had shrunk more and more. This is an important matter for the Empire. Therefore, I’m here to ask mister to see if you can buy some Magic Beasts in the Prairie for us. What does mister think about this?”

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately thought that the Emperor was describing the situation of their breeding grounds. Probably because of the unfavorable conditions, their Magic Beasts have started to dwindle in numbers while degrading in quality. For a cavalry-oriented nation, this was a fatal development. At this time, there were close to no Merchants that were trading in the Prairie aside from the Buda Clan. Therefore, the Buddha Emperor decided to invite Zhao Hai over and propose this business of Magic Beasts.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and then asked, “What Magic Beasts does Your Majesty want to buy? There are a lot of Beastman races, and each of them had their own unique magic beasts. However, the way these races protect their magic beasts is very strict. For ordinary tribes, maybe this business might go through. But if it involves Warring Races, then the situation would be different. I’m afraid even your name wouldn’t suffice.”

The Buddha Emperor didn’t get angry at Zhao Hai’s words, instead, he just nodded and said, “Mister is really a straightforward person. This Emperor wasn’t deceived. Mister, I mainly want some bull or horse magic beasts. Can mister agree to that?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and replied, “I won’t hide the truth from your Majesty. My relationship with the Cow Race is very good. If his majesty wanted some bulls, then I can guarantee that I can buy you some. However, for horse magic beasts, I’m still not quite sure. I didn’t have any dealings with the Horse Race before, so I’m not confident in assuring your Majesty about their magic beasts.”

The Buddha Emperor gave a nod and said, “Mister’s words already gave me relief. I want to ask mister to buy at least 5th rank magic beasts. The more the better. The same goes true with the horse magic beasts. I’ll buy as many as mister can supply. I also won’t blame mister if you cannot manage to buy some.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, rest assured your Majesty, I can at least guarantee the supply of bull magic beasts. As for the horses, I can only give it a try.”

The Buddha Emperor held his wine glass up and said, “I’ll have to thank mister for the trouble. Rest assured, this Emperor wouldn’t treat you badly in terms of price.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Your Majesty is too polite. I’m originally a merchant. Your Majesty giving me this huge business means that you trusted me. Your Majesty can also rest assured that I would give you a fair price.”

The Buddha Emperor laughed and said, “Alright, mister gave me relief. Listening to mister speak doesn’t really give me a feeling that you’re a merchant. Other Merchants sound so calculating, very unlike mister’s refreshing tone.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Your Majesty might not know, but Beastmen doesn’t like people that are too calculating. If you squeeze them of profits, the Beastmen wouldn’t like you. When I do business with the Beastmen, I always give them a fair price along with good quality products. This is the reason why Beastmen liked doing business with me.”

The Buddha Emperor smiled and said, “I see. There are a lot of people who did business in the Prairie, but there aren’t a lot of people who think like mister. They always think about how to profit off of the Beastmen. Not knowing that it would actually produce such dislike towards them.”

Zhao Hai replied, “That’s right. And now that the war with the Beastmen was still fresh in their minds, nobody would dare come to the Prairie. I think this is a good opportunity. If it was before, I wouldn’t be as confident about buying magic beasts. But now, I think the beastmen would agree.”

The Buddha Emperor laughed loudly and said, “Mister is really wise. Unwise people don’t think about the big picture. Mister is truly a person of great wisdom.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’m not worthy of His Majesty’s praise. I’m just a Merchant. Merchants who only chase small profits are not good businessmen.”

The Buddha Emperor’s laughs got louder as he lifts his wine glass and said, “Talking with mister is truly a unique experience. This Emperor hopes to be mister’s friend.”

Zhao Hai hastily lifted his glass and replied, “This one is unworthy. His Majesty giving me his regards has already brought huge honor to this Zhao Hai. If Your Majesty needs anything from me, then please don’t hesitate to send word.”

The Buddha Emperor gave a faint smile as he drank his glass with Zhao Hai. Although they were talking normally, their voices weren’t loud enough to be heard by the Nobles below. However, when the Nobles noticed how friendly Zhao Hai and the Emperor were, even repeatedly sharing drinks together, they couldn’t help but shake in anticipation.

Some of them knew why the Emperor had invited Zhao Hai over. Now that they saw the two’s interactions, it seems like the deal had come through.

The Buddha Empire’s cavalry crisis not only affected the Emperor, the pressure was also passed down to the Nobles. Because of this, all of them were hoping that this deal with Zhao Hai would go through.

After the banquet ended, Zhao Hai gave his farewells to the Buddha Emperor. The Emperor then had Ironwood arrange some rooms in the embassy for Zhao Hai to stay in. Zhao Hai didn’t decline this invitation. He had noticed that Laura and the others were now awake. He wanted to see them before he took a rest.

This embassy was a place where envoys from other countries would stay. Therefore, the place’s interior was very well decorated. Moreover, it was regularly cleaned all throughout the year. Although Zhao Hai wasn’t an envoy, his status wasn’t low enough to merit him staying in one of the Nobles’ place. Therefore, the only place that he can stay in was this embassy.

After entering the embassy and his room, Zhao Hai didn’t hesitate before flashing to the Space. When he arrived at the Space, he saw Laura and the others in the living room, chatting.

Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Laura and the others immediately stood up to welcome him. Laura spoke for the group and said, “Brother Hai, after drinking the Blood Pond water, there were a lot of dirty things that came out of our bodies. However, we didn’t become 9th ranks. What’s going on?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s just fine. Your bodies are just expelling some impurities, there’s no need to worry about it. You can just drink some Spatial Water and go back to cultivating. I’m certain that you would reach 9th rank by then. If you feel uncomfortable, you don’t need to rush it, you can just take your time.”

While he was talking, Zhao Hai also inspected the conditions of Laura and the others. He discovered immediately that their skins had become much more delicate. It looked as delicate as a drop of water.

Zhao Hai knew that the reason for this was the expulsion of toxins from their bodies. They seem to have become much healthier compared to before.

When Laura heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but nod and said, “I’m not really feeling uncomfortable with my body. I just feel very weak. I’ll rest for the evening and resume cultivating tomorrow.”

Zhao Hai gave a smile and said, “Alright, cultivating later or now wouldn’t make much of a difference. Right, what’s with the situation with Blockhead and the others?”

Laura smiled and said, “They’re currently inside the Hot Springs, accompanying father to a bath.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, that’s good. When they come out, I’ll also have them take a rest. It’s not too late to cultivate tomorrow.” Laura and the others nodded, then they turned to rest in their rooms.

While Zhao Hai sat in the living room, Blockhead and the others came out, along with Karen. Each of their complexions looked very good. It seems like the Blood Pond water has benefitted them a lot.

After the group sat down, Zhao Hai turned to Karen and said, “Father-in-law, I just listened to Laura about how your bodies felt weak. You can just rest first and continue cultivating tomorrow. What do you think?”

Karen nodded and said, “Alright. Even cultivating makes me feel tired. I’ll continue cultivating tomorrow.”

Then Zhao Hai turned to Blockhead and said, “You also, go rest and cultivate tomorrow. No need to be anxious about this thing. Don’t stress your bodies out, it also needs to take a rest.”

Blockhead and the others nodded, then they turned around to return to their room. After that, Zhao Hai called Cai’er over and said, “Cai’er, go count how many 5th rank bull magic beasts we have. The type that’s suitable for the Buddha Empire’s use.”

Cai’er said, “Young Master, didn’t you plan to buy the magic beasts from the Beastmen? Why would you sell the Space’s beast to the Buddha Empire?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m just asking because I’m planning on having Big Brother undertake this business. But you should know that the beasts in the Prairie doesn’t live well in the human lands. I’m planning on buying some magic beasts from big brother and raising them in the Space while selling the pre-existing magic beasts here to the Buddha Empire.”

Zhao Hai knew that this magic beast business was very big. Although he was capable of handling it by himself, he just cannot neglect the situation of Wales’ tribe. For Wales, this business was very important. The Herculean Bulls had just suffered from a disaster, their strength have been severely injured. If this business goes through, then it would greatly help them in their recovery.

Cai’er nodded and then counted in her mind before saying, “Young Master, there are a lot of bull magic beasts in the Space. But these magic beasts are all common bulls. I’m afraid these would look strange outside.”


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